Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 12: L is for Lemon

“And iiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiii will always love yoooOOOOOooou,” I spun around slamming into the cupboard and swore, okay maybe dancing was a bad idea.

I looked down at Charlie who was cocking his head at me, no doubt thinking crazy bitch. Charlie number two, also known as Satan was beside him, at a distance, any approach by the white cat and Charlie would hiss like a snake.

“Do you want some?” I bent down holding the plate and just before Charlie could jump or snatch one I pulled it back laughing evilly, “No, you’re a cat,” I smiled placing the plate on the table.

I licked my finger tasting the super zesty lemon flavoured icing, bad Violet, this cake is not for you. But then again when you spent all morning cooking, you didn’t feel like eating. That part was for sure.

I grabbed a nice box, sniffing it to make sure it didn’t smell of salad dressing or curry from one of the other nights and started placing the lemon biscuits and the cakes into various boxes.

I looked at the bin shuddering at the lasagna that in fact was left in the oven after the other day. It was disgusting.

I took of the stupid apron throwing it back in the corner, where it belonged. In fact I don’t think I ever wore a apron, unless like today I had to dress and cook at the same time. I closed all the lids safely placing them on the tub that made it easier to carry it to my car.

“Can you guys come with me?” I crouched ont he ground rubbing Charlie behind the ears. The meows of another cat made me smile and reach over, scratching Satan behind the ear as well.

“Charlie,” I said cooing at him, “Don’t you want to meet your mother,” that’s all it took for him to hiss, scratch my wrist and run off.

“Bloody bit-mut-feline,” I snapped rushing to the tap to rinse my hand. Damn it did I forget to trim his claws again?

I was more worried about getting a stain on this stupid yellow dress than the pain of it. It would hit me later. Maybe I could just drink all the alcohol there. I smiled.

But who the hell throws a Lemon party. My mother, the mental woman.

I dabbed a tissue over it till it stopped bleeding, but not completely. Damn it, I would had to disinfect it, but not right now.

“Stupid Charlie, maybe I should call you Satan,” I jumped thinking he heard me and was back to claw at me and looked down but it was Satan rubbing himself, or herself, against my leg purring.

“Aww thanks, but you’re not my cat, he is,” I lifted my leg carefully trying not to stomp on its tail with my heels and rushed towards the tubs.

“Don’t fight you two,”

I lifted the tub, opening the door and holding it open with my knee while I pressed the alarm settings and locked the door.

I was late, really late and hopefully I could slip in and pretend I was always there.

My mother looked like a banana peel.

There was no other way to put this, but she looked like a damn walking, talking banana peel. Too bad she can’t slip over one.

I leaned back in the chair looking at the delectable cake that was on my plate, well it was delectable, now it looked like someone ran their fork through it multiple times. That would be me.

I didn’t want to eat the three hundred something calorie slice so I rummaged through it, dropped some, flicked some onto my cousins plate when she wasn’t looking and pretended I ate a lot.

Nothing beats pretending.

“Hey Violet, smile,” I turned around putting on a nice face when I realised it was someone from behind me, which meant back fat. I turned my head quickly before he could get one, “No Oscar don’t,” I snapped grabbing a plate to hold it up forgetting that it had cake on it and the cake went splat on my chest.

I heard Larissa laughing and I shot her a glare as she sucked the spoon.

Mate suck any longer and there will be no spoon

“Oh shit,” Oscar rushed up grabbing serviettes for me and I grabbed them, “Thanks,” I muttered.

Just perfect.

I stood up letting the rest of the cake fall to the ground, or more onto my shoes and groaned. This was not my day.

I excused myself walking past many guests, trying not to look too obvious as I headed upstairs to the private bathroom and locking myself in there. I slammed my phone onto the counter, which wasn’t the smartest idea and looked at my reflection in the mirror.


Starting the hot water tap I waited till it got warm and grabbed the roll of toilet paper getting to work. Just great.

Coming to a stupid lemon party not wanting to and then ruining my dress. Well I didn’t really like this dress either but it was the only yellow dress I had. And I was surprised the colour suited my lately more darker skin tone compared to the rest of the family

Violet, how many times do I have to tell you to keep out of the sun

I could just picture my mum’s voice in my head, so perfectly.

“This is so not working,” I looked at the mirror, now it just looked like I dribbled all over my chest like a five year old. My dress had gotten darker where it go wet and I pulled my hair out of the stupid pony tail.

