Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 27: AA; Back to the start

I’ll think of a proper chapter name later, once I fix up the order

“Shhhh, don’t scream its me.”

Who the fuck is me?


The hand slipped off my mouth.

“Reed?” the light flickered on and I looked around, “What are you the coat room?” I asked raising my eyebrow. There were so many coats, carrying various fragrances and colognes it was a cocktail of perfume making my head spin.

But it wasn’t the only thing making my dizzy.

“Reed?” I asked realising he was staring at me.

“Are you drunk?” I asked smiling leaning back against the door, his cheeks were a bit pink which was utterly cute, his green eyes slightly dazed, he scoffed, “No,”

“Really?” Well this was a first, and roles reversed, “Just a bit,” He agreed nodding. I laughed running my hand down his cheek and jaw, which was utterly smooth from probably shaving for the wedding.

“Oi!” I said pulling back my finger when he bit down on it. I frowned wiping it on his collar, “Gross,”

His hands were flat against the door, the only thing keeping his body weight off mine. I nearly forgot about why I was running in the first place, as he leaned closer and my breath hitched up as his mouth met mine.

I trembled under his mouth as he lifted his right hand placing it on my hip, pulling my body against his, the board I was carrying getting stuck between our bodies.

“Reed,” I groaned pulling away, “I’m busy. I have stuff to do,” he scoffed ignoring me peppering kisses down my neck.

“I have a wedding to plan,” I said shoving his chest as his grip tightened as I tried to shove him off.

“Fuck the wedding,”

“It’s your sisters wedding,”

Reed tugged at the bun I had my hair up in, wrinkling his nose at it, “I have a better idea,” he said pecking my lips before he took my lower lip between his teeth, “Marry me,”

My eyes shot open as I raised an eyebrow, “How much did you drink,” I could practically taste the brandy on his lips.

“I’m serious, I have their rings, let’s take over the wedding,”

I rolled my eyes shoving at his chest, finally getting his body of mine, “Ha, ha, very funny, I need to go back to work,” I said raising my finger to wipe the bit of lipstick he got on his mouth.

He grabbed my hand, “Oh, come on,”

“No,” I said before I was tempted to stay in here with him. Which was really tempting seeing what he was wearing.

A tuxedo, and to think he couldn’t look any better. Granted the top three buttons were undone and his bow tie was hanging lazily undone, and parts of his shirt were now wrinkled, “Where is your jacket?” I asked realising the main part of it was missing.

He waved a hand wrapping his hand around my waist pulling me against him making him yelp, “Somewhere,”

We both froze as we heard commotion and footsteps, “Oh shit,” I muttered.

Reed reached for the light behind my ear, twisting at the same time, pushing me further into the coats and I was pretty sure I got a mouthful of fur.

It felt like ten steps back before I hit something and his body pressed into mine, “Shh, stop giggling,” he whispered as the door opened.

“Yes of course, no one will touch your coat,” said one of the workers. I went on my tippy toes to look over his shoulder to see the worker taking a hanger to put up a coat.

“Do you think they can see us?” I whispered.

“If you keep talking they will,”

I rolled my eyes, whatever, I was whispering. There were three off them, come on, hurry up and hang the damn co-oh god. I felt Reed’s lips on my shoulder and wrapped my arms around his neck, partially because I was on my tippy toes and was about to fall, and the other was because he was kissing me, like that.

What was I doing in the store-room again?

The door slammed shut and Reed groaned pressing his hands against my stomach pushing me into the wall before his mouth was on mine, this time more urgent than the kiss before.

He tilted my head back, nipping the corner of my mouth till I granted him access, he tasted of brandy and heat, and the intoxicating taste of Reed.

No wait, “Get off,” I muffled shoving him as his tipsy weight was pressing me, and squashing me.


“Alexander I am going to whack this clipboard over your head if you don’t get off me,”

He groaned, the deep noise making my stomach twist, “Say it again,”

“This isn’t funny.” I whined, “I’m going to whack you very hard with this cli-,”

“No, my name,”

And just like that the tension in the small room intensified as he green eyes met mine, “I have to go,” I said somewhat breathless.

“Say it first oh fu-,” He swore pulling back, one hand still on the wall, still blocking me. So I whacked him with the clipboard, again.

“Stop that!”

“Should have let me go first,” I said as he got off me and I straightened my dress walking to the door.

“Violet I’m go-,”

“Bye Reed,” I said opening the door and quacking stepping outside looking around, the coast was clear.

* * *

“Bouquet, where is the damn bouquet?”

I knew this would happen, this was exactly why I ordered spares. Leaving the brides maid to search for her stupid bouquet, I ran to the storage room where I kept all the extras.

Extra veil.

Extra bouquets.

Extra shoes.

Even an extra wedding dress that was cheap just in case something happened with the bride.

The room was more like a bigger walk in closet, where everything was shoved inside. I bent over opening the box, rummaging through all the mini flower ensemble till I finally found the bouquet.

