Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 15: O is for Om-nom-nom-ni-ivore

“Jenny?” I called out as I poked my head into her office, where was this woman? She was harder than Wally to find. I snickered at my one joke and then slapped my head, and then regretted that as well from the pain that shot through my head.

I’m a real smart one.

I took off my sunglasses as I walked inside then regretted it when the light hurt my eyes. Why did I drink so much?

This day was going to be full of regrets.

“In here,” I followed her voice to the back room where she was working on what looked like the seating chart. Her hair was tied in a pony tail, damn females who look like females when their hair was tied up like that.

I was sure I resembled a man crossed with a monkey

“Why aren’t you ready? Aren’t we leaving today?” I asked confused as I saw her in high heels, unless she was going to wear that, but damn, that was going to be uncomfortable.

“Oh that, Well you go I will join you guys tomorrow,”

“What do you mean?” I asked finding the closest chair and dragging my arse there to sit down. Man my head throbbed, it didn’t matter that I took four pain killers already, my head was pounding. Any sudden movement made me sick. And I was sure I couldn’t take any more.

Thankfully nothing came back out. I shuddered, the last thing I wanted to do was throw up, urgh just the thought of that was sickening. No pun intended. Man I was on the ball today.

“I have to check something and was going to reschedule but Alexander said he wiill take you and you guys can look around and the bride and groom will join you later tonight so you guys can look around a bit and stuff, oh look at the time I need to finish this chart before I can meet you guys. We can save time. Thank god or else we would be a whole day behind”

Yeah okay, that’s totes fine.

I nodded my eyes already closing before it hit me, “Wait what? Why is Reed coming?”

She raised er eyebrow, “Just told you, he’s our ride, he was going to join us tomorrow morning but then decided he might as well come as well, I need to finish this chart, the caterers need to know stuff as well so I’m a bit busy,”

“I can help,” I said in a soft voice, I didn’t mind. Well maybe all the logistics of the seating chart was going to make me mad.

“No don’t worry!”

I shrugged. Well if Reed wanted to transport the drunk, he sure can. But at the back of my had my conscious self was telling me “Why the hell are you wearing sweat pants, and mismatched socks Violet?”

Meh, he’s seen me in worse, I think. Wait, no he hasn’t. Surely he had, he rocks up at my house uninvited.

’“Well...gurl how was your date?”

A small smile appeared on my face, one that didn’t wipe off “Hahaha we ended up drunk,” I shuddered, that was such a bad habit of late. Man was I always drunk? But it was soooo fun!

“That’s not hard, one glass of wine and you’re gone.”

I frowned hoping she was seeing my glare through my sunglasses, but I doubt it, “Yeah and then I don’t know. It was cool, he has my sense of humor. And he’s really hot,” I added, well in that suit he looked smashing.

“Oh,” Jenny said and I raised an eyebrow at her, why didn’t she sound that happy, “Um are you sure you like him?”

I closed my eyes sighing, “I don’t know too soon.” I yawned, “Anyways we played throwing and catching fries,”

“He sounds immature, did he like drop you home at least,”

“He isn’t immature,” I said frowning, I liked his immaturity and besides I was sure I had more immaturity than him.

“Yeah of course he did, but we took a taxi I think, way too drunk to drive, that reminds me I need to apologize. Pretty sure I threw my shoe at him when he tucked me in,”

“Mhm, sure,”

“What’s up your arse all of a sudden,” I asked irritated. Jenny shrugged walking around the table, “Nothing, Alexander will be here soon,”

I waved a hand, I can walk out when he gets here. Besides my overnight bag was already packed.

Which wasn’t too long, the sound of the door bell made my head ring and I groaned leaning forward, “Go open it,” I waved a hand at Jenny. “Go, go, go,”

“Yeah I need to talk to him,”

“Okay,” screw this wooden chair. I scooted of the chair and onto the carpet and laying down, sleep, come to me baby. My butt hurt, these chairs were bad. Why can’t they have marshmallow chairs? My arse was far too amazing to be sitting on wooden chairs.

It seemed like an hour before they walked in, “Violet w-um what are you doing?”

