Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 17: Q is for Quarrel

Reed sat up amazingly fast, confused, dazzled and annoyed as I smiled at him, an Oscar winning smile in my books.“What the hell Violet, do you have to slap me?”

“You fell asleep,” I said shrugging, “And you’re meant to wake me every two hours, not make yourself comfortable next to me,”

And have your stupid arm laying over my stomach, no siree.

He ran a hand over his face looking at his watch, “I did wake you up. You called me a pretentious bastard and fell back asleep, I have alarms set up,”

Oh well...there was always an occasion for slapping people. Not to mention Mr. PB, for pretention basatrd, deserved it.

He flopped onto the bed grumbling to himself as I threw my legs over the side, “Where are you going?” he grumbled into the pillow, one eye opening like a cat.

“To arrange a funeral for you,” I replied as I walked towards the bathroom, who the hell was he for him to know whereabouts of my every day activities were? Besides I was still annoyed and angry at him. But I just felt like slapping him with his cheek laying on the pillow like a new born baby.

He was a full grown man.

I slammed the door shut, just because I felt childish and to annoy him and went to brush my teeth, again, because I still felt disgusting. I would have taken a shower but my stomach was rumbling making me realize the last thing I ate was that ice-cream, which I had too much off. And seeing the time, it was already past one in the afternoon.

God forbid if I was going to stay locked up in a room with him. Splashing cold water on my face I felt the back of my head wincing when I felt a lump, yep, I had a new found hate for horses. Not that the horse was to blame entirely, it was eighty percent my fault and twenty percent the beasts, but I was still going to blame it.

Opening the door again the man was fast asleep on the bed, sprawled and I was tempted to go and slap him, with the vase, my palm was starting to hurt. But my stomach had other problems and I walked outside.

Downstairs it took me a solid few minutes to find the buffet lunch, I could get used to this. What I didn’t expect was Jenny and the couple to be inside, looking at me she waved.

“Violet, come, have you eaten anything? How are you feeling? Oh meet Samantha and her fiancee Luca,”

I smiled as I sat down as the waiter pulled out a chair, fancy, too fancy.

“Oh honey we saw what happened to you. We’re glad it happened because now we know not yo book this stupid place, oh I didn’t mean it like it sounded, oops,” She giggled, “I just meant it was good to know the dangers. Awfully sorry about the fact you got hurt,”

“Right,” I nodded. Pretty sure you are awfully sorry as that PB brother of yours. But then poor Samantha had no choice but to be born into the same family, or was she older? Either way, same point.

My head hurt.

Luca nodded like a goldfish next to her, but his eyes were on her, with awe which made my stomach roll, sick. Sometimes looking at couples in love like that, made me feel a bit vile, I mean...there was only so much awing one can do.

“I’ll get you food, just sit there,” Jenny said and I started to stand up, I wasn’t incapable of getting my own plate. But the gesture was nice so I kept my mouth shut and legs crossed.

I looked back at the grinning couple, “You know, this place is horrible. I think we will cancel this place. I mean the rooms were so bad. They told us a honeymoon suite fit for the king and queen and instead we got a small suite with three beds. It was okay but not as good as the picture. Where was the spa!”

Wait a minute.

Oh shit.

My eyes widened as Jenny came back with a plate, filled with everything they probably had, was she trying to feed an army.

“Eat up,” she said placing it in front of me and I grimaced looking at all the food. She was trying to get me fatter than I was.

“Um, I think the room-,” I began, might as well tell them that the rooms had been swapped. The manager must have got confused, I meant the rooms were under Samantha Reed, not that I was Samantha Reed.

Why the hell didn’t PB tell me? He of all people should be used to travelling hotels to hotels or some fancy stuff. Not to mention he picked up his sister last night to show them, which meant he had to know the different between a normal suite and a presidential suite.

“Yes they were bad,” she said cutting me off, “And then the horse incident, not to mention the buffet does not look wedding appropriate, even though we ordered a different caterers. Come Luca, I think we pay Alexander a visit and tell him we want another hotel,”

Oh shit, shit.

“No the rooms were sw-,”

“See you later girls,” she said and I gave a frustrated stomp of my foot as she walked away. The damn woman woudln’t listen.

I picked up the fork stabbing a piece of avocado and brought it to my lips, people just didn’t listen these days.

“I’m fine,” I gritted out getting annoyed as she asked me again and again if I was okay. The first thirty times was fine, the times after that were really starting to get on my nerves.

I watched the couple to be as they were trialling the last of the activities.

While I was at the hospital and then knocked out on the drugs they had been looking at the other activities.

Pin the tail on the horse. Real life version. Apparently not pleasant.

