Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 26: Z is for Zero Patience (Part 2)

The only good thing about being busy was that I only occasionally thought about Satan rather than every breathing second. I looked at the clock, it was ten a.m. and both Jenny and I had been up all night checking everything.

Transported the cake and finished off the decorations with other helpers. Things were looking good.

Jenny walked out of the bathroom looking tired, “I ordered us some coffee and breakfast.” thank god for room service.

She nodded, “Thanks, are you getting ready now?”

“Yeah.” She was already donned in her navy blue full length dress. We had to blend in with the guests only be there for emergencies but also not look too fancy and draw attention. My dress was exactly the same except she had strapless and I had no confidence and went with thick straps with a much more modest neckline.

I envied the way the material sat on her body it was flat, not too tight not too loose. She rolled on the bed, if I did that I would get a million creases, “I just want a nap. Why do we get a hotel room and we can’t even sleep in it.”

“Have a nap while I shower.” I tied my hair into a bun as my phone buzzed. I leaned over to look at who it was, Reed. Why am I not surprised.

Where are you?

I texted back the same reply I had all night, ‘busy’. As much as seeing his face would be relaxing, I had a wedding to finish, his sisters. “Hey, did the Donovan’s end up checking in?” and if he joked about stupid shit asian I was about to lose it at him.

“No, reception said no one checked in after we finished but if they do they’ll get staff to tell them what to do.” I looked at the time again, “Right now the bridal and groom party should be boarding and heading to the venue for the wedding.” which meant Reed better be in that limo as well since he was the best man.

“And then twelve p.m. for guests?”

I shrugged grabbing a towel, I did love hotel towels. So fluffy, “Whenever they want really, ceremony is at three, so seated by two at least.”

“I’ll tell that to reception.” I heard a knock on our door, “That’s the coffee.” I said as I ducked into have a quick shower.

Showers always seemed to relax me, I didn’t know whether it was the near scalding water or the fact that you had the whole room to yourself and no one would disturb you as you had your few minutes of me time.

But me time also meant my head strayed to my betraying neighbour that stole my cat...or came back to get him. I frowned. I should be happy I still had Charlie, but I wanted both!

I groaned leaning against the shower frame letting the water come down on me. I guess I should be happy for what I’ve got, which is shit all. I turned the shower off, mindful of time and the fact the whole drying and straightening my hair process was going to take forever.

Standing in a towel I stared at the mirror that was fogged up, parts of it becoming visible. I looked at the reflection sighing. Why did I not like what I see? The grass was greener on the other side, I guess.

There was a knock on the door, “I’m going to head over now, reception is having trouble with the guest list. Are you okay to come later?”

“I’ll meet you there.”

And I did. An hour late. Everything was a disaster after Jenny left. I couldn’t zip up my dress, it was a mixture of was this my PMS bloat, or am I wearing a size too small. I gave up and had a pity cry on the bed for ten minutes, only ten because I was busy and had busy people things to do.

Finally I managed to get the zip up, surprisingly I didn’t rip it and once it was on, I hated the way it looked. A lot straight, somewhat baggy looking dress. If it was so baggy, why was it so hard to put on? The fabric made my breasts look like a tissue box, a size too small at the top and too big at the bottom.

Eventually I gave up, it wasn’t like I was going to be in any pictures, and if I was lucky I wouldn’t even run into Reed. Not many people take a look at event planners. And hopefully, he was busy doing his best man job.

I rushed inside reception looking for Jenny. I heard her voice, in the kitchen. She was organising the preparations for the food. It was very hard to cater for a big wedding, ensure everything is cooked in time, all the serves still be warm. Luckily they were working on the dessert, and hopefully people still had room for the wedding cake.

“Everything under control?” I asked as I walked up.

“Yep, the foods dine. Guests are arriving and now we just need to check up on the bride and groom. That colour suits you.”

“I don’t like the fit.”

