Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 5: E is for Eggcelent

I couldn’t help but stare in every mirror as I walked the one kilometre to work, getting of the bus a few stops early was a smart idea, if it was’t for the fact it was starting to rain.

I hurried under the next few shops that were lined up, covering me from the rain a bit, I caught my reflection again and nodded in approval. It made me look...good, maybe even skinnier than I was. I was wearing leather leggings with ankle boots that gave me a good five centimetres on my height, paired with a long loose red top with tiny black checkered, I threw on a black leather jacket and a scarf with white dots.

I felt like a bad arse just wearing leather, all I needed was a guy on a motorbike to drop me off, I silently laughed to myself as I hurried.

“I turned around the corner finally grateful to see our street, I unzipped my jacket feeling a bit warm, but it was a good walk, I mean any type of walking was healthy for you, right?

“Someone looks happy, did someone get laid?”

I choked on my own spit as I looked at Jenny who looked more than unhappy.

“Someone looked grumpy, did someone get unlaid?” and then I paused getting out my keys, that did not sound right, and when I heard a chuckle my head spun around to see we had company, Alexander leaning against the wall, one legged propped up.

I looked between the both of them confused, “I forgot my keys,” said Jenny shrugging and I bit back a smile, they were completely drenched.

I opened the door rushing inside. “You know we did hide a spare key somewhere,” I said looking around, but I had no idea where we hid it.

“What took you so long? I didn’t see you at the bus stop, did you get dropped off?” Jenny asked while I shrugged off my jacket and hung it up. I ran a hand through my hair that was perfect in the morning and was probably a mess right now.

“Something like that,” I said not wanting to admit my fitness cycle to her, especially in front of me Mr. I own the place who had seated himself on the seat and flicked through the magazines.

“What are you doing here?” I asked in a very unprofessional way as I hopped onto my computer chair from the other side of the counter, his green eyes meeting mine and immediately smiling closing the magazine, I tried not to stare at how his grey shirt brought out his eyes even more, or the way it hung on his physique, slightly clinging from the rain.


No, bad Violet.

“I called him,” said Jenny running a hand through her hair like a professional running hands through hair girl as she shrugged out of her fancy red jacket.

“Why?” I asked confused, we had things to do today or did she forget.

“Well..if we are planning a wedding in a month, we need to talk about details,” or you just wanted to spend some more time with him. Damn it Violet where was this bitchiness coming from?

“Oh,” I said logging onto the computer not sure what else to say, we already have a busy schedule.

“Okay well you do that and I’ll deal with the birthdays then,”

“Okay, Mr. Reed?” she asked smiling a bit too much for someone early in the morning, and she told me that I was looking way to happy, was it a crime to look happy?

He followed her to the consultation room to the side and I tried not to smile when I felt his eyes on me, yep, I know I looked good.

It was an hour and I looked at the time on my watch sighing, my eyes were falling asleep. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out smiling when I saw the contact

Pizza Boy

I had no idea what came over me last night, when I saw the serviette with his name and number I couldn’t help but send him a text and from there I found out he was only a year older than me, which was surprising since I expected him to be some hormonal teenager.

No Instead his name was Liam and was working only part time for the extra cash to get him through law school, I guess everyone had an interesting story, all you had to do was listen to it.

Morning Cheese-puffs, how’s work?

I scoffed at the nick name?

Was that meant to be a pun?

Even before I placed my phone done it buzzed again and I shook my head, I liked fast texters.

Pizza Boy: That was quite horrible, I’ll leave hate pun making to you since you clearly make the dough rise

Before I could type a reply, he replied again

Pizza Boy: Sorry, that was bad, I’ll stop

I smiled shaking my head, he was right, that was terrible.

That is pretty bad, my fingers stilled on the keypad what else should I say, Work is fine, busy, horrible weather, Really Violet, you’re talking about the weather? How are you? Working?

God I was terrible at this, but I pressed send anyways, maybe in my bread I could look up “How to flirt with a pizza maker,” I mean at least I could find some good puns to use, his were terrible and I had a feeling I didn’t know how to flirt to save my life.

My phone buzzed again the same time the door opened and Jenny popped out, so I quickly opened an Excel page as I saw her head poke out, “Violet,” she said twisting a strand of her hair.

“Yea?” Look busy Violet, I mean sure it was our business, I could do what I wanted but I still wanted to look professional.

“Are Roses in seasons, or do they not have a season?”


“Um, I am pretty sure Roses are all year, they are always available its just the price that might change in case something happens to the Rose supply market or if it’s a particular type of Rose you are looking for,”

“Oh right, of course,” she laughed waving a hand, her head disappeared and I reached for my phone when her head popped back out, Jesus what now.