My mum had a rule “Hair always up,” loose hair was disgusting. Well too bad, I placed the hair on both my shoulders, it was long and dark and hopefully hid half of the water on the dress. At least the cake came of relatively easy.

I grabbed all the toilet paper and threw them into the toilet and pressed the flush grabbing my phone, no new messages. Well that was sadly disappointing, here I thought I was little miss popular.

The graoning sound got my attention as I yelped jumping away from the toilet as the water rose higher.

Please don’t come out the top, eww

Thankfully it went back down but all the toilet paper was still stuck. Shit, did I just block the toilet? I hadn’t realised how much toilet paper I had used. Pressing the flush button one more time I turned and ran, that wasn’t me.

Nope, not me at all.

I rushed down the stairs only to spot the devil in a banana peel and groaned when she spotted me too, “Ah Violetta, come down look who I want you to meet,”

I gritted my teeth as I walked down, “It’s Violet,” I hissed at her and looked at the man standing beside her.

Tall, lean, dressed in an expensive suit sipping on his drink, this man was also known as my brother, the lawyer brother. I didn’t even bother to give him a smile as I stood there shifting on my feet, I wonder how plump I looked next to him with my hips jutting out and my too big chest nearly falling out of this dress.

“I know, I think I’ll change your birth certificate to Violetta, it is much prettier,”

I rolled my eyes, I needed a drink. My eyes roamed around the hall, and so did my mothers, but she won because the next thing I knew was all three of my tall, thin and extremely professional brothers were next to me.

And I stuck out like a sore thumb.

“Oh the boys came!” I looked to see one of my mother’s friends talking to her. I bit my lip playing with the buttons on my phone.

Why can’t he text me now?

No, he has to text me at the worst timings. People need to learn how to text faster.

“Yes, Cameron has just got a placement in the Alfred hospital, yes I am very proud of him. It’s very hard to get into since it’s in the city but he excelled just like I thought. Oh yeah Henry will be going to America. he got into this famous law company there he will work for,”

I rolled my eyes, please, it was a private company with only two other lawyers. It was as famous as the muffin tops sticking out of my underwear and no doubt leaving a really weird “Curve” under this dress. Damn it dress. Behave.

“Oh Violet? Yes she’s working at...a really big company and oh have I told you about Adrian, he’s starting his own business, he just graduated with honours,”

I would have chocked if I was drinking on the horrible wine in everyone’s hands, I owned my small business mum, there was nothing embarrassing about admitting that.

I sighed being pushed to the side as all the old ladies started talking to my brothers, no doubt trying to hook them up with their sons.

Um hello, I’m single. Hook me up with your sons because I know my brother’s aren’t gay. I think

Well our relationship was never good, they turned out to be older than me, more reserved and quiet while I was the hyper one in the family.

Not that I minded, because my father loves me.

Speaking of which, where is he. I spotted him fast, it wasn’t hard, by the cake table eating a slice of cake, incredibly fast no doubt scared that my mother will catch him. I smiled walking over and he raised a hand as he spotted me.

“Where is the ogre?”

“With them, don’t worry your secret is safe with me,” I said dipping a finger into his plate and tasting the icing, only because it was light green and caught my attention, “Is that bubblegum icing?”

My father nodded lifting up a spoon, “Want some?”

I shook my head, I really shouldn’t. Especially not since Reed made me eat a lot of cake the other day, “I’m good, already have some in me and on me,” I said pointing to my dress, well, it was half true.

“Ah she’s coming, crap,” he chucked the plate under the table and I tried not to remind me, that he just ruined his cream colour carpet as he wiped his mouth, “So Violet, that’s nice. Any more clients?”

“What?” I asked confused and took me a while to realise he was talking about work, “Oh yeah, ” I Scoffed, “heaps,”

If only they knew how busy I was.

“What’s happening?” I looked at my mother, Carlotta Emery smiling between us and my father and I stilled, not sure how to lie, she always saw through us.


“What is is Damien, spit it out,” Ooh, someone’s in trouble. I think she knows you had cake daddy.

“She’s just telling me how she’s doing her clients, very busy, look that’s Austin, let’s go say hi,”

There was a muffled choke behind me and I looked around confused and spotted one of my brothers friends, Stuart? Stewart? Same thing.

“Doing your clients?”

