Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 24: X is for Xenon

“You’re amazing.”

I stared at the five tier cake nearly jumping for joy, but I didn’t. Because I had to be mature.

“She is isn’t she.” Erek pipped from beside me and I tried not to shoot him an angry glare for interrupting my ogle of the cake.

But I didn’t because he did help his grandma bring it to the office.

“I just couldn’t get all the popcorn on since someone was rushing me,” she said glaring at Erek and I smiled, at least someone was doing the glaring I wanted to, “But I hope its okay. The cake boxes are also made.”

“Thank you so much you’re a life saver.” The simple elegant cake was a ivory colour which will make the caramelised popcorn stand out on its levels, not to mention the inside with its various toffee and caramel layers would be the ‘wow’ factor. There was also three options of groom and bride top pieces in a box so the couple could choose.

“Come on let’s put it into the fridge before it melts or something.” Not that it will so easy but with so many layers and the various caramel fillings inside the cake I didn’t want anything to get ruined. And this was the only time I Would be somewhat grateful Erek was there, since the cake was far too heavy for Jenny and I to just carry it.

“Well, all that’s left is making sure the photographer is going to turn up.” Jenny said as he placed all the cake boxes into the boxes having it all ready. Everything was packed and planned and the only thing left was for the hen’s party tonight and the wedding tomorrow.

I never understood why they would have the hens and bachelors before the weddings, you could have it three days before or something but most people preferred before, but then you’d be too hangover for the wedding.


“What?” Jenny asked looking up form the her checklist, “I forgot to ask what song the bride wants for her wedding dance.”

God damn it Violet why can’t you remember anything? I grabbed my phone to give Samantha a call but no one was picking up. Look at the time it was nearly five, surely they weren’t at the hen’s party already.

But she would be busy.

Thank god we didn’t have to plan a hen’s part as well or else I would be super stressed out.

“Hey Violet?”

I looked over my shoulder at Erek, “What?” I asked as I redialled the number.

“I’m going to head off now, drop gramps home.”

“Right, sure, thanks for all your help.” I nodded, “Jenny transferred the money for the cake tell your grandma to let me know if she got it or something.”

He nodded and hesitated like he was going to say something before nodding and walking out the door. “She’s not picking up.”

“Call Alexander.”

Right off course, with the wedding so close I barely saw him apart from his stupid texts about random facts. I called him holding up my phone as I looked at Erek who was still lingering, was there a reason?

“Oh look who’s decided to stop ignoring me.” his cheery voice greeted me and I looked down at the paper in front of me, “Shut up! I was busy.”

“Aha, sure, how can I help you my troublemaker,”

“Uh, so we forgot to ask your sister what song she wants for her first dance, and is it going to be the normal classic down the aisle, like 99% they choose that but theres always that one person who wants something else.”

“Classic is fine and I’ll find out and tell you tonight.”

I frowned, “Tonight, what’s tonight?” I checked the calendar flicking through, nothing was pencilled in tonight.

“I’m taking you out for dinner.”

“What? No Reed I can’t I’m busy.” I still had so much to do, “Don’t you have the bachelors party anyway?”

“That starts at eleven, I’ll meet you soon I’m ten minutes away from you anyway.”

“What?” I looked at the clock, “Reed seriously I will cut you if you come here, I have so much to do-,”

I stared at the phone, “The bastard hung up on me.” I muttered slamming my phone onto the bench and then regretting it, I can’t afford to buy a new phone. Damn it.

Someone cleared their throat and I looked up, Oh Erek, he was still here. “Can I talk to you?”

“I’m busy Erek, can it wait?” I asked. I placed the cap back on the pen taking my time despite how “busy” i was. But then...he did help me with the cake. I looked at him and I sighed, damn it why was I so nice “Alright fine make it fast.”

I crossed my arms across my chest looking at him, as he nervously shifted in the spot like he was jumping from one foot to another to keep warm, “Well?” I asked.

“Do you uh, wan’t to go get something to eat, with gramps and me?”

“Is that what you wanted to talk about?”

“” he suddenly took a step closer, a step too close for my liking and I had to crane my neck to look up at him, damn it why was everyone so damn tall compared to me.

I looked at the office room behind where the door was shut, where the hell was Jenny when I needed her? I nearly jumped out of my skin when he grabbed my hand off the bench holding it between his, “What the hell are you doing?” I asked trying to pull my arm back forgetting how strong he was despite his looks.

“Take me back.”


“What?” another voice asked and I looked up to see Jenny, “Uh sorry am I disturbing something?” She asked looking confused and between us. I tried giving her a message through mouthing it but she just looked at me confused.

“No because Erek here was just leaving.”


We both looked at him, he cleared his throat standing up more confidently, “I’m not leaving till you agree to go out with me again.”

