The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 3

The knock on my door was sharp at eight, and just as I tightened my ponytail and the door opened and I looked over my shoulder annoyed at the lack of privacy. What was the point of knocking if you were going to barge in anyways?

“The Alpha would like to speak to you before the other packs arrive,” Elliot stated while he shifted on his feet. I grabbed my sweater off the bed pulling it over my head.

“Is that what you are wearing tonight?” Elliot asked curiously.

I looked down at my outfit, black pants, a shirt and a baby pink sweater, “I’m not here to party.” I said and Elliot raised an eyebrow, “What’s wrong with my outfit?” I asked him.

“Nothing.” He quickly said. Elliot was in a formal black shirt and suit pants so compared to him I guess I was a little bit dressed down.

I followed him back downstairs where I could see a few pack members already ready, they were busy mingling, laughing and drinking. Packs made it a big deal when they had other pack visitors, the ladies were all dressed in extravagant dresses and the men in figure hugging suits.

One would think it was a wedding tonight.

I went down the stairs of the pack house and into the back half of the place, which was even bigger than I thought. There was a very big lounge room with chairs around its ends and what looked like a mingling or a dance floor in the middle. There was one long, almost endless, wooden table at the back filled with all types of refreshments and snacks.

Elliot led me to the end where his Alpha was standing talking to a group of people that left as soon as we arrived.

Damien was dressed in a suit himself, but his silver tie was done in a complicated knot and it made his blue eyes stand out as he nodded towards me in acknowledgment.

“Ilargia,” bravo he said it correctly.

“Damien,” I responded, forgetting to address him as Alpha Damien. It was a genuine slip up, but by the look on his face he probably thought I was doing it on purpose. I could see Elliot looking between his Alpha and me, almost like he was expecting something to happen.

“The Bire Pack is arriving tonight, I presume you have met Alpha Smith?”

“Of course,” I nodded, now Smith was one of my favourites. He was the most down to earth Alpha you could get, he almost was more human like than the humans, apart from the fact that he could shift into a wolf. It had been a while since I had seen him, a few years in fact.

Damein walked around the hall and I followed him as he mentioned a few other names and how the rest of the night was going to go. There was going to be an opening ceremony to welcome them, a welcome speech, some dinner and then time to mingle or dance.

Knowing what werewolf parties were like, they weren’t going to end till early morning, or late morning, and as an Enforcer I had to be present at all times.

Damien and Elliot disappeared again and I stood in a corner that I decided to claim as mine, just watching and people mingled, danced, kids screamed and others stuffing their face with pastries.

Some of the pastries did look good, and I was tempted to grab some myself.

The hall was nearly filled with Damien’s pack, it was a very large pack but I guess most of the people that would live in town might also be part of it. Some were farmers in their non-werewolf life.

There were also more kids than I anticipated. With toddlers running around I was horrified that if one of them tripped over some lady in long stilettos, it would end up digging a hole in their arm.

It felt like forever before the announcement for the Bire pack was finally here, people with higher ranks, Alphas, Betas and third in commands went to the door while everyone else continued to mingle in a quieter manner.

More formally dressed men entered the room, greeting people around them.

I could hear commotion at the front door, the good type where everyone was excited to meet the visiting Alpha so I didn’t bother rushing to see what it was as I was sure the people would come back here. Roughly ten people walked in from the Bire pack, eight males and two females lingering at the back of the new group.

Alpha Smith was at the front flanked by his Beta, Emanuel, both dressed in black tuxedos. They were tall and almost intimidating, you could sense their rank from the back of the room.

In comparison, Elliot who was standing next to them, seemed different, more meek, more quiet, but Emanuel seemed to be just as opinionated as his Alpha. Each pack worked in a different way, some Alphas didn’t like those lower than them engaging in conversations that they believed Alpha’s should engage in. Others treated everyone equal, the ranks were just there for show.

Smith and his Beta were like that, almost like they were sharing the role. Even though Elliot was just as big as Emanuel, he seemed tiny next to Emanuel.

I watched them mingle, a few people carrying glasses of alcohol which was pointless because it was harder for us to get drunk off alcohol. You probably would have to drink a few litres before you could feel anything. It didn’t seem like they were serving wolf-bane, if made right it would give them a hallucinogenic effect, similar to alcohol. It was also used as a drug, poison but also medicine. It was just in the way you made it that could change its purpose.

Judging by the clear and bubbly liquid it just seemed like it was champagne.

