Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 16: P is for Pretentious Bastard

Movies liked to describe kisses as this magical perfect thing that happened, fireworks in your stomach, knees weak, and solitary bliss.

It was nothing like that.

There were no flashing lights behind my eyelids, nor were there soft flowing music around us or fireworks in the distance.

What there was, was a lot of passion. And whilst sometimes watching two people lock lips made bile rise up your throat, being kissed didn’t.

If I had to describe it in one word, I would say being kissed was like drowning, both of them robbed you for your breathe and both of them either let you come back afloat or pass out from the lack of breathe. It didn’t help that his mouth was warm, soft and his body was the contradiction of soft as it pressed into mine. I could still fell his fingers clutching the knot, his knuckles pressed into my stomach and even sucking in that fat wasn’t on my mind, partially because I couldn’t damn think.

I could hear something in the back of my mind, but it was a mere whisper as I felt my fingers grab his collar from falling backwards. I was going to take the both of us down.

Or not, as his arm came around the back of my waist carrying my weight, and I didn’t even have time to think, wasn’t I too heavy? Well clearly I wasn’t thinking since my arm decided to have a brain of its own as it wrapped around his neck pulling him closer.

And I definitely do not recall kissing him back. But he was there, leaning into me like that and I couldn’t help it, I was a woman, sue me. And he tasted like maple syrup and pancakes, and maple syrup had never tasted that sweet.

What the fuck am I doing?

And then I remembered there was this thing called breathing and I was forced to pull back, clearly mister expert over here didn’t need to breathe.

Reed’s eyes were as dark as a jaguars in a jungle as he bent down and I had to at quickly if I didn’t want him to kiss me again. I was out of breathe, more like after running a race with my heart leaping up my throat which really was not normal.

But did I want him to kiss me again?

Well I definitely knew I didn’t want the answer to that.

“Reed wait-,” his lips descended on mine before I could utter another word, this time it wasn’t like the first kiss, it was just more. There was no other way to describe it. His fingers brushed the nape of my neck at my bare and still slightly damp skin making me tremble in his hold.

I could feel myself softening, not that I wanted to, but it was hard not to. Kissing wasn’t just two people embracing and their lips meeting, because there was nothing simple about the way his mouth moved on mine. And the way he tilted my head back, his tongue tracing my lower lip before tugging on it. I could taste more than the maple syrup when his mouth was hot on mine, I could taste a flavor that could only be describes as pure Reed.

And there was passion.

His hand curved down the nape of my neck to the top of my robe, scalding where ever it moved.


Reed drew back slightly staring at me with confused eyes, a mixed expression on his face as he regarded me before his hand dropped from my neck, and it was suddenly like a bucket of cold water was dropped on me.

He opened his mouth to say something the same time there was pounding on the door, “Hey lazy b*tch wake up,”



I gave a shove at his chest making him step back as I raced towards the door.

“Oh wait,” I said clearing my throat, “I’m coming,” I hoped I didn’t look too disheveled, or a hint of what just happened. Damn it Violet, how could you kiss him like that?

He’s your client.

I shuddered opening the door being shoved back as Jenny stormed into the room, “Jesus woman, how many times do I need to knock on the damn door?” Jenny dropped her bag looking around and I turned around closing the door.

“Oh I was just talking t-,” Reed...but he was gone, the bathroom door shut and I bit my lip, well that saved one awkward conversation. Jenny roamed her eyes over me sighing loudly.

“Seriously? You’re not ready yet? You do realise we have the activities starting in ten minutes and you’re just sleeping with your robe on, damn it woman hurry up,” she snapped as she bent down removing her shoes, “Where is Reed? Oh wait, is that room service?” she asked rushing towards the bed and I looekd over.

How did I fail to notice the massive silver tray with plates on them, and of course there was pancakes.

I knew it

“Have either of you been on horse before?”

Jenny and I looked at each other shrugging, “Not really” she said the same time we heard the sound of feet. We both looked over my shoulder and my heart dropped seeing Reed run across the field.

“Sorry I’m late, what did I miss,” he asked his eyes meeting mine and I looked away quickly my heart rate picking up.

Stupid heart.

