Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 28: BB; Bed and Breakfast?

“Reed.” I whispered.

No response.


A soft groan.

“Can you get off my damn hair I can’t move!”

That’s it. I was going to give this big ogre ten seconds and then shove him off me, if I could even do that. I was getting squashed from this fat ass.

From this very fit, but, heavy, person.

Reed grumbled something moving his arm and I scooted out from beside him, my bloody hair still captured under his body. I was just about to cut it off but I had no scissors in sight.

Who said sharing a bed was romantic.

“More!” I shoved the side of his chest. Reed opened one eye, and then both looking at me and then sighing.

“You know I always wanted to wake up next to you but not with you abusing me at like what, three in the morning?”

“It’s nine in the morning, we need to check out in the next hour and you’re sleeping on top of my hair and it feels like you’re plucking each one slowly and it hurts damn it!”

“You’re so cute in the morning.”

Before I could swear at him he sat up, releasing every little strand under his and I could finally not feel pins and needles on my scalp.

“Let’s sleep in.”

Reed wrapped hands around me trying to drag me back under the covers.

“No, we need to check out.”

Reed shrugged, “What are they going to do? Fine us?”

“Well...yeah they’re a hotel.”

“It’s on my sisters card. Shh now. Don’t speak so loud.”

“Reed...” but even I couldn’t help feeling drowsy being held by him, warmth from his body acting like a blanket as I settled in against his side. I closed my eyes, letting his scent comfort him, but I should have known nothing Reed does was ever long lived.

He sat up, nearly jabbing me in the face. “Fuck.”


“I have to get to work.”

“Really?” now it was my turn to whine that we should just pay the fine. I was just about to fall asleep. “You’re such a pain.” I grumbled staring at the ceiling.

“You’re the pain who stole my shirt. Give it back I need to get ready.” Reed reached for the buttons on my shirt and I slapped his hand. He got up laughing grabbing more clothes from his suitcase. He pulled over a tight black shirt and I had to drag my eyes away before I told him to get back in bed.

“Come on, we might have time for breakfast before work.”

I rolled out of the other side of bed, I still had to get all my stuff from upstairs and check out, unfortunately that room was on my credit card and I didn’t want the fine. Where the hell were my clothes?

“How’s your head feeling?” I asked Reed. He had a lot to drink last night but he looked almost perfect as usual this morning. I was just waiting for him to madly dash for the bathroom.

“Yeah I feel really good.”

“Hmm,” I watched him as he starting chucking everything in the suitcase, in a crumpled mess.

“See, done!”

“I better go get my stuff.” I couldn’t be bothered putting my dress back on, but there was no way I was going upstairs in just a shirt. I would never hear the end of it from Jenny.

“I’ll meet you downstairs?”

Reed nodded, “Foyer, I’ll check out.”

“Alright,” I chucked him his shirt back as I walked past him, but I barely got another step in before he grabbed my arm, pulling me flush against his side, lowering his mouth to mine, “That’s overdue payment for keeping my shirt for a minute more.”

I rolled my eyes, “Downstairs.”

“Yes sir! Ma-am? Or do you prefer Sir?”

“Downstairs Reed.”

* * *

I should have known that he was going to start to feel sick once he smelled food. Reed was pale, very pale sitting in front of me staring at his coffee next to the ‘biggest breakfast you can bring’ as he asked the waitress.

“Are you ok?”

“Of course.” he said not looking away from the hashbrown. I bet he was having an internal debate on whether to eat it or not.

“Reed, shall we go?”

“No, I’m fine.” he frowned staring at his plate.

I leaned over taking his hand in mine as he looked up, “Do you want me to get you some soda? Coke? Drink something fizzy, that’s better for your stomach if you’re feeling hungover.”

“I think i’m out of practice.”

“Well...we are getting older you know. We can’t keep it down like we did when we were eighteen.”

“I’ll be back.”


He rushed from his chair towards the bathrooms and I sighed, I called it. I should have put a wager on this with him. I couldn’t gotten rich.

Reed emerged ten minutes later, looked even paler”I think let’s go.”

I had a feeling, luckily I had already ordered an Uber.

The entire way to his house he was cuddled in a corner telling the driver to take the turns slower than he already was. I would have laughed if it wasn’t for his narrowed eyes glaring at the driver. I didn’t want to be on the other end of it.

“Go have a shower, I’ll make you coffee.” or something. His kitchen was too big and too confusing.

Reed looked much better after his shower, dressed in woollen matching pyjamas with a cup of really crappy coffee.

“Maybe go nap.”

“I’m fine.” he said as he continued watching cartoons. “I just need to email the thing” he said and I assumed he was talking about work.

“Well, I’ll meet you back here in a few hours? I need to return the stuff from the wedding.”

Reed groaned loudly spreading across the sofa, “Do you have to go?”


“But I’m sick!”

“Hungover, and that was your fault really. I’ll call you?”

“Urgh. Fine.”

I leaned over kissing his forehead, even though he brushed those teeth i still didn’t want to be near them till a few more brushes. “Go to sleep.”

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