The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 6

I sometimes enjoyed the way Alphas acted around me, they sometimes looked like they were constipated but really it was them being uncomfortable.

Perhaps it was because they didn’t know why I was here or what they might accidentally let loose that I would report back.

Alphas don’t like sanctions or penalties from the Enforcers.

I was currently sitting in the Alpha’s office, on his couch playing with a pen I had found, as he spoke to Lachlan. I was a few metres away from them, but both of them kept glancing at me every now and then.

They were still making small talk about the weather, the cricket and their weekend plans. Surely they were going to talk about something else?

“Look you lot,” I said putting the pen down, “I’m not going anywhere, so you might as well just speak your minds and get this over with,” I said after getting sick of them talking about which cricket team will win the world cup. Who cares?

Damien narrowed his eyes at me, “We are waiting for Alpha Smith.”

Alpha’s didn’t refer to each other by their title, but Damien highlighting the titles was clearly for me to know who I was speaking with and not to lose respect. I sighed slouching on the couch getting settled for more cricket talk.

Thankfully Smith and Hercules walked in, both of them looking at me and nodding before going to sit around the table.

I could see them all from here, I always did get the best seats in the house.

I listened to their conversation, trying not to fall asleep – man Damien’s furniture was comfortable. They were probably doing this on purpose, pleasantries to make me get bored and leave, which I was about to, as they talked about their journey here. Who cares how their journey here was? They went around in a circle, explaining what their journey was like.

I snorted.

“Does anyone want to ask me about my trip?” I asked.

They all turned to look at me, judging by their gaze, no one cared about my trip. Shame for them because it was super entertaining and now they weren’t going to find out.

Damien narrowed his eyes, keeping them locked with mine before they went back to chit chatting. I went back to playing with the pen, still paying attention to their voices.

They spoke for another ten minutes till Damien mentioned something that caught my attention, rogues.

“The rogues have created a mini pack, but without calling themselves that, they want to become allies,” Damien said. I was confused, rogues wanted allies?

That made no sense because rogues hated packs, they would never become a pack let alone try and become allies with a pack. Becoming a pack means that they would need an Alpha to rule them, and then rogues hated having orders from Alphas, so how were they exactly going to become a pack?

It just seemed like a contradicting thing, for example if they even have a group of five rogues, someone had to be the leader to tell them what to do, but that was generally the reason they were solo because they don’t like taking orders.

If they were going to act like a pack then they needed to register themselves as one.

“Are you going to become their ally?” Lachlan asked, earning a soft growl from Damien.

“Of course not!”

Good, I was pretty sure Damien hated rogues as much as everyone else. They weren’t like a lone wolf, no, rogues always wanted to cause something.

If Damien said yes, I was one phone call away from reporting it.

I was pretty sure if he said yes I was one phone call away from calling an Enforcer army.

“I refused the moment they suggested it. However, I think the next approach they will take is tearing packs down and getting control. Especially since we refused to become allies,” Damien continued.

Is that why Hercules was here, did he need his help in case the rogues did attack?

An attack from the rogues on a pack was always going to be ugly.They were going to prepare for rogue attacks, there was already sighting of rogues hunting on the outskirts of the border, which meant tighter patrols.

Damien had wolves patrolling twenty-four seven, and now he was talking to the other strongest packs. I was pretty sure Hercules wouldn’t help unless Lachlan and Smith gave him a push. Hercules wasn’t a fan of fighting others battles for them especially when he and Damien only met.

After a few more minutes of discussion Lachlan, Smith agreed to help and Hercules nodded, which probably meant he too was going to help now.

Damien seemed more relaxed after hearing this, they would definitely win with Hercules on their side.

Hell, it can be a million rogues against them and Hercules’s pack would win, well maybe not a million but a lot.

At the same time I wasn’t sure how likely a war or fight would be. Alpha’s choose that as a last option because your people are your assets. Even if you lose one it’s still a loss at the end of the day.

I wasn’t surprised Lachlan agreed to help, he was the most helpful Alpha out there. The meeting appeared to have finished and the other Alphas got up, starting to leave so I also jumped up.

Just as I was about to leave, Damien called my name.

“Yes?” I asked looking over my shoulder, one foot already heading towards the door.

“Can I speak to you for a moment?” he asked.

He waited till the rest of them fully left the office and then stood up, walking around the table and coming to stand in front of me.

“So I’m aware you heard all of that, so what’s your next step?” he asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“Are you going to tell the elders?” he asked.

“Well... there is no war yet so I guess not but I would probably still report the findings. I’m required to do that.” I replied.

“Don’t tell the elders,”

“What?” I asked, knotting my eyebrows, and then it sunk in what he was saying, “That’s my job, I have to report it to the elders.”

Damien took a step forward, far too close for my comfort but I refused to take a step back and held my ground.

“I know,” Damien sighed, he had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep and he ran a hand through his hair tugging on the end of it.

“Can you just wait a few more days before telling them,” he asked,almost pleading but maybe I misheard the tone because Alphas don’t beg.


“The rogues have asked for a meeting and I’ve granted it, I want to know what they want.”

My eyes widened, I have never heard of an Alpha willingly granting permission for rogues to come and talk to them. Hell, that did not happen.

“Why would you even do that?” I asked and his eyes narrowed at someone questioning his judgement.

“Because I can, I want to try and avoid a war and innocent lives dying. People in my pack trust me, the last thing I need is for them to go into hiding because a handful of rogues don’t behave. Aren’t your people meant to be taking care of rogues?” Damien asked.

I was getting annoyed at him, I took a step closer leaving barely any space between us, “My people, as you nicely put it, do take care of things, you should have reported this before so my people could have taken care of the rogues then, not tell us last minute. Hell, you wouldn’t even have told us this if it wasn’t for me being here. If you think about trying to take care of the problem yourself then you clearly don’t know how rogues operate.”

Damien matched my glare, staring at me.

“And insulting my people isn’t granting you the extra days you wanted!” I added.

I could tell Damien was getting annoyed and I wasn’t sure if it was at me or at the situation. His eyes were almost the darkest they could get, which meant his wolf was on edge and close to the surface. He closed his eyes, and opened them again, they were a lighter shade again.

“Can you think about it, I’m not saying don’t tell, but if you do we both know Enforcers will be here in moments trying to clean up something that’s not even started yet. Let me try and avoid a nuisance, I don’t need them sniffing around my pack’s homes and disturbing everyone, nor do I need to make the rogues angry for having Enforcers, then making them start another war when we can avoid it. I just want you to give me a day and then you can still do your daily report.” Damien said.

“I’m asking you to do this for me,” he repeated after I said nothing.

I sighed, “I’ll see,” I said. I was still going to write my report, whether or not I updated it on the system for anyone to see was another story. It was my job to report things but I could also understand what Damien was saying.

He didn’t want anyone misreading the meeting as something more. I still had to think about it.

I opened the door, walking out to only run into Hercules leaning opposite against the wall, his arms crossed against his chest. His grey eyes met mine, holding the gaze before he brushed past me entering Damien’s office.

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