The Enforcer

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Part 1 - Chapter 8

“You must be the first wolf in history to throw a party for rogues,” I said as I walked inside Damien’s office without knocking, instead of the glare I was expecting, he simply chuckled at the paper he was writing on and his eyes flickered up meeting mine, very briefly before they went back to the paper.

His blue eyes narrowed on something he was reading before he quickly signed the bottom as I lowered myself all too comfortably into the chair opposite him.

“Can I help you with something, or are you here just to compliment me?” Damien asked.

I scoffed and then noticed something on his table, I leaned over which caught his attention. He watched me curiously as I picked up the jar and leaned back into the chair.

“Who would have thought that the big bad Alpha liked gummy bears?” I said wrinkling my nose, I didn’t like gummy bears, but they were tolerable – plus I was craving for sugar.

“Big bad Alpha huh?” He asked as I placed a green bear into my mouth, of course Alphas only heard the things that made them even more cockier.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” I replied, “I say that to everyone, plus isn’t that what the three little pigs and little red riding hood described them as?” I asked confused, or was there another fairytale with wolves in them?

I rummaged till I found a red gummy bear popping into my mouth, well aware that I probably got my germs on all of the other gummies – perfect, maybe I could take the jar with me to my room.

Damien leaned back dropping his pen onto the table, “What did you want Illagria?” he asked

“Illargia,” I said annoyed, “Is it that hard?” I asked curiously.

“Sorry, and a bit,” he admitted, crossing one long leg over another, I noticed he was already, ready for tonight, dressed in a suit, with his jacket at the back of his chair, he looked like a typical Alpha doing business.

“Then call me Hill, and I can’t believe you are throwing a party. What happened to ‘I’m having a quick meeting with the rogues?’” I asked.

I got that he wanted to talk to them, but wasn’t throwing a party just a bit too much.

I popped a yellow gummy in my mouth, wrinkling my nose, god the yellow ones were not my favourite at all. I swallowed it, grabbing a few white ones to diminish the taste.

“To talk with them,” Damien said. Well duh.

“I think we established that,” I said with a mouth full, which was a bad idea as one gummy popped out, I looked down mortified as it landed on my shirt, but I picked it up popping it back in my mouth, “Sorry,” I said embarrassed.

Damien shook his head simply chuckling.

“Anyways, where was I,” I said clearing my throat and swallowing them, “Rogues, party,” I waved a hand before popping a green gummy bear into my mouth.

“Because I wish to find out what they want,” Damien replied.

“And there are other ways of doing that,” I said as I sifted through the jaw, why were there so many yellow gummy bears.

“What capturing them and tormenting them like the Enforcers do,” he spat in disgust.

I paused, “Yep, that sounds great,” I nodded, popping a green one into my mouth.

He stood up shaking his head, probably had enough of me, I mean who wouldn’t, and grabbed his jacket.

“Get ready for tonight, you’re not going to wear that are you?” he asked him.

I looked down and looked back at him, “I’m not here to party Damien,” I replied sitting up. Right, I wasn’t here to eat gummy bears either. He narrowed his eyes looking past me, like he was thinking before he nodded.

I did need to get ready for tonight, sure I wasn’t going to wear what I had, but it was damn similar and I had to get some of my weapons ready.

“You coming?” Damien asked.

“Huh? Oh right,” I placed the jar on the table, not before I took a good handful, and stood up rushing to the door he was holding open. I nodded walking in front of him, popping a gummy bear into my mouth when his hand clutched my upper arm, a bit too strong, making me halt.

His fingers pressed into my skin, any human’s skin would bruise from that pressure.

“You are going to behave right?” he asked me.

I narrowed my eyes confused, “What?”

“Tonight, you haven’t told the council?” I shrugged my arm trying to get him off me.

I sighed, “I haven’t” I said and he broke into a smile, “yet,” I finished.

He nodded letting go and I frowned, rubbing my arm with my closed fist, didn’t want to drop the gummy bears, and walked off towards my room.

God, I hate Alphas’ and their strength.

* * *

I placed the spare silver bullet carefully in the inside of my sock, making sure not to let my skin touch it. I was still a wolf, and I would get the same reaction. All my weapons had to be placed safely, and I wore gloves that protected me.

I tightened my ponytail before pulling down my black top to sit properly over my black jeans. Blending into the shadows is what I did best.

I placed a hand on my back pocket to feel the handcuffs, good. What else did I need?

Right, of course.

