Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 20: T is for Tipsy


Jenny looked up from writing something, “For Lachl-Mr. Anderson’s birthday, did you order the balloons I asked?”

The answer was fairly obvious by the way her eyes widened and her mouth made an “o” shape before she went, “oops,” and I tried not to groan. Really? It had been a solid week since I asked her to order the helium balloons.

“Never mind, I’ll do it,” I turned around walking back into my office. Lachlan was coming in today, he had finished his trip overseas and he was back to do the final check up on his birthday preparation. Taking the phone I dialed the number of the balloon company as I spun around the chair.

I was sick of phone calls, especially since my mother didn’t get the hint and went home and decided to call me, just as I was falling asleep to give me another million and one lecture.

It got to the point of throwing the phone for Charlie to play with while I slept. It wasn’t like it was a two way conversation, it was always, mainly, consisting of her speaking.

“Hi this is Deegan speaking from Party Supplies, how can I help you today?” I stopped spinning in my chair clearing my throat, time to order a hundred and ten balloons.

The phone call took longer than I hoped for, and the clock showed one. I was starving. Maybe having a breakfast was a bad idea, but I couldn’t resist toast and avocado. But whenever I had breakfast, I felt even hungrier. At least avocado was healthy.

Instead of opting to eat that chocolate bar that was no doubt sitting in one of the desk draws, I reached for my water bottle taking a god sip. If I had a break I could go eat something, or make a sandwich but Lachlan was booked in for one thirty and he was usually ten minutes early.

I hummed to myself as I opened his profile and my phone buzzed, looking down I saw it was Liam and smiled typing a reply.

He apparently ‘aced’ his test.

My phone buzzed in reply; No, how dare you. I did not bribe her for the answers

I smiled, I was just checking. Slipping of my shoes I relaxed in my chair texting Liam till I heard the jingle of the door. He must be here.

Slipping my shoes back on, I patted my still wet hair and hoped it didn’t frizz up like a lion’s mane and walked to the door.


“Mr. Anderson,” I nodded holding my door open. He was dressed in casual jeans and a t-shirt unlike last time I saw him, which seemed to be forever, in a suit which made him look intimidating. He walked in sitting in the seat, “Lachlan, please call me Lachlan,”

I know, but it was always impolite to refer to clients by their first name till they said so. I nodded walking back to my seat and opening the party folders, “So your brother popped in the other day,” Lachlan nodded moving in his chair so he could see the designs and plans I had drawn out. My favourite was the balloons, I had gotten carried away using the colours and creating more than seven different ways to have the balloons structured.

“There are the theme colours,” I said pointing to the list of three, gold, black and red, “Common James Bond colours,”

“This is all incredible,” I smiled and resisted the urge to say ‘I know’ but I did, it was part of the job.

“And also, there will be an ice-sculpture of the golden finger woman at the middle people can take photos with,”

The next hour flew by with still decoration. And then another about the cake, and when he wanted cake testing, I was definitely not going this time. Thankfully he said he can manage by himself and he’ll confirm the flavours.

I reached for my phone as it buzzed but instead of Liam it was Reed, which surprised me. I opened his message.


Hi? I thought confused, and sent a reply, that was...strange. I placed my phone back onto the table but my mind kept wandering, what did he mean Hi? Was something wrong? Was that a code that he got kidnapped? Or maybe that someone else took his phone.

After a few more minor details, Lachlan was gone and I finished up packing everything. I had more than a few hours to get ready, maybe I should take a nap. But of course knowing my luck, Jenny wanted help with invoicing.

I looked at the time, I had plenty of time, it was just that I wanted to sleep. Maybe I don’t have time for a nap. What was I meant to wear? He didn’t specify like last time? Maybe just casual. I couldn’t be stuffed getting ready.

My phone vibrated as I started walking to the bus stop and rolled my eyes when it was from Mum,

Bring him to the family gathering, Sunday.

Not if I can help it.

Getting onto the bus I found a two seater to myself sitting down, it was only five, I had till seven-thirty to meet at his place. Reed said he had work and I should just meet him there, I tapped my foot looking out the window.

But I really wanted a nap.

The knock on the door felt like forever before I jumped out of the couch walking over to open it and Liam strolled in like he owned the place.

“I hear you have a date,”

“Duh, I texted you, but that’s not why. Go look at Satan,” I said nodding to the white cat on the couch that had been sitting beside me while I watched Real Housewives of Melbourne laughing and crying and falling in love with how stupid the show was. Like they went to a hair dressers three times a week, I couldn’t even afford once a month!

“What about her?” Liam asked sitting next to her, she raised her head but then went back to the same position I found her when I came home, head on her paws in deep thought, or sleeping. Probably sleeping. Can cats think?

“I think Satan’s sick,” I said as I walked over. I motioned Liam to be quiet and waited for the wheezing breathe from Satan, she seemed to get uncomfortable with us looking at her and shifted.

I bit my lower lip sitting on the ground raising my hand to pat the feline, surprised her fur was pretty much still white and not dirty. I think it’s bath time for Charlie and Satan when I get home.

“Sounds like Asthma,”

“Can cats get asthma?”

I pulled out my phone texting Reed, asking him if cats get Asthma. He should know. And then sent another one a few minutes later to say that I think Satan is sick. Should I cancel the date? Take him to the vet? But the vet closes at five and I don’t think it was serious enough to go to the emergency animal clinic.

“I don’t know but even Charlie was friendly to her, he moved out of his spot when she got onto the couch,”

“My, my what a gentleman,” Liam said rolling his eyes and I shot hm a look.

“How was uni?” I stretched out my leg switching the TV back off mute listening to the show when Liam grabbed the remote and switched it off.

“It’s six,”


“When is your date?”

“Seven thirty?”

“You need to get ready,” I frowned trying to grab the remote back, “No I was watching that, ten more minutes,”


I grumbled sighing, how long did it take for someone to get ready? But I should have known with Liam, he would make me change and change and change.

“I can’t wear a white shirt again, I wore it yesterday!”

“That was a shirt, this is a T-shirt with a nice neckline, it’s fine. You also have different jeans on,”

“I look like someone who owns two types of clothing,” I sighed collapsing onto the bed and then regretted it when I felt something hit my head. I got up to see it was purple heels he laid out. Oh I remember these heels!

“Put this on,” He said and I traced the flowers on my blue jeans and looked up, it was a light vest jacket, a pale blue colour that was unique.

It wasn’t too much of a jacket and yet I had arms to move it on. I shrugged slipping it on, at least this way the jacket covered my muffin top and any other top that wanted to make an appearance out of these jeans.

“Let’s curl your hair,”

“Yeah no,” I said falling back onto the bed, he was not coming anywhere near me with a hot curling iron. My phone vibrated as Reed replied, “I don’t know, can cats even get asthma?”

“What?” Liam asked looking up from the ground he was sitting on trying to pat Charlie who was busy moving away and licking his paw, and then moving away and repeating.

“Reed asked,”

“Well I think so, and I’m smart, so it has to be right,”

I shrugged, replying. “Hey can you drop me off I can’t be stuffed,”

“Fine, the shit I do for you,”

I gave him a smile, “Knock yourself out, order pizza, there’s good wine in the cupboard and keep an eye on Satan for me, oh and feed the cats,”

“What am I? A cat sitter?”