Feed the farm animals. Bride to be didn’t want to ruin her wedding dress. I agreed. Why spend thousands on a white dress and go to a farm. Hell even if I was a guest I wouldn’t want to be touching dirty animals after getting dressed for a wedding. This ranch was starting to turn out to be a bad idea.

Rowing in the lake was risky. I could just imagine the amount of people falling in, and losing their heels.

All in all this was proving to be a disaster. Did they honestly think planning a wedding in a month was easy? And now there was less than three weeks and we needed a venue. And a venue for three thousand guests, it was going to be hard.

Not to mention what a waste of the trip this was. Well not complete waste.

I found my arch nemesis.

My phone buzzed and I looked down to see a text from Liam. I had apologized for not replying, he had slipped my mind to the furthest knock and cranny while the nerves of planning the wedding arrived.

“Are you busy?” I read this text out loud to myself. I looked up. The couple were in a heated discussion. And Jenny was with them. So no, I was not busy.

“Nope,” I wrote back and in seconds my phone was ringing. Jeez this kid was like me, too much time on his hands.

“Sup?” I asked failing to keep the irritation out of my voice.

“Whoa. Who do I need to kill?” He said making me laugh.

“A lot of people. Don’t you have class?” I questioned. It was still relatively early and for a law student, he would have long days. I would know, my brother was a lawyer. I shuddered, the over achieving trio.

“A break,” he groaned and I heard something rattle. Like the sounds of a water bottle falling of a table.

“So on a business trip are we?” He asked. I bent down sitting on the ground. Standing hurt. I looked up shielding the sun out of my eyes with a hand. It was starting to get warm.

I grunted in reply.

“Wait. How did you know?”

“I know everything.” I heard his laughter before someone yelled at him to shut up and I smiled.

“ of all people should know not to speak in a library, no siree”

“Whatever Queen Victoria. Okay I’m going nerd face!” he screamed out before whispering, “Stay on line will ya?”

I nodded but realized he probably can’t see me anyway. I drew patterns on my jeans as I heard shuffling and muffled noises. The dirt was I leaned over grabbing a stick and started digging a hole, I shall dig to China!

“Okay back!”



There was a few minutes of silence, it was pleasant both lost in our own thoughts. It didn’t seem like a phone call. And my hole was getting deeper, half a centimetre to China, here I come rabbits.

It seemed like two people chilling and taking in the scenery, just at different ends on the phone.

“Are you going to back today?”

“Yeah. God I hope so,”

I heard him chuckle again, “That bad ? ”


I looked back up. Nope they’re still talking, or arguing, whatever was happening. I tilted my head waiting till Jenny made eye contact and mouthed “Do I need to come,”

She shook her head shrugging as she watched awkwardly at the couple. Man, there was something worse than being a third wheeler, a third person between an argument. I wonder what it was about, was the caviar too orange for them?

Rude Violet

“How about, I come by tonight with pizza?”

Oh right, he was still on the phone. I looked back down, continuing to dig my hole.

“As long as it comes with bad puns,”

“Deal. And I need help with my homework.” He confessed as I heard the sound of paper being scrunched up.

“And here I thought you wanted to catch up,” I smiled shaking my head.

I was going to ask him if he needed my address. But it was probably on the database and he was a stalker. Ah. Shit. I still had to add him on Facebook.

“Nope. Just for your brains beautiful. I gotta go. Talk to you later,”

I huffed a goodbye, not that he heard it and hung up throwing my phone onto the ground beside me.

I looked up as I heard footsteps, Jenny walking over towards me, “If everything okay over there?”

She shrugged crouching down, “Damn it, it’s boiling. They don’t like the place,” I scoffed, figures, “Which is great, we can leave soon. God I hate this weather, isn’t it meant to be winter?” she asked shrugging her cardigan off to reveal a green tank top.

Man...the days when I used to wear tank tops, now my arms looked like elephants. I pursed my lips.

“It’s Melbourne, what did you expect?”

She stood up holding out a hand for me and lifted me up, which I did more work since I didn’t want her frail body to break.

“How’s your head?”

“Brilliant,” I said bending down to pick up my phone, not realising how big the hole I started to dig got and my foot slipped into it and I fell down at an awkward angle pain shooting up my already sore ankle.


“Are you okay?”

“I think I sprained my ankle,”

“This is really embarrassing, I’m sorry,”

“No need to apologize,”

Screw how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck chuck could chuck wood?

It was how many times can Violet violently fall violating her body worse than a wooden violin but still be vicious sounding Viola?

No, needed more V’s in that.

“Hamish right?” I asked him as he lowered me onto the hay, he nodded fetching the first aid kit. It wasn’t that much of an injury, till I stood up cracking a bone somewhere, and my foot hurt too much to walk.