“Nothing, do you know how to ride a horse? We are just going over wh-,”

“Yes I can,”

Of course he can ride a horse, rich bastard.

“Perfect well then you can help the ladies here and I’ll help the other one,”

“Well Violet can go w-,”

“I know how to ride a horse,” I quickly lied, well I have been on a horse, once, when I was ten, with my dad, but how hard can it be.

“Well perfect, Reed you don’t mind helping this wonderful lady do you?” he asked.

“Uh, sure,” he said as Jenny and Reed swapped glanced as I let out a breathe, well that was close. I couldn’t be that close to him, not when my body still burned from his touch. But then I was forced to eat my words when two horses were pulled out of the stables, looking entirely ginormous.

I do not recall the horse ever being that big when I was on them younger.

Because they were ponies.

“Here you go, a lovely black Arabian stallion for the lady,”

Well it was not lovely, not the way the beast towered over me and huffed when I met its dark eyes. I was going to die.

But was it worth the lie?


How hard could it be. I silently watched Reed get up swiftly on the horse from the corner of my eye, okay, so leg into that belt buckle type thing, grab the reigns and hoist myself off. I was surely athletic enough for this.

The man who was helping us with the horse, Isac, helped Jenny on behind Reed, “Are you guys okay?”


I turned around grabbing the reigns, the horse moved and I held back a scream. No Violet, you are a man, you got this.


“Okay, good horsie,” I patted its silky skin, it looked so powerful, the muscles in its body highlighted in the sun and I suddenly realised what stunning creatures they were. And also dangerous.

I wavered as Reed and Jenny’s horse, a white one started breaking into a gallop, yep there was no way I was going that fast.

I lifted my leg up not reaising how high the step buckle, what the hell were these called?

“How you going?” Isac called from behind me and I winced, “Good, it’s just been forever,” not a complete lie.

He let out a small chuckle before grabbing the reigns from me and giving my lower back a push closer to the horse, “okay, put your foot in the stirrup iron,” he said holding it steady for me.

Ah, so that’s what it was called.

Man I think I’m going to break a leg. I finally managed my foot into the damn thing, nearly falling when the stupid horse decided to move.

“Now transfer all weight to this leg and lift yourself up,”

Easier said than done, three tries later I was about to give up, “Come on, one more,”

“The horses are bigger than a I remember,” I said the small work out making me out of breathe. Isac chuckled.

“The stallions are mighty fine creatures. You have Argo here, our favourite, he used to be a race horse,”

Well that just makes things better.

“Hey Hamish, can you give this lovely lady a hand out over here, wait, what was your name sorry I have too many to remember,”

“That’s okay, it’s Violet,”

He beckoned over to what looked like the stable boy, dressed in blue faded jeans and a typical black shirt with the logo on it.

“Yeah sure,” he said as the old man handed me over to the younger version of him and I could feel my cheeks go red.

“I’m sorry this is really embarrassing,” I said stepping back trying to get my leg out of the stupid stirrup, “I think I’ll just let those two tell me how it was,”

Hamish smiled crinkles forming at the corner of his eyes, “Don’t be silly, I’ll give you a hand.” he suddenly picked me up making me squeal, I hated people touching me, let alone unexpectedly.

Shit was I too heavy for him?

I clung onto the reigns trying to lift some of the weight off him, “That’s it, now just swing your left leg across, it’s sor-no the other way,”

“Oh right,” I said. After another few minutes of struggling I finally got on and my eyes spun from how high I was up.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” I muttered my grip tightening. This was a very very bad idea.The horse agreed snorting and moving making me bend and squeal.

“Okay, okay, okay, get me off now,” I snapped trying to reach for the man that looked like an ant, well not really. Hamish laughed, “No you got this, just grab the reigns,”

Easy for you to say.

“No I really think the world will be a happier place if I was down there, on two feet,” the horse moved again and I closed my eyes, because that makes everything a better place, but not really. Can you get horse sick?

I felt like my stomach was rolling over, like a tumble wagon.

“Here, move forward,”

“Wh-what?” I asked, did he move forward on the saddle thing, or move the horse forward, because I had no idea how to do that. And suddenly before he even answered my question he grabbed the reigns and hoisted himself up, swiftly and his arms came from either side of me grabbing the reigns.