Well...he was now. I closed my eyes sighing, “What’s the time,”


My eyes flew open and I sat up, “Shit Liam!”


“I was meant to meet him at seven thirty,” I yelled getting up and shoving the shoes on, wriggling my toes at the slight discomfort.

“He can wait, you can be fashionably late, wait, let me at least braid your hair!”

After making another ten minute delay I ran out of the car, and then realised running in sand was going to be hard and took my heels off holding them as I walked over to the house, and then slipping them back on.

Oh yuck, I had sand in my heels now. I hope I wasn’t too late. Who was I kidding, I had some serious apologizing to do, it was eight. I crossed my arms to keep myself warm, damn, why was it so...cold. And the wind so windy. I was going to fall over if the wind pushed me any further.

I knocked on the door again, where was he?

My phone vibrated and I looked down, thank god. I opened the message, “I’ll be there in twenty, you can wait inside if you want?”

Well at least I wasn’t late. I sighed, it was freezing! What did he mean, wait inside. How was I meant to get in?

I tried the handle rattling the handle after a few minutes, it was locked. Was there a window I can climb in through? Did he want me to break and enter? What if he had an alarm system? Then I’d be spending time in jail.

I sighed, where was he? I had Satan to look after, maybe this was a sign to cancel.

“Wait inside my arse,”

My stomach grumbled reminding me I didn’t eat anything, oh man I was starving. And then I remembered the key! I bit my lip looking over at the tile and walking over to pick it up, nearly falling face first when I realised how heavy it was.

It wasn’t a fake tile, pretty much a real tile that was loose. Wasn’t that dangerous. Opening the door I placed my bag in the gab and went back to put the key back. Just in case Reed needed it.

The warmth inside made me shiver and smile, it felt like a sauna. I liked it. But without Reed and all the lights switched off, it seemed a bit scary walking down. Reed should have a pet.

Satan was technically his cat, well the stray cat. And then Reed can deal with the stupid vet bills.

I was surprised at how the house looked clean, just like yesterday. I assumed there would be a lot more mess, even my brothers weren’t this neat. Did he live in this big place by himself? Didn’t it get lonely. Even with my fellow apartment people and a smaller area I was lonely. And I had two cats as well.

I spun around taking everything in and flopped onto the couch grabbing the remote, what was on TV? I flicked on to see the same TV show as home, Real Housewives but it was just over, well that sucked. I picked up my phone to text him just as he messaged me.

I’m so sorry Violet, I’ll be there soon, I swear stuck at work

I shook my head narrowing my eyes, date two was going to be a wreck like the first one. I could tell. And then I, Violet, had a brilliant idea. I should snoop.

Switching the TV off I grabbed my bag and walked up the wooden stairs. It wasn’t exactly snooping, I was just going to make sure he didn’t hit his head in one of the rooms and die, well have a concussion, didn’t want him to die.

There was a little sit out type area before it, like a mini lounge room upstairs which was a nice smart idea. I could see Charlie and Satan sitting here, wait, Satan, why would Charlie be here. Shaking my head I opened the first door, nearly getting blind as the lights shone in my face.

Aha! I knew it.

So he wasn’t perfect after all. He left the lights on in his room.

This is bad, I shouldn’t peek.

But good is boring and it was his fault that he was late. Let’s see what his secrets are.

I walked inside shutting the door and looking around. Even his bedroom seemed neat. The bed was made which surprised me, the big oak table, the oak themed seemed to be going on around the house, had papers all over it.

Aha, so another not perfect sign. But as I neared closer I realised even the papers had a organized theme about them. Well that sucks. My papers were like a game of jenga, try to get one without the rest toppling over. Skimming over the drawings I realised how precise and neat they were.

After a few more minutes oogling his work I looked at the door, ensuite bathroom?

I would have gone through and hoped it was a room filled with secrets but I saw the bed, and every part of me wanted to touch it. Just one touch, that’s it. But as soon as I sat down I closed my eyes, “Just five minutes,”

What was that noise? It sounded like a phone, but my phone was always on silent, the vibration was usually what notified me of a call or a text. I sighed taking a breathe and froze, why did the sheets smell so good?


I sat up looking around and saw Reed with his phone, “Oh,” I grumbled, so that was the sounds. Stupid phone ruined my slumber. “You’re here,” I muttered as I dropped back onto the bed sighing. Man this bed was comfortable.

“Can I keep your bed?”

“My bed?” Reed asked somewhat breathless and I rolled over onto my stomach, oh god this was so comfortable. And I light the red colour as well.

But if I stayed in this comfortable position much longer I was going to fall back asleep. Taking all my will power I sat up, “Sorry, I was going to sneak around and peek but then I saw this bed and decided peeking was for loser, winners sleep,”

I stretched my feet planting them on the ground and looked at Reed who was just staring at me like a statue, “What?” did I drool? Did I have drool all over me? Or maybe it was cause my hair looked like it just got electrocuted, or a mix of them all.

“Nothing,” Reed said rubbing his neck and I got up.

“Well, let’s go, I’m hungry,”

Which was an understatement, I was bloody starving. Never had the statement “I could eat a horse,” ever fit me so perfectly till now.

As I put my shoes back on I realised it was pretty late, and I needed some food in me. And also I couldn’t be stuffed going to a fancy place looking like this, my hair was a mess and I didn’t want to waste time and have the food take forever.

Where was a place where food was out in ten minutes? I knew it. “You know what, nothing fancy. Let’s just go somewhere casual, a pub?”

Reed looked up at me, his eyes slightly wide and smiled nodding, who doesn’t like the idea of pub food. “What do you say about meeting some people?”

I raised an eyebrow, people? As long as they came with food.

I shrugged, “Yeah,” I grabbed my bag of the floor and walked after him but my eyes kept straying. He looked the picture of an architect. He wore those beige-y cream pants that stopped just at his ankles, a white shirt tucked in and black glasses tucked into his shirt.

Talk about a dream.

I sighed, I couldn’t help it. He looked good today. I should make him wear that every day. Not to mention the unbuttoned shirt that showed too much skin for my raging hormones.

Shit. I stopped myself from running into him as he put the key back under the tile. We were outside? Already? That walk seemed fast.

I wonder, will he put on those glasses for me?

“How was work?” I asked walking beside him as I followed him to the car, frowning slightly seeing the car. Man, I want the motorbike. But it was cold so at least the car was warm.

I didn’t care about his word, not one bit, but I had to say something before I literally asked him to put those glasses on.

Man Violet, you should like a creep. Take a picture, it’ll last-actually I might just do that. ,

“Long,” Reed said opening the door and I got in.

Oh yes, the car was warm. Buckling up I leaned into the comfortable chair as he got in, his intoxicating scent not helping the closed space.

“Did I tell you? I think Satan is sick,”

The car ride was too fast for my liking, but I was hungry, but it was warm. The struggles. I got out shivering and tucking my hands into my pocket as I looked at the bar restaurant, not bad. I followed realising it was pretty packed.

I didn’t really think he would bring me to a bar, but thankfully he did. But who didn’t love bar food? Wait, I can think of a few people I dated who hated the.