I rolled my eyes, immature as always, “No, you know what he meant,” I walked towards the empty couches taking a seat.

Ah it felt too to sit down and rest, and it felt even worse when the cold material of the fabric presses against my skin. God it felt yucky, like when your hair was in heaps of knots and you try pushing it to the back but it gets caught between your boobs and it felt hot and sticky and gross, yeah, that feeling.

“Does it suck?”

“What?” I looked up as Stewart leaned against the table

“Having successful brothers like that, your face is always an upside down smile near them,”

“Who says they’re mot successful than me? Just because they have a Dr. before their names doesn’t mean I don’t make just as much money as them,”

Okay, well I don’t. But he doesn’t need to know that. Besides, one day I’ll make so much money that I’ll put everyone who ever doubted to shame.

Until then I will close my eyes and sleep on this couch. Or not since my phone vibrated and Stuart, or Stewart kept talking to himself.

I looked down, confused at the number. I realised it wasn’t Pizza boy, but Reed.

And he sent me a text message, or more, a picture off the internet.

With the caption; If she doesn’t text you when she’s drunk, you’re not the one


The more I stared at the picture, the more confused I got. What did he mean?

“Hey, you listening?” I looked up to see Stuart, or Stewart, I don’t care, talking to me. Did I look like I was listening?

“Nope,” I replied looking back, did he mean this for me?

I looked back up to see the confusion, and some what taken back look on Stewart, or Sturat, damn it does it make a difference which one it was? Well he better get used to the fact I was mean, and stood up pulling the hem of my dress down.

“Bye now,” you are boring me, but I didn’t add that because I was really boring myself. I looked around till I spotted my family, three brothers and two parents awww, how bloody cute, I wasn’t invited. That just made my want to be out of here faster as I walked up to them.

“I have to go, work tomorrow,”

“But it’s only seven,”

Yeah seven at night where I can be already in bed with my cat, or cats now. I frowned, I don’t want to be a crazy cat ladies, I just wanted one cat. Does that still make me cr-yeah probably.

“Bye,” I said quickly, the only person to hug me was my dad. The rest of the family didn’t really do affection and touchy things every other family did, and I was completely okay with that. That’s how we rolled.

And there wasn’t that “I love you” Unless your mother said it first and you don’t want to hurt her feelings. There was love there, it was just silent. Maybe that’s why I suck at showing my expression.

I sighed walking towards my car, thank god, go home, wear pajamas, and sleep. Except that’s not what was waiting for me at the door, instead it was Jenny, with a package.

“Oh there you are!” I winced at her voice tugging my jacket closed and digging into the pockets for my keys, “I’ve been waiting forever, I was just about to give up!”

“You could have called me right? I’m pretty sure that’s why phones were invented,” I couldn’t help my tone as I opened up the door to let her in. But I hadn’t, or drinken, well drunk, much all day and everyone knew how grumpy people get when they don’t eat.

She made herself at home which I didn’t mind, “Oh I was just going home from a party and I thought I’ll come say hi. So hi!”

You can go now, no, bad Violet, instead I smiled, “Just watch something I’ll be back in five, have to change out of this stupid dress,”

“Aww give us a looksies!”

No. I don’t think so.

Quickly making my way to the room I locked it before stripping, urgh it felt so good, like the oxygen rushed back into my body. I looked around the mess in my room shuddering, well no one’s going to be coming in here.

Throwing the clothes onto the bed I grabbed new ones rushing to the bathroom, I know I said change, but one had to have a shower after cake falling down their top, dress, top.

Having a quick shower I threw on a loose top and tight leggings drying my fair as fast as I could before rushing out to her. She seemed comfortable on the couch thankfully with the cats.

“You got a new cat?”

“Oh, that,” I walked over to the fridge, man I’m starving. I looked through the items in the fridge, man i need to go shopping.

I grabbed the packet of bread out and grabbed some ingredients to make sandwiches, “Want one?” I asked.

“OOh are these your famous sandwiches, yes please!” Jenny called as she scratched Satan behind the ear. Charlie was already annoyed at the other cat getting attention and making his way over to me.

I rolled my eyes, they were good sandwiches yes, but it was so simple to make.

I grabbed the butter out and set up the sandwich maker.

“Hey Charlie,” I said as the black cat wound around my legs, his green eyes staring up at me, “Yeah I’ll feed you later, don’t want to ruin my clean hands,” I teased him as I lifted up my feet patting his head with it. He walked off grumpily, what, my feet were clean!

