The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 7

After a quick lunch, I decided to go for a walk to address the situation. The woods were quiet and allowed me to have a clean headspace to think about whether to update the report or not.

Damien has a point about how the Enforcers worked.

They would be roaming his territory in moments, into people’s homes, pack details and— as much as they needed to do it – no Alpha liked to put the packs comfort and privacy away. They would think they were offering protection but in reality some packs found it more of a disturbance.

And then the Enforcers could start a war, killing the rogues without any warning could make other rogues turn back and start a war, but at the same time, the rogues would jump at any chance to start a war. I was often given information to kill rogues back in the day and I would never question why.

You sneeze, war.

You cough, war.

Hell, you blink, war.

I saw Smith approaching me from a distance waving as he called out my name, “What are you doing?” He yelled, breaking into a small job to meet me.

“Walking off the food I ate, I think I ate too much,” I admitted, patting my stomach. I had to give it to Damien, he also had an excellent chef. Smith laughed, shaking his head as he fell in step with me as we walked.

The silence was quiet, and somewhat comfortable – which was expected.

“You should come visit Liz, she misses you,” he said and I rolled my eyes.

I paused near a beautiful meadow and shook my head, “In due time Smith,” I replied. He looked confused as I stared out watching the beautiful grass drift in the wind. I always wondered, who kept the grass trimmed to perfection?

It wasn’t wild and overgrown like in a forest, instead all the grass was neatly trimmed like someone ran over it with a lawnmower, it was a big area to cover. But I guess if you had one of those lawn mowers you sit and ride on, it would be fun to mow the lawn.

Smith was shifting on his feet, no doubt feeling uncomfortable being this far away from the pack house with the safety of his Beta and pack alone in another packs’ ground.

Alpha’s were strong, no doubt if something went wrong he would be more than capable to look after himself, but in another person’s territory, you had to be careful, and especially in an allies area, you had to make sure it was safe to walk around.

But lucky for him, I was here to watch his back, as much as Emanuel his beta would prefer taking matters into his own hands.

“Just ask me,” I said as he shifted for the tenth time, I knew he wanted to ask me something, he was dying to, but was too scared, and that sort of entertained me.

“Aren’t you thinking of settling down any-time soon, most people at your age are popping out pups by now.”

I winced when he said popping out kids, “Is this your question or one from Liz?” I asked him.

I was not a baby maker and I don’t think at this rate he will ever see me popping out kids as he so beautifully described it.

“I mean don’t you want to settle down, be part of your own pack, I don’t mean to intrude but I look at you like a sister, if my sister was still unmated and didn’t have any idea who her mate is, I would worry,” he said.

I rolled my eyes, yap, yap Smith.

“What if I simply don’t want a mate?” I asked.

Smith frowned looking at me confused, like I just told him aliens existed, which would be a high possibility. If we existed, they probably did as well. I mean we were a form of alien because the definition of being something different and unfamiliar to humans would be shape shifting werewolves.

“What do you mean you don’t want one?” Smith nearly snarled it, his wolf becoming defensive of mates. Why were they so damn touchy? Stupid Alphas.

I shrugged, “You know, I’m okay with the way I am, I don’t need anyone, perfectly A-Okay,” I said as I started walking again, he kept up, matching my pace as he looked at the ground, his hands were folded behind his back as he opened his mouth a few times before shutting it.

It was like he was trying to find the perfect words, to somehow convince me on this matter, but I doubt he could.

“Look, one day the wolf side of you will want it, it’s our instinct, we crave it, and if that’s too late you could even lose the chance of finding your mate, what if your mate doesn’t wait for you? You travel more than any other wolf, it comes with the job, I get it. Surely that means you run into more wolves than anyone else, which means you should have found your mate by now!”

We walked into another clearing that was slightly separated by thin trees. This clearing was being used by no other than Alpha Hercules’ pack members, they seemed to be... training?

“Do they always train like that?” I asked.

“What?” Smith was confused by my change in topic and turned to face me, I mirrored him turning to meet him.

“Yes,” He replied.