I ran into his back when he stopped and took a step back rubbing my nose, why the hell did he stop? Some warning wound be nice. He reached out taking my hand as I rubbed my nose as I heard his voice. I might have broken my nose.

“Violet, I’d like you to meet my friends,”



Say what.

I looked up dropping my hand, “Uh...” somewhat taken back by the five pairs of eyes staring at me. Well shit did I look like a racoon or not. Sure I ran my hand through my hair but now it was slightly wavy and gross.

Hey Declan! At least recognised one person. The other three were guys and there was one stunning girl smiling at me. Shifting on my feet I looked at Reed.

Should have warned me.

Well he did say “want to meet people,”

I just didn’t realise he was one hundred per cent serious about it. I looked at them again silently thanking myself that it wasn’t anyone I recognised or was from the high school. God I wouldn’tknow what I’d do if I saw them again.

“This is Declan, who you’ve seen before,” Well thank god for that, at least I can talk to him. I shook his hand as he stuck it out, my hand nearly getting squashed. “That’s Joshua, Cameron, Nicholas and his girlfriend Priya,”

“Hi,” I said awkwardly sighing, well there went stuffing my face with as much food as I can, I had to eat dignified. I had to have, ew, manners.

I scooted in next to Declan in the booth type sit out and Reed followed in. They all seemed like nice people, especially Priya, not to mention how gorgeous she looked making me slightly self-conscious. There we go again Violet, see another girl and your mood just drops down.

But that’s not what should happen. God why can’t my hair be as silky and straight as hers? Maybe I needed to take care of mine more. I smiled nodding at their conversation, which was surprisingly easy and hilarious to follow as they filled me in on their adventures before they all shoved money at Reed telling him to get food and drinks.

Yes! Food!

“Why do I have to get it?” Reed whined from beside me.

“You’re the closest,” with a sigh he got up grumbling and walked off. My eyes followed him for a moment before something more interesting caught my attention and my head turned to look at, who was he, Josh?

“Did you just say footy?” I asked. He nodded and I sat up leaning closer, now this was a conversation I liked.

It felt like forever before Reed walked back, Priya helping carry the drinks.

I moved in to let him in as he sat down.

“What are you talking about?”

I smiled, “Which footy team we barrack for,” and then paused, looking back at him as he asked “You watch footy?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Who doesn’t,” He better watch footy, and he better support a decent team. Footy was detrimental if you’re living in Melbourne and if he wasn’t a fan our relationship wasn’t going to go anywhere. I loved going to late night matches.

He smiled, “What team?”

Declan broke into laughter, “You’re not going to like this one Vy,”

Oh no, he didn’t watch footy. Well...maybe I can make him grow to like it. I wasn’t a crazy fanatic, but I was pretty loyal to my team.


“Why, does he go for Collingwood,” I asked ignoring him, Declan shook his head, “worse,”

Yep, he definitley didn’t like foo-wait, What team is worse than collingwood, well for me since my team always lost against two teams more often than ever. I gasped turning to look at Reed.

“Carlton?” I asked looking at Josh and he nodded.

This might just be worse than no footy at all.

“What?” Reed asked looking highly confused as he looked between us.

“I don’t think we can date anymore,” I said shaking my head but then broke into laughter seeing his expression. Did he think I was serious? I looked at the bowl of fries, why wasn’t everyone digging in? I was starving, and someone had to make the first move.

Just do it Violet, you’re human and all humans needs to eat. I nodded reaching for one.

“Who do you barrack for?”

“Geelong,” I shrugged.

“Try this,” I looked up and Nicholas passed me a familiar drink and I looked at him shaking my head.

“I shouldn’t,”

“Why, can’t handle your alcohol?” Nicholas teased. Excuse me. I was wonderful at my eh...alcohol. I could do ten shots and be fine.

“I have work tomorrow,”

“It’s Saturday,”

“Not for me, I have an event to do,”

“You do?” Reed asked me and I nudged his side, really Reed? You’re meant to be supporting me, I gave him a look.

“Yep, planning eh, Liam’s birthday,”

“Just one shot, come on,” Nicholas whined looking right at me, dead set in the eye, and somehow I couldn’t just give up and let that challenge in his eye drop. I mean he was practically challenging me.

Oh it was game on.

“Drop me home okay?” I told Reed before grabbing the drink. The game was on. I downed the shot in one as Nicholas also did and we both looked at each other before smiling. I might not be able to handly my alcohol, but I sure could take it without shuddering and coughing.

Especially vodka, it was just water that tasted bad.

“Another one,” he said as Declan and Priya swapped looked, “What?” I asked looking at them.

“Nothing,” She said her tan skin going slightly pink with a blush.

“What? Tell me!”

“We’re placing bets,” Declan said only to jump in his seat glaring at Priya. Did she just kick him under the table.

“Bets for what?” I asked as I downed the next glass and this time wrinkled my nose. That was foul? Tequila? When did he change the shots?

Josh came back to the table with a tray of alcohol and I frowned, oh this was a bad idea.

“Reed let me go!” I tried pulling my hand back. He was such a party pooper! God he was annoying when he did this?

I tripped over my feet as he stopped, why does he keep doing that?

“Why did you drink so much?”

Um, because your stupid friends dared me too. His hold on my slighty loosened and I made a run for it, but his hand was around me immediately, urgh I was dancing. It was so much fun before he came to grab me, literally. I was making a quick bathroom trip when Shuffling came on, and everyone knew you just had to dance to that.

And then he ruined my fun.

“Reeeddd” I frowned leaning my head against his chest, man he was warm. I could smell his cologne or whatever that scent was that make me drunk faster than the shots itself. It also made me drowsy.

“I was dancing, duh.” And I made like new friends who wanted to dance with me!

“And Nikkie’s fault, he dared me. I love dares,” But my effort was wasted as he dragged me back and I sighed. I’ll just escape again, as if he drags me back when Titanium was playing. Like, I had the best dance moves for that!

“Ah finally, her royal highness returns,” Nicholas laughed and I glared at him as I got in and Reed stood blocking my way.



Put those glasses on.


“Where is everyone?” he asked grabbing the glass out of my hand and pushing it to the other end of the table out of my reach. What a jerk. I was drinking that?

Did he want me to die of thirst?


My jaw dropped, “Why can’t I dance, why can they dance?”

He didn’t reply which annoyed me and I huffed crossing my hands and not looking at him. That was it. I wasn’t going to talk to him.

Nicholas exited the booth, and I watched Reed step aside to let his friend out and smiled. “I’m going to get some more drinks, Hey Vy, you want one?”

“Yes please,”

“No, she’s had enough,”

“Pfft shut up Reed,” he said laughing and I smiled nodding, see, Reed was much better than his boring and very long to say name. Reed was too busy glaring at Nicholas so I crawled around, which was hard in heels and went to the other side and tried to get out of that gap. But he noticed and side stepped to block me and I sighed.

Why booths? Why did they only have one exit? It was like a C shaped booth with a stupid table, so there was only one side to exit from. I kneelt on the booth and the height of the seat made me taller than Reed for once, only by an inch but it was good to be taller.

“Where is your jacket?”

I looked down, oh, I shrugged, “I dunno,” I leaned over placing my hands over his shoulders. Why can’t I dance? Dancing was totally good for the human body, it had a lot of...positive shit happening.



