Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 10: J is for Jealous

There’s this thing called drunk, and it’s not the best thing to be when you’re not with someone, and have your phone with full battery in your hands.

Lounging on the couch, I knew I had one too many drinks of champagne, and on an empty stomach I knew that was also a bad idea.

But all the foo d at Natalie’s baby shower was fattening! From cakes to lollies to chips to pizza and then twenty nine star hotel food that I just didn’t need. Plus this dress was already tight with me holding my breathe like my life depended on it, I knew once too much food got into my stomach. I wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer.

Not that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life, the past week I had been doing sixty bicycle crunches as I went to bed. There was a difference, very very small but it was something.

Maybe I should go running.

Later I groaned turning around in the couch to lay on my stomach and played with my phone. And I had googled is champagne was fattening before my eight glass. Nope it was a healthier choice compared to most other beverages.

So when Natalie offered me an unopened bottle, I said sure, plus I deserved it after the busy day.

And I knew the bottle was empty as it rolled on the ground being pushed my Charlie.

“Aww Charlie, why are you white?” I asked confused.

Oh my god Violet, you just can’t ask why cats are white

Suddenly a black cat that looked awfully like Charlie jumped onto my lap and I screamed standing up.

“Get off me Satan!”

I paused, wait a minute. I looked at the cat on the ground and now my hissing one that was licking its paw which I might have hurt.

“I have two cats!”

Holy hell, Reed was right. Does that also mean Reed was in my house.

Ewwww, I had to give my whole house a clean, eww his germs were here. Eww, does that mean the lasagna was still in the oven?

Oh gross!

But that also brought up the fact that I can’t have two cats in my house, the landlord was already annoyed with one, Charlie, which ever one Charlie was. But with two, oh hell no.

Plus they weren’t expensive but they weren’t cheap either.

Snatching my phone of the ground I re-dialed his number, this time he sounded less sleepy when he picked it up.

“You bastard, take your damn cat back,”


“It’s walking on my carpet. Ewww it’s licked my bottle, take your stupid cat back Reed or I’ll-I’ll chuck it out the window,”

I sat on the couch huddling my cat in my lap, Charlie was my black cat and Reed can come take his stupid one.

Charlie hissed at the cat as it went to Charlie’s favourite spot.

’It’s okay boy, no need to be jealous,”

I picked Charlie up walking to my room and placing him on my bed, “Sleep here, I’ll get rid of the other beast,” I grabbed a ruler, you cannot go into war without a sword!

I went back into the lounge room, “COME OUT YOU BEAST,”

Wait a minute, did it just get invisible? It had super powers! I must exterminate it immediately!

“I will get you!” I saw something run by the corner of my eyes and screamed tripping over the wine bottle. My head hit the side of the coffee table, scratching my neck but at least the carpet I was on, was comfortable.

“I’ll just have a little nap,”

The pounding of the door was louder than my headache, which I didn’t think was possible. I rolled around onto my stomach to realise I was laying on the ground, and why was I sleeping on the carpet.

It was uncomfortable and I could feel the back of my neck start tingling from the odd angle.

“Just perfect Violet, perfect,”

The pounding continued and I groaned getting up, I spotted an empty champagne bottle and groaned, did I really drink all of that. I kicked it under the coffee table, to remind myself that the person at the door didn’t need to see that.

“God damn it, I’m coming,” I swore dodging the moving carpet the most I can and opened the door.

“What do you oh fuck,” I groaned as an old woman pushed past me, well not old, instead she looked like my older sister and dashing.

But she was my mother.

“What did I tell you about your fucking foul language Violetta?”

“My name i Violet mother,”

“Yes but Violetta sounds better, no?” She walked around making herself at home, wiping a finger across my bench and then wiping that finger on her handkerchief wrinkling her nose.

She brushed her perfectly curled brown hair off her shoulders and turned around to stare at me.

She was a stunner, and she knew it.

Her eyes roamed over me, top to bottom, and repeat till I locked the door loudly and walked to the couch, I had to sit down.

“That’s a new dress,”

I looked down, nah I got it out of the recycle bin.


It was embarrassing to say most of my clothes were picked out by my mother, why because she would throw anything I bought myself into the trash bin saying I could never pick clothes.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too tight in the chest area?”