Jenny’s phone started ringing as I buttered the bread, with the minimal amount of butter, but it tastes good with butter! Screw it, I added more butter layering more on each side.

“Oh hey Alexander!”

Was that Reed? I had nearly forgotten his last name was Reed, not his first and bit my lip as I tried not to listen to their conversation. But she was loud!

“Oh did you come by? Sorry we aren’t open on weekends, oh sometimes, yeah I know. How’s your day,”

I rolled my eyes, really? How’s your day?

“Just having dinner at Violet’s. Yep awesome well if you don’t want to wait till tomorrow you can bring it by now!”

Wait what?

I cut my finger and hissed sucking it as I looked at her, did she just invite someone to my house without asking me! Well okay sure Reed has come by here enough times, according to him, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed.

Jenny looked up mid laugh and locked gazes with me, who was shaking my head violently.

“No” I hissed as quietly as I can. She narrowed her eyes, not in anger but confusion, “Um just a minute,” She pulled away covering the handset, “Not here, just tell him you’ll meet him downstairs, he isn’t allowed in my house,”

She made an “o” with her face, “Oh sorry Alexander, change of plans,” Eww, she calls him by his whole name, “Meet us at the park we’re going to walk her cats so we can have a picnic there. Do you know whi-yep Fawkner,”

Wait a minute, who the hell walks cats. I groaned slamming the heel of my palm into my face, walking cats, couldn’t she come up with a better lie?

Urgh, I took out the sandwiches and made some more while they talked, gosh they were the gossip queens.

“That smells so good!”

I looked up taking the last batch out as she finally put the phone down.

“Really, picnic?” I asked a bit annoyed as I placed them into a box.

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun, Besides he’ll give us the thing and leave, simple as that and we can chill. What do you say. We haven’t done that in ages,”

True, it would be nice to just sit there, “Fine, but I’m no changing,” If she was too embarrassed seeing me in these clothes, she can go herself. She shrugged helping me pack things up, “Not a problem, you look hot anyways,”

Oh yeah, hot as these sandwiches, because it’s been an odd twenty minutes and now they were cold. So much for dinner, ice-cream and TV.

“Let me just feed the cats,” I grabbed Charlie’s feed placing it in his bowl, crap there were two cats. No doubt Satan was already making his way over, smelling the food. Grabbing a plastic plate I placed it on the ground, “Here Satan. Reed can pick you up on the way home,”

Charlie hissed and I rolled my eyes, “Satan won’t steal your food, here,” I moved the plate to the other end of the kitchen.

I looked at my couch longfully before following Jenny out of the apartment, damn it, I had to wait to eat and I was already starving.

“He better not take long, or I’ll eat without him,” I said as we hit the footpath. Jenny caught up as she carried the little hamper she made, throwing in crackers she found in my pantry. Hopefully they were stale and made him sick, and that thought made me smile.

“He was just in the neighbourhood, he’ll be here soon,” we walked into the park which was pretty full for a winter’s night. I looked at the sky, hopefully it wouldn’t rain.

We walked towards the lake finding a nice spot and I shrugged off my jacket and lowered myself onto it, the last thing I needed was dirt and bark to stick to my arse, “I should have brought a picnic blanket,”

Do I even own one?

Or even a blanket would have suffice. It wasn’t long before he came, it was too long for my grumbling stomach and I was sure my sandwiches were colder than a frozen turkey by the time he arrived walking across the park.

“Alexander, over here!” Jenny jumped up from her spot waving like crazy and I rolled my eyes. I went back to scrolling on my phone.

Why wasn’t there anything interesting happening?

“Hello ladies, I have alcohol,” I looked up meeting his green eyes which sent me a wink and wrinkled my nose. I bet thirty bucks that was drugged.

“Oh that’s awesome, we have sandwiches and-,” I tuned out, we? I was pretty sure I was the one making it all.

Why hasn’t Liam replied yet?

Fine, I said yes, in my haste, I said fine, one dinner. But that wasn’t going to be for a while, maybe two or three weeks, get a bit more into shape so I can actually look pleasing.

“Would you like a glass Miss Violet?”

“Nah, I’m good,”

“Are you sure, you’re a funny drunk,” I narrowed my eyes at Reed and Jenny looked between us, with a smile of her own. “You never told me what type of drunk you are,” She shook my shoulder like I was some rag doll, “I’ve always asked!”