“Um can you come here for a moment?”

I sighed getting up from my seat fixing my top, it was loose and baggy but the neck kept dipping lower than I liked, I tucked it under my bra straps and walked into the room.


I tried to ignore the way Alexander was leaning in his seat, one foot propped up on another chair, damn it I would love to kick his leg, did he know zero manners or something?

“What?” there were books and catalogues all over the table.

“Do you want to swap?”

“No?” I said a bit too hastily, partially because I wasn’t doing anything yet, “We need help with the decoration and colour scheme, that’s your thing?

I groaned sitting down, “Fine,” I pulled the colour charts towards me and Alexander sat up leaning on the tbale his chin resting on his arm, he looked bored, like most men with weddings.

“Thanks I’ll do the excel sheets,” she said and rushed out before I could object and I glared at her back, why did she even call him in when she couldn’t handle it. I cleared my throat and looked at the charts and at Alexan-Reed, who looked bored.

Reed was a much easier name. And the name Alexander was too familiar. I had to do a Facebook stalk when I get home, I knew that name.

“So what are we actually doing?” I asked confused, there were all charts. Reed shrugged his shoulders, “Colour something,” he yawned and I groaned grabbing some spare paper.

“Do you have any idea what type of colours you want in the wedding?”

He sat up confused, “Aren’t wedding meant to be white?”

I groaned, this was going to be a long day.

“That will clash,” I groaned and looked at the time, for the past three hours we had been trying to find some suitable colours.

Black and Gold was stupid, but he wanted it, but a phone call from his sister told us she did not want those colours. So we decided to leave the colours to another day and decide on the alcohol beverages.

But that didn’t stay for long when we found out his sister doesn’t like half the alcohol in the world.

And then it was cake, which was hard when the groom to be was allergic to pretty much anything and everything, which meant the food menu we were doing was a struggle.

“What do you mean melon and prosciutto will clash?”

I groaned, “Eat them separately but I am not wrapping prosciutto, protein around sugar fruits, you’ll make your guests throw up-,” and I regretted saying that since his eyes lit up.


“Um, not all of them, next item,” I crossed out that from the list before he got any ideas to ruin his sisters wedding.

“How about Liver and buckwheat?” the sound of that made my stomach roll and he saw my face, “Okay not then,” he said sighing.

“What’s usually a meal thing?” He waved a hand. I sighed getting up and heading to the shelves and pulling out menu folder.

“These are pre-made menus, from past weddings, parties, whatever, see if you like any. Weddings have different hierarchy, you can go lavish and posh, you can cater for everyone, you can have a small quiet family wedding which means it doesn’t ma-,”

“Oh no, this is lavish, really really big,” he said disgusted.

“Then go to the end, Lavish,”

I grunted leaning in my chair as he flicked through the folder, a bit roughly saying no to half the items, he was just as picky as his sister damn it. This wedding was going to be the wedding from nightmare.

Jenny came in the room holding three Gloria Jeans cups of coffee and I took one from her gratefully, why not I looked good which meant I can indulge and I needed the caffeine if I was going to work with him.

Sure I was going to hate the calories that came with this coffee.

“No sugar like you like it,” she told me and I smiled, okay maybe I was going to be fine.

“You don’t have sugar with yours?” asked Reed as she placed a spoon and some sugars next to his.

I shrugged, “what is the point of ordering a coffee for the caffeine but then ruining it with su-ugar,” I said as I watched him tear three packets and place them in his coffee, point made.

I shook my head sipping mine, flat white no sugar, just what I needed.

“Oh by the way, your phone has been vibrating off the hook, who the hell is p-,”

I leaped up grabbing the phone cutting her off, “Thanks,” I said giving her a pointed look that we had company.

I looked at the phone unlocking it as I took a sip and choked going red.

“What is it too hot?” asked Jenny.

Reed leaned over and gave my back a hard, a really hard pat making me couch louder, “Shit that wasn’t meant to happen,”

I waved my hand pushing them both off me as I calmed down, “Just choked,” I said.

“Ah huh, sure,” Reed grumbled sitting back down.

“You’re really red,”

“Back to the Menu, did you choose anything?” I asked trying not to laugh at the message he sent me. Just thinking about it made me send a choked giggle out and having two pairs of eyes raise their eyebrow at me

Pizza Boy: What do a gynaecologist and a pizza boy have in common? They can smell it but they cant eat it! I googled it, I thought it was funny

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