“It’s called breasts mother, we all have them you can say it,” I said watching her wave her hand around the “chest” area looking flushed. She was old and proper yet swore more than myself. Tell me about hypocrites.

“For your height and personality darling I don’t think it suits you,”


“Violet! I’m trying to help you. What happened to losing weight?”

I groaned running a hand over my head, I so didn’t need this right now. Why was I a fucked up human being that was too self conscious to even go buy some milk. Because I had a mother who wouldn’t stop picking on me.

It was called genetics mother, not everyone was born the same. Just because my brother was a stick skin man doesn’t mean I had to follow that way either.

It’s called water weight, bloating, hormones a lot of other things. And I was pretty sure I was underweight at the rate I was going, just because I had flabby fat that stuck out in all the weirdest places.

“No one wants to marry a woman who already looks like she gave birth to three people before she even did,”

“Mum I’m skinnier than you,” I narrowed. Great, why didn’t I have more champagne. I could have slept through this entire ordeal.

“I’ve had four kids, what is your excuse?”

“Are you hear to just yell at me, cause you can get out mother,”

Speaking to your mother like that was rude? Well you haven’t my perfectionist mother. I was serious, first in school, first in Uni, a million dollar paying job, all her three sons were great. A doctor, engineer and a lawyer, what more did you want.

Oh yeah, she wanted a supermodel daughter who was also one of those, but no she got a daughter who wanted to start her own business, who was plump and round. Since when was that a crime.

In my family, always. And then she asks me why I don’t go out with her in public, because she damn well embarrasses me.

But I didn’t hate her, god no, I loved her. She was just one annoying woman. When she wasn’t picking on me, we were best friends. As she unloaded the hamper she brought placing more wine on the table, apparently it make you lose weight and was healthy.

Well she forgot to add that it made you alcoholic since the only way you would lose weight was replacing your meals with wine and that was bad.

I could see some packed boxes, oh yeah leaves, I guess I was going with the theme of rabbits this week. Like I would eat that.

“Have you eaten?”

“Not yet,”

“It’s too late to eat now, go for a run and then go to bed,”

I rolled my eyes, thank god I moved out. Just go, please go, don’t tell me you want to stay the night. Leave, shoo, why can’t I be profound in magic as well as a pHD in dealing with annoying mothers.

“I have to go see your brother now, did you know he is getting an award for the most-,”

I tuned out before I got the urge to break something or scream or cry in frustration. Because one simple conversation could not go without mentioning my more successful brothers.

After an another half an hour of telling me about their achievements I couldn’t take anymore and sent her out the door saying I was going to go running. Changing into leggings and a top I grabbed a jumper to pull on as I left the apartment.

I wasn’t going to go for a run, hell no. I was going to sit somewhere and with a large tub of ice-cream and pizza and binge. Screw the progress so far because I would never be perfect for that old woman and I was getting annoyed trying.

Ever since I was a kid, no kid needed to be told they were fat. When they really weren’t. I smiled as I walked to the lake and sat on the grass, if I ever have kids, I wasn’t going to tell them if they were fat. No, they would be introduced to a life style of healthy living whilst eating whatever the fuck they wanted.

It’s not about what you eat, it’s about what you do with that food later. And it didn’t make sense. I didn’t even eat that much junk food to begin with, compared to all my friends I was quite healthy. I just couldn’t get rid of this baby fat that followed me from high school. It just wouldn’t budge.

No amount of sit ups got rid of my muffin tops of bulge of a stomach that was bigger than a blown up balloon and no amount of push ups help the bra fat and the shoulder blade being covered in a layer of delicious buttery fat.


I groaned seeing a group of people training on the other side and some on tight rope walking. Guess you had to be that stick thin to do that sport. What if they fell and broke their leg?

I shudderd leaning backwards into the ground and closed my eyes. I could just sleep here if I thought I wouldn’t get bugged or raped or killed. I smirked, well I could always just say, at least they found something in me attractive, to my mother.

And then I cringed at how twisted that thought was.

My leg vibrated and I moved my hand around and grabbed my phone opening one eye to read the message that popped on my lock screen.

I was wondering, did you want to meet up for dinner?

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