I took my phone out of my bedside cabinet and placed that in my front pocket, I think I had enough weapons. Besides the hair tie in my hair, was also a weapon, it expanded big enough to tie it around someone’s neck and strangle them.

I smirked, man I hope something exciting happened tonight, then maybe Damien would learn his lesson. You cannot have a civilised conversation with a damn rogue.

I turned around and headed downstairs, I stopped sniffing the air, they were already here?

I hurried down the stairs, my finger playing with the end of my shirt, more or so because my silver dagger was tucked away safely and I was itching to hold it in my hands.

A few of the rogues stopped to look at me, I noticed one of them in particular, and I saw his eyes narrowing at me before they went to Damien, who himself looked uncomfortable and dare I say... nervous.

I stopped on the last stair and leaned against the rail as Damien said some stupid welcome speech.

Oh Damien, are you going to let them inside the room or are you just going to speak to them in the doorway?

He seemed to regain his composure fast and tell them to follow him and I waited till the six rogues were following him before I joined the end, keeping my distance.

The last rogue turned around, her blonde hair was cut sharp to reach her neck and was pointed as hell, how did she make it that pointy?

“What is an Enforcer doing here?” She snarled more to her companion than to me but I still rolled my eyes irritated, what the hell do you think?

The rogue walking next to her looked over his shoulder, his hazel eyes piercing into mine and making me falter when he ran his gaze over me, disturbing. My right fingers tapped against my left wrist, trying not to grab something and chuck it at them.

His face suddenly showed concern, and fright as he looked away and I stopped confused.


Surely I don’t look that scary. It wasn’t until Hercules and his beta Gideon walked past me and I realised the rogue was more scared of the massive guys than me, damn it and here I thought I had an impressive angry face.

I started walking again ready to catch up when Gideon turned around and surprised me by flashing me a massive smile acknowledging me.

I folded my hands behind my back as I stepped into the room receiving many cold looks, but of course Alpha Smith ran to my side like a puppy, the warmest smile, “Aww I thought you were going to wear a dress!” he said disappointed.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “Smith, the last time you saw me in a dress was at your wedding, and we all know what happened,” I had taken a fall right into one of the six cakes they had, simply because they couldn’t pick one cake. Plus wolves could eat a lot.

Of course against my light coloured dress that I wore, it ended up brown since I fell into the chocolate cake.

“Well we all think you looked delicious,” he laughed.

“You are such a moron,” I said shoving his shoulder as I heard someone clear their throat. Ah, of course Damien had to come when I was “insulting” an Alpha.

“What?” I asked as Damien shook his head at me.

“Why are you so rude to Alphas?” he asked.

“I’m not, you just chose a bad time to come into this conversation.” I pointed out.

Smith jumped to my aide, “It’s fine, Hill and I go a long way back, don’t we?” He said, placing a hand around my shoulder.

I pursed my lips, plucking his hand off my shoulder with my fingers, “If you weren’t Liz’s mate I would probably have a great desire to chop that hand off.” I said.

He gave a silent shudder knowing that I went through with my threats and took a step back, “Noted. I think I need some wine,” he said walking off and I shook my head. Of course, where there was Smith, there had to be alcohol.

“Oh,” Damien said confused looking at Smith as he left and I turned my attention to him, “What?”

“You know his mate?” it was almost like Damien relaxed.

“Eww, did you think we were flirting or something?” I asked.

Damien shrugged and I could see his neck go red, “Well. I. Um...”

“Gross Damien,” I shuddered, “His mate is my best friend when she used to work with us, hence Smith is like a brother to me. How did you even think that?”

He shrugged, rubbing the side of his neck, “Well I don’t know. You’re never really that jovial with the other Alphas from what I could see so I just thought... sorry,”

I paused, “Did you just apologise?” I asked him, trying to hide my smile.

“What, no,” Damien cleared his throat looking around, “I should get back to the rog—I mean, guests,” and without missing a beat he walked off and I shook my head.

This was definitely a weird party, the rogues all stuck together and the pack members, those that actually came, were on the other side of the room. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to interact with rogues myself.

Where was Alpha Damien?

I continued my laps around the room, it kept me busy and attentive.

I spotted Damien in the corner, talking to a rogue, perhaps this was the leader of the rogue. I did another count to make sure all six rogues were in my view. I could see Smith and Lachlan chatting by the food table, unbothered by the events around them.

My phone buzzed with a message from Cameron, telling me to check my emails later. He had found out some news about something and told me to read it immediately. It piqued my curiosity. I couldn’t read it till the party was over since I was still keeping watch.

