Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 29: CC Closing Chapter

Planning an event might be hard but cleaning up after was just as hard. By the time I returned all the hire equipment, helped clean up the venue and dispose of all the fresh flowers it was nearly eleven p.m.

I looked at my phone, not a single message or missed call, maybe Reed was still sleeping.

Should I message him? But what if that woke him up, I’m sure he was fine.

Deciding against it I walked over towards Jenny, who was packing up our personal equipment that we used.

“Did we have another spare bouquet?”

“It was used, so if it’s missing one it makes sense.” I told her as she ticked off the items on her list.

“Right. Of course...well all in all i think it went alright.”

I nodded, apart from the last minute disasters. At least the remaining wedding cake was all sent home with the guests, I jut hoped it was edible. Well if there were any issues the deposit that would be due will show it.

“Are you going home?”

I nodded, “Yeah I’m tired.”

“What about dinner? Let’s go to Di Caprio”

I was hungry, but my body was tired. “I’ll pass. You enjoy.”

“Boo...I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

I grabbed my bag waving to the remaining clean up crew and headed home.


Charlie curled up at the base of my leg, wrapping his tail around my shin and placing his head on my foot. The poor baby was just as tired as me, but something told me he was being clingier than normal.

Maybe it was the lack of presence in the house. His green eyes stared at me.

“What?” I asked narrowing my eyes back at him.

He barred his teeth at me.

“I didn’t do anything. If it anything it was you and your hostility ok.”

Charlie closed his eyes ignoring me, i don’t blame him. I would ignore me too.

I looked at the clock, five minutes to midnight. Now I was getting worried, not a call or a message all day. Surely he was not hungover still?

I placed the phone next to me, taking it off silent and looked at the TV, some random move on the free to air programs.

“Should I eat, but what should i eat? What do you want Charlie?”

Nothing apparently.

I yawned as I stared at the tv, the pics getting blurrier and blurrier till I somehow dozed off.

The noise was getting louder. What was that noise?

I shrugged it off, trying to go back to my dream. I nearly had the ice cream in reach.

There it was again, banging.

But the ice cream. It was so hot, I needed it. I would die without it.


The ice cream was talking to me?

“Violet open the door?”


My eyes opened, and I swore staring into the bright downlight burning them.

I sat up, groaning as various parts of my body hurt from falling asleep on the couch.

The clock showed it was two in the morning, who the hell was knocking now.

A burglar?


How do they know my name?

Oh wait, that burglar sounds like Reed. Urgh what does he want at this time?

I limped over to the door, “Jesus Reed it might be morning for you but its night for me.”

Reed grinned, holding numerous bags in his hand as I covered my mouth as i yawned. “What is all that.”


Reed pushed past me into the apartment and I sighed closing the door, clearly he had more energy than me, and was definitley not hungover.

Reed walked around the kitchen grabbing plates, wine glasses and cutlery before beckoning me over the coffee table. We sat on the couch as he pulled it closer, opening the pizza.

“I brought this sparkling red wine. Apparently its good and the best part is that it was only twelve dollars.”

“Did you drink enough last night?” I asked, but still taking the wine glass he handed towards me.

Reed rolled his eyes, “Please this is a special occasion.”


He filled the wine glass half way, “Try it.”

I looked at the sparkling liquid, too dark to be Rosé but too light to be red wine. I took a slight sip.

“How is it?”

“Fine, not too bad. Bit bubbly.” I placed it onto the coffee table as he handed me pizza on a plate.

“Now, I’ve got something for you.”

“Pizza?” I asked.

“No something else. I need to give it to you right now otherwise...never mind.”

“What it is?” I asked worried.

Reed held up a finger to say one moment and headed towards the other bags he had, “Now eat the pizza.”

I frowned wondering what he was up to, but my grumbling stomach made me devour a big bite.

I was still trying to finish chewing when he walked back towards me, standing up so I couldn’t see what was inside of it.


“I guess.”

Reed’d grin got even bigger as he took out what looked like a cardboard box and placed it in front of me.

“What is it?”

Reed at down. The box has punctured holes all over it. I looked at him.

“Open it!”

I reached for the lid, the same time Charlie jumped onto the couch next to Reed, curious as well as he sniffed the box.

Reed patted Charlie, “You’ll like this one Charlie.”

I opened the lid fully, my heart skipping a beat.

“Oh my god.”

Curled up inside the box was the smallest kitten I had ever seen. “Where did you get her? Him?”

“Him. Drove half way across town for him, the last one left.”

He was fast asleep, the tiny stomach up and down as he breathed. “Oh Reed...he’s so pretty.”

His fur was pure white, his nose a cute little pink. Charlie took a step closer to the box sniffing him. I waited for his reaction, will they get along?

Charlie curled his tail around his body and sat down on the lid, at least he didn’t go to claw him.

“Please don’t name this one Hades or something.”

I shook my head, “I won’t.”

I lifted a finger, too scared to hurt him and brushed his fur. As gentle as I was, his stirred, his tiny eyes opening.

“I had to wait a while because they wouldn’t give him away yet.”

As he stirred I noticed something, there was a black circle around his left eye, Charlie also spotting what I spotted leaned in closer.


Reed handed me a tiny baby bottle, filled with milk.

“I promise no one will take this one away.”

“Aw Reed this is too much.”

“Well I’ll take it away, because we need to figure out a custody arrangement ok?”

“A custody arrangement?”

“You said you wouldn’t marry me so you can have him six out of seven days and I’ll take him for the other one. It’s equal that way.”

I rolled my eyes as I fed the kitten trying to think of something to name him.


“Yeah whatever you want.” Reed grabbed my half eaten slice leaning in holding it near my lips, I took a bite. He was a god send.



“Okay I will consider marrying you at a later point. Deal?”

Reed made a squeal type of noise wrapping his hands around me and I moved Casper away from being squished.

“What type of ring do you want?”

“Reed...I said later, and consider, and later key word being later.”

“You say later I say tater tot. Casper and Charlie need both set of parents.”

I rolled my eyes, “Sure.”

The End :D

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