Smith looked up, his eyes meeting mine and I could see them light up, even from a distance, as he excused himself walking over, his green eyes were always pleasant to look into.

“Ah, to what do I owe your pleasure darling,” he held out a glass. Was he really offering me champagne?

“I heard you were on bad behaviour, Enforcers say it’s your punishment time,” I joked, accepting the glass.

Smith laughed, “As long as the punishment is dished by you,” he said as he clinked his glass against mine as I shook my head at his joke.

I held my glass not drinking from it like he was as he looked at my sweater, “I didn’t think I would really see you wearing pink, but it’s very cute.” He said nodding at my sweater.

“I love pink,” he further commented. I smiled.

“I wore it for you,” I lied as I decided to take a sip of the somewhat vile liquid. It was lukewarm, and the bubbles danced in my mouth before going down my throat. The worst thing about it was the aroma of the aftertaste that lingers in your mouth.

“So how is my friend?” I asked as he reached for another glass from a waiter.

He raised an eyebrow at me, “You mean my mate?"

“No I mean my friend, I knew her before you did Smithy,” I stated. My friend or his mate, used to work in the Enforcer pack house as an administrative clerk before she had met Smith.

I was surprised not to see her bubbly head floating around the room, she always came with him to these types of events.

“Exams,” he said, pulling a face.

I hid my smile as Smith’s annoyed face, he hated Liz going to Uni, but he couldn’t and wouldn’t stop her. She was passionate about learning and even though he told her a million times she didn’t need to work, she decided to anyways. I bet she was trying to get her fifth PhD in something else.

“She misses you, you should come over and visit her some time,” he said and I took another sip of the warm liquid.

I shrugged, “I do come over,” I pointed out, I was pretty sure in the past two years I did have a mission near their territory so technically I was in the neighbourhood and they didn’t visit me.

“So how about you Hilly,” He grabbed an appetizer of a plate as it passed by.

“What about me?” I asked him.

He placed it all in his mouth at once chewing halfway before speaking and I gave him a disgusted look to which he just chuckled. If there was one thing that Liz and I hated, it was people talking with their mouth full. I was surprised that mini quiche didn’t fall out of his mouth.

“Have you found your mate?”

“No,” was my curt reply and he raised no more questions, but I could see that he wanted to press for more.

“Smith,” Damien’s voice came out of nowhere and we both looked to him as he walked towards us, his eyes meeting mine and narrowed.

“Is this Enforcer biting your ear off?” Damien joked but I could hear the underlying tone in that.

Smith simply smiled, shrugging, “Does she ever not?” and then saw my face and stopped smiling, “I’m joking. We go a long way back.” He said nudging my shoulder with his.

“When’s Lochie coming?” Smith asked Damien to take the glass from me, seeing that I wasn’t drinking most of it, and decided to drink from it himself. Damien looked between us, probably surprised that we were sharing a glass.

“I didn’t know Lachlan was coming?” I said, did I see his name on the list or did I read it too quickly.

“Alpha Lachlan,” Damien corrected and I rolled my eyes meeting Smith’s as he tried not to smile.

“Two days, he’s bringing a friend of his so he’ll be a bit late,” Damien replied.

With that Damien steered Smith away from me, using the welcoming ceremony as an excuse and I was more than happy to resume my role as the quiet watcher. I wasn’t a fan of talking to people for too long anyway.

I looked down as a small girl came hobbling my way, her blonde hair that was tied in a pineapple hairdo bopping with her movements. She stopped before me, out of breath, grabbing the ends of her sky blue puffy dress and bunching it with her fists and lifting it up.

She stared at me and I tilted my head confused. Seeing my confusion she stuck out her leg and at the end of it were bright red slippers with undone laces.

“Do you want me to tie it?” I asked, just to get that extra level of assurance that we were on the same page. She nodded, the pineapple hair bouncing with her. Right.

I bent down grabbing the shoes and giving it a quick knot, wondering if it was too tight for her but she smiled, her wide smile having some missing teeth.


I smiled, “No worries kid,” I patted her hair, I was itching to touch it. It was soft and bouncy. Just as I went to pat it again a pair of blue eyes caught my attention and I stopped. I could see Damien looking at me, no doubt wondering if I was probably going to kidnap this child.

I quickly stood up, letting the kid run back to wherever she came from. Surely her parents should have told her not to speak to strangers, especially asking them to tie shoe laces.

Damien’s gaze held mine for another minute before he turned around conversing with Elliot and Smith. I resumed my post in my corner that was not as hidden as I thought.

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