“We match,” I frowned looking at his shirt and pulled at his collar. Urgh, why are we both matching. Stupid Liam.

“Well someone has to change, and I’m not,” he said. Oh shit. He had a point! I stood up straighter “True, okay,” I’ll just take it off.

“Um, Violet, what are you doing?”

“I’m taking it off, we can’t m-,” he grabbed my hands and I glared at him. Well he should change then.

“Then you change, do you know? We also match Satan,” I said, why were we all so white today? Oh no, my baby Satan.

“I th-think Satan’s going to die!” I cried falling back onto the seat.

“Poor Satan,”

Wait, I grabbed my phone, why was my phone so blurry. “I’m going to text Liam, he better had fed my cats,”

“Why is he in your house?”

“Called him to baby sit them,”

“Cat don’t need baby sitters Violet,”


“Oh yeah, they don’t do they?” I mean I never had one before? I smiled waving as I saw Nicholas walk back and patted the seat for him to sit.

“Want some?”

“No,” Reed said reaching for the glass but I beat him to it, slapping his hand away as I took a sip of the enticing yellow cocktail.

“Reed!” I snapped wiping my jeans, the stupid idiot grabbed it and now it was all over my jeans. Now it was all sticky and gross!

“Get me some tissues,”

I watched him move, this was my chance, “Nikkie shove,” I said but he just gave me a confused look. Sighing I crawled over him making him nearly spill his drink and got out when Reed turned back but it was too late.

I was free!

I ran towards the dance floor giggling as I mixed in with the hundreds of bodies. Justin B’s boyfriend came on and as much as I disliked the song, I still had rad moves. Yeah, you can’t dance better than moi.

I turned around feeling a hand around my waist, “Reed?”

Nope not Reed.

“No I don’t read,” the voice replied and I shot him a look shoving his hand off me, “Don’t touch kay,” I said and he shrugged raising his hands in defense.

I rolled my eyes and moved away from him to a less crowded space, this was making me stuffy. I sighed leaning against the wall, where was Reed? He should dance with me. No, but I’d win. Always!

“Hello beautiful,”

I looked up to see someone holding a drink, “Do you want one?”

I shook my head, never accept a drink from other people. “Are you sure?”

“Yes because if I’m drunk I can’t take care of Satan, and she’s sick,”

He raised an eyebrow and leaned against the wall, “What’s your name?”

“Whats your name?” I asked/


I stifled a giggle, “My names Anastasia,”

He didn’t get the joke. Well that was a waste of a joke. “Take one drink, I’m sure Satan can take care of himself.”

“No she can’t. She’s my cat,”

“Cat? Satan is the king of hell isn’t he,”

I raised an eyebrow at him, was he like...stupid?

“No, Satan is a cat...” he shook his head and I held a hand up, please, “eh no, I would know, he is my cat, duh” I think I would know.

“Interesting,” he said wrapping a hand around me and I slapped it. Why were people so touchy? I hated touchy.

“No touchy touchy,” I said as I looked up and smiled waving, “Reed!”

He didn’t look so happy and I moved closer to Christian, “Oh no, the dancing prohibit-er is here. If he asks, I didn’t dance okay?” I said before turning to Reed grabbing his hand.

“This is Reed,” Introductions were important. “Reed this is my new friend Christian, doesn’t his name rhyme with Satan?”

“No,” he said his hand wrapping around me. I smacked his chest, why was he such a kill joy.

“I know it rhymes,” I repeated the names, “Christian, Satan, Christian, Satan, Christian, Satan, Christian, Satan, hey where’s he going?” I asked as I watched Christian walk off. His name rhymes. He could be friends with Charli-no Satan.

Satan’s sick.

I sighed turning around, at least Reed was still here. I smiled seeing his glasses and lifted my finger grabbing them. Ah shit I was going to rip his shirt.

“What are you doing?”

I ignored him as I opened them and put them on his face, wincing as I stabbed him with it.

“Sorry,” I said as he fixed it and I nodded pulling his shirt, “You look good with glasses,” The sight made my stomach flip, there, the perfect Architect look.

“Yeah?” his thumbs looping into the belt hooks on my jeans pulling my closer.

“They make you look like a nerd,” I said, it was his turn to be the nerd. I took the glasses off and placed them back, “There, can’t have you going blind now can we,” I sighed wrapping my arms around his neck, running my fingers through his hair. How was his hair soft as well.

Priya and Reed must be using the same shampoo, I had to find out what it was.

He leaned in closer.

“Lean down, you’re so damn tall,” and then leaned back sighing as I remember I shouldn’t be thinking about kissing him, I had more important things to worry about!

“I think Satan has asthma,” I stepped back, a big one but his fingers still in my jean loops stopped me making me slip on the ground and my head banged against the wall.

Special Dual POV Chapter

He should text her.

He should not.

Alexander Reed spun from side to side in his chair debating whether or not he should text her, his pen tapping on the table as the door to his office opened.

“Mr. Reed?”

Alex looked up beckoning his assistant in and stopped spinning, “Yes Caroline?”

“I have the reports you were asking for, from Mr. Orisini. I also have Mr. Cho on line three,”

“That’s fine, thanks,” He said waving a hand and Caroline placed the folders on his table and hastily left the room. He could call Cho later, he had more important things.

Like whether I should call her, or not.

He was just about to get his mobile out of the draw when the door opened again and he looked up irritated, was everyone just going to come to his office all day long? But then it was Friday, and everyone knew how pedantic Alex was about getting their work done and handed to him so he can analyze it on the weekend.

Which he regretted now.

He wanted this weekend, work free.

Seeing that it was only Declan and Joshua he placed the phone on his table as the two gentlemen sat down.

“Hey man,” Declan said crossing his feet leaning back into the chair, “Carly just called us. She said she can’t ge the wood back by Monday,”

But she’s probably working, and too busy for him

“So I told her that if she doesn’t get it back by Monday, we would find another contractor, too bold?”

Maybe he should email her, do people still email each other?



Declan and Josh shared a look before Josh spoke up, “Are you even listening to us?”

“No,” Alex said before re-positioning himself in the seat, “Yeah that’s fine. She’s been late three months in a row, we should find someone else.” He nodded, he was briefly aware that they were talking about Carly.

But he had more important things. Like what he was going to do tonight, where was he going to take her? Why didn’t you think this through?

He told her to meet him at his house, since he was going to be late finishing off work, but now he realised that he should have probably gone and picked her up.

“And are you coming tonight?”

“Tonight, to where?” Alex asked his eyebrows furrowing as he started at his friends.

“I thought we were all going to the pub tonight, our monthly thing?”


It slipped his mind. It was a usual thing for them to go to the corner pub and order hot dogs with alcohol, it was something they’ve been doing for years. How did he forget?

“I made plans,” Alex said wincing. Was it too late to cancel? He can’t cancel on her. He just got a second chance after fucking up their first date.

Declan’s eyebrows shot to the sky as a half smile came onto his face, “Is this the girl I saw the other day?”

“Hmm,” Alex said responding and Josh sat up, “What, what girl? Who did you meet, how come I haven’t met her?” he asked feeling a little offended that Declan saw whoever this girl was before he did.