“Counting sheep,” I said sitting up, or was tring to before I got to three hundred and four but sleep decided not to present me with its grace.

“Are you lovebirds finally done?” I placed my hands on the seat lifting me up, “Ready?” I asked blinking.

My head spun and I placed a hand in front of me to balance myself. Whoa, steady girl.

Why did hangovers hurt so much? It felt like your whole head was twisting, instead of your abdomen being twisted like a sponge, it was in our head. Like someone soaked it all up and squished it out, the brain that was.

Every small movement or loud noise was like a hammer against your temple. I followed them out picking up my bag from the front receptionist.

“You own a car?” I asked looking a the sleek silver car outside.

I got two weird looks and I shrugged, fine whatever. Can’t blame me for asking but I doubt he would be riding his motorbike all the way to the ranch.

“I call shot gun,” I yelled running half way to the car and stopped, and sighed, “Right, there was only me, he was obviously driving,” I opened the back door throwing my bag inside and slamming the door shut.

Atta girl, make yourself at home.

“You guy coming?” I asked as I got into the front seat seeing them both whispering to each other. Weirdos.

I slipped my sunglasses back on buckling myself up, I was going to sleep at least three quarters of the ride.

Man I wanted maccas fries, the best hangover food.

But no Violet, that was so unhealthy.

“Hey I heard you were the wild ones,”

I bobbed my head to the music, not caring if he heard my hungover scratchy dry voice. His fault for turning on the damn radio which woke me up.

“If I took you home, It’d be a home run, wait” I said as the music continued and turned my head to look at Reed, “Is he a baseball player or something?”

“Show me how you do,” I didn’t wait for his response as I kept singing, “I wanna shut down the c-hey! I was singing,” I narrowed my eyes as he turned the radio to a different channel.

He was just jealous at my beautiful singing voice. I shrugged tapping my hands to this song, it was old, really old and a saxaphone was killing it in the background. He was going to change it back, and I was going to sing even lounder then.

There wasn’t much to see out of the windows either, just grass, trees, and a lot of barren land.

“You better not be taking me to the outback to kill me,” I joked but the look his gave me was anything but joking, “Chillax, haven’t you seen Wolfcreek grumpy pants?” I said reaching over and giving his shoulder a good nudge.

I just didn’t realise how much force I was using, and he didn’t expect it creating a swerve on the road with the car, “Damn it Violet,”


He clenched his jaw, and I hadn’t noticed how defined it was before, well, I could stare all I want with sunglasses, thank god for that.

Was he wearing mascara? Or were his eyelashes usually that long? Man, I wanted long eyelashes. I huffed leaning back into my chair, someone wasn’t in the mood to party. I reached over switching the radio station, I saw from the corner of my eyes, his eyes flicker down to my movement but he did nothing.

“Oh my god, oh my god how old is this song. Reed sing with me,” I said sitting up straighter.

“You can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room, la lala he says something, meet me at the hotel room,” I raised my hands to the music, “Hotel motel all of the air, rap rap rap rap rap rap rap too fast slow down, you nasty la la arse, lalalala bring your girls, I’m the plumber tonight, Imma check our um shit, fuck this,” I snapped, “Oh wait, I know this, two plus two I’m gonna undress you, then we’re gonna go three and three and you gonna undress me, yeah then we four plus four, shit what’s four plus four?”

I turned around to look at Reed, “Eight,” He said, no humour in his voice.

Geez, something was definitely up his arse.

“Yeah, you the man,” I yelled clapping as the song ended, “I came to dance, dance, dance, brands, plans, urgh I can never remember the lyrics, on and on and on!”

I crossed my arms as I leaned into the seat, and let the breeze coming from the half open window blow against my face, my headache was still there, but with the music I was distracted, it goes on and on and on, i put my hands up in the air sometimes.

Wait, that was so weird, just randomly putting your hands up and yelling aio, baby let’s go. How strange.

“Oh my god, I love Good Feeling, Flo Rida is really feeling me today,” I said after a few more songs..

Reed just nodded and I turned in my seet, kicking my shoes off to place my feet on the seat and rest my cheek on them, uncomfortable, but it would do.