Well then he was going to be stuck here for a long time, wait no, I didn’t want him to be stuck here. “Erek your grandmother is waiting for you in the car don’t make her wait.” Jenny reminded him and I nodded my head agreeing profoundly.

He narrowed his eyes at her before he turned them to me, “This isn’t over.”

“No it sort of is.” I tugged my hand back, “Erek just go. Thanks for the help with the cake but that’s all there is.”

He opened his mouth to say something but then thought the best of it and turned around walking out the door and I looked at Jenny, “We could have totally avoided this if we could have just found someone else.” She looked slightly guilty.

“Yes but we got the cake, does it matter now?”

It does matter because she wasn’t the one that went back into her ex’s life reminding him that she still existed, I just hoped Erek dropped it.

I sighed turning around walking into my office, I still had to confirm the last minute change of band. I shut the door looking at the chaotic mess of a room I called an office. God why did it always get so messy before the main event?

I leaned over the table trying to grab the booklet, not bothering to walk around because I was too lazy when I heard the door open.

I looked over my shoulder to see who it was the same time I heard a voice, “Well this is an excellent view to come to.”

“Reed?” I asked confused, slipping off the table losing my footing. I swore as I hit my head against the corner landing on my ass, stay classy Violet.

Reed laughed before rushing to help me, reaching down grabbing my wrist and pulling me up in one effortless move , his other arm wrapping around my waist as he pulled me close, “What are you doing here?”

“That’s a warm welcome, I told you, I’m picking you up for dinner.”

“It’s a bit early for dinner.” I pointed out, and he rolled his eyes before giving me a half hearted shrug, “It’s never too early for dinner.” he bent down and I felt his warm lip on mine sending a shiver through my body.

“Reed stop! I have to work.” I shoved my hands against his chest trying to push him off me, but of course that was near impossible with the vice grip be had on me.

“You can work later and stop ignoring me.” he frowned and I sighed, how could anyone say no to that face, “Fine, where are we going?” I looked at the time, “This better be fast.”

“Can you at least not be on your phone when I’m talking to you?”


I looked up at a very annoyed Reed who had been glaring daggers at me for the past half an hour, “Reed, I told you, I’m busy. Do you know how close your sister’s wedding is, wait, isn’t your bachelors night today?”

“Yeah...but dinner, put the damn technological curse down Violet.”

I rolled my eyes but did, only so I can look at the menu. “Sorry.” I did feel a bit bad that I was paying more attention to confirmation emails, refreshing every three seconds rather than the handsome man in front of me but the wedding was only seconds away! Well...days.

Well, hours. I could narrow it down to hours and things were only falling apart, sure we had the cake but now the delivery guy for the flowers was playing up again and no just think about the menu.

“You know I’m not really hungry.” I said putting the menu down. Reed looked over his menu, his eyebrows raising. “What.”

“I’m not hungry, maybe I’ll just get a dri-,”

“Violet order something, look at you! You’re going to be a skeleton soon.”

I scoffed, I had plenty of meat left on me to be even close to calling me a skeleton, “You’re wasting away!”

Wait, was I really? Maybe I should do more wedding and the stress would make me lose weight. But of course Reed was just over-exaggerating like he does. If my jeans were still as tight as they were last month, I don’t think I’ve lost any weight. I just hoped this was the monthly bloating that comes with being cursed like a girl.

“Fine I’ll order something but I’m telling you now I’m not hungry and you have to eat it.” I was too stressed to eat, I just wanted to stuff something in my face and then go off to finish my charts.

Oh no those charts, did I even save the excel sheet before I left. I looked up as Reed scooted towards me in the booth and smiled, sitting next to me and stretching his legs out under the table and sighed.

“Ah, look how peaceful the world is without phones.”

“Your phones ringing.” I pointed out as it was vibrating on the other side of the table.

“That’s not the point, the point is I’m not getting it am I?”

I turned to look at him, raising an eyebrow, “And what if it’s an important call?”

“Well it’s technically after work hours which means I really don’t need to get that.” He said, and then a little “v” formed between his eyebrows, “Wait, maybe I should.”

“I think you should.”

He looked at me, “Nah, we’re spending qual-ugh fine.” He leaned over grabbing his phone and picking it up.


I poured water into our glasses, well wasn’t that just a pleasant way of answering the phone, “Oh what?”

“Oh no.” he scooted away and I looked at him, as his eyes met mine, “Can’t you handle it?”

Ha, I thought, and what did he just say ten minutes ago, or less than that. I drank from my cup trying to hide my amused smile as Reed tugged on his hair groaning.

“Look we can reschedule di-,”

“No stay here.” He said looking at me as he scooted out of the booth, “I’ll be right back.” He looked at me and I nodded, “No not you, you idiot.” He barked into the phone and then looked at me, “Not you.”

