Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 25: Y is for Y U DO DIS MUDHA

“Can you stop fidgeting?”

I froze as I reached up to tug at my hair again, I hated the stupid bun. “Why can’t I have my hair down?” not to mention the fact my arms were all bare apart from two thin straps and all my not so muscular hands were on display made me self conscious. I needed my hair down. It was vital for my survival.

Damn it Reed, why didn’t you lock the damn door? I frowned wanting nothing else but to cuddle up to my two cats and one human rather than to be at my parents house. “Because people can now see those diamond earrings I paid a fortune for.”

“Why don’t you wear it then.” why did I have to wear something she bought.

“Because you are my daughter and the attention of the party, now smile for gods sake.”

I tugged at the clingy dress that I would never wear if I wasn’t forced into as I followed her out of the kitchen and back into the noisy lounge room with bad music.

I had to admit one thing though, my mum definitley knew how to throw a party. Waiters, good food, lots of alcohol. I should just smuggle a bottle of wine and hide in the bathroom.

Instead, I sat in the corner seat far away from the crowd frowning at everything. I really didn’t want to be here. I looked at my phone as it buzzed, a message from Reed.

Are you still alive?

I narrowed my eyes, Don’t talk to me, I replied back, the man who ran with his tail between his legs when my mother started to question to why he was in my apartment. Yes, I know he had a bachelors party, he could’ve covered and said we had something planned. Nope, threw me right to the shark.

I’m going to throw him to the killer whale.


I looked up, “What mum.” I groaned as the woman frowned upon me again, everything and anything made her frown at me which made me half used to it, “Get off your phone and socialise.”

“I don’t want to.”

“You’ll never find a husband this way.” I paused, looking up, “I don’t want one then.”

“No by all means continue your whore lifestyle then.”

“Mum!” I snapped looking up, “What is your problem seriously, it’s the same guy at least.”

“I don’t approve of him.”

“Good, I’m glad you don’t.” because if he was someone she did approve off, it meant he was a mini male version of her and I couldn’t do that. Ignoring her I got up walking past to find another corner seat that would be away from this stupid party.

But there weren’t many corner seats that were already taken, should I go outside? God no it was far too cold outside. Not without a jacket.

“Can I offer you a glass of wine?”

I looked over my shoulder at the voice, scrutinising the smiling man and the white liquid in the glass he was holding, “My mother always warned me about taking drinks from strangers.”

“Your mother sent me here to give you this.”

Of course the she devil did, I looked over his shoulder and sure enough the wicked witch of relationships was there staring mouthing something. I looked at the man, he seemed my age, wasn’t too bad on the eyes, but he was tall maybe a bit too tall. “I think I’m fine thank you.”

“Come on, help a guy out I can’t drink two glasses by myself.”

“Why, are you weak?” I asked but then grabbed the glass anyway, I sort of needed the alcohol. Don’t scull it Violet you can barely hold it down.

“I’m Sam.”

“Sam I am, green eggs and ham.” his brown eyes looked confused, oh don’t tell me he didn’t know that. He had to know that. But he gave me a clueless book, “Dr Seuss.” I provided but he still remained somewhat clueless.

“Right, Violet but I bet you already knew that.”

“Cute, your mother really must like that colour to name you after it.”

Actually it was her least favourite colour, probably why I was named that, but I was pretty sure she named me after the flower rather than the colour.

I sipped from my glass, was he just going to stand next to me the whole time? I looked around trying to find dad at least, he would shield me from these hospitalities I wasn’t good at. Why can’t people just leave me alone?

Why can’t I have enough of a backbone to tell them to fuck off. It came so naturally when I was with some other people but with family, it was always a struggle. I looked at my phone hoping here was at least a text message but there was none. Great, the lonely life I lived

“So Violet what do you do for a living.”

“I breathe.” the fundamental aspect of living, apart from a functioning brain as well as a beating heart, but Mr Green ham I am not didn’t quite get my joke. Maybe I was bad at jokes, stick away from the jokes Violet.

“I’m going to get a refill.”

“But you still have lots left.”

“Exactly.” one can never have too little wine, but he didn’t get the subtle hint that I was getting a refill of something else other than him, thankfully he made no move to follow me and I walked back upstairs, it was quieter up here. Maybe I can just lock myself in the bathroom or something, that always worked right?

Well no because people needed to use the bathroom and I really didn’t want to sit in stench, bedrooms!

Duh Violet.

