Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 23: W is for Wedding Rehearsals

The days before an event are always busy, and we had a four days left before Samantha’s wedding, and it was just chaos.

“What do you mean you can’t have the cake ready?” the last thing I wanted to do was scream at my friend, but I couldn’t help it. When Vanessa called me at six in the morning telling me there was an “Issue” I was ready to strangle myself.

Vanessa shifted on her feet in her cake store as she looked around “Um, well, the cake they ordered is very descriptive and har-”

“We ordered this quite a while ago, you always get the cakes ready Vanessa, what the hell the wedding is in four days,” and this was the last kind of stress I needed.

Did I get a pimple yet? I bet I was getting pimples now.

“I know but uh, the girl who was meant to place the order um, may have forgotten to and now there is no time to place the order and have the cake ready, I’m really sorry Violet, I need at least a week for it to be made, it’s pushed to the back of the list.”

“Vanessa you’re killing me,” I groaned letting my head bang onto the counter not caring that she had other customers that could probably see me. I wanted to scream.

Where the hell was I meant to get a butter popcorn I don’t know what the fuck was on the list cake in four days. I can’t even bake a proper cake let alone a massive wedding cake.

“I’m sor-” I stood up waving a hand, Vanessa repeating sorry wasn’t going to help me.

“Whatever I”ll figure something out.”

“Well, I have an idea, if you won’t by my head off.”

“What?” I asked, right now I was willing to do pretty much anything to get this wedding up and going again. She looked around her again and I raised an eyebrow, what made her so nervous.

“Well, I don’t know if you remember but uh, Eric’s grandma has a cake store and she makes Italian wedding cakes.”

My heart just stopped.


“I know, I know you guys are over now but you can just call him up and ask him or something I guess I mean he and you are still in touch right I know she might be free to bake you one or,”

“Just shut up,” I snapped making her waffling stop, “I am not calling Eric up,” I take it back. I wouldn’t do anything to get this wedding on track again, fuck it, his sister can go without a cake.

“I have to go, I’ll text you later,” I told her, I was furious at her, but she was still a friend.

“Again I’m really sorry Vy!”

“Yeah yeah,” I muttered closing the door, great, Jenny better have some good news for me.

She didn’t.

“I mean on the bright side we do have a venue?”

“Yes but we have no music, no cake, no decorations. Pray, do we even have a wedding?”

Jenny bit her lower lip, “I can find a new band and some more decorations to help what we already have.”

“Yes but Jenny the wedding rehearsal is tonight. They want to see what it looks like.” Isn’t that how it worked. You saw it, and then you made changes in the next few days, not just plan it all. You were meant to taste the food, look at the venue, see the decorations and music, and plan it all.

Maybe I could learn how to play the Violin in an hour and also bake a trial cake or something.

“Why don’t you ask Oscar’s band to play at the wedding.”

I nodded and paused, “Which Oscar? My cousin Oscar?”

Jenny nodded and I let out a strangled laugh, “You do realise they’re called Bleeding Anus? They are a rock band, Samantha wanted classical music.”

“Yeah...but they can play instruments, let’s see if they can do us a classical piece or something or learn one. And maybe not mention their band name.”

“Ugh why do I need to do this, why Oscar, why don’t you call him and ask.”

“Because last time I called your cousin he hit on me, I don’t think so.”

“If I need to talk to my Ex, you need to talk to this kid that has a crush on you. Flash him some leg or something and I”m sure he will play classical.”

“So you will talk to Erek.”

Oh shit “No, I take it back, I’ll deal with my cousin,” after all I could always just threaten or blackmail him with some childhood pictures. Great. I got this, “You can find a cake replacement.” I nodded standing up, “Good talk, I’m going to go check out if the venue is still available.”

Because if the venue cancelled, I was flying away to Tahiti. I needed a break.

“No Violet, just call him, you know his grandmother loves you.”