“What’s wrong with you? Mr. I always talk,”


“Just noticing you being quiet today, what do you have a hangover as well?” and then made me remember, “Wait a minute I saw you yesterday,” I said clicking my fingers.

I was damn sure he was the one tempting me to drink. He give me a quick glance, “You remember that?”

“Yeah, your sister was there right? You looked like you were having a shit time,” I laughed and then groaned, okay maybe that was Karma, you shouldn’t laugh at other people’s expense. But it was so funny.


I reached over changing the channel again till I found another decent song and let the silence fill the car, it wasn’t strange, but it wasn’t the most comfortable. I looked out the window at the passing scenery before I yelled out, “Oh my god horses!”

“Are we close?” I asked looking back over my shoulder. He nodded and I sat back up, crossing my legs excited.

“What is that noise?” I asked the annoying sound getting on my nerves.

“Your phone,”

“Oh cool,” I said nodding, wait “Shit,” I patted my pockets but it wasn’t my phone. Oh crap where did I put it. I looked over my shoulder at the back seat to see it over with the bag, it must be in the pocket. I leaned over as far as I could, “Sorry,” I said placing a hand on the back of his chair and bending over to get the damn bag.

I was pretty sure something just cracked in my body. I grabbed the bag pulling it back, wincing as I hit his shoulder with it, “Soz mate,” I dug around till I felt it and pulled it out placing it at my phone breathless, man if this made me tired, I can’t even begin how running would make me feel.


I heard the voice on the other side and looked at Reed, “Um, can I call you back in ten? Busy,” I ended the call without waiting for a response and saw Reed looking at me from the corner of his eye, “Boyfriend?”

“Nah,” I scoffed, “Mum,” I shuddered. Now, it was to see whether or not this ranch lived up the exceptions.

And it did as he pulled into the vast open area, it was just a whole lot of dirt, but it was a rustic feel as he parked in the “Parking spots” that were faintly drawn.

“Man, did it just get ten degrees hotter here?” I asked as I hopped out rolling the sleeves on my jumper. I grabbed my bag hoisting it over my shoulder as I saw him go to the boot of the car and grab his out. I placed my hands on my hips looking at the place.


I nodded following him inside, it was brilliantly deceiving. Whilst the outside looked like some country farm, the inside of the reception area was simply stunning. There were marble pillars, glass walls, fountains, and a whole lot of copper colours going on.

“My sister is calling me, probably lost, do you mind checking in?”

I shrugged, “Sure,” I said walking over to the reception where a young man was working. He looked up, doing a double take and I suddenly wished I didn’t look so “hobo”. I probably looked like I was going to rob the face, but his smile showed nothing.

Man he was a good hospitality worker.

“Hi, can I check in?”

“Sure, what is your name?”

Oh crap, “Well my name is Violet,” I said taking my bag off and placing it on the ground, it might take some explaining to do without looking dodgy, “But I am here on behalf of Samantha and well her fiancée with her brother, the Reed family. See we are planning the wedding and,” He held up a hand typing something into the computer before he called for someone else.

Great, did I have to explain the story again? He called someone else speaking to them, good; I didn’t want to repeat myself.

The other lady must be the manager I thought a she walked over smiling, “Hey there, how was your trip here?”

“Long,” I replied as she typed something in, “Oh and we have another person, Jenny, coming tomorrow, so will check in be available to her whatever time she comes?”

The woman nodded, “Yes for sure. There are two rooms booked so that’s fine, just tell her to come to the reception with identification and we can give her a key,”

I nodded, well that was easy, “Do you have any identification?”

Well crap, “Well I don’t think the rooms booked under me,” I whispered reaching for my bag but then saw Reed just standing a few feet away, “Wait,” I said holding up a finger and rushing towards him.

“No, that’s the wrong way Sam, I drew you a fu-,um map,” He said seeing me, raising a questioning eyebrow at me.

“Wallet,” I whispered, opening my mouth to emphasise but he just reached in and threw me a dark coloured wallet.

Okay well that was easy. I opened it up grabbing his drivers licence and passing it across the counter.