“Argo isn’t that scary, are you big boy,”

Scary and big don’t go well in the same sentence. Hamish slapped the horse’s neck, I was sure that was affectionate but what is the beast didn’t like it.

I screamed a bit when the horse moved it head, like a nod, lifting one of his feet up and grabbed the man’s arm.

“Get me off,” I snapped with gritted teeth hearing a chuckle.

“It’s easy, a small flick,” he said demonstrating and the beast started to move, my eyes growing wide as I leaned back. This was not comfortable, not the way my whole body moved when it started to move, I could feel it’s muscles working against my thighs.

“Jesus, slow it down,”

“This is slow, if I give another flick it will fasten up,” he said raising his hand and I grabbed it before he could flick it, “No!”

“Oh look it’s the bride and groom, need to help them, here hold the reigns,” he said suddenly pulling my hands off his and shoving the reigns.

“Wait no, you can’t leave me,” I said as he hopped down, “Take me with you,”

No Violet, you may not cry.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

“Let me down,” I placed a hand on the beast trying to lift my foot, the small movement making it break into a fast pace, “No, NO NO!”

And that’s all it needed to hear before it started galloping and I wasn’t sure what was louder, my heart, the hooves against the ground or my scream.

People say that your life flashes in front of you when you’re about to die.

Not for me.

Shit, I left my underwear on the computer chair, I hope who ever is cleaning up after my stuff doesn’t go through my third draw on the desk, or read my text messages, or open my Facebook conversations. Damn it I left a dirty plate under my bed, I blame Satan for annoying me when I was eating dinner.

A lot of things were adding up and I realised I can not die, not like this and let people find out the secrets of my apartment. So I forced my eyes to open and then regretted it.

Nope, just let me die.

The stupid horse had other ideas, ideas that included me, who was not a gymnast, to slowly slip off the saddle and topple to my doom. Landing on my side I was pretty sure all the bones in my body were broken as I laid there staring at the sky groaning.

I hate horses.


That is I god, take me with you.

“Is she okay?”

Um no, I think my head just dislocated from the rest of my body, wait a minute, that wasn’t god.

Are you telling me...shit I’m still alive.

I opened one eye staring into a dazzling face, surely that was an angel, not a human?

“Violet. Violet can you hear me, shit did you break something?”

He smells so good.

Yes I can hear you, yet I choose not to respond. I closed my eyes again swallowing, yep that was definitely pain I feel.

“Violet!” A higher pitch voice joined Reeds and I opened my eyes to see Jenny peering down at me, “Are you okay?”

What was with everyone and asking me that, obviously not, I just flew off a damn horse did they miss that?

“I’ll go get the guy,” Jenny said running off into the distance. No...come back. Don’t leave me all alone...oh wait I wasn’t alone.

“I can hear music,” I said after a few minutes, only because I could feel his fingers on my wrist, and it was highly uncomfortable, and somewhat ticklish and I felt like it burned through my skin. Drawing patterns on your skin with light touches was not meant to feel as good as it felt.

“My sister’s choosing her wedding song,” well good, here I thought I had finally lost the plot, a plot I never had, and was hearing music.

“This loud?” I asked just to make sure, I was surprised I could even hear it because looking into someones eyes like that would make you hear nothing.

I bet a hundred bucks he wears contacts

“She likes loud,”

Okay so good, I wasn’t hearing things. My my head was throbbing. I tried getting up my head spinning, “Whoa, I think I’m just going to lay back down,” i spoke to myself as I thudded back into the grass, not so gently.

“Will I go to jail if I stab that stupid horse?”

“I think you should just rest now, Jenny will bring the car here,”

“I’m definitely going to kill that stupid horse. How dare it toss me-no. No! I will kill Hamish. I told him I wanted down damn it,” I winced when I lifted my hand in anger only for it to protest at the movement. Reed leaned down closer and I froze, surely he wasn’t going to kiss me when I was on my death bed.

How crazy was this guy?

Instead he placed a hand under my head, “What are you doing?”

“Feeling for a lump,”

Well duh.