“I’m not that funny,” I replied grabbing the cracker, surprised it still tasted good. I watched the ducks in the pond, maybe I should feed them my sandwiches.

I droned in and out of their conversation, “No I think Morgan Freeman’s better,” Jenny protested.

I looked up, “Than who?” I asked.

“Liam Neeson,”

I scoffed, “NO way, Liam Neeson is sexy,”

“Thank you, well, not sexy,” Reed said and I looked between them, that was their debate? I looked back at Reed, “You like Neeson?” I asked.

“Well Liam Neeson is a copy cat, Morgan Freeman makes a much better god,”

“Correction,” I said sitting up, “Liam Neeson is always Zeus whilst Morgan Freeman is the all mighty god,” I said adding quotation marks, “Completely different, well in a way, besides have you seen a sixty year old move like Neeson, oh god he’s hot, and not to mention his voice. He’s one of those people who just get sexier as they age,”

Jenny raised an eyebrow after my mini speech, Liam Neesan was god. Which also made me realise the pizza boy’s name was Liam and I looked at my phone.

Oh please tell me he was Liam Neeson

Oh wait, too old for me. Well that sucks.

“Have you heard about his new movie coming out?” Reed asked as he reached for another slice of the sandwich, did he like them?

I nodded, “I watched the trailer a dozen times. How good is it?” and soon I was actually having a pretty decent conversation with Reed. Who would have thought?

“We should go watch it,”

Totally, not with you though. I simply nodded, because saying nothing was nicer, and looked at Jenny who had run off half way and started feeding the birds, because Liam Neeson wasn’t her topic. I looked at my watch, crap, is it already nine?

Time flew by. I looked up at the stars sighing, it was so nice and peaceful out here, I didn’t want to rush back to that empty apartment anytime soon.

“I thought it was meant to rain tonight,” Reed spoke up after a few minutes of silence.

“It’s Melbourne, need I say more?” its hot then its cold and then its a thunderstorm in the middle of summer, or vice versa, this state couldn’t ever get the weather forecast right. And today was meant to be ten degrees Celsius with a lot of rain, yet the clouds were no where to be seen and there was hardly wind.

But I bet ten dollars that the rain would start any second, it always came out of no where.

“Oh my gosh, guys come feed the duckies with me!”

I waved a hand to say no, I couldn’t be bothered.

“I think I had too many biscuits,” I groaned rolling over onto my stomach hearing Reed chuckle.

Karma sucks

“Here have some champagne to wash it down,”

I turned my head to look at him, frowning, “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

Reed was leaning back on his elbows looking at the sky, one leg kicked out straight in front of him and the other propped up at a ninety degree angle, or whatever the natural knee to foot angle was.

“Guilty,” He said looking down and I looked away. I looked at my phone, no messages

Why was Pizza boy busy when I was bored. I switched my phone off, to save my dying battery and paused when I was putting it down. The black screen acted like a mirror.

Don’t do it Violet

But I couldn’t help it, the light was right in front of him, and behind me and I could see his reflection in the phone screen. This reminded me of the times at school when we would try to get a hot guys picture by taking a selfie, or check out guys at the gym by using the reflective screen.

But Reed wasn’t hot

I scoffed, who was I kidding. Genetics just wasn’t fair!

Why couldn’t he be butt ugly with amazing green eyes, why did he have to have that jaw that was clenched where you can see the muscles outlines, a jaw that looked like he could chomp down on steel and hair that was even more perfect than mine.

I rolled my eyes, okay, my hair was never perfect, like now, I bet another ten doll-okay I think I’ll go broke. I won’t bet, but I could say that it was frizzy from not being dried properly.

This is so wrong, what if he turns around?

Well then you just look like you’re staring at your phone being an idiot, yeah I can live with that. Especially since you could really see his muscles in that shirt.

Urgh just go cry somewhere Violet.

Which made me confused, why wasn’t he already married, or was he? I bet he has a model negative fifteen sized girlfriend somewhere. I shuddered, okay that’s a bit weird, no one should be that skinny, unless they have a condition that made them not gain weight like my brothers, that’s completely cool.

It just sucked how that condition skipped me. Damn it dad’s side. But then again I don’t want to be that skinny, and get blown away in the wind. I simply wanted to be more shapely.