Jenny pursed her lips “I think it’s fine. You look nice. The material is not the best, i am so itchy,”

“Only a few hours. I feel like someone’s tied a bandage around my boobs. I can’t breathe. I’ll check the bride you take the groom”.

She nodded. I didn’t want to risk the chance to run into Reed. I did want to see him, but after the wedding. I couldn’t afford to be distracted, and he also had work to do.

I headed up to the bridal suit. I could hear the flatter of excited and also irritated voices as I went closer to the door. Thankfully it was open and I slipped in.

“How’s everything going in here?”

“Can’t you see. It’s a chaos!” A woman turned around. Her brunette hair in an extravagant, big volume bun, her bright red lipstick matching her dress.

I froze. Well fuck.

“It’s fine. Just issues with the dress.” A softer voice spoke. I diverted my eyes to the bride, who should’ve been the first person I saw. In a tight fitting white gown, she was literally reflecting light off that dress. It wrapped around her in satin till it got to her bodice, where it was a mixture of lace and satin, eventually becoming see through so it looked like a part of her skin, with embroider flowers on top.

“What’s wrong with the dress?” It looked perfect to me.

“There is a small tear. I’m just worried if I walk it might get bigger.”

“Yeah....of course it will get bigger.” The annoying woman in the red pestered.

I walked up to the bride, trying to find the tear. It did take me a while to find it. “It should be ok” I said.

I bent down trying to look at the very small tear that had a bigger issue.

“The tear is on the lace material, which seems to be a second layer. So even if I does get a bit bigger, the satin layer is fine so it should be okay. It’s also on your waist near the rib cage on the side right? So when you walk the material shouldn’t move too much, if it was more on the hip side where the material is stretched I would be worried.”

“It’s still not acceptable!”

“Hannah please. I’m already stressed and you’re not helping me.”

Hannah rolled her eyes “it’s a rip.”

“It’s fine. If you want I can stitch it up”

“We want a refund” Hannah pestered.

“That’s something we need to talk to the dress maker about. Not the event planner. Hannah can you go get my mum” Samantha replied. I could see signs or irritation.

Hannah walked out muttering to herself.

“I really think the rip is fine but I can sew it up. I’ve got emergency supplies.”

“It’s really fine. I really doubt anyone will be looking there, or be visible in pictures” she waved a hand. Her make up was subtle, soft pink lipstick and eyeshadow. Her skin looked flawless and she looked fabulous. There was no doubt why she had minimal make up on, she was perfect.

Even from last time I saw her, she seemed more relaxed. But the open bottle of bubbles might be why.

She nodded “I’ve heard Alexander had been pestering you a lot for this wedding. I apologise on his behalf.”

I almost wondered why they didn’t get along.

“That’s alright.” Well even if it wasn’t there wasn’t much I could say. Well there was, I wanted to ask her how he scared off, or ruined the initial wedding planner.

I would rather this version than the one back at the horses, where she was losing it and stressed out.

Please, drink more. Drink it all.

Another voice joined us as a woman entered the room, in a tight mustard colour dress she reminded me of my own mother. “Honey you look amazing.”

The only difference was, her eyes were softer.

“What’s the problem with the dress.”

“Nothing.” Samantha said irritated.

I saw Hannah open her mouth out of the corner of my eye and I cut in “Hannah, you must be the maid of honour?”


“Do you mind checking on the music downstairs? It’s incredibly important for it to be played at the right time which is in about thirty minutes? Super important”

“Of course” her eyes lit up, of course. She was he most important person with the most important job.

“I’ll do it if I must”.

I turned to the other bridesmaids “and the bouquets”

“Um. So...Sam. But of an issue” I groaned internally.

“I have spares.” I said before they said something to panic the bride. “I’ll get them.”

I walked out of the room down the stairs. Thank god we stayed up preparing these extra bouquets.

I just can’t remember where I put them.

A soft scream left my mouth as a hand grabbed mine pulling me into a dark space, blinding me. A hand came over my mouth before I could scream, shoving me roughly against the back of the door.

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