Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 26: Z is for Zero Patience

So much for sleep.

I placed the cup of coffee in front of my neighbour, Harry, as he sat across from me cuddling Satan- or should I call Percy.

What a shitty name mine was so much better.

“Where did you find him?” he kissed Percy and I wrinkled my nose. Charlie sat on the other side of the couch, he almost had a gleeful look on his face.

“He just walked into my apartment...” I admitted. I should charge him for the hundreds i spent at the vet and medication.

The only good thing of this situation was that Harry didn’t seem that mad that I had him this whole time, he was too busy crying of joy while I was trying to hold back my tears. Satan was mine, I wanted Satan.

Reed leaned his head on my shoulder, “Why is he calling Satan, Percy?”

“I was asking around but I didn’t know she was yours.” I lied, a small lie I mean I did go to the vet but without a chip they didn’t know where it came from. Harry shrugged, “I don’t mind I’m so glad she’s ok. Thank you so much for taking care of her!”

He got up to leave, holding Percy and I stood up, he was not leaving this apartment with her. Maybe we can share. But before I could say anything Reed grabbed my wrist stopping me from marching after him.

“I think I’m going to throw up.”

“But you didn’t drink.” Reed said as I saw the door of the apartment opposite me close as my eyes teared up.

“I can’t believe Satan isn’t mine!”

“I’m yours...if you marry me.”

I collapsed onto the couch staring at the ceiling, “Satan just left me.”

“ still have me babe, if you marry me.”

“I can’t believe she has such a shit name! Percy who the fuck calls a cat Percy!”

“Well you can call me what you want, if you marry me of course.”

Charlie sauntered towards me nestling onto my lap and I sniffed his fur holding him close. “Charlie do you belong to someone else who will call you Michael or some shit name.”

Oh wait, I got Charlie when he was a baby kitten. but who knows where he really came from

“So what do you say?”

“About what?” I snapped looking at Reed.


I groaned, this guy just never gave up, I closed the door grabbing the spare blanket from the cupboard throwing it at him. “Drink water or else you will get a killer hangover.”

“So is that a yes?”

“No Reed. That is a N-O, no.”

He frowned, “But Vi-,” I switched of the lights going into my room slamming the door to keep out his voice.

I could smell something amazing. I rolled over on the other side of my bed my eyes flickering open. Charlie spread out on the pillow without a care in the world licking his paw.

“Morning Charlie.” I patted his head, “What’s that smell?”

I got up grabbing my robe as I walked out, it smelled like fruit and something amazing. Pancakes?


I jumped hearing the voice, Reed’s face poking out of the kitchen, “About time you woke up.”

“What are you doing?” the clock on the wall told me that I had completely slept through my alarm.

“Breakfast, are you hungry?” Reed grabbed a plate, “Blueberry pancakes.”

I had blueberries in the house?

He placed way too many pancakes on my plate and then blueberry sauce on top, I had blueberry sauce in the house?

I sat on the dinning table as he sat opposite me with a cup of what looked like black coffee, leaning on his hand watching me.

“Where’s yours?”

He shook his head, “If I drink after I eat I will one hundred per cent throw up.” he gave me a wide smile and I sighed. “How is the hangover?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He winced. He ran a hand through his hair before leaning on his hand again as I took a bite. Probably remember everything from last night the poor thing.

Was this heaven?

“Is it good?”

I nodded, I didn’t even know I was hungry till I tasted it. The sauce was smooth, sweet but still tart and the pancakes were so light and fluffy.

“I can make them for you everyday if you want....if you marry me that is.” he said just as I took another mouthful, making me swallow it the wrong way and I started coughing.

“Shit.” Reed raced to the kitchen grabbing me a glass of water before hurrying over as I continued to have a coughing fit.

Charlie pounced on the table making his way towards the pancakes.

“Are you ok?” Reed asked as I drank half the glass in one go.

“No Reed it’s are you ok, i thought you were just drunk what the hell?”