“She was hot,”

“Hmm,” Alex said, but this time it was a not so pleasant hmm, it was a disapproving one as he glared at his mate.

“Who’s hot?” Josh asked still out of the loop.

“Alex found himself a girlfriend,”

“It’s not final,” Alex said much to his annoyance. Declan scoffed, “Please, she was is your pjs, on your couch with half he-,”


“Who? Why does no one ever tell me anything?”

“Bring her tonight,” Declan suggested still leaving a confused Josh, well confused.

“Yeah, I guess I can do that. If she’s up to it. I told her I’ll take her out for dinner,”

“Well just bring her by for pre drinks and then you two can go,” Alex nodded picking up his pen and leaning back into his chair tapping it on his knee, he could. But would Violet like to meet the guys, but more importantly, was she going to like the atmosphere of a pub? He remember his previous fling hated it.

She liked finer things in life.

But Violet, Violet didn’t seem like that, and that brought a smile to his face.

Both Declan and Josh noticed the look on their boss’s face and exchanged looks themselves. “Alex?”

“Yeah?” he should text her, he picked up his phone and stopped, “What?” he asked when he realised they were staring at him.

“Nothing, we have a meeting in room 6 in ten minutes, you’re coming right?”

“Well obviously, I organized the meeting.”

“Right,” Declan said standing up, trying not to ask , “Since when did you say obviously?”

“Just making sure man,” Josh added as they both scurried out of the room like teenagers talking to each other.

Alex unlocked his phone, what was he going to say to her? He just saw her yesterday, what did he have to say to her?

A lot of things

But was he going to be annoying her with texts, he didn’t want to be that person. But he always remembered her slender fingers typing away on her phone, all the time, when she wasn’t talking to someone.

So she texts, a lot.

Without thinking he sent her a text and then mentally slapped himself, Hi, he said fucking hi.

What was wrong with him?

He was surprised when his phone buzzed back before he could even place it down, and he unlocked her message.


He smiled, at least she replied. Now what was he going to say. The knock on his foor made him get up sliding his phone into his pants, Caroline poked her head in, “Sir the meetings just about to start,”

“I’ll be there in a second,”

Ten more minutes, why did he plan this meeting?

Alex looked bored as he tried listening to one of his workers talk, but it was just that, boring. He was more pre-occupied with what he should text her. He had to continue it. Maybe he should send her another meme or a picture of something.

And then his phone buzzed on the table. Declan looked up from beside Alex leaning over to read it but Alex grabbed his phone before his mate could and shot him a look.

It was Violet. He unlocked the phone reading the message with a confused expression.

Do cats get asthma?

What type of question was that?

“And that’s all Mr. Reed. By August we can finish the construction of the complex.”

Alex looked up, “Do cats get asthma?”

Everyone around the table looked at him and Josh choked on his water as he looked at his boss.

Vishant, the speaker turned red in the cheeks, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

Alex shook his head standing up, “That’s fine. Meetings over,” He said grabbing his glass off the table and walking out when Declan caught up.


“Violet messaged me asking if cats get asthma, they can right?”

“You’re seriously talking about cats man?” Declan asked smiling. Alex shrugged, what was wrong about talking about cats? His phone buzzed again.

I think Satan has asthma

Declan peered over before Alex could shove his head into the wall, “Who’s Satan?”

“Her cat,”

“She named him Satan?”

“Go away, I want the Morrison report on my table before you leave,” he said leaving a very annoyed Declan in the corridor as Alex went back to his office typing up a reply.

I don’t know, can cats even get asthma?

He walked over to the drawing table looking at the clock and sighing, she must be home. It was past six, he could imagine her just lying on the ground with her cats and that made some sort of weird itch in his chest.

Her black hair loose like he liked, and dressed in the blue dress he remembered. And then realised he shouldn’t probably think about her in that dress when he was working. He opened up the Morrison project looking at the drawings, Declan would confirm the budget for the house they were designing and then he could fax the designs over.

The Morrisons were a very important client, they nail this project, and there were going to be a hundred more at their feet. Morrison was a very influential man. He slipped his glasses on taking out his ruler when his phone buzzed.

I don’t know. Liam thinks Satan has asthma. We googled the symptoms

Liam was over?

Alex narrowed his eyes, he didn’t like Liam.

“Here’s the report,” Declan said walking in as Alex looked up as Declan placed it and decided that was it. He was going home.

He tucked his glasses into the collar of his shirt and walked to his table to grab his keys and jacket and Declan looked up, “Also Morrison wanted you to give him a call today,”

Alex groaned.

One quick phone call, and then he would go

Violet knocked on the door again checking her watch, it was eight. Where the hell was he?

She sighed crossing her hands over her jacket and shuddered as the wind blew against her making her nearly trip over, stupid winds by the beach. Why were they much stronger?

She took out her phone giving him another call, was he passed out inside? Did he die?


Five more minutes, and then she was going to go home. He told her to come over at seven-thirty, and she was ten minutes late and was going to apologies profoundly. But clearly she wasn’t the only one late.

Her phone vibrated in her hand and she read the message out loud to herself shifting on her feet to keep warm.

“I’ll be there in twenty, you can wait inside if you want,”

Twenty? She had already been here for twenty minutes. She had left important things at home, like her cats and sleep. All she wanted to do was curl up and sleep. How the hell was she meant to wait inside?

She tried the door giving it a push and a wriggle of the handle but it was locked.

“Wait inside my arse,”

How the hell was she going to get inside? She sighed, she was hungry. That’s what happens when you skip meals, but then she couldn’t help it. Lachlan Anderson didn’t leave her damn office till four and then she hurried home to get a nap before she had to meet Reed.

Her mother ate her ear off all night which meant she never got any proper sleep, but then Satan looked sick and she called Liam to come take a look.

Big help he was, “I’m a lawyer, not a doctor,” didn’t she know that?

She bit her lower lip turning around when she remember the tile, the spare key!

She walked over lifting up the tile, much heavier than she anticipated and looked around till she spotted the silver key and grabbed it. She hurried opening the door and placing her bag to keep it open as she rushed back putting the key under the tile, just incase Reed needed it.

Like if he forgot his house key.

Rushing inside Violet nearly sighed at the warmth in the house, did he leave without shutting the ducted heating off?

The house seemed much more eerie that no one was in here, how come he didn’t have a pet? He should take Satan. Satan was technically his cat, well the stray cat. And then Reed can deal with the stupid vet bills.

She was surprised at how the house looked clean, just like yesterday. She was expecting the house to be much messier, her brothers when they lived out was much messier. It also smelled.

Hell even her house was like a death trap, she nearly tripped over her heels and broke her laptop and squashed Charlie all in one go.

She spun around taking everything in and flopped onto the couch grabbing the remote, what was on TV? The same thing that was on TV when she left her house, nothing.

She picked up her phone as it vibrated again and read the messaged.

I’m so sorry Violet, I’ll be there soon, I swear, stuck at work

She sighed slouching in the couch, date two was going to be a wreck like the first one. She could tell. But instead she didn’t care, she was going to explore.

Switching the TV off she grabbed her bag from beside her and walked up the wooden stairs. The view from the second floor was spectacular, and with the city lights in the background and the waves, she could just sit there forever.