And that was where the problem was, she followed me into my office as I tried getting my purse so I could check the venue, maybe they had some decoration artists we could hire. Which was going to cost us a lot that we would have to cover, because it was our fault after all our original designs failed. Which means all extra costs we would cover. Great this wedding was getting from and to worse.

What else could go wrong?

“Come on, she would do anything for you!”

“Anything is a big pledge.” I pointed out as I slipped my heels back on, I really need to stop walking around the office barefoot when there were pins everywhere, the last thing I needed was a limping leg, “And that was only when she thought I was marrying Erek. We’re over, I’m sure she wants nothing to do with me now.”

“Oh come on, just go see her.”

“I can’t see her behind Erek’s back!” well...actually. Now that I thought about it, she did own a store. I frowned, how desperately did I need this cake. Did Samantha even need a cake? How about I just buy a shit load of donuts and pile them like a cake?

That would work right? Throw in some edible flowers and done, perfect.

“Come on please, I’ll talk to Oscar!”

I groaned, “Why does it feel like I have more to lose here than you.”

Jenny gave me that sad face of hers she does so well and I rolled my eyes, “I’ll think about it, I’ll have to go check the venue now.”

Well that was one thing that was working, the venue was booked and saved. And they didn’t have any decoration artists but they did say they would put some up for tonight the best of their abilities, of course this was another expense to add to the list.

Why did things always go wrong?

I stepped out onto the footpath walking towards the station when my pone buzzed and I groaned looking at the message from Jenny, Did you ask him yet?



What if I told her I did ask his grandmother and she said no. That would work. But that didn’t solve the problem of not having a cake. Well, I paused in the middle of the footpath, I was in the city. There were a lot of cake stores here.

I’ll just ask each other.

Excellent, how hard could it be? There had to be someone who could make a wedding cake in three and a half days!

This wasn’t working. If I jumped int the yarra and drowned it would solve all my problems, and the murky brown water that was filled with bacteria, human feces and probably remains too looked quite well on this sunny day.

But that would leave Jenny by herself. God damn it I needed a new job. No, I didn’t. I loved what I did, I just needed better clients who didn’t demand so much, and better connections that wouldn’t cancel last minute.

I guess my mistake was to trust friends and their companies instead of doing what I want. God damn it Violet, learn how to say no.

My phone started ringing and I looked at the caller I.d. Damn it Jenny leave me alone. God I gotta run away.

But I picked it up as I started walking again, “Hello?”

“Yeah it’s me, I asked Oscar, He said he will talk to his band. I’ve kept my side of the deal, now I owe that stupid teenage a date, what about you did you get the cake?”

“I asked like every store in the city, no one can make a cake in such a short notice, especially a wedding cake bigger than normal ones,” Damn it why did the Reed family want it all extravagant. I scoffed, rich people.

Well I couldn’t say that, my mum would do the same.

“Did you ask Erek.”



“I will now.”


I rolled my eyes walking to the taxi rank, “Whatever,” I muttered as I flagged down a taxi. Great, time to pay this Ex of mine a visit. Especially since I had no idea where his grandmother’s store was, somewhere in Richmond and that was it.

Urgh, did I have to see this two faced jerk?

But before I could change my mind the taxi sped off and I swore silently in my head, god, give me the will not to choke him before I get a cake.

Violet you can do this, what did Liam call me, oh yes Vulan, you were bloody Vulan. But even Vulan had to be scared of something.

I grumbled staring up at the large office building, I don’t even know if they would let me in, I mean our last meeting wasn’t that friendly. God damn it Erek, why did I hate you so much.

The taxi had sped of as well so I was left with no other choice than go up, and up it was. With a silent angry prayer I walked towards the revolving glass doors, well at least he had these at his office, I loved revolving glass doors. Maybe I should just go round and round in this.

You spin my head right round right round, no this wasn’t the time for Flo Rida Violet, When you go down when you go down down-wait, down where? I paused nearly losing my footing, no don’t think about lyrics, think about the cake, a wedding cake, his grandmother.