“God your arse looks fine in that dress,”

I yelped turning around, “Reed what the hell are you doing here! You should be at the altar. With the fucking groom,”

He rolled his eyes leaning down and I raised the bouquet before he could kiss me, I just re-applied my lipstick, “Chill babe, I think you need some alcohol in you,”

“I think you had enough for both of us,” I said ducking under his arm and walking towards the door. “Get down, the birde will be there in fifteen minutes, the wedding, mnfph,” his mouth was on mine as he slammed the door I was opening shut.

There goes my lipstick.

“I’ll be there in time, just one kiss,”

I shivered as his hands roamed over the back of my dress, okay one kiss. I wrapped my arms around my neck squealing as he lifted me up pushing me agains the door, wait no, not one kiss.

I had a bouquet, “Reed stop! Don’t make me whack you again,”

He stopped and let me slid back down the door to stand up, his hand automatically went to he back of his head, “Fine,”

“That’s what I thought,” I opened the door, immediately shutting it as I saw someone walk by.

“Changed your mind?” I felt his breathe on my ear, and his hair tickle the nape of my neck, “No,” I said opening the door and trying to see if the coast was clear.

Which was extremely hard when he was distracting me.

“Oh just go,” he said giving me a shove and I tripped over into the corridor.

“Reed!” I snapped but he waved a hand walking out, thankfully the coast was clear. Shaking my head, “Altar, now!” I said and he saluted me.

“Aye aye captain,”

I turned hurrying back to the room, checking my reflection in the mirror in the corridor. Red. I was red in the face.

I’ll just blame it on the stress.

“I have the bouquet,” I said walking into the room, and the bridesmaid sigh, “Oh thank god,”

* * * *

“A shrimp?” I asked raising my eyebrow as Reed looked at me, I shook my head kicking my heels off. I was behind the counter, no one could see me anyway.

The wedding was over, and thank god for that.

“Reed get back into the hall, you need to make your speech soon,” I said as I looked at the time schedule.

He didn’t, instead he came around the counter and I looked up, “Reed!” I said looking around, “You’re not meant to be seen with me. Wedding planners are meant to be invisible!”

He shrugged, “Don’t care,” he said grabbing my hand as I glared at him. We get the wedding done, not be seen. I narrowed my eye at him, “Reed I sw-what,” I raised my hand and then looked at him.

“How drunk are you?” I asked looking at the shrimp on my finger.

“Now we’re married, you’re Mrs. Reed now, give me my kiss” before I knew it his lips were on mine and I was swatting him off and with that he walked off and I grumbled pulling the shrimp off throwing it into the bin. Now my whole hand smelled like seafood.


“Are you less drunk now?” I asked as I helped clean up. It was over. And I wanted an hour long bath before I could just sleep. My feet killed.

“I was never drunk to begin with,” Reed sit as he sat on a chair eating cake.

“Violet, where would you like me to put this?”

“You can throw it out,” I told him. As many of the decorations were stolen by little kids, the rest could go in the bin.

“Go get your own girlfriend,”

“What?” I asked looking at Reed. He shrugged eating another spoonful, “I said go get your own cake,”

“He wasn’t asking for cake,”

I pulled the table cloth away throwing it into the garbage bag. “Why are you cleaning, didn’t you hire the staff?”

“Yeah,” I said moving onto the next table, “But I should help,”

Reed rolled his eyes placing his half finished cake, his ninth or so slice, on the table and walking up pulling the flowers out of the vase and helping me.

“But you paid them, come on let’s go I’m tired,”

“You go, I have to help,”

“No you don’t,” He said grabbing the bin from me and pulling me around the table, “Where is your shrimp?”

“Shrimp?” I asked confused before I realised what he was talking about, “Why would I still wear the shrimp?”

“It was a ring,”

“If you say so,” I said pulling away and picking up the bag, “Come on, if you help we can get this done with faster,”

And that faster was three hours later at two am when we finally pulled into the hotel we booked, my eyes were struggling to stay awake.

He placed a hand on my knee shaking it gently, “We’re here,”

I looked out the window to see the hotel and sighed, “Can I just sleep in the car?”

I was pretty sure by the time I checked in, got my key, went up, I was going to be wide awake.

“Do you need me to carry you up?”

God no.

I unbuckled myself and stepped out shivering in the cold, holy shit, where was my jacket?

I grabbed my bag, realising my stuff would be in my car, back at the venue. Crap.

How did I forget my car? I guess I can go tomorrow and get it, right now I needed sleep. Reed walked around linking his arm with mine pulling me close and I was never more grateful for body heat. The weather had turned disasterous around night.

It had been raining like crazy and now I was avoiding stepping in all the puddles in this stupid heels.

“Where are you going?”

“I gotta check in,”

“No you don’t,”

“I do, I need my key,” I dug my heels into the ground which didn’t really work seeing he was probably eight times stronger than me, “No you don’t you’re staying with me,”

“Reed I booked a room,”

“Too bad you should have talked to me first. Besides the bed is enough for you and your hogging blanket ways,”

I frowned as I got into the elevator, “I do not hog the blanket,”

“If you say so babe,”

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