Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 2: B is for Boxes

Blue, blue oh how blue they were.

And as on cue I sucked in my stomach even harder and looked away and out the window but still watched him from the corner of my eyes. Man I just want a day where I can be happy with the way I looked.

“Why’d you stop?” I looked back to see Jenny. Crap I did randomly stop. I moved in and found a two seater and got in and relaxed. When you were sitting down with as many clothes as I did, no need to hold that fat in. I leaned back and looked up to see blue eyes looking in our direction.

My heart nearly skipped a beat, nearly because his eyes were fixated on Jenny. Of course.

I rolled my eyes and looked out the window. What was I expecting, she was gorgeous.

“Do you think the flowers will be here today at least?” she asked. She was busy scrolling through Facebook. Probably looking at the hundred plus likes on her profile picture.

“They better be or I am going to storm down to his office and collect them myself!” I snapped.

Jenny and I were preparing for a big wedding coming up. With our last one, it was a rich couple who were really happy that they spread the word and with this wedding we could get bigger.

The only problem is we also organized other things such as parties or birthdays and there were three, this week, all sweet sixteens too. And you know how girls of that age can be, if they want something, they wanted it.

One especially wanted these flowers, I don’t even remember the name of them, and they were on order. The party was tomorrow, the venues was set up. We had our own venue out the back that we organized everything in but if anyone wanted it at their place or their own venue, that was also fine.

The tables, the games, the decorations were all done. We needed those flowers. We needed to set everything by six tonight so we could get started on the second birthday but our flower supplier was MIA. And now I was pissed.

Getting of at our stop I didn’t look back at blue eyes, there was no point. It would just dishearten me more.

Jenny didn’t even realize his stare as she walked out, she didn’t need to. With her confidence and beauty she was bound to know people would stare all over. The wind was ridiculous pushing as we tried to walk down the street to our office.

“You know what you need to do?” asked Jenny unlocking the door.

Lose weight?

“What?” I asked instead. If I said that out loud I knew she would probably strangle me going on about how perfect I was.

“You should go talk to the supplier, because guess what’s not here,” she said as we stepped through. I groaned there were no packages.

“Do I have to, can I call him up?”

“No Violet, just go, I’ll get the cake boxes ready, just go and visit him, that way he will have to give them to you on the spot,”

I sighed, she did have a point.

“Unless you want to do the cake boxes,”

“No I’m fine,” I said grabbing my bag off the floor and turning around. I might as well get this over and done with.

The cake boxes were samples of the cake the guests would get to take home. They were usually done for weddings but of course this time they were for a birthday instead,

The walk to the flower shop wasn’t long per say, I just hated speaking to him. He was arrogant, rude, and perverted and per usual there he was the sixty year old man sitting on a chair smoking his cigar.

“Violin, what a pleasure,” he said.

“Violet it is,” I said walking up to him, “I thought you said you would have our flower delivered to us and you still havn’t got them,” I snapped.

He shrugged waving a hand around making the smoke come towards me. I took a step back wafting my nose.

“The delivery boy isn’t here. I am too old to carry them myself, if you want you can come pick it up,” he said.

“I dont’ have a car to do that Samuel, you said you would deliver them, we even paid you extra for it,” I said. I wasn’t in the mood. Not only was the teenager spoiled and would hate us if this party wasn’t right, there was a lot lying on it.

“If you want it, come get it,” he said. I sighed.

“Fine where are they?”

He groaned like he was doing all the effort and got up telling me to follow him. He continued smoking as he went into the nursery, surely the smoke was bad for the flowers. He led me to a storage room where there were rows and rows of the buckets containing the flowers we ordered.

“You didn’t tie them like you said you would,” I said looking at the loose flowers. They were meant to be tied into small bouquets not plucked and dumped.

He shrugged, “This is what I got, take it or leave it,” he said.

“I’ll take it,” I snapped. There was no way I was going to get more flowers from him ever again. I grabbed one bucket, surprisingly heavy and trudged back.

“I’ll be back to collect the others, so stay instead of going,” I snapped. He nodded going back to smoking and I grumbled walking back down the street to work. I must look so weird carrying a bucket but that was what luck was like sometimes, there was none.

“What took you so- what the heck,” she said as she saw me.

“Yea there is no delivery boy and they’re not what we ordered, not exactly anyways,” I snapped.

“You’re joking, what on earth are we meant to do with these?” she said picking up a flower and chucking it back in.

“I have an idea,” I said grabbing five and holding the short stems together, “We can make cute bouquets like these and place them on the tables,” I said. She nodded liking the idea.

It just meant more work for us.

“Fine I’ll go get the other buckets,” I said. There was a jingle meaning someone was in the counter.

“Can you get that, I have this all over me,” she said holding up her hands, PVA glue. The beauty, as little kids I remember peeling them off my fingertips, I also remember as a little kid I was skinny.

Stop that Violet! Why does everything you see have to turn into something about weight and fat?

“Can I help you?” I asked walking to the counter and stopping. Well kill me now I thought as I met a pair of green eyes.

“You do weddings right?” said the deep voice.

“Eh yea,” I said trying not to check him out. There was no point, he clearly looked like the type of guy to liek someone like Jenny and not me. That strong jaw, those high cheekbones, lips and a face that belonged in a modelling magazine with a physique that belonged on a sport court.

But then again, wedding, he was getting married. I wonder who the lucky bride was.

“Can I book one it,”

“Look we’re really busy at the moment, do you mind just sitting for a while I’ll be back soon,” I said walking around the counter. I don’t know where the rude behaviour came from, maybe it was with the way he was staring at me, a smirk on his face.

“You look free,” he said.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “No I need to go pickup some deliveries, so you can wait,” I said. Of course there was that, I’m hot and I can get everything attitude.

“How about I help you,” he said following me out the door.

“No thank you, Just wait, Jenny is inside she can help you,” I said looking over my shoulder and speeding up. He kept up easily with his fact pace and I was confused, why on earth was he following me. And that was also annoying, now I couldn’t even relax my body that was tense and holding in every breath of air as I could.

“It’s alright, I’ll come with,”

I groaned, tell me why I wanted my own business again?

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