“This is why,” he said shrugging off his jacket, he folded it, way to precisely, and placed it under my head lifting it up, I cringed at the movement, I pulled something all right, “You get on the horse with me, not some feel you up a-all,”

I raised an eyebrow, “You get jealous easily,”

“Sue me,”

It felt forever before I could hear the distant rumble of an engine, “You looke dazed,”

“Thank you,” I replied, one must always have wonderful manners.

“It’s not a good thing, your pupils are different sizes,”

“Oh,” and here I thought he was going to comment on my amazing beauty, Fine, don’t.

“IS she okay, is she dead?”

Oh gee thanks, I rolled my eyes, which also hurt, when Jenny came running up, “I have the car, Violet! Are you alive!”

“Please don’t scream,” I winced as I felt Reeds hand under me, lifting me up.

“Let’s get you in the car,”

“I got this,” I said trying to stand up, the last thing I needed was him to fail lifting me up and think shit she’s heavy. That was not -whoa.

“Hey, I like my feet on the ground,” I said as he carried me to the car, we all know what happens when my feet go off the ground, like on the horse. Bad things happen. “Just shut up,”

I was placed in the back seat, which I was never really a fan off but sucked it up, partially because everything just damn hurt. All I could see was the sky from the windows at the position I was lying at and watch the occasional tree I saw.

Something flicked me in the face, “Ouch!”

“Oh sorry,” frowned Jenny, “Just don’t fall asleep okay?”

“I wasn’t! I was just resting my eyes,” I said touching my nose, damn she had a strong flick.

“That’s called sleeping, here sing to some stupid song,” Reed muttered flicking on the radio. What if I don’t want to sing huh? Huh? HUH?

I want to cry.

It felt like forever before the car stopped, surely the horse didn’t carry that far away from the stables, but when the door opened I stared at a brown dirty building that made me weary. Was I being kidnapped?

“It’s the closest hospital there is, we need to get you checked out,”

Sitting in ER is not fun but I did learn two things. ER meant Emergency Room and was different from ICU. Huh, interesting what you learn when you’re injured and dozed up on so many pain killers you were seeing two of each person.

At least the pain killers didn’t remind me how dirty and weird this hospital was, oh wait, I was still remembering it. Damn it Violet.

“So she’s going to be okay?” I heard a voice.Oh my god I have guests! This is exciting. I looked up from the propped up position on the bed, oh nope, it was still Reed and Jenny. How boring.

“Just don’t let her go to sleep, she can have more pain killers in four hours, and make sure you keep testing her memory. She has a slight concussion, and she might daze out-” I didn’t know if I was going to daze out, but I was definitely tuning out of their conversation, captured by the fly flying near me.

Was that unhygienic? Should hospitals even have flies. I want to call RSPCA, wait no, Food and Safety? Hell, what was the place you complain to about unhygienic shit?

“Come on,” I looked up, “Let’s take you home, well...home for the day,”

Being thrown around like a doll was not fun, even if the person holding you smelled great, it was not fun.

“My head hurts,”

“Yes, you’ve said that, ten times,” I frowned as I leaned into his side as he tried opening the door.

He swore again ramming the card and I sighed yawning, “You swipe,”

“I know,” he gritted under his teeth, finally managing to open the door. I wasn’t complaining that I could stay in bed all day, in this hotel with this room, hell to the yes.

Please, have you seen that bed?

“Shoes off first,”

“What are you my mum?”

He shuddered, and so did I, no one wants to be my mum. I flopped onto the bed, the movement still hurting, man I need more pain killers. Reed one bent down to take my shoes off, while Reed two stayed standing, and then he bent down.

I lifted my fingers up, wow, I have alien hands, “Eight fingers,” I muttered as I tried counting them.

“Roll in, you’re going to fall off and hit your head,”

“Who cares?” I muttered but rolled in anyways. I felt like a little kid as he helped take my jacket off, and then somewhat tuck me in. And I hadn’t felt like a little kid since a long time. Partially because my parents didn’t do “little kid” ever, from the moment I was ready to go to school, I was ready to handle my own responsibilities.

So when he leaned over me tucking the blanket in I couldn’t help but stare at him, it wasn’t what he did that felt familiar, it was what he looked like. I raised my hand, clearly not thinking, and placed it against the side of his cheek, I could feel the small stubble under my fingertips.

