Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 4: D is for Delivery

Coffee meant calories.

Calories meant fat.

And fat I had plenty off. Did he want a slice?

Not to mention a coffee with this guy, I would probably trolled and left half way, why was he asking me.

“What?” I said giving him a chance to fix it, and he did.

“Nothing never mind, bye,” he said giving me a curt nod before turning around and walking out the door. I stared at his retreating figure before shaking my head and walking into the back room where Jenny was perched at the table concentrating.

Maybe I should have said yea and scared him a bit. I laughed to myself looking at Jenny.

All her soft features were pulled into a determined look, how did some people look so perfect doing anything.

I shook my head, it wasn’t right to feel jealousy over my best friend.

“You need help?”

“No, just a few more, get started on the flowers,”

I nodded taking the bucket to the far corner and sitting down relaxing my body. When I was sitting I didn’t have to hold my breathe, force anything. Be natural. I shrugged my jacket off feeling the heat get to me and laid it across my lap.

I plucked the flowers out grabbing the thread Jenny already put out for me and got to work. There were so many to do, and such little time.

It wasn’t till midday I was finished with one bucket, and I had plenty more to go. I frowned, how did time go so fast? I was sure I did more flowers than this.


I looked up at her as she stood up stretching.


“Do you want to go get lunch now?”

I was starving and my stomach knew it, but then again should I really eat? Maybe if I skipped a meal I could get less calorie intake but that was bad.

“Actually you go eat, I’ll go on a break once you come back and I can finish more flowers,”

She nodded grabbing her coat, “Do you want me to bring you back something, oooh how about that new cake store in the corner. How about I get us some slices?”

“No thanks, I don’t feel like sugar,” I told her and she gave me an odd look before grabbing her purse.

“I never understand how you don’t like sugar, I crave it,”

I smiled going back to the flowers as she left, of course I loved sugar. Who didn’t? They were denying themselves, but at the same time sugar was bad. Sugar was a sweet sin I can’t indulge in.

I stretched out my feet knowing I was all alone.

I got up walking to the staff kitchen at the back and filled up my glass with water. I placed a few ice-cubes in, when the water was cold, I could barely tell it was water.

I took the glass back with me and sat back down looking at all the flowers. Sometimes I hated my job.

I stirred the sauce in the pan, why did this look so wrong, and smell so bad?

Day one of trying to cook a healthy dinner, fail.

I grunted switching the stove off and throwing the remained of the disaster into the bin, well I couldn’t make healthy pasta, sue me.

I bit my lip looking at the fridge, should I? I really shouldn’t. I could hear the ice-cream just calling my name, like a seductive man in bed, except all I had was a bed, a good bed that was just for me.

Something crawled between my legs, winding itself through them, oh right, me and my cat.

I looked down smiling as I picked up the black beauty, its green eyes sparkling at me and I sighed.

“Hello beautiful,” I placed it in my arm going to the couch and sitting down, okay twenty sit ups, here I go.

I didn’t even get to five before my spine started to hurt, in my tailbone to be precise. It was like I was sitting on hard timber, not my fluffy carpet as I tried to sit up again.

It was like the floor didn’t want me to exercise.

“Oh come on, I’m trying here,”

Eight, come on Violet you can do this. I closed my eyes thinking of all the online dress’s I saw, all the shorts, oh god the shorts.

I had great legs, All I had to do was tone my stomach and I could slip into those beauties, I didn’t want to wear them everywhere, just wanted to know that I could wear them if I want.

That was the motivation I needed.

Eleven, come on only nine more to go.

Think of the high school reunion, you walk in, a sexy dress, a handsome man, that is not the one who infuriated you this morning, on your arm, oh yes that will tell them all.

Thirteen, okay how about this, go to twenty and you can order yourself pizza since you failed.

That got me to work, I did twenty and an extra three on top as my fluffy cat walked around me confused to what I was doing.

“Yes Charlie, I exercises,” I told my cat as it jumped onto the black cough disappearing into it. It closed its eyes and it was gone, great I just hope I don’t sit on it.

I stood up and did squats while I walked to the phone, why did it feel like I was in shape already.

I grabbed the phone and dialed the number hoping it wasn’t too late for delivery and smiled when someone picked up.

“Hello” I asked a bit breathlessly as I continued to do squats, I mean I was ordering a pizza full of calories and thanks to my skipped lunch, I was sure I could devour the whole thing.

“Pizza hut, how may we help you,”

How many should I order, one, no if I order two then I could have left overs for the week, but I was trying to be healthy.

“Hi can I order a ma-,” I paused, no healthy, “Vegetarian please, delivery,”

Vegetarian has vegetables, I mean a bit counted, right?

“Sure expect your delivery to reach you in thirty minutes, address please?”

I told him my address and stood up feeling tired, I think that was enough for today.

“Thank you for ordering,”

“Sure thing, Love you bye,” I was just about to hang up when I realized what I said, my face flushing.

Crap, it was a habit, the only people I called often was friends and family, all who I said love you bye too, I always picked up my pizzas.

I blushed as I heard a soft chuckle, “Aw I love you too,”

“Um,” I looked at the couch where Charlie opened one eyes, sensing discomfort and baring his teeth at me.

“I hope you don’t assume you’re going to get a discount now that you exclaimed your undying love to me,”

Oh lord this was awkward, “I um- I just, It’s a habit,”

“I’m only joking, expect your pizza soon,”

I groaned as I heard the end of the dial tone, really Violet can’t you do anything right. I went to the fridge to grab a soda to help calm my flustered self but then changed my mind, and grabbed a glass of water and added two ice-cubes, cold water was better for you.

I walked around cleaning the apartment a bit, a workout in itself when I heard the doorbell and grabbed a note from my wallet, “Coming,” I yelled tripping over the shoes in the way.

Crap so much for cleaning.

I opened the door trying not to look so flustered as a girl stood there smiling, “Here is your pizza,” well that was faster than I thought.

“Thanks, keep the change,” she beamed realizing how much she could keep and I smiled, glad at least someone had a nice reward.

“Aww, really, thank you!” she jumped and I watched her walk away, her skinny legs rushing from under her massive jumper.

I didn’t want to be as skinny as her, but come on, how was her body proportionate and mine was like an upside down Doritos?

I grunted closing the door, the smell of the pizza making me crave these bad calories.

Charlie jumped off the couch smelling something and I laughed, “No Charlie you already ate,”

He purred rubbing up against me as I sat down, God this cat loved human food.

I opened the Pizza, surprised when a serviette fell out.

I picked it up frowning as I read it, a blush tainting my cheeks. Well, this was awkward.

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