The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 5

I had felt the shift in atmosphere when he had arrived, he, being Alpha Hercules Ryder.

It was hard not to notice it, it was like the calm before a storm.

It went from everyone running around to almost a rigid feel. Parents beckoned their kids to play closer to them, the men were more on alert and stood up straight.

I didn’t blame them, Alpha Ryder’s pack was known to be a killing machine.

Not many wanted to cross paths with this Alpha, including myself. I already had my turn and I was glad I didn’t have to run into him after that.

There were many myths and legends about his pack, but one thing was for sure, they were a war pack.

I watched him approach the party, Alpha Lochie rushing to greet his late arriving friend.

Hercules was a tall man and built strong, demanding attention when he walked into a room with the aura all Alpha’s seemed to have. His strong jaw was almost always clenched, and his eyebrows furrowed like he was deep in thought.

Sometimes when he had that look and was really still, staring into the distance like he was now, he almost looked like he was a statue, carved from the finest marble, the only thing making him look alive where those deep, dark, grey eyes that reminded you of a storm.

The only thing I had in common with Alpha Ryder was that we both enjoyed killing a rogue, I guess we were both a little bit twisted like that.

My guard was also up when I saw him, he wasn’t someone to come for a BBQ to mingle and greet people. Alpha Hercules Ryder was someone you called when you needed help, or wanted to start a war. Maybe George was onto something after all.

Another car arrived, and Alpha Ryder’s Beta stepped down. His name was Gideon and I liked to refer to him as a hulk. Gideon was a big man, tall and sported bigger muscles than anyone else here.

Gideon was no different from his Alpha, a man of very few words, unlike their third of Command Marcus who was trailing behind chatting on the phone. Now Marcus was someone you went to if you needed help and he would either pass on the message to Hercules – because no one wanted to face him head on – or solved it himself.

I watched as they joined the other Alpha’s, the only time Hercules was comfortable was when he was with Alpha Lachlan, but even now he simply gave them a nod, standing there as they spoke to him.

I saw his lips move every now and then, replying to any questions but it was Smith and Damien doing the most talking.

I shifted on my feet, they slightly hurt from standing nearly six hours and I was starting to get sore feet. The BBQ was long gone, some of the parents and kids went back but there were still a lot of people talking, including all the Alphas which meant I had to stay.

I decided to go further out and take a seat on the grass, I still had a view of everything. I really should be closer, trying to listen to what they were saying but I was quite comfortable on the ground, giving my legs a rest.

I stretched my legs out staring at the Alphas, the only thing breaking my attention was the buzzing of my phone. Cameron was calling me.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“You sound happy,” Cameron said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes,“Babysitting is always great,” I replied as my fingers plucked at some grass.

“So any news?” he questioned.

“Not really, actually wait,” I said pausing, “I need you to look something up for me,”

“Sure thing, who or what?” Cameron asked.

I told him the details; I wanted all information about the Alpha’s for the last month, where they went, where they ate if they ate out, who they ate out with, what they bought, their call records, everything he could find. Cameron was good at that stuff. I wanted to know if they had all met up prior to this event, and if it was recent.

Maybe they were planning something.

“I’ll try my best, take care Hill,” Cameron said and I ended the call.

I looked up just as I tugged at another patch of glass and dark grey eyes met mine, halting me from killing more grass. Our eyes locked in a stare, before he nodded, the way he always says hello and I lifted the hand with some grass in it to wave.


I broke the gaze first deciding to head back in as the sun set in the distance.

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