It sucked how my top half looked like a marshmallow and my bottom half was the stick the marshmallow was sitting on. Damn you muffin tops, shoulder blade, armpit fat, breast fat, stomach fat, did I miss something?

“Why are you planning your sister’s wedding?” the question was so abrupt even I was surprised that I asked that. I quickly put my phone on the ground my heart skipping a beat, he didn’t see that? Did he?

I looked over my shoulder, nope he was too busy looking at the sky. I leaned back on my hands staring at the dogs in the park, man I wanted a dog. How did I even end up with cats?

Oh right, renting apartment don’t want dogs.

“I lost a bet,”

See, bets were bad, I would have lost fifty fbucks tonight if I actually wagered.

“A bet?”

“And I scared her other planners away. Sammie had a mental breakdown so mum’s making me plan her stupid wedding,” He grumbled.

“You don’t sound too happy about that,” I said plucking some of the grass under my jacket. Oh crap, does my back look like a mini mud park? Would it be too obvious if I started dusting myself.

Too late, he would have already seen it by now, I groaned, I wasn’t sure if I should not give a crap, or be embarrassed.

“No, she’s a spoiled b-princess,” he cleared his throat kicking both his feet out and laying on the ground, crossing his hands behind hid head to rest on.

No Violet, one may not stare at a guy’s risen up shirt, that’s called perving.

But I want to see if he has abs!

“Damn it,”

“Damn what?”

“Huh, oh, nothing,”

So I’m not the only one with sibling troubles. The silence was somewhat nice, apart from Jenny coming back and screaming at me to get up and feed the ducks, “Oh come on Violet, feed them,”

“No take Reed,” I grumbled.

“Fine, Alexander come,”

And thankfully they both grabbed the left over food to go feed the ducks and I closed my eyes enjoying the peace and quiet. I rolled to my side looking at the champagne bottle, I was thirty

“But you always get hit on!” yep, Jenny was drunk. And I might be as well. Man this really need to stop being a habit. Reed on the other hand, I had no idea as he was laying on the ground, was he dead?

I scoffed, “Yeah, from a distance,” But have any of them arse wipes get the courage to come and ask me. Nope, no one did.

“That’s cause everyone already knew you would say no,” Jenny mentioned, oh right. That was true. I was sure half of them only asked me out to see if they can change my mind.

“You should have married Erek, you guys would have had super model babies,” I rolled my eyes. I won’t deny it, we would have. If only genetics worked like that.

I did have some nice attributes, thank you mother, my fingers looked more delicate than a glass shoe, yes Cinderella I win, and I didn’t lack in the face department. Long eyelashes, eyes that always looked like they had eyeliner on them and a somewhat annoying nose but the rest of my face was still okay.

I had to thank my Latino aunt which I inherited all that from, whilst I inherited her breasts as well, I didn’t inherit her body shape. Damn it genetics, get your shit together. So I had a bit of an exotic look going, but that’s if you stared neck above only, the rest of me was a mess.

A big mess.

“Erek was a dou-no,” that was ages, ago. But he wasn’t too bad, with his extremly pale skin compared to mine, and his bright blue eyes and over six feet five height, our kids would have been damn fine.

“Oh my god, do you remember Cameron,” she giggled covering her mouth as I groaned hiding my face, “No please no,” that was not my finest point.

“Who’s Cameron?” so the ogre is alive after all

“Oh this -no you tell the story,” Jenny gave my side a rough push making me rock, urgh damn it why was she so strong when she was drunk.

“He was this really hot guy, he had the whole cheekbones thing going,” I said looking up, “Except he wasn’t actually a guy,”

“What?” Reed asked confused as Jenny cracked up laughing, really loudly falling onto her side clutching her stomach.

I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks, I may not look red but my insides were on fire, “She was lesbian. And she made such a good guy I didn’t even realise till someone told me. I feel so stupid. I just thought he- or she, had a really high voice,”

“She nearly kissed him if it wasn’t for Caroline remember, Caroline came screaming to your air,” I rubbed the heel of my palms into my eyes embarrassed as I heard a deeper chuckle join Jenny’s.

“But I didn’t kiss him, her, Cameron, so it’s all safe,” I said grabbing another handful of grass tugging at it. I narrowed my eyes as they both kept laughing.

“Hey, you’re no better, you dated Dylan,” I shuddered.