Right, back on track, I walked up to the receptionist, I was pretty sure he worked here. The young man looked up smiling at me and I returned the smile, “Uh hi, I was just wondering if an Erek Clarinkton worked here?”

Great work Vulan, great way to sound like a mouse, assert your authority woman! Demand you speak to him.

“I can find out for you, who’s asking.” he asked as he picked up a phone. I grumbled to myself, did I have to tell him my name, “Violet.”

He nodded and I leaned against the desk looking around at the vast empty space, with a few couches in the corner and that was it. And an over extravagant chandelier. Why did they have so much empty space?

“He’s on his way.”

“Thank you.” I nodded, well, he was actually seeing me and not shutting the door in my face, point one for me. I rolled up the sleeves of my cardigan, was it just me or was it getting hot in here. It almost made me want to chicken away and bake the damn cake myself, not that I was a good baker.


I winced, god I hated that nick name even more now. I turned around plastering the most fake smile I could give him, which wasn’t much and leaned back when he went to hug him. Nuh uh buddy, and he was smart, I’ll give him that, because he dropped his hands before I could rip them off.

No Violet, you want something from him so be nice.

“Hey Erek, how you been?”

He smiled rubbing his palms together, “Excellent my dear excellent, what brings you around here? Would you like to go for a coffee?”

“No, I’m good thanks just had one,” liar, “Um, I was just wondering....if your grandmother still making cakes?”

This caught him slightly of guard as he started at me, “My grandma?” he said “Oh, her, yea I guess so...why?”

“I need someone to get a wedding cake in three days,” Or so. He just stared at me before I could see slight disappointment in his face. “Oh, right of course.”

I nodded shifting on my feet pretty sure the receptionist behind us was having a good time watching this awkwardness, maybe he even had popcorn, except this wasn’t that entertaining. Actually I wanted some popcorn right now. Would he share?

“It’s a pretty big cake, would she be able to handle it?” from the last time I remembered her she was still very old, she had energy but I didn’t want her to wear herself out.

“Yeah she’ll be fine, give me five I’ll tell my boss and take you there.”

“Just give me the address, I can go,” I said I really didn’t want to go with him, “I mean like you don’t need to take time off work.”

“It’s fine I haven’t seen her in ages.” before I could stop him he rushed off and I swore under my breathe turning around my eyes narrowing at the receptionist, you hide your smile son, you do that. Erek was back in a few seconds and nodded for me to follow him.

Grudginly I followed him because she did make amazing cake and this was my last chance. I had no idea of anyone else who could make a wedding worthy cake and Samantha only wanted the best.

One thing that hadn’t change was my love for his car, it was a Jeep and I loved Jeeps.

“Should we tell her we’re coming?” I asked.

“Nah she’ll be home,” that wasn’t what I meant but I shrugged climbing in. I couldn’t remember if it was a long drive or a short drive but I prayed it would be as fast as possible I didn’t really like the awkward silence there was.

It was anything but a fast trip but thankfully the radio was on and I spent most of the time texting on the phone. Whilst I want to be grateful that the was actually taking me to his grandmother I didn’t want this anything more than a favour.

Does this mean I owe him now? Gosh I hate owing people.

I made a move to get down and I felt his hand on mine as I unchecked the buckle and looked up narrowing my eyes.

“Sorry,” He said immediately taking his hand off which I appreciated, “Um just one thing, she doesn’t know we’ve... you know.”

No I don’t know, “What?”

“Broken up.”

I frowned, “What do you mean.”

“She still thinks we’re together.”

“Are you serious?” And I was pretty sure I wasn’t using my “inside voice” right now, “Why the hell didn’t you tell her.”

“Because she really likes you! And she’s old I didn’t want to upset her.” bull shit I was sure the lady could take it, she swore more than me. “And I thought we would get back together.”

Great, not this again. “Fine.” I can pretend that I hadn’t broken up, but I wasn’t going to pretend to be his girlfriend or whatever. I opened the car door, the cake better be worth it.