Maybe not forever, that would be boring.

She looked at the doors, there were fewer doors up here, but she was tempted to peek inside.

There was a little sit out type area before it, like a mini lounge room upstairs which was a nice smart idea.

She opened the door peeking in, nearly blinking as the lights shone in her face.

So he wasn’t perfect after all. He left the lights on in his room, just like one of her brothers did.

This is bad, I shouldn’t peek.

But it was his fault that he was late. Let’s see what his secrets are.

Violet walked inside shutting the door and looking around. Even his bedroom seemed neat. The bed was made which surprised her, the big oak table, the oak themed seemed to be going on around the house, had papers all over it.

Aha, so another not perfect sign. But as she neared closer she realised even the papers had a organised theme about them. She looked at one of the drawings, not one mistake, sharp dark lines. Did he draw them with a pencil and then rule them with a fine liner?

There was another door which she assumed would lead into the ensuite, but she had other ideas.

As soon as she saw the bed she knew she had to sit on it. It looked like a marshmallow.

She was going to hate him.

Alex pressed onto the accelerator a bit more pushing the speed limit as he drove back home. He wanted a quick phone call, not an hour one with Morrison and then had to stay back to fax the stupid document, and the faxer just had to break down.

And then an accident just outside his work which meant he had to wait for the cars to be cleared before he could go, which meant he was now two hours late.

She would have left. He pulled into drive-way not bothering to park his car, it would take more time and he was going to drive out in a few minutes anyway.

Any sane person would have left. Making someone wait two hours was not acceptable.

He shut the door rushing towards his house reaching into his pocket for the keys when he realised he didn’t have them.

Shit, he left them in the car.

Alex looked at the car and sighed, he’ll just use the spare key. He lifted up the tile surprised to find the key, that means she left.

His hopes slightly shattered and the smile slipped off his face, she would have the key if she was waiting inside.

And she didn’t reply to his text, it’s been over twenty-minutes. His phone buzzed and he reached for it. Was it her?

It was Declan.

Usual spot

He frowned, he should just go now. But he wanted to go inside and check, a hopeful part of him still thought she was inside. But walking into the house all he heard was silence. He threw his keys onto the kitchen table.

He might as well have a shower and change before going to join the guys. He gave the couch another look, nope, no one sitting there.

Alex groaned running a hand through his hair, he blew it. Again.

There was no way Violet was going to give him a third chance.

He switched on the light upstairs, looking out of the window before walking to his room. Should he call her? Was she with Liam?


And there was a weird feeling in his stomach, dread? He didn’t want her to go with that stupid immature teenager. He opened the door striding in and going straight to his closet grabbing a fresh pair of casual clothes. Grabbing a white towel as well he headed to the bathroom.

He looked back at his closet and paused.

Are those shoes?

He was pretty sure he didn’t own a pair of purple heels. His eyes went from the shoes to the bag and his heart flipped as his eyes rose higher. Throwing the clothes in his hands on the chair he walked closer to the bed.


Sprawled on the bed not a care in the world was the woman that had been running in his mind the whole day, she had disappeared into the red covers making him nearly mistake her for a pillow.

She looked to content. Her eyes shut, her black hair coming out of the braid and sprawled against a pale red pillow and her body framed in tight blue jeans with flower prints on them and a white shirt with a blue vest jacket on top.

He crouched down beside the bed, her soft breathe coming out.

Must be tired.

He didn’t expect to find her here, in his room of all places, but he wanted to see it again. And again. And again. Sprawled on his bed. He liked the sight.

Should he wake her?


He just sat there watching her and nearly jumped when she spoke.

“Satan has asthma,” before scrunching up her face and turning around. Alex smiled, did she sleep talk?

I wonder what I can find out if I payed attention to her sleeping

But that was also creepy.

He went to stand up when the sound of a phone went off and he hurried rushing to put some distance and not seem like the stalker he was.

Violet shot up in bed looking around and her eyes found his as he put his phone on silence, stupid phone.

“Oh,” She said blinking and then running a hand down her face, “You’re here,” and then she flopped back onto the bed surprising him. It brought a small smile to his face.

“Can I keep your bed?” she said crossing her legs and the ankle and he saw the cute little red toes at the end.

“My bed?” he asked forgetting how to speak. She rolled over onto her front sighing and his mind momentarily froze looking at the sight before him. He couldn’t help it, he was male, 100% male and when he sees an arse in tight jeans like that, he can’t help it.

Much to his disappointment she sat up brushing the hair out of her face, “Sorry, I was going to sneak around and peek but then I saw this bed and decided peeking was for loser, winners sleep,” she threw her legs around sitting up with them on the ground.

“What?” Violet asked looking up at him and he cleared his throat, “Nothing,”

“Well, let’s go, I’m hungry,”

The shower could wait, he made her wait long enough. He grabbed his jacket of the back of his chair nodding to her as she slipped her shoes back on, “You know what, nothing fancy. Let’s just go somewhere casual, a pub?”

Alex nearly tripped over his feet when she said that and he nodded, she’s perfect “What do you say about meeting some people?”

Violet shrugged, “Yeah,” all she wanted was food. And she was hungry. Grabbing her purse she followed after Reed trying to not too ogle at him too much, but she couldn’t help it.

He looked like the picture of an architect. Beige pants, a dark brown belt and a white shirt tucked into it, not to mention the two buttons unbutton showing too much of his skin to make her thoughts PG rated. And those black glasses tucked in.

Violet nearly ran into him as he put the key back under the tile, she wondered, would he put them on for her if she asked?

“How was work?” she asked walking beside him as he led her to the car to her disappointment, she wanted the motorbike. But then it was cold, the car would be warm.

“Long,” Reed said opening the door for her. She got in glad that the car was relatively warm compared to the outside. She watched him walk around and open his own door getting in his intoxicating scent filled up the car making it hard for her to think.

“Did I tell you? I think Satan is sick,”

Violet followed closely behind Reed as she walked into the bar after him. She didn’t really thing he would bring her to the bar, but she was glad. She loved a good ol’pub meal. She ran into his back when he stopped and took a step back rubbing her nose as his hand found hers pulling her forward.

“Violet, I’d like you to meet my friends,”

Violet looked up at the five pairs of eyes staring at her and her hand dropped and mouth dried, “Uh...”

There were four guys and one other girl sitting at the table, all smiling up at here which made her feel a bit awkward as she looked at Reed. He could have warned her.

Well he did, but wasn’t it too soon to meet his friends? And then she frowned, high school friends? No, no one she recognised.

“This is Declan, who you’ve seen before,” she shook his hand to be polite, isn’t that what people did? Shake hands? “That’s Joshua, Cameron, Nicholas and his girlfriend Priya,”

“Hi,” well there went her digging into her food like no tomorrow. She had to have table manners. This felt like one of her mother’s dinners all over again.

Alex watched as she interacted with his friends, surprised at how quickly she got into a conversation with them. He felt a nudge beside him and he looked at Priya, “Hey,” he said turning around back to face the bartender making the drinks.

“Thought I’d come give you a hand carrying everything back,” she said but Alex knew that’s why she wasn’t here.