“Thanks,” she said looking over my shoulder at Reed and checking the licence, “It’s his family,” I said trying not to sound dodgy.

She nodded passing the card back and I was just about to put it in when I saw his photo and stifled a giggle. Whilst the manager typed away I grabbed my phone out, placing it on silent before taking a picture. Man, this was gold.


I looked up, “Huh, oh yeah that’s the name,” I nodded, or did she have it under Sam. I quickly put the card back into his wallet clearing my throat.

“Here are your key cards, if you lose them just come back with identification,”

“Yeah cool,” I said picking up my bag, I walked over to Reed who was still yelling on the phone and threw him his wallet, which hit him straight in the face.

Good girl Violet, give yourself a pat on the back.

“I have room keys,” I said already walking towards the rooms. It didn’t take to find the rooms, it was 401. Level four, room one.

But there was only one room on this level. Whilst the elevator was a bit dingy, the inside of the corridor wasn’t.

“Whoa, your sister is completely milking you,” I said.

“Hmm?” Reed looking up from his phone and I waved a hand. The lights were dimly lit in the corridor and I finally found the door and slide the card in.

“Man this door,” I said giving it a good kick so it flew open. That felt like a mini work out. I grabbed my bag off the floor walking inside, my jaw slowly dropping.

“This is the guests rooms? Well fuck,”

My reached up touching my eyes, yep they haven’t popped out from my eyes yet. This shit was lavish. There was even a mini spa on the other side of the room past the windows.

Man, I wanted to be invited to the damn wedding, oh wait, I was planning this. Right smart one Violet.

“Oh my bed, I bags it,” I said dropping my bag and rushing over and jumping onto the bed bouncing, but then I thought the pattern was part of the blankets, not damn flower petals.

If the guest rooms were like this, I wonder what the couple’s rooms looked like. Shit, there was probably a mini movie theatre in there or something.

“Oi, are you even taking this in?” I called out.

“Huh?” Reed asked looking up from his phone, his eyes narrowing as he looked around the room, “They said there were three beds,”

“Just sleep on the couch, Jenny and I will share this,” I said kicking off my shoes. The couch looked like a queen mattress itself. Man I can’t wait to send a picture of this to Jenny, the little minx better come here.

I wonder what’s in the bar fridge, I walked over, well damn it. The bar fridge was still tiny. I threw it open and my eyes widened,

“Yay,” I said looking at all the goodies inside, okay maybe I should keep away from the alcohol. But there was ice-cream! Good ice-cream. Screw it, I was stuffing my face tonight. I looked up, yep if Reed was going to be on his phone all night; I was going to be half my head in the fridge.

I looked around, the lights were sort of blue white colour giving it a somewhat dim look, and there were canters in the corner, a gold colour.

Man this was amazing.

I wanted to be rich now. I closed the door, I needed a shower. I hopped back to the bed grabbing my bag, man please tell me my drunken hangover mind packed clothes. Thankfully I did.

“Aren’t you calling your mother?”

I looked up, oh so now he talked, “Hell to the no,” I muttered to myself but the lift of his eyebrows showed that he heard it.

“I’m going to go find my sister, they’re lost,” he said, more sounding like a whine, “You going to be okay by yourself? Or do you want to come?”

“I’m fine thanks,” I nodded, “You have a card right?”

I waited till he left before kicking my mismatching socks off, which door was the bathroom?

Well, I never wanted to leave but judging my wrinkly skin I should. I hopped out wrapping myself in all the fluffy towels I could afford to wrap myself in. Which was a lot, I had one around my chest hanging down like a strapless dress, then one under that like a skirt and the last one around my shoulders

Man it was feeling misty and hot in here and I turned the ventilation fan on. I added the last and fourth towel in my hair to hold it up.

This was perfect. There were so many different smells; I didn’t know what to make of it. Well they did have four different types of body I used them all. Deciding was simply hard. I waited till I was fully dry before grabbing my clothes, leggings and a warm woollen hoodie.

I ran the towels through my hair before hanging them up again, oh crap. I used all the towels. Meh, I doubt Reed wanted a shower anyways. The journey made me so tired I just wanted to flop onto the bed and sleep.