I went straight to the guest room upstairs because I knew there was a TV in it, and luckily it was empty, closing the door behind me I made sure to lock it before I placed my glass on the dressing table and jumped onto the comfortable bed. Maybe I could just sleep.

Oh I could go with a nap right now I looked at the time, it was only eleven, but that as perfect. Switching on the TV anyway and flicking to a random movie I grabbed my phone to scroll through it, background noise was a must.

The persistent ringing made my eyes open, what the hell was that noise, it took me a moment to realise it was my phone. I reached over blindly nearly knocking over the wine glass as I grabbed it, who the hell was calling me at two in the morning.

Reed, bloody hell what did he want, “Hello?” I dropped my head back into the pillow closing my eyes, waiting for him to respond, “Hello Reed??” I asked against when I heard nothing.

There was a sound of something like air or wind before I heard him mutter “Hi.”

I opened one eye looking at the TV, “You called me?”



“Sorry for throwing you to the vulture.”

I laughed, “Is that why you called me.”

“Like she’s real scary man don’t know how you live with her.”

“That is why I have my own place.” I said sighing ,“wait, aren’t you at a bachelors party.”

“Maybe.” I could definitley hear the noise in the back more clearly now, “Go back to enjoying the strippers so I can sleep.”

“They’re boring, it’s not you up there.”

“Wow, alright Reed.” I shook my head pulling the blanket higher when I heard something shatter, “What was that?”

“I think I dropped my glass, do you think they’ll make me pay for that?” he asked in the most least manly way ever and I tried hiding a smile.

“Are you drunk?”

“Not at’re the one that’s drunk!” His voice did seem a bit more higher than it usually was, this time I couldn’t help but smile, “You’re so drunk.” I laughed.

“I’m perfectly sober. But...can you pick me up?”

“Pick you up?”

“I can’t drive.” well no at least he was sober enough to know that “But why is the party over?”

“Uh...yeah sure it’s over.”

I looked at the time on my bed side cabinet and sighed, “Really Reed?”

“Do you want me to pass out in the side of the pavement even though I’m not drunk?”

But sleep....I groaned sitting up “Text me the address” I said as I reached for my keys, time to pick this man child up a drunk man child.

“Reed?” I asked out loud as I stepped into the stuffy club and then mentally slapped myself, this wasn’t his house I can just call out, this was a loud club and my voice went no where with the loud music that was already giving me a headache.

The arsehole could text me his address but not wait outside like I asked him too. I pushed through the crowd deciding the easiest way to find him in this mess was to just ask the bartender if he saw a group of drunk men celebrating their bucks night.

But saying that everyone here was nearly at that stage. I looked at my phone again, this man liked to text incredibly fast and then go on a hiatus for an hour when it was actually important. It didn’t help that most people here were taller than me blocking my wonderful view.

I pushed through the bodies mushing together like in a mud pit nearly out of breathe when I got to the bar counter. Jesus, that was a mini workout. I flicked the loose strands away from my face leaning in to catch the bar tenders attention.

“Have you seen a group of bachelor party guys?”

The bar tender shrugged, I couldn’t expect him to remember them all, “Everyones drunk here I don’t know who is who.”

Damn, I looked at my phone, why wasn’t he replying?

I sent him another message, threatening him that I was going to leave his drunk ass here if he wasn’t at the entrance in ten minutes. I was dead tired and not ready to deal with Reed right now.

I pushed my way out of the crowd when something like a rope snaked around my waist pulling me back. I turned around irritated when I recognised the face I was seeing too often now, “Miss me?”

“Reed.” I said irritated grabbing his wrist that was holding onto me more tightly than I would like, “Shh we are hiding from the bar tender, he’s going to charge me for the glass.”

I leaned back, “You reek of beer.”

Reed smiled, his green eyes twinkling as he stared at me. He was definitley drunk. He looked like a little kid in a candy store as he stared at me which more enthusiasm than I ever had. “Let’s go.”

I wriggled out of his grasp, “I parked my car around the corner, can you walk that far?”

I was going to tell him to wait till I brought the car around but then I didn’t trust him enough to stand still.

“But Violet I want a dance.”


I thought I was bad drunk but trying to get Reed out of the club was a whole new level of drunk. I had never really seen him drunk.

He wrapped his arms around me as we finally made out way out of the club pulling my back against his chest, his chin leaning on my shoulder, “Violet?”

“What? Can we walk I parked in a no stopping zone.” I did not want a fine. If I got a fine he was definitley paying it.