“Try not to put any pressure on this leg,”

“Well that’s going to be hard, because I can’t really walk on one foot,” I pointed out as he bent down unravelling a skin colour bandage.

“Today doesn’t seem to be your day,” he joked his eyes flickering up. I shrugged, “It’s never my day,”

I winced as he wrapped it tightly, what was the stupid bandage meant to do? Hold the muscle together to give it strain and make sure I don’t further sprain it?

Oh wait, that sounded smart, that’s probably what it did.

I needed more painkillers.

The walk back up to the room wasn’t too hard, once Jenny told me we could leave as soon as I was ready, I was more than ready to run to the elevator and then limp and wince to the room.

Entering inside the air conditioned suite, I frowned, I would miss this place. I mean apart from the other inhabitant here, it was still a wonderful place.

Oh wait.

I smiled wickedly going into the bathroom to steal all the soaps and body washes, I mean, wasn’t that the only reason people went to hotels?

It wasn’t that much to pack away, especially since I didn’t bring much here anyway. I walked back out looking around the room, am I forgetting anything?

Why did it always feel like I was forgetting something?

I looked at the rumpled bed that was empty, was I meant to fix it up?

Wait no, hotels, that means room service.

Man I was hungry again. Maybe I can bribe Jenny to stop at service station somewhere, I felt like pies. Hot meat pies with tomato sauce,

The calories can go straight to my butt, I don’t care.

Picking up my bag carefully, trying not to injure any other part of me, I picked up the other one and walked out.

Downstairs Jenny was already loading her car and I looked up to see PB aka Reed, leaning against it talking to her.

I frowned, what were they talking about, it seemed like a pretty serious discussion, especially when they both stopped talking when I got there.

“I’ll help,” he said reaching for my bag and I pulled it out of his grasp.

“Why, to hide it in the bathrooms or something? Oh wait this isn’t high school anymore,”

He narrowed his eyes at me, “I never hid your bags in the bathroom”

“No,” I said walking around and throwing the back door open and shoving my stuff inside, “But you did it to Jason the nerd remember? Cruel,” I spat slamming the door shut.

“Hey! Don’t take your anger out on my baby,” Jenny said patting her car.

I walked back to the passenger side, “Can we go now?”

I opened the door as Reed grabbed my arm, if you could call it grabbing since it was gentle, “Wait can I just talk to you for a second.”

“Nope, sorry. Busy trying to figure out the equivalent of how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck chuck could chuck wood but for violating vultures playing violins vexing in Victoria,”

His face scrunched up, “What?”

“It’s not what, it’s pardon you rude boy,” I said as I got in and slammed the door shut.

There were some days I couldn’t be bothered picking up a spatula, possibly because things always went wrong when I did try cooking. And there were other days, like today, where I felt like a culinary chef cooking, even though it looked like I messed it up.

But wearing a frilly apron and your hair in a bun even when you know you look bad, and holding a spatula yelling at the pot plants and pretending to have your own cooking show, it was fun.

Baking, I got it.

Cooking, was another story. Whilst I could make your basics, any new experiments had to be really trialled by guinea pigs that aren’t afraid to die, aka Liam who was coming soon.

I looked at the clock. Jenny had dropped me off telling me to get rest and let my wounds heal, I hardly doubt sleeping was going to make them magically disappear.

And by the time I got up and saw Charlie and Satan basically waiting for me at the door, somewhat united, but still a mutual distance, I couldn’t sleep.

“Charlie, no, bad boy, get off the table,” I snapped as he grabbed a piece of chicken that fell off the edge. He hoped off the table with gracefulness I was still yet to encounter myself but had the chicken.

“Charlie, don’t eat it before Liam comes! I don’t want you to die!”

Not that I wanted Liam to die, but then if he wants to try my chicken and corn, whatever this was, he was free too.

Maybe I should have taken up on those cooking lessons my mother offered. But that brought another problem, the more I cooked, the more I ate. Which means I was just going to blow up like a balloon.

So cooking, was out of the equation.

The fur against my leg broke me out of my daze as I looked down to see Satan rubbing up my leg, her white fur sticking to my still slightly damp skin from the shower.

There was nothing like a nice warm shower to wash out all the cake mix in my hair. How did it even get up there?

“You’re not getting any human food either missy,” I said raising my foot to pet it’s head, “Now scram,”

I mixed the last of the orange juice into the punch, I really should have put alcohol in it, but everyone knew I was a lightweight and with what happened last time, I don’t thinkit’s a good idea. Liam couldn’t handle his alcohol either.