It was another good ten minutes before Reed came inside, slamming the door while I was on the bed texting.

“Whoa someone looks grumpy,” I said as I took out one of my earphones.

He collapsed into the chair kicking his shoes off, man; we should have a kicking boots off race.

“Hey, do you have a phone charger, I forgot mine,”

“Yeah, here,” I crawled off the bed, which I didn’t want to leave and dragged myself as he grabbed the white cord out of the bag. I plugged it into the plug point next to him “What is that smell?” He asked and I paused smiling, “Smell me,” I said turning back around.


“Here,” I shoved my wrist in his face, and he wrinkled his nose, “That is disgusting, what the hell is that?”

I frowned, “Um lavender, coconut, hazelnut and peaches. I mixed them all together,” I said as he made a face slapping my hand out of the way, “It’s terrible,”

You’re just jealous, , “Well I’m sleeping, laterz,” I nodded.

Or trying was the key point as I kept moving under the covers. If I had them off, it was too cold. If I had them on, it was too hot. Damn this. Not to mention my stomach was rumbling. Urgh I should have eaten.

I sat up on the bed, my hair fawning around me making me look like a demon as I found the source of annoyance, his typing.

It was like thunder in my ears and he sat oblivious on the other side of the room, typing away, the light of the laptop on his face and ear plugs in.

“Man, shut up,” I muttered but he seemed oblivious. And then suddenly he moved and I quickly dropped back onto the bed. Wait why was I pretending to be asleep?


For a moment I thought that bark was directed at me, low, deep and scary but then I heard the lid of the laptop slam shut, “Fine I’m coming,”

I held my breath as I heard him storm out of the room, maybe his relationship with his sister was pretty much my mum and me. I sat up again, time to eat and stop the growling monster.

Besides, I haven’t had anything all day, woke up with a hang over, ended up going to work missing lunch and then slept without dinner.

“What the hell was there to eat?”


I was sitting on the bed eating way more of “Rum and Raisin,” Ice-cream than I should when Reed walked back in, pausing seeing me sitting like a ghost on the bed, “You’re awake,”

“I got hungry” I shrugged licking the spoon, “I’m an omnomnivore,” I joked letting out a loud laugh but seeing his non-laughing expression, I guess he didn’t get it.

Actually I didn’t get it fully myself.

Reed went back to his spot sitting down and opening his laptop up, his long fingers going back to make sounds of they keyboard smashing, how annoying.

“Do you want me to order room service?”

“Nah, I think I had too much ice-cream, can you get drunk off ice cream?” I asked.

Even from across the distance I could see him quirk an eyebrow at me, “it has rum in it,” I whined. I hadn’t realised how much till I read the back ingredients, this was Rum and Raison, not the cheap stuff you find in stores, but legit shit.

And it was good legit shit.

He cleared his throat shifting, “Depends on how much you had,” he said and I internally groaned, well I ate one litre.

Or more 700 mls of it. Shit, I was going to be sick. Why Violet why? Was my period due? Was that why I was eating so much damn sugar?

I closed the lid shoving it on the bedside cabinet and flopping onto my back. Yep, I felt sick.

I need proper food in my stomach, but there was no way it was going down right now.

You idiot, did you not think of all the calories in this damn ice-cream?

Oh shut up.

I rolled over to my side closing my eyes, but my late wake up just meant I wasn’t going to fall asleep. So Instead I listened to his typing, which was somewhat less annoying now. And then listened to him walk around the room switching lights and god know what else off. And then watched the light under the door of the bathroom switch off as he came back, the waft of lavender coming out.

Aha, so he picked that one.

And then the noises begin again and I lifted my head from under the blanket glaring at him, “What are you doing. Just go to bed,” his figure paused in the dark and I saw him turn around.

“This couch feels like a damn rock,” He snapped irritated and I rolled my eyes groaning as I rolled onto my back and huffed pulling the sheets off.

“Then get in the damn bed and shut up. I need my beauty sleep,”

I heard the rustling of blankets pause, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, this bed fits like eight people on it, just stay on your side if you want your baby making powers to stay with you,”

I heard his shuffle up, “What is that noise,”

“Your phone,”

Damn it phone, why can’t you just let me sleep.

