The Enforcer

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A few months later

“Noel,” I groaned as I walked into the room, Noel barely looking at me as he jumped on the bed and I was wondering if he was going to put a hole through that mattress.

“You have to stop jumping on beds.” I said, grabbing him as he laughed.

“You’re back!” he yelled, turning all the energy he had onto me, embracing me in a tight hug.

“I was only gone for five days,” I said as I carried him downstairs, trying to find the others.

“It felt like forever,” Noel groaned, over exaggerating as every other six year old. It had only been a few months since Noel started to live with us full time. The first visit was short, getting him used to everyone here was a big culture change for him.

He had gone from living with just mum and dad to an entire pack. There were so many new faces, new wolves and I didn’t want it to bring back bad memories. After two weeks we sent him back to my parents to see how he would be, then he wanted to come back.

Then he stayed three weeks, then four, and now he was here forever. My parents would visit quite frequently but ever since my mother nearly lost dad they wanted to do things that were on their bucket lists, like travel.

It worked out since I could help with Noel, they were no longer forced to take care of him, not that they minded but it was a relief for them as they were getting older, and didn’t have the same energy they had.

Everytime they came to visit, it was like a party for Noel, all his family in one place filled with love, and I never wanted him to have a day without that love.

Just as we reached the bottom floor, Marcus burst into the house, frantically looking around, “Luna, Luna, Luna!” he yelled, rushing towards us.

“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned, as he grabbed my hand, dragging me outside.

“Can you come outside for a moment.” he asked, but his actions were already forcing me outside.

“Quickly, I need to go find Hercules.” I said, Noel running behind us.

Marcus scoffed, “Hercules can wait. This is far more important” He muttered as he rushed me outside and around the house. “What do you think?”

I blinked and then looked at Marcus, “Yeah, it looks great.”

I wasn’t sure what I was meant to be looking at.

“Oh good I was worried the roses would clash with the peonies.”

Oh... the garden? I didn’t even notice it.

I looked at the plants and flowers planted around the house, “Oh yeah looks fantastic.” I said, not sure what to say. There were bunches of red peonies and roses squashed together, with one random purple bunch in the middle.

“I’m going inside, it’s cold.” Noel said as he rushed back into the house, not that interested in the flowers either.

“Oh good. It took me all week to make it pretty.” Marcus let out the deep breath he was holding, “Do you think Hercules would like it?”

“Yeah...sure?” I said highly doubting Hercules would even care that Marcus had turned the outside of the house into a garden. To be honest I think Cube would be the only one to appreciate it. I wonder how long it would be till they all got dry and died because no one would actually water it and winter was coming, which meant lots of snow.

“What am I meant to like?” a deep voice asked, my stomach flipping with recognition.

We both turned around to see Hercules walk towards us, dressed in just shorts he was glistening with sweat in the sunlight, “Gross,” I said trying to dodge as he wrapped an arm around me. He had clearly just shifted.

His grey eyes held mine still for a moment, before he leaned over placing a kiss smack in the middle of my lips and as much as I hated the sweat sticking to me I couldn’t help but lean into his body. “Ew.” Marcus said, covering his eyes, “As cute as this is, it’s still a bit sickening.”

I tried pulling away from Hercules but his grip was tight, not releasing me till he finished his kiss and Marcus gagged, being the drama queen he was.

“My Luna is back after an eternity so I’ll do what I want, Marcus. Go plant more dumb flowers and leave us be.”

“They’re not stupid! Hill didn’t think they were stupid, she loved them and wanted the entire territory planted with them.” he lied.

“They’re very nice Marcus.” I nodded as he stared at me with those wide eyes and I couldn’t let him down after that look.

“Thanks,” Marcus turned around but not before we both heard him mutter jerk under his breath at Hercules. “He’s going to get it tomorrow during training, he’s getting a mouth on him and it’s your fault.” Hercules said, a low growl vibrating through his chest as he nuzzled my neck.

“Stop!” I shoved his shoulder, “There’s people around.” or would be in a few moments when they walk past. Hercules chuckled, before I heard him take a deep breathe, “I missed you.”

“I’m back.” I said, like every other time. The way Hercules reacted each time I had to go, or was back, he made it seem like I was gone for a lifetime and not a few days.

“Where is Noel?” Hercules asked for a few moments, “He better be packing and not hanging out with Gideon.” he said annoyed, telling me that Gideon was corrupting him with all the sugar in the world.

“He needs to start school soon,” I reminded Hercules who groaned.

“I’ll look into it.” he said, it was new for both of us, playing such a big role in his life but Noel and Hercules both were coping fine. If anything Hercules was treating him like his own son.

We headed into the house and Hercules looked at all the bags I left in the lounge room, “When do you need to go again?” he asked.

“Whenever I get the next call, I asked George to give me at least a week.” I said.

Hercules spun me in his arms, wrapping his hands around my waist, pressing me against his sweaty body. “But I might ask for another job if you don’t take a shower soon, you smell.” I told him, only joking but with the way his eyes darkened I realised that maybe I shouldn’t have joked.

Hercules made a noise deep down his throat like a growl before picking me up, making me let out a huff of surprise, ”Oi.” I said.

“What?” he asked innocently as he headed up the stairs.

“Put me down I need to unpack!”

“I can’t just take a shower by myself Gia, I need assistance, I’m injured.”

“No you’re not, put me down.” I slapped his shoulder.




“Now.” I demanded, running my fingers over the small bite marks on his neck, it was his weakness and he shuddered nearly losing the hold he had on me, but recovered quickly slamming the bedroom door shut.

“No, I don’t get to see you all week and I don’t know how long I have you for, my own little travelling Luna.” his eyes darkening into a deep beautiful grey that absorbed me as he finally put me down.

The floorboards felt cold under my feet but pressed against his chest I felt warm and cozy, like what home should feel like.

I could always stare into those eyes forever. “I love you.”

The corners of his lips lifted up, “I love you too.” he lowered his mouth to touch mine.

I hope you all enjoyed this story! This story will be published by July 2020, and I hope you all will get yourself a copy, whether it is PDF, E-book or paperback!

Thank you so much for the support and there is book 2 (already up on my profile) - you don’t need to read this as this book itself is a standalone. But after a lot of messages I decided to write ‘The Travelling Luna’ to have Hercules + Hill’s relationship continue.

I will be putting up another chapter after this with details on how you can buy + links + Free copies. I will be giving away free copies over my 2 Instagram accounts (Imsooverpolice AND nkpockett) as well as one free copy over my Facebook Page: N.K.Pockett

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