“Why do you look...watery,” I know that there were a lot of juices combined into the mixture, but still looked more like water than a juice. Maybe I did something wrong.

Damn it.

I poured half of it into a jug, not one of those fancy glass ones I would love to own, but a plastic one that did the job anyway and placed it on the table.

“Charlie off the damn table you vile vicious ocelot,”

Charlie’s green cat eyes regarded me before he turned around, taking his half chewed piece of chicken and jumped onto the chair.

That stupid cat loved sitting on tables.

I grabbed a cloth wiping the table, even though there were no furs, he wasn’t a cat that shred his fur, unlike Satan. I came home to find my black couch, look like a zebra.

I had to throw Satan, in a nice gentle way, into Reed’s face and hope it scratched him.

“Knock knock,”

I paused turning around and looking at my door and looked back at my cat, not Reed’s cat, my cat, “Did the door just speak?” I asked confused.

i walked over slowly, “Um hello?”

“You’re meant to say who’s there you fool,”


I unbolted and unlocked the door throwing it open and sure enough Liam was standing there smiling.

“Knock knock,”

“Um, who’s there?”


I raised an eyebrow, “Butter who?”

“It’s butter if you don’t know,” he said cracking up laughing half way and I stepped aside to let him in, he bent down kissing my cheek which felt strange “I have a pizza joke too but it’s not that funny. Ooh what smells nice? I have pizza, monopoly, and shit six dollar wine I picked up from ALDI, if we get poisoned, call triple zero, so have that on speed dial”

“Wine, you brought wine? Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

He turned around walking to the table and placed the food, “This looks nice, you cooked? It’s no fun without alcohol babe, no other way you can play monopoly, the original. Are you ready to lose?”

I scoffed kicking the door closed, please, I’ve lost numerous friends because I take game boards too serious. This was just another game board and another friend that was going down.

“Those are some...fancy shorts? Are they meant to be that uneven,” I looked down to see what he was staring at, Oh.

I bent down pulling down the edge of my short, one that was above the knee and the other that was below, “It’s leggings, I put them up cause they were getting in the way,”

He raised an eyebrow.

They could get in the way, and they felt icky against my legs, and I did trip over the extra inch of extra fabric every three seconds cause the leggings kept slipping down. Why can’t I find a good pair of leggings?

I helped him set up the game near the couch on the coffee table, both of us sitting on the ground. The makeshift table was the floor, two plates, glasses filled with wine that I vowed I wouldn’t touch, I was still on pain-killers.

“So what happened to your ankle?” he asked as he set the board game up.

“I tripped over China,” I said as I switched the TV on, not that we were going to watch it but there always had to be something in the background, music, TV, radio. Something.

“What?” Liam chuckled looking up. I shrugged, “I fell over a hole I dug and bamn sprained ankle which was already sprained cause I fell of a horse which was already-,”

“You fell of a horse?”

I sighed, “Not my day,”


“Aren’t I meant to be helping you with your homework?” I asked.

“Don’t dodge my question, tell me about this business meeting whatever it was. And yes, later, let’s play and eat first. Look I made the pizza myself,” he said placing the box on the spare area of the coffee table and opening it.

I laughed looking at it, a good pizza would have a lot of cheese and toppings, this had that. It also had the pepperoni pieces shaped as an L on the left and a V on the right.

“Aw cute,” I said looking at how much of the topping there was, a lot. Three pizzas in one.

“So. Tell me about this annoying client,” he said as he grabbed the plates placing a pizza on each and then adding the chicken and corn salsa beside it and handing it to me.

“Thanks, you know more than I thought you would,”

“I have my ways,” He winked as he leaned back stretching his legs and freezing, “Oh, hello, didn’t see you there, you blend into the couch,” he reached out hesitantly and patted Charlie on the head. Charlie hissed at him, throwing out a paw to scratch Liam but he moved fast pulling his hand back and Charlie jumped off the couch moving away.

“What, what did I do?” Liam frowned rubbing his invisible scratch as he watched Charlie settle beside the shoes at the front door.

I smiled, “You insulted my cat by telling him he was the same colour as my couch,” That was weird, Charlie was usually friendly.

“Isn’t he?”

“No, the couch is the same colour as him,”

“Ahhh,” Liam said picking up his fork, “This is pretty good,”


“Reminds me of my mums chicken and burnt corn recipe,”

“Probably the same,”

“Not stop avoiding the topic and tell me about him,”

“Who?” I asked confused eyeing the wine glass, if we’re really talking about this, I needed that drink.

No. Bad Violet. You’re on medication.

Only three pain killers.



“How do you know it’s a he,” I narrowed my eyes at Liam.