“What?” he asked confused, “Oh the ring, well I will get one later not sure which one to get, want to come?”

“You’re crazy,” I pushed Charlie’s head away from the pancakes as he tried eating them, “I just thought you were drunk.”

“No sober, so Violet will you-ouch damn it woman!” he rubbed his head where the fork struck him.

“I’m the best man can you not ruin my beauty.”

“Maybe don’t say shit like that.”

“What’s wrong with it, I like you I’m sure you like me so let’s get married and we can live happily with the cats.”

I frowned. Wait.

“Where is Satan?”

“Harry has her. So what do you say princess want to be my queen?”


“Your neighbour he came over yesterday remember?”


How does a drunk guy remember more than me?





I looked at Charlie as he tried biting the pancakes. Before I knew what came over me I burst into tears scaring both Charlie and Reed as both their head popped up looking at me. “I’m not that repulsive am I?”

“I want Satan!”

“Oh. that.”

I can’t believe Satan wasn’t mine! Well a part of me still knew that she must be someone else’s. I just thought she was stray cat, no chip and just walked into my house. But it makes so much sense that she just walked across the corridor.

I felt arms around me, “We can get you another Satan.”

Charlie hissed and I wasn’t sure if it was Reed half squashing him or at the mention of getting another cat.

Reed kissed my forehead wrapping his arms tighter, “If you marry me that is.”

I ribbed him. “How can you joke in this situation?”

“There’s not much you can do Violet, she’s not your cat.”

“I had her for months! She’s mine now!” I sniffled wiping my eyes with the back of my palm.

“But he’s had her for years, maybe.” He handed me a tissue and I glared at him. Why was he so logical?

“Do you want me to kidnap Satan when Harry isn’t home?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

Reed shook his head, “You’re meant to say no to that.”

“But I want Satan back!”

“If you name your cat Satan obviously it’s going to leave you.”

I started bawling again, “I can’t believe she left me!”

“I said the wrong thing didn’t I?” Reed muttered more to himself as his arms came back around him patting my head like a kid, “You have Charlie, and you can get me if you-” and he stopped for a good reason since I would have smashed the plate on his head.

How can he joke about something like that?

I pushed him aside getting up, “Where are you going?” Reed asked.

“Work.” I muttered, something to keep my mind of the missing cat. I frowned, at least I did have Charlie. I looked at Charlie sitting on the table licking the blueberry sauce.

I’m locking all doors and windows.

“Are you listening to me?”

I looked up at Jenny. I shook my head, “No.” I sulked.

I crossed my arms on the table placing my head there sighing “I lost a cat today.”

“You said that fifty times. What are you wearing for the wedding.”

As wedding planners we had to go to the wedding, but we couldn’t be scene. Had to blend into the preparations. Of course some clients just didn’t want us there all together, but some do.

“Death.” I muttered.

“Oh shut up,” Jenny slapped the back of my head and I sat up groaning, “Navy blue wear something navy blue so we can twin.”

I sighed, “I’ll see.” I already missed the feel of Satan’s fur against my cheek.

“Violet.” Jenny called for me. I looked up as she threw a book towards me.

“Let’s confirm everything one more time before we meet the couple alright?”

I nodded.

“So what are we doing first tomorrow?”

“Finding Satan.”



She gave me a look, a look with no pity that I lost my beloved cat, or half beloved since Charlie would be upset if he wasn’t beloved too. “Check in guests?” I asked.

“That’s tonight.”

“Oh.” oh right we had to go to Grand Hyatt, check in the guests, and then tomorrow morning make the, “Morning call.” I said. She nodded. Everything was timed. Breakfast and then the rented cars and bus’s to the wedding venue, and then reception and then sleep home missing cat cry.

“Do you think Satan misses me?”

Jenny groaned collapsing into her chair.

“So no?” I sniffled, well, that sucked. I looked at the guest list, I had to be at the hotel in three hours and I leaned my head against the table. I wonder what Satan was doing right now.

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