Not to mention he was leaning completely against me and he was heavier than I expected.

“Do you like me?” I could hear the slight slur in his voice.

“I don’t know Reed I wonder why I’m here picking you up at this time if I didn’t.”

He suddenly moved, the weight suddenly lifting off me as he stood beside throwing his muscular arm around my shoulder, “True, to the car we go!” he started walking.

“Other way.”

He turned around dragging me with him too fast making me nearly trip over, I don’t think I like a drunk Reed.

Thankfully he was finally being quiet, “You know what.” Not for long.

I fished the keys out of my pocket, “What Reed?”

“I like you,” He said as I unlocked the door. I rolled my eyes opening it while still trying to maintain my balance as he half leaned against me, “A lot.” his breathe tickled my neck as I turned my head to look at him.

His eyes deepened as he stared at me, his palms nestled on the side of my waist, pushing me back to lean against the car, my heart skipping a beat. I should really tell him to get in the car before I get fined for parking illegally and public display of affection.

But I couldn’t bring myself too, beneath all the layers of beer that I could smell I could also smell the distinctive smell of Reed, the one that robbed my mind of any clear thoughts. I could almost feel his lips against mine, “So I think you should marry me.”

His lips touched mine briefly with every word he ut-“What?” I snapped.

What did he just say?

I gave his shoulder a shrug pushing his off me, “Get in the car Reed.” fucking drunk people.

I could hear double over in laughing, if he falls on the ground I wasn’t picking him up. I walked over to the other side as he got in shaking my head, he was really drunk. It was also somewhat amusing to see that he could get just as drunk as I could

Note to self, never be drunk at the same time. “Well my sister’s getting married, so why don’t we hijack the wedding and make it ours.”

“I think not, put your belt on.”

“Yes mother.” He rolled his eyes slouching as I started the car. There was no one on the road, can I speed?

No, one can never speed, that was just wrong. So sadly I was stuck at the speed of 50 for a good twenty minutes before I hit the freeway. I casted a look at Reed, was he asleep? Thank god some silence, “Where are we going?”

No silence.

“Mine, I am not driving an hour to yours and back I am dead tired and I had to deal with my mother so don’t test me.”

Reed nodded, before turning his body as much as he can to face me. I casted him a look as he just stared at me, “Can I sleep in your room?”

“You’re having the couch.”

“Thats not fair you had my bed last time!”

My ears burned, “Yeah but-,”

“I don’t want to sleep with Charlie, he scratches me!”

“Charlie sleeps with me, you get the couch or you can get the kangaroos on the side of the road. Your choice.”

Reed muttered under his breathe, “You’re so mean, but I’ll marry you anyway. Want to elope?”

“Reed shut up.”

“I think you’ll make a pretty bride.”

“Alexander Reed if you do not shut up I will throw you out the car right now.” I didn’t try to explain to him that it was illegal to do that, he was too drunk to know that.

Thankfully he shut his mouth till I pulled into the parking lot, “let’s go.” I couldn’t wait to go to bed. I was dead tired and really wanted to change into something more comfortable and just crash like there was nothing important I had to do tomorrow.

Which was a lie, I had to confirm the final touches for the wedding, which was now only a day away,

Reed staggered out of the car, seeing me he straightened smiling and pulling down his shirt. I sighed shaking my head walking over to help him.

He more than happily threw half his body weight onto me making me nearly stagger. I could already feel my muscles aching, is this what working out feels like? No thank you

“Nearly there.” I said as I could see my door in the distance.

“That’s what she said.” Reed chuckled in my ear. Irritated I gave him a shove letting him hug the wall on the other side of the corridor as he started laughing louder.

Note to self, just don’t let Reed drink.


“What?” I unlocked the door giving it a shove open, “Get in.”

“Oooh.” Reed leaned against the wall crossing his arms across my chest, “Feisty, I like it tiger.”

“Reed honestly I am going to kill you.”

He waved a hand as he started walking towards me, finally, but then he tripped over his head banging against my neighbours door loudly and I covered my mouth.“Oh my god. Reed in now.”

“That’s what-,” he said the same time the door behind him opened and a young man stepped out. I braced myself for him to yell or make a rude comment, which we totally get for waking him up at three but what I didn’t expect for him was to drop to his knees crying out loud,

“Percy you’re back!”

Reed looked at me confused, “Is he drunk?” He whispered rushing to my side, but my eyes were on something else.

My eyes were on Percy, the white cat that was in my doorway, the white cat that I liked to call Satan.

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