“I spoke to him,” he said shrugging, “Okay do you want to go first or should I?”

“Talk about changing the subject, I’ll go, and when?” I asked as I picked up the dice rolling. Three. Great. Baltic Avenue, sixty dollars. “I’ll take this,” I said as I swapped the money with the card.

“I called you and he picked up,”

Liam rolled, six, lucky bastard ,and he did what everyone would do, buy the property.

“What? That was my mother, wasn’t it?” I asked, I remember my annoying birth giver calling me all day, but then I was flat out on the bed, “My bad, I told him to tell her to shut up,” which was the more censored version, “Rude PB,”

I rolled again, five, and bought the property.

“Damn you, now I can’t own all of light blue,” I smiled evily at him.

“Nah, he was...nice. Peanut butter?”

“Pretentious bastard,”

Liam rolled again, landed on the one beside me and bought that as well. “So much hate babe,”

We went for a few more turns silent, I landed on two fines which sucked, and a chance which was another electricity bill. I hate Monopoly.

“Anyway, how does PB and Jelly fit into all of this,”

Should I tell him?

I told him.

But it didn’t end in the way I thought it would, it ended with Liam choking on a piece of chicken, putting his plate aside and then draining his wine before breaking in laughter. I narrowed my eyes at him, “What?”

“Wait, wait, wait, let me get this straight,” he said clearing his throat, “So he bullied you when you were eleven, got you a stray cat, is making you plan a wedding in a month, and then kisses you? He was eleven, give him a break. Man you should know the shit I was going when I was eleven.”

“Sexually assaulted,”

“You say potato I say potato, same thing. The guy likes you,”

“No he doesn’t,”

“Denial, trust me, I knew I had naught chance when he picked up the phone,”

“What did he say,”

“Can’t tell you, men’s secrets, but I think he thought I was your boyfriend,”

I scoffed at that, “He can go to hell,” I said as I grabbed the wine glass. Screw staying sober.

“Three hundred,”

“What?” I asked confused.

“You landed on my property babe, cough up three hundred,”

Oh right, I passed him the notes, I paid him in the smallest notes as I could making him slightly annoyed. “I still say he likes you, but you can hold onto a grudge a bit longer, you only just find out. Make him work for you,”

“That’s too much effort, I’m not one of those dramatic ones, besides I’m not his type anyway. He’s just trying to, I don’t know, bully me again” I said as he rolled, and bought another property. Damn his luck.

“Trust me, you’re his type,”

“His type would be a size negative fifteen super model, which neither I am,”

“Doesn’t seem the type, he seems quite taken by you. Quit nagging and just jump him. Besides, if a guy shared a room with you without trying anything, hell shared a bed, seems to have his mind screwed on right”

“I’m not nagging, I’m just saying. Guys like him don’t go for girls like me,” I said. I would know, I did have boyfriends before he came into my life. I wasn’t some prude. I just gave up. And I was quite happy till the brute kissed me.

And then told me he was jealous.

Which made my heart go crazy and messed up my mind, because this was Reed we were talking about. The cocky, self-centered arsewipe who made fun of me back then. And if he made fun of me when I was skinny, I could only imagine him telling his friends about the elephant I am right now.

“And what “Type” of a girl are you?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, “I’m definitely not the classy wife rich people go for. I have anger issues,” that point was straight out there, I had mood swings higher than a roller coaster, “I’m a lot of work, pain the butt, stubborn and over-weight. And if I remember correctly Reed used to make fun of those girls in school,”

Liam shook his head crossing his legs, “You got this wrong. Like I said, he was eleven. I was pretty sure I used to make fun of girls when I was eleven just cause I could. Besides that’s the past. Cut him some slack. And you’re not over-weight, you’re round. There is a difference, any weight that exercises can’t get rid off, well that’s just you. Some people are built like that, look at me, I’m lanky as a street pole, probably never be buff like the men in a catalogue, but that’s okay. That’s me, I have to deal with it. Just dress sexy like you love yourself and that’s all men want. And it’s more fun eating a pizza than a hot dog, right?”


“Stupid analogy, like a pizza you can put as many toppings as you want. A hot dog, you only have three, cheese, onions and sauces. A pizza you have a million,”

“That made no sense what so ever,” I said but I understood his whole dressing like you love yourself part. Something I lacked, a lot.

“Okay fine, in simple terms, more pushin’ for the cushion, wait I got that wrong didn’t I, shit,”

“Don’t be so crass,” said throwing a chicken piece at his face which he easily whacked aside.

“I’m male, we’re all crass. I’m just saying, there is nothing wrong with you. I don’t get why all females are so tight about their weight. You’re not even that round, you’re completely average. Besides, you have looks to beat any super model. No one wants a fake barbie hanging of their hand, unless they’re a superficial bastard,”

I frowned, I don’t know.