“Even in other people’s territories?” I pressed on the matter, that was strange, guess they really needed to be on their game. As I looked closer I realised they appeared to be training Damien’s pack?

“Hill,” Smith pestered.

I placed a hand up cutting him off, “I”ll think about what you said,” not a chance that I would but at least this would make him shut up, “If my mate doesn’t wait then I am okay with that,” I shrugged.

Smith narrowed his eyes at me, like I just spoke taboo which I probably did, oops.

“Then again, I’m not that old and I do not wish to pop out babies Smith. You of all people should know, I don’t see Liz popping out either.”

“But she has me,” he tried defending his potion.

I shrugged. “And I have friends, I’m content with that,” I turned to look back at the training to see some of the wolves had shifted into human form, wearing loose shorts, they were doing hand to hand combat, some of them were from Smith’s pack, and when I met Emanuel’s eyes from across the field, he nodded in respect and I gave him a pursed smile.

“Your beta waits for you,” I told Smith. Smith’s eyes followed to where I was looking and he sighed, “No one is going to change your mind are they?”

I gave him a shaky smile and lifted my hand patting his back, I never was too good at showing affection of any sorts, “I’ll be fine, besides if I become a lone wolf I have you and Liz to crash with,” I winked.

He chuckled, shaking his head and then ruffled my hair, much to my annoyance which made my fingers itch to grab out some silver from my pocket, it was a sub conscience self defence, “Okay, take care Hill, and call Liz,” He grumbled as he walked off.

I rolled my eyes, yeah, yeah, I will eventually.

I turned around to leave when a big wolf came out of the trees and locked gazes with me. I gave it a wave recognizing the wolf immediately, but as I left I felt it started to follow me.

I looked over my shoulder to see brown eyes watch me, “Really?” I questioned as I went back to the first clearing, I enjoyed the silence here.

The wolf caught up nipping at my leg making me falter, “Stop that,” I gritted out trying to shove the wolf, which was always hard when they were nearly as big as a standing human.

When it gave me a push, gentle, but not for me, I tripped, landing on my side.

The wolf paused and I narrowed my eyes, “Honestly Marcus, do that again and I will shove this blade through your neck,” I replied earning an immediate whine from Marcus and his wolf backing away. Marcus, the third in Command for Hercules was like a little kid in a lolly shop.

His eyes flickered around and I suddenly felt bad, he was like a toddler, I sighed putting the silver blade back into the side of my jeans, carefully trying not to touch my own skin with it.

“Aren’t you meant to be training with the others,” I asked sitting up and crossing my legs. He huffed out of his nose and approached me carefully before lowering himself onto the ground in front of me. I couldn’t help it, my fingers itched to touch his skin and I patted him.

“Good dog,” I said, earning a growl, making me laugh, they were too easy to rile up, especially in wolf form.

“What, are they all too strong for you?” I joked, earning him to roll over and hang his tongue out, I laughed pushing at his stomach that was exposed, “Shut up, they didn’t kill you. I’m sure with training you’ll be as good as them,” I told him.

I rubbed his belly earning him to huff into the air, “Just like a dog,” I joked, he would most likely try and deny it, but with the massage the little guy was getting, I guess it was good enough for an insult.

A low growl through the air made us both pause, my hands freezing buried in his fur and Marcus slipping his tongue back in and sitting up, my fingers automatically moving away from him.

“I don’t think your Alpha is too happy about you missing out on training,” I told him, earning a snort from him. Marcus rose up to his height and gave me a nudge before heading the other way and I sighed picking at the grass.

I could see from the corner of my eye, a big wolf standing in the clearing, it’s dark fur standing out, even compared to Marcus, the wolf was huge, and Marcus was pretty big compared to other wolves. As a third of command you usually didn’t expect that, especially when he was nothing big in life.

His Alpha however was humongous, enough to make any wolf shudder in fear. Just standing here feeling dark eyes on me, I felt uncomfortable.

When they both turned around I relaxed and lay on the grass looking into the sky, with Smith’s conversation playing in my head.

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