Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 11: K is for Kill

“You look like shit,”

I raised an eyebrow as I walked into the office an hour late, it was my office I’ll do as I please.

“You look like turd, synonyms are lovely,” I said hanging up my coat on the coat rack. Jenny was already at the reception dressed in a stunning low cut red dress, whilst she was sitting behind the counter I knew she had matching shoes and a very short length on that dress.

But in my leggings and loose top, I knew who was more comfortable. Besides I had a raging headache and had no wish to talk to people today.

“You had a phone call-,”

“Don’t care,” I slammed the door to my office and groaned as I relaxed into the cushion computer chair. Switching on my computer I twirled in my chair which possible was a bad idea since I was still a bit hungover. The phone in my pocket was burning into the side of my leg, figuratively of course.

Did you want to meet up for dinner?

Why was it so hard to reply to that comment? I tapped my fingers as I waited for it to fully boot up with my calender and schedule, more than happy when it showed me a blank page for today.

Good I can catch up on everything and see what else had to be planned.

Maybe I should spend my time googling how to reply to text messages. Without sounding desperate. I mean texting was so much easier, why did he want to meet me in person. We all knew the person behind the phone had much more confidence than when you meet them in real life.

The door to my office opened, and Jenny strolled in without knocking and I narrowed my eyes at her, “Hey has Reed updated the online profile about the wedding?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know shouldn’t you be asking him that?”

“He’s at work today,” She frowned biting her lower lip, “I just need to send in everything ASAP ya know?”

No I don’t know.

I logged in scrolling to his part, we give all of our clients their own login password so they can talk to us anytime and update how the wedding plan is going on.

I clicked the name looking through the details, there were already suggestions about a theme, and the cake had been ordered.

Wait a minute, she said he was working. So he does have a job after all

And didn’t just waste his time hanging around our boutique store for kicks. I tapped my fingers as I read through the details, I wonder why he has to plan the wedding.

Samantha Reed, I couldn’t help the curiosity as I typed her name into Google Search expecting nothing to pop up so I was surprised when a dozen pages popped up.

Jenny was still talking away about how quickly we had to work since we were trying to squish him into the month, and it was the 27th of June and we only had twenty-six days left. New month, new things.

At least one baby shower was out and we only had two birthdays left that were both in two weeks time.

I clicked on the images and my eyes nearly popped out.

Damn she’s hot

With long blonde hair that was volumed and style and in a stunning bright yellow dress I was pretty sure she should be on the run way. I scrolled down clicking visit image site and it opened up to a more professional looking website.

Reed Lawyers and Finances

They owned their own business? Next to Samantha was a slightly older looking man which could either be their father, since they shared the same green eyes that seemed to run in the family. But he looked awfully young. Perhaps an older brother?

But the crinkles around his eyes showed that he was, old. Damn, if that’s what they looked like in old age, I want their genetics.

The guy on the other side of her looked different, black hair and blue eyes and had a smile, maybe that’s who she was marrying?

Their children are going to be supermodels

I groaned swapping tabs staring at this striking family was making me feel like shit.

“What’s wrong, are you okay? do you have cramps?”

“What?” I asked looking up, right, Jenny was still here.

“Also Mr. L Anderson is here about the twenty-first birthday,”


I typed Anderson in and realised he wasn’t booked for another two months, “Why is he here now?”

“He’s going over seas and wanted to just brief up and pay the advance,” I sighed, “Can’t you do it?” I just didn’t feel like talking to people, not to mention the outrage I looked.

She, however, was dressed stunningly and could easily make him forget what he wanted and book extra things earning us more profit. Damn, that’s what I should do. Dress sexy to big clients and show some cleavage, and get more money.

I leaned back in my chair laughing, okay that was stupid.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, right, nothing, just talk to him Jenny,” I groaned as I scrolled through Anderson’s page. Twenty-first, balloons, James bond themed, blah, blah the typical.

“He wants to talk to you since you’re the one who booked them in. Besides I’m going to give Reed another call, unless you wanted to do that?”

“No send Anderson in,” I said nodding.

I patted my disastrous hair and moved them to spread on both my shoulders to side the annoying bra strap that was visible no matter how many times I kept pulling my sleeves into position and pumped the chair higher, so I looked taller, and more I could see him.

Thanks short genetics.

I just finished taking a sip of water, just to make sure I had no coffee breathe, as he walked in and I frowned.

“Mr. Anderson?” I asked confused, this wasn’t the man I remembered, and I was pretty good with faces.

Instead of the dark blue grey eyes this man had pale blue eyes, a weird pale blue ones since I don’t remember seeing eyes like this, the colour of the sky, surely eyes weren’t that light blue.