I wasn’t ready for a relationship, especially with Reed. I just didn’t want him to, break my heart. And he had a much greater hold on my mind than I could comprehend.

The things he said, the things he does, it didn’t feel like High School Reed. He could have changed, but at the same time, he could just be playing around.

That’s what guys like Reed do. Well the guys I’ve met that looked half as attractive as him.

“How many members are there in the house of what, dude your handwriting is really bad” I said squinted. Not sure if it was because we finished half the bottle together, not drunk but enough to keep us slightly tipsy as I tried to read his notes.

Which was one A4 piece of paper with size six font, “What is this, notes for ants?”

“No, we’re allowed a cheat sheet so I shoved everything in there,” he said as he patted Satan who was laying on his lap while Charlie just watched from beside me. Hissing at the white cat when he could. I had to keep a hand on him to make him not attack it.

“Representatives. That’s the word, How many member are in the house of R,”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “How am I meant to know!” he complained groaning throwing his head back onto the couch sighing, “I’m going to fail.”

“Probably,” I said smiling even more when he shot me a glare. So far he answered zero out of the ten questions.

“Okay, What is the rule about the senate and the new state,”

“Wait, I got this,” he said sitting up straighter letting Satan go who sprinted away, which made Charlie slip under my hand and run after the cat.

“Okay no, give me that,” Liam leaned over plucking the white sheet out of my hand, “I’ll study,” he said and I rolled my eyes.

“Your test is tomorrow, I don’t think you got this mate,”

“Rude, support me Violet, you’re meant to be supporting me. Fuck it I’ll just repeat the unit,”

“That’s a bad attitude,”

“Let’s finish Monopoly,” he said moving our plates out of the way. I didn’t want to, the man owned three quarters of the board and I was running out of money, fast, “Wait I need to pee, you have a bathroom right?”

I looked up, “Nah I just use the sink,” but then he looked like he didn’t get the joke, “Obviously. Down the corridor to your right,”

“Right thanks,”

I grabbed the plates standing up, might as well clean up. We made quite a mess, a mini food fight every time one of us had to cough up money. Maybe I should steal some money from his pile.

No, bad Violet.

I disposed all the foodn into the bin placing the plates in the kitchen.

We had a lot of food left over. I guess I didn’t have to cook for a week now.

Should I be serving dessert? I think I had some ice-cream-oh no. I threw it out the other day thinking I would be fitter without the indulgence sitting in my fridge.

Why Violet, why.

It was cookies and cream too.

“Hey, your cats are mauling your dress,”

I frowned, what dress?

“Wait get out of my room Liam,” I yelled half way washing the plate.

“I’m not in, the doors open gosh.”

“If it’s a dress, let them maul if. If it’s my jeans, rescue them rather than just staring at them,”

“I don’t know, I don’t really like your cats. I’m a dog person,”

So was I, till they said no dogs in the apartment and I ended up getting a cat and realised how affectionate they could be. And how delicate they were when you held them, their bones so fragile and fur so soft.

And nails so sharp when Charlie digs them into you, which he does often.

“Why, it’s a pretty dress,” Liams voice came closer before I saw what he was holding and shuddered.

“Ew no, let the cats eat it. My mum got me that, never wore it,” and besides it was too small for me. I looked at the short flimsy dancing type dress, it was a sharp deep ink blue, the colour was fantastic.

Black didn’t suit all people, somehow I looked pretty bad in black, but ink blue, that made me look good. If only it was actually my size and didn’t have sleeves that weren’t off shoulder.

I hated my shoulders.

I watched as he turned it around, thankfully there was a plastic cover around them that stopped the cats mauling the dress, I could see a tear in the plastic.

Damn it Charlie.

“Wear this to the wedding, he’ll have a heart attack,”



“No! It doesn’t fit,”

He scoffed as I switched off the tap and dried my hands, “Try it on now,”

“I don’t think so,”

“I think so. We’re trying to make the man pine for you,”

“Why are you trying to hook me up with him. No,” I said as Liam came closer.

“That’s what bros do, they help another bro out,”

“You guys don’t even know each other,”

“We bonded enough on the phone. Violet just try the damn dress on, and if it’s horrible fine don’t wear it,”

“It’s like five years old,” I said as he handed me the bag and I frowned taking it. It felt heavier than I thought it would.


I turned it around wincing at how bright the blue looked under the lights. Liam gave me a shove towards my room, “Just try it on, I’ll clean up,”

I groaned walking towards my room, there is no way this dress would fit.