There was a tap on my shoulder and I looked up to see an unfamiliar face looking at me, “Uh I was told to tell you that the Alpha wanted to talk to you,” She said, shifting on her feet and looking over her shoulder.

“Damien?” I asked, she was probably from this pack. She nodded. I look over her shoulder to where Damien should have been but wasn’t. The rogue leader was by himself.

“Where is he?” I asked her.

“Outside. In the back.” she said and then hurried away. Why would Damien need to speak to me now? Perhaps he had some intel from talking to the rogue leader.

I walked down the corridor trying to get outside, I wasn’t too familiar with this side of the pack house yet. Eventually I found a door that led to the back garden. Why didn’t Damien just meet me in his office?

The air was cold as I walked further out, there was no one here?

“Damien?” I called out.

There was no response. I walked a little bit further. Most people would be able to see in the dark quite clearly, I could see better than a human but not as good as a wolf, most likely because my wolf was quiet and only lingered in the background of my mind.

It was harder for me to make out any silhouettes since the moon was covered by the thick clouds. I decided to go back inside, if it was that important, Damien can come find me himself.

Just as I turned around, I felt a change in the air next to me, it felt like a fast breeze directed towards me, so I quickly ducked as something flew past me.

I stood up, stepping back as a flying fist came towards me.

It was the blonde from before. I grabbed her wrist before she could pull it back and twisted it around her shoulder, “What do you think you are doing?” I asked. I might not be as strong as some of the others when they had their wolves assisting them, but I had fast reflexes and silver.

I placed a silver knife against her throat, pressing it against her skin making her hiss. She wriggled trying to get out of my grasp.

Before I could take her inside, something got me from behind, whilst I heard him coming I couldn’t let this one free so I felt something burn my wrist and I winced.

How do rogues come across their own silver weapons?

“Let go of her,” He said.

The woman in my grasp smiled, but I refused to let go of her, regardless of the pain I felt in my wrist.

“Where is Damien?” I asked. Did they do something to him? When neither of them spoke I pressed the blade closer to her neck making her scream out.

“There is no Damien, he’s inside. We wanted to speak to you lovely,” the man said, pressing himself against me. We were in a gridlock, his grasp on me and mine on her.

Think Hill, how can you get him off you, when he had silver. I wasn’t going to struggle like she was, the more you move around, the more painful silver could be. Judging by the place of his chest behind my back, I knew his legs would be in reaching distance.

I could bend my knee and kick him so he would falter, and use that distraction to my advantage and get out of his hold. Then I could turn around and have him in front of me.

I did exactly that, the only thing that I didn’t realise was that there was going to be a third one. The leader.

Just as I kicked him, and grabbed his wrist, releasing the silver and pulled him in front, I felt a new blade across me.

He had a blade against my own neck, I was ambushed.

“Let them go,” said the leader of the rogues.

I didn’t.

I felt the knife move closed and held back showing any signs of pain that they could use to their advantage.

“I mean it Enforcer. Let them go.”

Both of them were struggling against my holds, trying to use their hands to get me off them. I pursed my lips, I didn’t want to let them go, but I did.

They escaped from my hold, running a few metres back, snarling at me.

But you started it

“Jason and Jemma, go get the others,” the leader said. They both nodded rushing off. I was spun around so now I was face to face with the leader, there was a scar that went across the side of his face.

That was a mistake, because now I had a free hand and I could grab another weapon. I had to move slowly so I didn’t catch his attention as he held the silver blade against my neck.

“How did you get silver?” I asked.

He laughed, “We have our suppliers. My name is Carson, and yours?”

I didn’t say anything. Carson leaned forward, a bit too close to my comfort and sniffed me, “Unmated she wolf. Interesting,” He said.

I could smell the burning of my own skin in the air at where the silver touched my neck. No doubt it was going to leave a bit of a mark till I could heal it.

“You smell very nice,” he continued, sniffing me like a dog.

I gritted my teeth as my finger tips reached my gun, but I let him sniff me to use it as a distraction.

Carson’s eyes were dark, but I wasn’t sure if that was from his wolf of just the darkness of the night. I could feel something behind me as he pushed me against it, the wall of the house.

“Where’s your mate, pretty girl?” Carson asked as I pulled the gun out of its hiding place. I was moving slow, because one wrong move could mean he would slit my throat.

Just as I pulled the gun out placing it against his stomach, I heard a deep voice sending a shudder through my body.

“Why don’t you turn around to see her mate.”

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