He froze.

“Why do you look so familiar?”

His green eyes focused on me, “So I’m not going crazy?”

“Huh?” I asked not following his trail of thought. He didn’t move and my hand didn’t drop from its position, and my brain was telling me he was awfully close, but who cares.

“I thought you looked familiar too, the first day I saw you. But I thought it would sound like a bad pick up line,” well it would have, but then again I would have agreed with him. It wouldn’t be like those times when you get approached by the bar with the “You seem familiar,” line to get them talking, only because he did seem familiar. Wait I already covered that part.

“Do you wear contacts?” I blurted out, I couldn’t help it, I just had to know. I was positive.

“What? Of course not,” he said, in a tone that was like “Why the hell would I wear contacts?” and “I did not kill my mother how dare you,” which only made me get defensive.

“There is nothing wrong with wearing contacts,”

“I know there isn’t I was ju-,”

“I wear contacts,” I snapped and then my hand was oh so readily at his cheek so I pulled back and slapped him.

“What the hell?”

I grabbed his shirt so he couldn’t move back and slapped him again, “Don’t be a baby, it doesn’t hurt,”

“Why are you slapping me?”

“I’m on medication, oh wait, I can get away with murdering that horse now,” and then I noticed how he was practically sprawled on me, “Get off me Reed, this is not very gentleman like, I thought your mother raised you better than this,”

I think it was he who was dazed and not me at the look he was giving me, before he realised I was trying to get out of bed, “No, wait what No!,” He grabbed my arm forcing me to lie down.

“Can you be gentle,”

“You wear contacts?”

“I thought we passed this,” I muttered rolling my eyes as I flopped my head back onto the pillow, “He gave me like a lot, I don’t even this he is a qualified doctor, so I can kill the horse, get out of jail and sure the doctor and make some money,”

“Violet stop talking,”

“Why does everyone tell me that, I was only a chatterbox in high school,” I rolled my eyes, okay and a bit now but chatterbox is great. We stop the awkward silence at parties and we get along and talk to everyone and anything. And okay there are some moments we find it hard, like I still don’t understand why you were never allowed to talk during a test.

“Yes I wear contacts, why? Are you being contactist?”

“Contactist? And no damn it, I’ve just never seen you take them out, or put them in for the matter of fact,”

“Don’t be a perv, I’m wearing some right now, and I think I have grass in one eye stuck beneath the lens, how delightful, and racist, genderist, contactist, don’t tell me you’ve never used those before.”

I looked away from the ceiling and back into his eyes, big mistake.

“What?” I asked as he shook his head finally letting go of my arm which I gathered to my side rubbing the spot, great, thanks just give me a bruise why don’t you.

“Want to see me take my contacts out?”



“What how am I a-Ouch would you stop slapping me,”

“I can’t help it, you look really familiar,”

“So you’ll slap me?” He snapped as I tried recalling where I’ve seen that face before. He was half on the bed, half hanging off as he glared at me, “You know who you remind me off? There was this crazy chick in grade seven, she would go around kicking guys during soccer, she called the defense. Man they would sport bruises tomorrow morning,”

My heart dropped. Grade seven, where was I in grade seven? And then it hit me.

“It was really funny she was such a quiet shy girl and then at lunch she would turn into the devil re-incarnation, that’s who you remind me off when your slapping me, for no. Damn. Reason”

I transferred schools. I was in a small suburban school for one year since my dads job was haywire. And the more I stared at Reed, the more it hit me and my jaw dropped. I looked to the bedside cabinet spotting a vase.

That will do.

I leaned over, “What are you doing, you have to stay in bed, doc-fuck, No, Violet no,”

“You! Fuck you I hate you,” I grabbed the vase aiming for his pretty face, I hope it bleeds, a lot. And then I hope he gets ugly.

He grabbed my arm before it contacted with his skull, which was sad and fell back onto the bed, “What the fuck are you doing? Shit did he give you cocaine or something?”

I straddled him trying to make the stupid vase hit his head, come on you’re nearly there, “Shut up Symons,”

He froze, but his grip was still extremely tight as she held my hand “What?”