“Charlie!” I snapped going into my room as Charlie was scratching the pillow. What the hell got into him?

I picked him up placing him on the bed and Satan jumped out from behind the pillow.

Oh right, that made sense.

“Charlie stop trying to kill your sister,” I picked up Satan walking to the guest room and placing her inside. I closed the door and looked at Charlie who had climbed back onto my bed and laid on top of the pillow, one eye closed and the other watching me.

“Don’t be a perve please,” I threw a scarf on the bed at him.

I looked at the mess that was my room, jesus, did I really make this mess? And then I remember I did, the bag I needed to take with me was under all the mess of the clothes I just shoved into my wardrobe, and to get it out, I threw everything onto my bed.

I was going to sleep in the guest room, there was no way I was going to clean that mess up.

“Hurry up Violet,”

“Wait,” I yelled back looking at the dress in my hands.

It wasn’t gong to fit.

It fit.

I cursed as I looked at the mirror behind my door turning around, it fit a bit too well. It wasn’t figure hugging, it had pleats and wavy fabric, and I was sure if I turned around it would puff up like a hot air balloon.

And the fabric felt too soft.

Violet zero, Mother one.

She picked well.

But there was still no way I was going to wear this, my shoulders. Urgh, were those my shoulders? They looked bulgy and fat making me reach behind and pull my hair draping it over both my shoulder to hide my visible skin and cover the neck line, which was slightly lower than I would like.

“Violet hurry up! I need to go home and study.”

With a groan I threw the door open tugging at the hem, “No,”

“No what? Don’t go home or no-whoa okay yes No don’t wear it to the wedding,”

“Told you, it’s hideous, this was a bad idea,” I said starting to turn to go back and change. Urgh I felt so out of my own skin.

“No whoa wait,” Liam reached out grabbing my arm and I turned around annoyed, “What?”

“It looks good, I’m just saying wear that I don’t know. A date. That is so not wedding appropriate. You know I’m having second thoughts on letting him have you,”

“Shut up,” I said giving him a shove rubbing my arm, “I don’t like it,”

“Well it looks great. Trust me, if he doesn’t have heart palpitations when he sees you, then you can dump him and date me instead,”

“How about I date neither of you, and then date my two cats,”

“Talk about insane cats, why is he staring at me like that,”

I looked over my shoulder to see Charlie leaning on his front paws, like he was stretching but his green eyes were locked on Liams.

“Caue you insulted him,” I said looking at the time.

“I’m going to go before he tried to kill me,”

I rolled my eyes following Liam to the table, “I win Monopoly by the way,”

“No you don’t. Take a picture, I plan to continue this game,” I said. There was no way I was going to let him off that easily.

“Yes I win. I own everything, hey you know what that dress reminds me off?”

“No, I own a quarter of the board,” I said as I helped him pack up. We made quite a bit of a mess, I guess sleep had to wait if I didn’t want bugs crawling my carpet.

“It reminds me of those dancing salsa outifts, you know those sexy ones?”

“No, I don’t watch Salsa,”

“Ah, my brother does, he’s gay so I get forced to go with him on all this Salsa competions cause he can’t drive,”

And that explained a lot.

“It’s really okay cause there’s hot chicks there,”

I placed the lid on it, “Good to know, go home and sleep,”

“I have to study,” he frowned reminding me of a little kid and sighed running a hand through his dirty blonde hair.

“Well study, and goodluck for your test,”

“You reckon I can bribe the teacher?” he asked as he walked to the door.

“No. I am pretty sure that illegal,”

“True, and my other older brother is a cop so he’ll skin me,”

“How many brothers do you have?” I asked as I leaned against the door frame as he put his shoes on.

“Three, I’m the youngest,”

“Hey! Same,” I said surprised. The only difference was, if I was a lawyer like my brother, I was sure my mother would be more proud of me. But just seeing at Liam’s notes was enough to remind me why I hated Law.

I actually had to study,

And I wasn’t that brainy.

“So much in common, bye,” he said as he bent down kissing my cheek, “I’ll text you after my exam. Maybe if she’s hot enough I can bribe her, if you know what I mean,” he said wriggling his eyebrows and I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t be so crass,”

“Again, I’m a male, we’re born crass,”

I rolled my eyes waiting till he got into the elevator before closing the door and sighed looking at the mess.

“Charlie, come eat all the dropped food,” I said looking around till I spotted him licking his paw on the dining table.

Of course, when I wanted him to eat human food, he wasn’t going to.

Instead he rolled onto his side showing me his stomach, which I still didn’t know what it meant.

Did it mean “Scratch me,” cause I thought cats hated that, and Charlie did scratch me a few times when I touched his stomach during bath time.