“Just say it,” he said as he waited for the last two drinks to be made. Priya smiled the little dimple on her left cheek coming out, as questions flew out of her mouth faster than Alex could answer. Thankfully the drinks were ready and he handed her two and grabbed the others.

He had never been more happier to get back to the table.

Violet looked up her brown eyes twinkling as she moved aside for him to sit.

“What are you talking about?” he asked kicking Josh under the table. Why was he staring at her like that? Alex glared at him but Josh only changed that expression to stare at him.

“Which footy team we barrack for,” she said and he looked down at her, “You watch footy?”

She raised an eyebrow, “Who doesn’t,”

He smiled, “What team?”

Declan broke into laughter, “You’re not going to like this one Vy,”

“Vy?” Alex asked looking at Declan, he gave her a nickname.

“Why, does he go for Collingwood,” Violet asked ignoring him, Declan shook his head, “worse,”

“Carlton?” he nodded and Violet gasped looking up at him.

“What?” Alex asked.

“I don’t think we can date anymore,” and she looked so serious when she said it he actually believed it before she broke into laughter.

“Who do you barrack for?”

“Geelong,” she said picking up a fry and popping it into her mouth, of course she did.

“Try this,” Nicholas passed her a shot glass and Violet frowned.

“I shouldn’t,”

“Why, can’t handle your alcohol?” Nicholas teased.

Spot on thought Alex. But then he was here, and he loved a tipsy Violet.

“I have work tomorrow,”

“It’s Saturday,”

“Not for me, I have an event to do,”

“You do?” asked Alex surprised he didn’t know about this.

“Yep, planning eh, Liam’s birthday,”

Liam was her client? But why the way she looked at him realise she was lying.


“Just one shot, come on,” Violet sighed and then look at Alex.

“Drop me home okay?”

Alex nodded.

One hour later, countless drinks later, he was trying to make sure Violet was not tripping over her feet.

This was a bad idea.

“Why did you drink so much?” he asked as he tried stopping her from running back to the dance floor.

The little minx

Told him she was going to the bathroom, didn’t come back after half an hour and he went to investigate to find her dancing on the dance floor.

Without him.

With other guys drooling. He felt raged.

She frowned digging her heels into the ground, “Reeeddd” she said frowning at him, a look that made his heart flip, “I was dancing, duh.”

“And Nikkie’s fault, he dared me. I love dares,”

Alex tucked that little piece of information into the back of his mind dragging her back to the table. He will find a dare for her.

“Ah finally, her royal highness returns,” Nicholas laughed as Alex pushed her into the booth blocking the exit with his body.

“Where is everyone?” Alex asked grabbing the glass out of her hand and pushing it to the other end of the table out of her reach.


That caught Violet’s attention as she looked a him with those big brown eyes he adored, “Why can’t I dance, why can they dance?”

Because you’re mine.

Nicholas exited the booth, “I’m going to get some more drinks, Hey Vy, you want one?”

“Yes please,”

“No, she’s had enough,”

“Pfft shut up Reed,” he said laughing and Alex frowned. He looked back as Violet snuck around the booth to exit the other way and he side-stepped to block her and she frowned kneeling up on the seat. The height of the booth gave her an inch on his height as she stared down at him.

“Where is your jacket?”

She shrugged, “I dunno,” she said suddenly leaning over, placing her arms over his shoulders, forearms resting there which caught him off guard.


“Y-yeah?” he asked smelling the light scent of her perfume. God it had been driving him crazy all night. And with her this close, the heat from her body, the soft against his hard, he was about to lose control.

“We match,” She said. He didn’t realise what she was talking about till she pulled at the end of his collar.

“Well someone has to change, and I’m not,” he said. She stood up, “True, okay,” she said grabbing the bottom of her shirt.

“Um, Violet, what are you doing?”

“I’m taking it off, we can’t m-,” he grabbed her hands stilling the movement before she really did it, and it was Violet, he was pretty sure she was going to.

“Then you change, do you know? We also match Satan,” she said her eyes widening, “I th-think Satan’s going to die!” with that she fell back onto the seat throwing her hands into the air.

“Poor Satan,”

Alex watched her sigh, was she going to cry? Nope. She took out her phone crossing one leg over another, “I’m going to text Liam, he better had fed my cats,”

“Why is he in your house?”

She shrugged, “Called him to baby sit them,”

“Cat don’t need baby sitters Violet,”

She paused looking up and smiled, “Oh yeah, they don’t do they?” Alex shook his head as Nicholas came back squishing in next to her.

“Want some?”

“No,” Alex said reaching for the glass but Violet beat him to it taking a sip of the cocktail before Alex grabbed it out of her hand spilling it onto her.

“Reed!” She snapped wiping her jeans and Alex just let out a breathe that it wasn’t on her shirt. He couldn’t handle that.

She looked at him glaring, “Get me some tissues,”

Alex turned around taking a step then realising there were tissues on the table, he turned back to see her climbing over Nich before making her escape.

“Nicholas,” he sighed and Nich shrugged, “Your girl, not mine, speaking of that, where the hell is mine?”

Alex ran after her but she was surprisingly fast in heels, before she disappeared into the crowd. He swore under his breathe.

He spotted Priya talking to some girls and walked over to her, “Did you see Violet?”

She looked up shaking her head, “Did you see Nich?”

“Yeah table,” he said before pushing through the crowd, just look for the wild dancing one. But he didn’t spot her.

He pushed through all the dancing couples looking around, but with the dark lighting he couldn’t spot her, but he heard her voice.

“No, Satan is a no, I would know, he is my cat, duh”

That’s her.

He turned towards the voice walking till he spotted her leaning against the wall with a slightly dazed expression talking animatedly to someone. Someone he hated already.

“Interesting,” He said reaching out for her only for her to slap his arm and Alex let out a breathe, at least she had her brain working. Her eyes spotted him and she smiled waving, “Reed!”

Alex finally pushed through the last part and walked towards her, not one bit happy. The other guy looked at her and then him. Alex just hoped the look on his face spoke enough, he didn’t have the time to start another argument.

What was it, the third one tonight? How did she not know how attractive she was?

“This is Reed,” She said grabbing his hand pulling him, “Reed this is my new friend Christian, doesn’t his name rhyme with Satan?”

“No,” Alex said pulling her closer to him, wrapping a possessive hand around her waist.

She frowned smacking his chest, “I know it rhymes,” she repeated the names trying to see if they rhymed oblivious to the stand off between the men.

Christian walked away and he focused his attention on the giggling Violet as she pulled at something. He looked down to realise it was his glasses.

“What are you doing?” he asked as she took them leaning against the wall. She smiled, a glint in her eyes, as she placed them on him, stabbing his cheek with the end of the glasses first.

“Sorry,” she giggled and he raised his hands to fix it. She sighed pulling on his shirt to make him step closer, “You look good with glasses,” she said her stomach twirling at the sight of him in glasses.

“Yeah?” Alex asked his hands on her waist, his thumbs looping into the belt hooks on her jeans pulling her closer.

Damn her scent

“They make you look like a nerd,” she giggled and he raised an eyebrow at her. She raised her dainty fingers taking them off him before placing them back hanging in the front of his shirt and patting his shoulder, “There, can’t have you going blind now can we,” she wrapped her arms around his neck, and raised on hand to run it through his hair.