“That was your name wasn’t it? Alexander Symons,”

His eyes suddenly went dark, darker than I had seen them before, “How did you know,”

“Because I was that stupid shy girl you piece of shit,” and with that I used my other arm to slap him, my left hand wasn’t that strong, but it did the job which made him distracted and I grabbed my arm free. He gave me a shove making me fall off him and scurried of the bed, “What are you on?”


“No I meant what the hell are you talking about, I don’t get it,”

“You made my life hell,” I threw the vase at him, being on the other side of the bed he bent down ducking and it flew past him shattering against the wall.

“Oh wait till I get my hands on you,” I said.

“Violet, no, fuck, put the damn lamp stand down woman!”

“Make me, come on Mr. Symons, Sexy Symons wasn’t that your nick name. Come and get this damn lamp stand off me Mr. Macho,”

He looked extremely confused as he looked at me, “You make no sense,”

“I hate you,”

“What the hell did I do?”

“You made my life hell,”

“What?” I put the damn lamp stand down, not because he told me to, but because it was hurting my hands and started walking to my bag.

Damn it bag, stay in the same spot. I could kill him and get away with it, hell him and the horse.

“Don’t tell me you’re harbouring a gun in that bag,” he said as I started unzipping it. I turned around to look over my shoulder, seeing him hold a pillow in front of him defensively.

“No you idiot,” I rummaged through it till I found what I was looking for. Aha.

With the small box I marched into the bathroom slamming the door and going to the mirror.

“Hey Violet one and two and three, how are you all today,”

I leaned in closer, to make sure I won’t poke out my eyes and took out my contact’s in two swift motions and placed my thick black frames on. There we go. I looked worse than I usually do. I braided my hair as tight as I could throwing it over my shoulder.

Reed was in the same position I had left him, except half sitting on the bed when I walked out, seeing me he stood up, pillow in front of him again, “I think we need to take you to the doctors again,”

“Shut up, just imagine me three centimetres shorter, twenty kilograms lighter and well longer hair,”


I groaned, “Come closer,”

Reed paused raising an eyebrow, “You’re not going to slap me are you,”

“No,” I rolled my eyes, which was so much easier to do without contacts. I just put them on early in the morning and then take them out before I go to bed, I wasn’t that bad that I needed glasses twenty-four seven. I was fine in the house it was when I needed to go outside and read stuff and see things from a distance.


“What are you five?” I asked crossing my hands.

He didn’t move, “Fine,” I said and he walked up to me, pillow still out and a guarded look on his face, “Okay -OUCH fuck!,”

He bent down limping and dropped to the floor, “You promise me you w-,”

“You said slap, not kick, do you remember me now Alexander Symons,”

He glared at me from the ground, his head tilting and I swear I could see tears in his eyes, well the jerk deserved it.

And then his mouth slowly opened in recognition, “Fuck,” and then he gave me a smile, which was weird, “You?”

“Don’t you me you piece of scum,” I reached for his neck, this was it, it was me or him. This guy and his stupid friends tortured me during seventh grade, being the new kid always sucked, it sucked even more with them.

“Wait, wait wait,” he said laughing as he grabbed my wrist stopping me from choking him and kicked my foot making me fall. My squeal should have raised alerts and security should be on its way as I nearly toppled on him but moved last minute so I wouldn’t crush him, his laughter was even more annoying as he started to get up, his hands still gripping me.

“Oh god, you’re the library nerd,”

“I am not a nerd!” I snapped as the roles were reversed with him on top of me, laughing, this time the tears were cause of laughter. He switched holding both my wrists to one hand wiping his face, “Oh god,” he said laughing.

“I just helped out in the library cause it was better than hanging with you low lives and fine I was a bit of the nerd but you guys were so hostile to the new girl!,” I felt my own tears brimming my eyes, and it wasn’t cause this was funny. It was cause I remembered what it felt to be back in that grade.

“Jesus you look so different,”

“It’s called puberty, and not really I just stopped wearing those glasses, waxed my arms cause your stupid two faced friend used to call me monkey and then let my hair out and got it cut! Okay fine I look heaps difference is that a problem. Let me go you-you-turd! God I hate you,”

“What did I ever do to you?”