“Can you tell my mum to go fuck herself and not call me?”

I didn’t need to be able to see his face to realise that he was probably quirking all types of eyebrows at me, “In a more polite manner?” He asked.

“Nah, just like I said it,” I saw his silhouette shake it’s head before walking towards my phone. I closed my eyes when he spoke again.

Damn it, can’t he just shut up?

“It’s not your mum it’s,”

“Just tell whoever it is, to shut the fuck up and then switch my phone off yeah?”

“Are you sure,” he asked, his tone sounding a bit off.

“Yes, talk to them,”

“Oh, I intend to,”

Morning came too fast as a phone went off, and I was pretty damn sure it wasn’t my damn phone. I sat up in the bed, more relaxed. Man this bed did wonders.

I looked at the couch where there was a blanket, where on earth was he going early morning?

Oh right he wasn’t there.

I half turned in the bed to see him sleeping on the other side, true to his work on the other side of the bed.

I threw my legs over, way too awake to go back to bed. I popped the ice-cream back in the fridge, probably melted now. I walked over, grabbing my bag and walking into the bathroom.

Time to have another amazing shower, oh wait, I might try that massive party for fifty people bathtub!

And all the body lotions over there, on the way I paused at my phone turning it back on seeing all the missed calls.

Eight from mother satan

I shuddered, great, did not look forward to that.

Three from Liam

Well crap, I will call him later. The clock said it was seven in the morning; he was probably sleeping in or at Uni.

One from Jenny

I frowned they can wait, since my bladder was about to burst. I locked the door switching the bath tub and relaxing into it, not realising that the water was so warm and beautiful that I would end up falling asleep again.

It wasn’t till the pounding at the door I sat up jerking the water spraying me in the face making me sneeze.

“What?” I called out rubbing my eyes then swearing when I got soap in it. You baboon, you put body wash in this. I grunted grabbing a towel to wipe my face.

“You have a phone call,” a groggy voice demanded, angrily and I sighed.

“You should have switched it off,” I muttered climbing out, slipping on the wet surface I created and grabbing the railing in time. I grabbed the robe throwing it on. Man, what did they make these out of, they were so soft.

“Should have just told my mum to shove it mate,” I threw the door open grabbing the phone, probably swapping my phone for the damn soap on my hands and lifted it to my ear, “What?” I barked into it.


“Oh,” crap, I looked at the caller ID, “Sorry, I thought you were my mother,” I said shooting Reed a look; the man could have at least warned me. Instead he was glaring at me, his hair dishevelled and what looked like dark circles under his eyes.

Okay damn, he probably didn’t get any sleep.

I closed the door on his face as I walked back sitting on the edge of the bathtub, “What’s up?”

It wasn’t till my phone battery started protesting I realised how long I was talking to him. I ended the call saying I would call him later and brushed my teeth, I used their fairy floss toothpaste rather than my minty one and opened the door.

Crap, well I made a bit of a mess, but hey that’s what room service was for.

Reed was sitting on the edge of the bed, his chin resting on his hands, “How long do you take to shower”

“What? I thought you were sleeping,” I replied plugging in my phone charger, “I’m out now, knock yourself out, oh by the way I might have spilled water on the floor but I cleaned up best I can. So no running in there okay?”

“Do you really need to talk to someone for that damn long?” he snapped getting up.

I raised an eyebrow as I looked at him walk from my spot on the ground.

“Geez, what’s your problem Grinch,” I asked as I wiped my still wet hands on my fluffy robe, “Didn’t get enough sleep?”


“Me what? I think I did get enough sleep,” I said confused.

“No you are my problem,” I paused confused.


“You and your effortless ways to make me fucking jealous Violet, that’s my fucking issue,” and before I could question him or even comprehend what he said he bent down grabbing the knot on my robe pulling me up.

“Hey be careful, I’m not wea-,” and my sentence was cut off with something warm on my mouth, and it wasn’t pancakes or maple syrup, even though it tasted like that.

No, it was him.

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