He leaned in closer to her, the music and chaos behind him fading.

“Lean down, you’re so damn tall,”

Alex chuckled doing as she said and then she let go of his neck and stepped away, “I think Satan has asthma,” She said taking a step back but his fingers were still looped and she tripped falling backwards hitting her head against the wall.

Alex lowered her onto the couch and her eyes opened, nearly giving him a heart attack, “My head hurts,”

“Yeah, you fell,”

She narrowed her stare at him, “Are you sure you didn’t push me?” Alex opened his mouth to reply when she broke into a full pledged laugh throwing her head back laughing.

“I got you,” She said before sitting up, wrapping an arm around his neck and pulling him forward making him nearly trip over the carpet rug, for the second time today.

“Say it,”

“Say what?”

Violet cracked an eyebrow up, “Eh, the pick up line, did you fall fr-oh come on don’t make me say it,”

It took a moment for Alex to realise what she was going on about, why did she want him to say it? Nevertheless he opened his mouth , “Did it hurt when you gell from heaven,” he should have spotted the glint in her eye as she bit her lower lip.

“No, I clawed my way up from hell,” and then she was in laughter again letting go of him and giving him a shove making him fall onto the coffeet table behind him. He gave up righting himself and sat on it as she doubled over in laugher on the couch swinging her legs over.

“I got you again,”


“I’m good,”


“I’m great,” Violet said as she stretched out her legs, grabbing his right leg between her two, crossing her ankles gave her a grip as she tugged on it. Eventually he got the message moving closer to half sit on the cushion.

“You have to meet my parents,” she shuddered. Alex had overheard their conversation last night, “Only if you meet mine,”

Violet shook her head, her black locks falling over her shoulder just resting above her chest, the longer ones going past her shoulders, “How about I don’t meet yours, and you don’t meet mine. Wow, that sound fantastic!” she said as she sighed falling back against the cushions, a distant look appearing in her eyes.


“Because they aren’t family, they are prison wardens,” she said with wide eyes making Alex chuckle and lean closer to her.

“They can’t be worse than mine,”

“Wanna bet?”

Alex’s eyes crinkled at the ends as he smiled leaning even closer, “What do I get, if I win?”


Alex raised an eyebrow, “I thought he was already mine?”

“They why is he at my house?” kicking off her heels she turned around placing them in his lap and then leaned back over the arm rest.

“You’re going to get a blood rush,”

“Poh-tah-toe, poh-tay-toe Reed,”

He ran his fingers up and down her ankles earning a giggle from her, and it wasn’t long before she fell asleep, or passed out. In fact it was less than a minute.

Alex got up carefully trying not to wake her and pulled her further down into the couch. Picking up the files he went to the study room to deposit them in. His phone started ringing and he picked it up as he threw the folders onto his desk, looking at the caller idea he realised it was Declan, “Yeah?”

Alex could hear the faint noises from the pub in the background, “Is she okay?”

“She’s fine,” he said irritated at how closely she bonded with all her friends, he knew she was a lovable person, but he didn’t like to share. At least not when he just finally got her. “Is that why you called?”

“No Ohio called, he wants to change-,” Alex walked over to the main table picking out the plans as Declan went through the changes. Did they have to do this now? He had more important things to do, like take Violet to the guest bedroom, or watch her sleep.

Or not, that sounds stalkerish.

“Also the dimensions of his pool has changed,” Alex looked up as he heard a commotion and looked up, what was she up to now?

“Dec I’ll call y-,”

“Wait, nearly done, just change the measurements tonight and send them to me,” Alex surpressed a groan, was he serious?

“Fine,” he barked placing his phone onto the table and slipping on his glasses. Taking out the metal rules he grabbed his fineliner.

Why couldn’t this wait?



Alex looked up confused, “Violet?”

And suddenly her head poked through the door, “There you are. You know you’re meant to say Polo,” She rolled her eyes walking into his room barefoot, looking around in awe. Alex looked back at the paper, one line, and he was done.

But with her running her fingers over every inch of the table it was hard to do work, those fingers should be running over him, not some dead wood.

He winced, bad analogy. She picked up a paper-weight rolling it in his hands, “You use paper-weights?”


“That’s cool, I have a friend who loves paper-weights,” and suddenly she was next to him making him nearly screw up the line.

“Watcha doin? Ooh that line is mighty straight”

He placed the cap back on the pen throwing it carelessly onto the table and grabbed his phone, taking a picture and sending it to Declan. And now that he was finally done, he can turn his attention to the beautiful woman next to-or not.

He turned around in a circle, where the hell did she disappear in the ten seconds it took him to send a text?


He looked over his shoulder as she spun in his office chair, “Violet, don’t you’ve had a lot to drink,” he rushed over stopping her chair, her face was already going a pale colour.


I’m sure you are

He caged her in, his hands on the arm rests as she leaned back, “I feel fine,”


“Not going to throw up,”

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” he said making a move to hold her and she slapped his hands.

“Totally fine, oh hey, you’re wearing glasses!” and just like that all the colour in her face returned.

Did he just roll his eyes at me, I think he did. Violet narrowed her eyes at him as he moved to take his glasses off and she frowned. But she liked it, a lot.

Especially seeing him standing over that desk, the white shirt, dark glasses and oh, that made her insides melt into mush like Charlie’s cat food. She’d pay to see that sight again, and again and all over again.

“Come on, you need to sleep,” he said and she grabbed him by wrapping her arms around his shoulders before he could leave her to follow.

“Can I have your bed?”

“My bed?” he asked standing up and she squealed as he pulled her up, leaving her on her tippy toes, barely being able to hold on. Damn it, where were her heels? She wore them for a reason. He surprised her by wrapping his hands around her before lifting her up, like a backwards piggy back, wait, no, that didn’t sounds right.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, “It’s comfortable, it reminds me of sleeping in a marshmallow stew,”

“A what?” he said as he carried her out of the room, “You need your sleep,”

“Sleep is good, its for winners,” She said nodding as she brought one hand away from his shoulders, he seemed to have a pretty okay grip on her, and poked his nose making him nearly falter.

What the hell was she doing?

“Violet,” he said tightening one arm around her and pulled the other away to move her finger away from his face, a finger which was dangerously close to his eyeballs.

He wrapped the hand back around her as he walked up the stairs, her lower lip pouting a frown and looking extremely tempting. She plucked the glasses from his shirt and slipping them on.

“Whoa,” she said looking around, letting go of his neck, “Violet you’re going to fal- no stop moving,” He grumbled. Maybe he should go drop her onto the carpet and see if she learns a lesson.

But he couldn’t do that. He just watched her turn around in his hold and tried not to drop her as her hair flicked in his face. That was it, no more shots with Nich, no more stupid nick names either.

“I think you just gave me a glasses fetish,”

Now that comment nearly made him drop her as he coughed kicking the door open, “W-what?”

She took them off and then closed her eyes holding up her hands before she leaned backwards.

“Shit Violet, wa-,” thankfully he got to the bed in time and she hit the mattress, her legs still around him.

Definitely no more alcohol for her. He patted her cheek, did she pass out.


No answer. Her eyes suddenly opened and she grinned, unwrapping her legs and climbing further into the bed, “Sleep is for winners,” She muttered before she passed out.

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