“You mean what didn’t you do,” I scoffed trying to shove him off with my leg. He noticed and placed his on top on my thigh holding it down, not so gently either.

“What you don’t remember the time you nearly broke my hand during gym?” I asked and I could see him slowly remembering, “You threw that cricket bat at me and then I fell. Oh and also when we had rock climbing and then you volunteered to be the person on the bottom and then when I fell you didn’t even hold the rope and I got a concussion that day?”

“Oh yeah. Who was that guy who was screaming at me? Connor? Your boyfriend right,”

“He was gay you douche not my boyfriend,” I snapped trying to wriggle, “And then in German class you put chewing gum in my hair, oh and in Maths class you stole my assighment and got me detention. My first fucking detention Alexander. You ruined my perfect record. I could go on, want to hear about that time we had to go to the Gold mines and you-”

“Okay, okay,” he cringed, “I get it, I was a stupid teenager, but that was like what? Two decades ago, we all did stupid things back then,”

“You know what go to hell, I quit. Plan your own damn wedding,”

“I knew I found find you one day, damn, fate huh?”

“Reed I am serious do you want to let go of me or not,”

“Wait till I tell the guys who I ran into,”

“I’m going to throw up,”

“Wi-wait what?”

“I’m serious. And your guys can go to hell, I see them and I will burn their dicks and feed Satan the stupid cat with it and let go I am seriously going to throw up,”

All that shuffling made my stomach spin. Thankfully he let go and it was my turn to shove him off and run to the bathroom.

“Wait don’t lock it!”

“Why the hell do you want to see me throw up,” I said locking the door and running to the toilet before everything came out. And I was positive that they were the tablets. I did not eating anything blue except those stupid painkillers.

I hadn’t felt this sick since, well since forever. There was nothing worse than throwing up, it felt like your whole insides were mush, and you couldn’t breathe, and you didn’t know when the next portion of shit came up your throat not real shit, just figuratively, cause real shit was meant to come out the other end.

And your neck nose and ears burned, and you got a headache.

And it didn’t help Reed was yelling something from the other side si kept pushing the flush on the toilet to block him out.

And then I started crying.

“Violet can you open this damn door, don’t make me break it down,”

“You’re not strong enough,” I yelled back as I crawled across the bathroom to grab the towels. But he is. He somehow managed to get muscles, I know, I felt them. Damn it puberty, why did you have to be so kind to that jerk!

“Oh come on! I was a kid damn it. Besides guys only made fun of girls cau-,”

“Don’t give me that “Cause they liked them bullshit,” I said as I wiped my face splashing cold water, man I didn’t even cry like this when Charlie had to get desexed and they told me they were going to cut things. But they don’t really cut the scrotum. I just thought they did.

“But it’s true, I d-,”

“Reed if you don’t shut up I am going to stab you,” which I very much wanted to do. One whole year, fifty two weeks which only ten were holidays. Fourty two weeks was stuck in that school, eight hours a day, five days a week dealing with the bullshit.

Bullying was not cool.

But damn I was skinny back then.

“Violet can you just open the damn door.” did he sound pained? good, I hope I kicked him hard to form a massive clot.

No. I was going to be stubborn, and I can. Ew I even kissed him, I kissed my sworn enemy, the one I vowed to take revenge on and shove his head down the toilet. The jerk. I grabbed the toothbrush and paste to brush the foul feeling in my mouth away.

Getting sick of the bathroom and staring at one too many reflections of myself I threw open the door. Reed was standing with his back and hands on his hips, and then turned around, “Oh good, let me just expla-,”

“I threw up the pain killers, and now everything hurts,”

“Right, okay, let’s get you to bed,”

“Don’t touch me you pretentious piece of shit,”

Reed pursed his lips, “We’ll talk when you’re...of your drugs,”

“I just told you, I threw up, I am drug free,” and missed the chance to kill the horse. Damn it. He still ushered me to bed and I glared at him the whole way as I got in.

“Okay just sleep, I have to wake you up every two hours, just to be sure okay,”

“I’ll slap you,”

“Please don’t,” he cringed as I rolled around in the bed, and just because I can, I slapped him, “That’s for being a pretentious bastard to me,”

“I guess I deserved that,”

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