I walked over to the small house, the white picket fence was still there and the contrasting bright red door, even the plants were well maintained. I knocked on the door waiting for someone to come open it while glaring at Erek who was shifting on his feet no doubt uncomfortable.

It was a while before the door opened and I smiled as I heard the old lady squeal, “Violet!”

The fly screen opened and I felt her arms around me, gosh she was strong for an old woman, “Oh I haven’t seen you in forever!”

She kissed Erek on the cheek telling us to follow her in. The house was neat inside, just like I remembered.

She led us to the kitchen giving us some water with ice in it, “How are you both?”

“Fine grammy, how are you?” Erek replied starting a conversation while I looked around. I didn’t know how she did it, but living alone in a place all by yourself, I wasn’t sure how I would do it, at least I had my cats with me. My poor little babies.

“We just need a quick favour.” I heard Erek say and I turned around, this must be it.

“You didn’t knock her up before marriage did you?”

I chocked on my water and Erek went bright red as I coughed, “There there it’s okay I won’t tell your mum,” She patted my back and I cringed.

“No she needs a wedding cake baked.”

“Oh, why didn’t I get an invitation.”

“Grandma.” Erek groaned, “For someone else’s wedding.”

“Right right.” she huffed walking around to the other side of the bench, “I will, give me the details dear, I don’t get why you guys aren’t married yet.” this time I shot Erek a glare if he just told her that we had broken up a long time ago none of this would be happening in the first place.

Erek looked like a fish out of water as he shifted on his feet casting me a glance and looking away immediately. I was going to strangle him.

I watched as his grandmother pulled a massive binder from under the bench top and waved me over “Come here dear, let’s plan this.”

“Thanks.” I said as I opened the door, finally, home. I didn’t think it would take this long for us to plan a cake but it did, if it was the cake Samantha wanted. And luckily she said she could make it in time, after all she had workers in her store.

“Let- uh, Violet.”

“Hm?” I turned around half tired and sleepy, it was nearly ten and all I wanted to do was snuggle into bed.

“Can I get some water or something?”

“Oh right yeah sure.” I didn’t really want to let him upstairs, but it was the least I could do, whilst I didn’t like him anymore I must have seen something in him when I began to date him, I shouldn’t have been so hostile, he still helped me. So I could give him a glass of water.

I opened the door nodding for him to get in, at least my apartment was neat and I didn’t have clothes everywhere.

“Oh hey Charlie!”

I looked over as I grabbed glasses, “That’s not Charlie, that’s satan.”

“What?” Erek looked up confused as the white cat stared at him from the couch, “I thought your cat was called Charlie.”

“I have two cats.”

“When did you get another cat?”

“Here,” I pushed the glass towards him, leave my Satan alone and stop trying to pat her. I hope she would claw his arms off.

He walked back to the counter, “Thanks,” there was a long silence as I waited for him to finish his drink and leave, “Where did we go wrong.”

I internally groaned, were we back to this conversation.

I bent down to pick up Charlie, “Hey bub.” I rubbed my knuckles against his head.

“Oh there’s Charlie.”

He held a hand out as if asking to pat him and I smiled handing Charlie over, do your thing Charlie. It wasn’t long before he squealed like a girl as Charlie such out his paw and I caught Charlie before he hit the ground.

“Hey! Don’t drop my cat.” poor baby. Charlie hissed burying his face in my arms, “He clawed me!”

“Oh sorry, I must have forgotten to trim his claws.” oops, I wonder how that slipped my mind. That’s what happens when you ask shit questions. “You better leave now,” I looked up at Erek’s forearm, I was such a sadist.

“Do you want a tissue?”

“I’m fine.” Erek said but I grabbed one anyway, don’t get blood on my clear tiles. I just steam mopped them this morning. I waved a tissue in his face, okay, don’t get it.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Sure sure.” good job Charlie I patted his head, I raised you well, you were just like me. Genetics worked a treat, wait, he was a cat I was a human. Same thing.

I carried him over to the couch while Satan just watched us from her little comfy spot and kicked my legs up, “Well my minions, it’s just us now.”

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