I waited till he was out of view, hovering near the reception area on his phone before I reached for mine. Aha, now I can check if the sheets were saved onto the online drive, ah thank god for technology.

The food arrived before he did and I couldn’t help but start eating the fries while I waited for him to come back, should I eat my burger, his meal would be cold since he ordered a hot meal. My burger, well it was just a burger.

I looked at my phone as it vibrated, Erek.

Great, what did he want now?

I need to talk to you.

Well, what a shame. I don’t. I looked up as Reed slid back into the booth, “Sorry.” He muttered a slight pink tinge on his cheeks, my my was someone embarrassed. I placed my phone face down on the table, “All good, everything ok?”

He shrugged grabbing the cutlery, “Yeah we just lost a contract.”

“What? How are you so calm, do you need to go to work cause we can always get dinner another day.”

“Nah, you lose some you get some. Plenty more contracts in the sea. Now eat woman.” He nodded towards my untouched burger and I rolled my eyes, yeah yeah, the chicken in the burger was dead, not like it was going to get up and run so I had plenty of time to eat it.

I reached for it as my phone started vibrating on the table shut up Erek. Maybe I should just get a new phone number, or block his.

“What time is your bachelors party?”

“In a few hours, what are your plans for the rest of the night?” my phone started vibrating again and I snatched it turning it off, “Oh uh nothing probably finalising your sister’s wedding stuff.” I shrugged. And probably get some sleep, it feels like I haven’t slept in days.

I threw open the door, “My babies.” I bent down to pick Charlie up but he turned around walking the other way and I frowned, “Fine bastard.”

“Me?” Reed paused as he was about to take his shoe off looking confused at me, “No, not you.” I stood up kicking off my shoes, dropping my bag and flinging myself onto the couch sighing as the soft material relaxed me.

Reed on the hand was much more...neater, placing his shoes neatly by the door and then placing mine next to them and lastly placing my bag on the counter rather than just lying in the middle of the floor, he’ll make a good house husband.

“Where’s Liam?”

“Huh?” I opened one eye as he walked towards me, “I half expect that stupid kid to live here and ‘babysit’ your cats.” he said sarcastically and I smiled.

“Aw, is someone jealous?”


He leaned down, using the arm rests to support his weight off me as I felt his breathe on my face, he was so close, but not close enough as his lips hovered about mine.

What the hell was he waiting for? I looked up at his green eyes.

“I love making you breathless.” and then his lips met mine. It was a good thing they did or else I would have slapped him hard for that comment, I was sure I loved making him not painless.

I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer, making him nearly fall onto me. I could taste the chocolate from dessert on his lips. “I wanted to bloody kiss you all night.”

“You should have,” it wasn’t like I would have objected, or maybe I would have he has to keep up with my changing moods.

“I would but the old couple in front of us kept glaring every time I grabbed your hand or something, probably too much PDA for their heart to handle. Didn’t want to cause a heart attack, or maybe I should have that would be funny.” he chuckled and I narrowed my eyes.

“Reed!” I slapped his shoulder, how on earth did he find that funny. “Where are your glasses?” I asked when I realised he didn’t tuck them into his shirt like he used to.

“I swear you date me only for my glasses.”

I tightened my arms around him pulling him closer, or as much as I can with the awkward position we were in, “I think they’re hot.” I whispered tracing the side of his jaw with my finger. His greeneyes darkened and so did his grip on me, “You know what’s hotter?”

He arched an eyebrow and I leaned closer letting my lips brush his, “That straight line you drew.”

Reed groaned pushing me further into the cushioning of the couch, kneeling between my legs as he gripped my wrists in a tight hold as his mouth met mine stealing my breathe away again. I wrapped my legs around him as he shuffled to a more comfortable position so he didn’t fall off the couch. “Reed.” I groaned against his warm lips trying to get his grip off my wrists. I wanted to run my fingers over chest, which looked mighty fine in that tight black shirt.

But he liked having that control as he barely let me breathe, his tongue dancing with mine.


He finally let go off my wrists and I wrapped them around his neck letting my fingers grip onto his hair.


I frowned, why did Reed sound so high-oh fuck. In a second I shoved him off him, forgetting my legs were still wrapped around him making him trip backwards and I winched as he hit the coffee table.

Fuck, I hope that wasn’t going to leave a bruise, “Are you okay?” I leaned over looking at him as he stared at me confused. And then we both realized there was a very angry sound of tapping foot against the ground and looked over to see my mother.

“Is this why you’re not picking up your phone?” she asked irritated, her eyes going from me to Reed and narrowing even more than I ever thought was possible.

“It died?” I lied as she marched over looking at me, wrinkling her nose.

“Go get ready, did you forget you’re meant to come over tonight.”

I looked at Reed sighing, “Why didn’t you lock the damn door?”

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