“Hey, I’m his brother, Lachlan is out of town on a business meeting and wanted me to check in with you,”

Oh right, I nodded opening up the tab again, “Well I’m Violet,” I said holding a hand out. He smiled shaking it and I found it a bit strange he didn’t say his name back, did he want me to call him Mr. Anderson, well obviously Violet that was professional.

No one really told me to call them by their first name, professionally.

“Right,” I said brushing my sleeves back, “What did you want to discuss with me,”

“That’s sounds really good, he’ll like it,” he nodded as I told him the theme about James Bond Lachlan wanted, and the balloon colours.

It was going to be pretty formal which meant they were going to go with Red and gold balloon, well of course black but they were the supporting colours.

Whilst black and gold itself will be good, smaller red balloons beneath them would be better. It had the whole James Bond sexy female themes.

“Is there any dress code, apart from James bond, any certain colours,”

Mr. Anderson waved a hand leaning into his chair, “Nah, they can wear whatever they want, formal of course,” I typed that away saving it. The progress in three hours was great.

“Well that’s it then,” I said smiling as I logged out and looked up. “Mr. A-well your brother, can just call us to confirm. Just tell him to log in to see everything we planned today, included the three layer gun and bullet cake and the colours and just to send us a confirmation signature by the birthday. As soon as he does that the sooner we can start,”

There was nothing worse than a customer wanting one thing and getting another. Mr. Anderson smiled running a hand through his brown hair, “That was easy,”

“It’s not a test or something,” I replied standing up. Don’t judge my outfit, I’m comfortable compared to your incredibly tight suit

Just like he was reading my mind he shrugged his jacket off and loosened his tie, “Thank god, I can go home and sleep before work tonight,” he shook his head.

“I’d kill for a nap,” I walked around the table towards the door.

“Just lock the door and sleep,”

I laughed shaking my head and opened it for him, “I wish,” I said as I leaned against the door. My eyes went towards the entrance where I could see someone walk in, the familiar leather jacket for some strange reason made me go red, probably because I still remembered my drunken call.

I cleared my throat looking back at Mr. Anderson, “Well have fun at work?”

“Oh I will, I just stand around, part time job to pay of the Uni fees,” he said and I nodded, TMI mate TMI.

“Bye Violet,” He nodded as he walked out and I gave a wave as he walked towards the door.

I looked at Reed who had a raised eyebrow, “What?” I asked, knowing my cheeks were only getting redder.

Please don’t bring it up, please don’t bring it up

Instead he shook a head looking at Jenny as she walked out of the staff room, “Here, thanks, sorry for randomly calling you in. I hope I wasn’t disturbing anything,” Reed took the folder from her waving a hand.

“It’s fine, it’s my lunch break anyways,” he opened it and I wondered what was inside. The invoice for the cake?

That reminded me another invoice he had to forward to me which he hadn’t. I looked at Jenny, waiting till she made eye contact and mouthed baby while patting my stomach. Did he give her the invoice about how much the fake stomach costed?

She shrugged, whatever that meant, this whole no talking thing was too hard.

Reed nodded signing something and then handed that back to her, “Well I’ll see you on Wednesday,” he said and she nodded tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Wednesday? What was happening on Wednesday? Was there a date? Was that why she was dressed like that, cause Reed was coming over.

Why the hell did I care?

I didn’t.

Reed turned around and walked towards me and that caught me off guard, I was pretty sure he was comparing my outfit to Jennys’. Perfect.

“You didn’t reply,”

“Huh?” I asked leaning back as he stopped at my doorway, I looked behind him as Jenny was taking a call and back to his green eyes, “What?” did he text me as well.

“I came over last night, to pick up my satan’s cat,” he said with a chuckle.

Yep, if I wasn’t red then, I was sure I was a tomato now.

“I um, what?” I said. Playing innocent was always the easiest way out. He shook his head placing one hand into his pocket.

It was probably because I was either out of the house, or passed out.

“Take it easy on the alcohol,” he said turning around. The wise thing should have been to shut my door, but I wasn’t wise, “Don’t tell me what to do,” I said irritated.

And he heard it looking over his shoulder, “Too bad I just did,”

“Go die,” I replied childishly, I should google some nice comebacks. He feigned sadness placing a hand over his heart, “Ouch,”

“Get out before I kill you,” I said slamming my door. Urgh the man infuriated me. And I had no reason why since he really didn’t do anything.

My phone vibrated on the table and I walked around realising the whole time, I was still barefoot and groaned.

Talk about unprofessionalism.

I picked it up seeing it was a new message from Pizza boy and smiled sitting down.

It had a, question mark, no doubt still waiting for my reply.

? I

’m having a nap, hope I’ll wake up to a yes, a yes for pepperoni pizza

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