I walked over picking up the pizza and the wine, and the mess and saw his notes on the table,

Ah shit, he left his cheat sheet.

I looked around spotting my phone and picked it up, leaning over the coffee tbale because walking around it is just too much energy, as the door opened and I looked over my shoulder.

“Was just about to call you, you left your notes he-,”

But it wasn’t Liam in his blue jeans and grey university hoodie standing in my doorway.

It was Reed in his black suit pants and white shirt tucked in, “We need to talk,”

“Eh...” I said looking down at the mess on the floor and back at him, “Yeah but now?” I said standing up straight and clearing my throat.

Well this was awkward.

I spotted Charlie jumping off the table approaching Reed and I smiled, yes Charlie.

Claw him!

But instead he rubbed his back against him, “Traitor,”


“Nothing,” I said as I watched him bend down and pick him up.

“Look how about tomorrow? I’ll talk to you at work,” I said as he stepped closer and then his eyes went down to the mess.

I felt like a three year old who just didn’t want to ear her vegetables.

“Am I, disturbing, something?” he asked looking around.

“No, I’m cleaning up and it’s going to take time, so I can’t talk right now,” Which was the same thing as yes you were disturbing something.

I started walking towards the kitchen to put away the stuff when he reached out and grabbed my wrist, “Five minutes,”

I sighed, “Fine, speak,” I bent down putting the things on the coffee table and nodded towards the couch.

Reed sat down, Charlie hopping off his lap and going to his favourite arm-rest to blend in with shutting his eyes, traitor.

“I just want to say I’m s-,”

“Do you smoke?” I asked as I smelt it.

“What? No,”

“You smell like cigarettes,”

“Luca was smoking in the car, like I was say-,”

“Wait, did you just get back?” I asked.

“Yes, now-,”

“So I guess we’ll have to find a new spot for the wedding,”


“Oh right, my bad, speaketh your honoureth,” I waved a hand smiling and then it hit me, “Wait, how did you get in, did I forget to lock the door?”

“Violet just sit down and let me talk,” He grabbed my arm pulling me towards the couch. Of course I had to slip on a piece of chicken and fall face first onto the arm rest, at a hissing Charlie who jumped off.


“Fuck, sorry, are you okay,”

I shrugged off his hand and sat on the ground touching my nose, “Okay not broken, ew, I touched chicken,” I said wriggling my foot, “That’s gross, I need a shower,”

I could feel it icky between my toes, that was revolting.

“Do you have a tissue?” I asked looking up as he leaned down.

“No, your nose is red,”

“Great, I can’t afford plastic surgery right now,”

“Are you going to listen to me now,” he questioned his eyes narrowed slightly, wasn’t sure if it was cause I was annoying him or he was angry, or just tired. Were those black circles under his eyes?

“After you injured me, yes I shall,” I nodded.

He let out a frustrated breathe, man he smelt like cigarettes. Didn’t Luca know it was bad to smoke so much?

“Look I’m sorry if I ever-,”

“You need sleep,” I said reaching out and poking the circle, it was really distracting. It was like the white fur I came home too on the couch and I went OCD and have to clean it up cause my couch was black, not a zebra.

“Are you drunk?” Reed asked grabbing my wrist stopping me from poking his eye out, which I wasn’t.

“What no, why does everyone assume that? I am just genuinely curious, tired and sort of want my sleep,”

His eyes dipped down in frustration and froze, “Ah shit,”

“What? Okay now you’re being a perve, stop staring at my cl-,”

The grip on my wrist tightening and I felt warm lips on my mouth catching me off guard. His mouth tasted of scotch, and I only knew that cause I accidentally drank my brother’s glass once and it was very strong.

My heart skipped a beat as his other arm curled around my waist pulling my body flush with his, lifting me onto the couch on top of him.

I wasn’t sure exactly why I was kissing him back, my arms curling around his neck as his hands roamed down my side resting on my hips.

Dangerously low.

“Since you won’t let me talk, this is the only other way I can tell you how much I like you,”

I opened my mouth but no words came out.

So did he like me or like me like me. Cause there was a difference. And how the hell did I know whether to believe him or not.

For gods sake this was R- and my mind went blank as he kissed me again. This was a different kiss.


One hand tilted my head back allowing him to deepen the kiss and the other tightening around my middle pulling me even closer if that was possible.

“Damn it woman. This is what you do to me.”

I caught my breathe as my forehead rested against his, jumping when I heard a different voice.

“Whoa. That was hot,”

I looked up pulling away, as much as Reeds hands let me, and blinked.

“The door was open. Didn’t break in. This is like free porn. If I sit quietly in a corner can I watch?” Liam asked with a grin on his face.

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