“I was trying to make a point,”

“Yeah, that you can handle rebels? Fail whale,” I sung out rolling onto my side to face them, we had somehow made a weird triangle, all of us sprawling on the ground. Reed shot me a confused look so I decided to fill him in on it.

“Dylan was the “cool” kid in school, the whole drugs, cigarettes, and motorbike guy. It was really funny cause Jenny tried to date him and called it quits after two days and he kept following her,”

“Jesus, you guys sound like a handful,” Reed muttered shaking his head, “The worst I did in school was ditch a class to go watch a movie,”

Jenny and I swapped looks before cracking up in laughter, “You pansy,” I said shoving his shoulder playfully, “We did so many bad things,”

“Except you never got caught,” Jenny frowned.

“Awww, are you still pissed that you got suspended?” Jenny nodded and I broke out into more laughter.

“We played a prank on our muck up day, the last legal day of high school, where everyone goes wild, you know muck up day right?” he nodded so I continued, “And she got caught when I told her not to sneak back in the school. It was massive, she was told off and suspended, even though we finished school and nearly held back from completing her exams. That was funny. the goody good Jenny got in trouble,”

“I can’t believe you never got suspended for punching all those boys,”

“You punched boys?”

“I guess it sort of helps having three older scholars,” I spoke more to myself, I guess having three brother’s who made school records made the school go easy on me. i shuddered, imagine if they didn’t exist. I would have been expelled.

Guess those baboons were useful after all.

A hand came over mine and I looked up at the more masculine hand, “Stop killing the grass, what did they ever do to you?”

Oh right, I slipped my hand out from under his, a weird feeling, and wiped it on my shirt, subtly of course.

“I’m sleepy,” Jenny whined and I looked at the time on my phone, except it was switched off, so I grabbed the closest watch which was Reed’s sadly it was on his hand, damn it hand, “It’s like Nine?”

Reed pulled his hand back to look at it, “It’s one,” he said raising an eyebrow at me.

I waved a hand, I was never good at telling analog time, don’t judge, “Whatever, same thing,” I struggled to even get up to my knees laughing as I fell over and started again, “Come on Jenny, you can sleep on the couch,” I joked as I helped her stand.

“Why is my apartment so far,” I groaned as Jenny slumped onto me, man how did she weigh so much but look like a stick. It felt like climbing Mt. Everest by the time all three of us ended up at my apartment.

“Can you take her to the guest bedroom. My arms going to break off,”

I all but shoved her at Reed and walked over to my couch, lowering myself onto it, “Oh hey Charlie,” I picked Charlie up placing him beside me as I curled up, this is too comfortable.

“She’s knocked out, flat,”

And I’m going to be knocked out, not flat though because I was far from flat. Urgh why.

“I think I broke my back,” I said feeling something in my lower back just behind my hips, or maybe it was because I was laying on my stomach for so long.

“Is this my Satan?”

“No, this is Charlie” I slapped his hands as he tried picking up Charlie from me. He was leaning over rubbing Charlie behind the ear, bite him Charlie, claw him like you claw Henry.

Nope, Charlie was just as tired purring, devil.

“How did he get his name?” Reed asked rubbing Charlie behind his head, his favourite spot. I hadn’t realised how close he was, so close I could actually identify his cologne.

“You must not question some things,” I said holding up the Peace sign, only because I coudln’t remember to save my life and this sounded mysterious.

ooohhhhhhh boooooo yeah no

Reed chuckled shaking his head, picking Charlie up, his fingers brushing me, Charlie pee on him.

“I’ll take this one, you keep Satan,”

“What!” I sat up too fast my world spinning and I fell back onto the couch covering my eyes from the harsh light, “Charlie likes me more,”

I waited a few seconds before I sat up, “I’ll walk you out, so you don’t steal my cat,”

Reed shook his head patting Charlie as he walked to the door, crap, no one closed it. Please don’t tell me another stray cat walked in. I leaned on the door as he handed Charlie back, “Are you allowed to drive?”

“What? I have a licence,”

“No, aren’t you like, drunk?”

“I only had one glass, why,” He said leaning in, one hand on the door knob and another on the doorway frame, “You worried?”

“No, hope you crash,” I slammed the door shut, enjoying the way he groaned when I closed it on his hand, his fault,. Didn’t his parents tell him not to leave fingers in the door way? “But not get injured, right Charlie,” I said more quietly.

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