Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 6: F is for Flavour

“Are you okay?”

That did it, I laughed so hard that I was sure my insides were going to explore, the joke was utterly wrong in every way and yet I liked it, hence laughing as I leaned over in my chair.

“Is she okay?”

“I-I think so?”

“I waved a hand telling them I was okay as I wiped my eyes, “Oh god, I haven’t laughed like that in ages, what were we talking about again?“Reed narrowed his eyes at me and I cleared my throat sitting up straighter, I could still feel the bubble at the back of my throat wanting me to laugh. My phone buzzed again and I shut my eyes a giggle escaping before I looked at them both who were staring, or glaring, at me

“So, colours,” I said pushing my phone under my legs so I didn’t see the new message and leaned over the table grabbing the folder, “What colours are we deciding on?”

I flicked through the pages and looked up and froze, “What?!”

“I’m done,” I said looking at the clock, Reed and Jenny were still discussing themes and I was over it, “You guys continue, I have the baby shower to do,” I got up grabbing my leather jacket and slipping it back on.

Jenny stretched in her chair and I was surprised Reed was still here, didn’t he have work to go to, rather than lazily lounge here for his sister’s wedding, does he even get paid to do this?

“I was just thinking about ordering a pizza or something since it’s already two,” said Jenny looking around the room. Reed shrugged and I felt my face heat up thinking about pizza.

“I’m actually good, I might take a walk,” I said, I had sinned already last night, why repeat? Maybe I could go for a stroll and pick up something healthy. She nodded and I hurried out of the room, my phone had buzzed numerous times in the “meeting” and I wanted to be a safe distance before I read the messages.

Pizza boy was a handful.

The walk was pretty good, a good outfit and perfect weather did wonderful things to my brain. it was times like this I thought who cares what I look like? Overweight or not, I liked how I was, it only took some thin supermodel on a bus stop to make me go back into my depressive mood.

But thankfully, today was still good.

I walked by a few stores, stopping to look at their specials, I always hated walking in and then walking back out. I always felt implied to buy something, damn it why was I so dependent? It would have been easier to walk out if I was with someone.

Sometimes I couldn’t even walk down the street without wanting someone beside me, because then it would let me have a conversation rather than feel self conscious with every stare.

Giving up I walked into the cafe and ordered a coffee, no sugars, just because I wasn’t feeling hungry anymore.

It was a small cafe with no one, so hopefully the coffee was worth my five bucks. Grabbing my warm cup I walked outside towards the park I noticed on the way here. It was empty, like most parks around two thirty in the afternoon and I sat down on the swing.

It had been too long since I went to any park, the sun was out surprisingly since it was a bad start this morning, and thankfully the swing wasn’t too wet.

I pulled my phone out of the pocket shaking my head at some of the messages pizza boy sent me.

Some were terrible like, You are taking longer than pizza dough to rise to reply and some were normal like what are you up to?

I slowly pushed myself on the swing texting a reply that I was on break and took a sip from my coffee, it was only lukewarm which was a slight disappointment, I didn’t like my coffee hot, but that just meant I had it for longer, this just felt like drinking warm liquid.

It didn’t have the coffee feel which was weird in a sense, but it was still drinkable.

It wasn’t too long before I felt the phone vibrate, a normal reply.

By the time I was finished with my coffee, I had learnt a bit about Pizza boy. I preferred calling him that over Liam, but then Liam was much easier to say than pizza boy.

Normal work? What do you do normally?

I asked confused, I did know his pizza job was just part time but that made me slightly curious about what he normally did.

I walked back towards the store when I got his message and nearly faltered in my footsteps.

I’m a lawyer

Well shit me sideways he was a what? I blinked looking at every letter carefully to make sure I was reading what I thought I was reading, he was a lawyer and he was working as a pizza boy?

I didn’t know what to reply. Oh yeah that’s cool? Oh Sweet? Oh..okay? How does one reply to that. So instead I placed it into my pocket and headed back inside, the potent smell of pizza was making me hungry, instead I opted to eat a healthy meal tonight and just stick with my coffee for now.

It burns, oh god.

It was my tenth crunch and my legs and arms and everything hurt. I stopped laying on the ground staring at my ceiling, exercises, why were you so hard?

Thankfully the timer on the oven went off and I stood up walking over to look at my attempt of a healthy meal.

Lean Cuisine oven made meals, just looking at the lasagna made me hungry yet it didn’t look a good as mum’s greasy cheesy filled with meat food.

I frowned opening the oven, it didn’t even smell that good. Well it was healthy? Right?

I pulled it out burning myself even through the mit and placed it on the plate waiting for it to cool.

I grabbed a form, why bother switching it into a plate when I can just eat it straight from the box. Lazy ways 101.

I took a mouthful, jumping up and down when I realised I had burned my tongue.

I swore spitting it out into the bin and grabbing an ice from the fridge and putting in my tongue but frowned when I realised the damage was already done. I could feel my taste buds just die and I frowned.

Well, nice one stupid head, just casually shove hot cheese into your mouth why don’t you. I tied my hair again seeing that half of it came undone at my very futile attempts to ‘get fit,’ and my attempts to do squats while the lasagna cooled down was worse when I slipped on some water and ended up landing on my arse, pain shooting up my back.

“I hate exercises,” I moaned closing my eyes, this was pathetic. Maybe I should join a gym, but then that meant there were people there, sometimes good looking people, I hated working out in public.

But working out at home was becoming more than a struggle and I couldn’t see any results. But then again it hasn’t even been a week since I started, results weren’t just going to come like that.

But why can’t they, then I would be more motivated!

There was a pounding on the door and I sighed, who the hell was here this late? I opened my eyes realising I was still on the ground rolling in pain and stood up slowly, clutching the side of the counter. Damn it, I think I broke a hip.

“Who is it?” I asked when the knocking didn’t stop and I massaged my back, god that was a heavy fall.

“It’s me,” A deep voice resounded and I frowned.

“Who the fuck is me?” I muttered to myself, how did people just expect you to know who me was, it’s called a name, you all had a name for a reason.

I sighed placing my lasagna back in the oven, at least it will keep it lukewarm in case the person woudln’t leave, and a small part of me hoped they didn’t see my weight watcher lean cuisine lasagna. So I tucked the bin aside as well into into the pantry. There, all evidence gone.

Well apart from the wine that was on my counter, when did that even get there? Hell I don’t even like wine.


Oh right, someone was at the door.

I walked over lazily opening the door, while my other hand was on my lower back pressing into the sore part, “Ye-oh god what the hell are you doing here?”

Reed walked in looking around like he bloody owned the place before his eyes traveled down me, and my pajamas, “Nice Pjs,” he commented and I glared at him.

There was nothing wrong with my pajamas, there was nothing wrong with leggings and a long top, it was totally in. Plus the top may have been a bright orange colour but that was only because it was from volutneering.

Who the hell even more matching flannel pajamas these days? And there was no way I was walking around with an over-sized shirt like in some said novels, I might have the legs for it but I was not degrading myself.

I mean what if some midnight rapist came into my house, easy access much?

“What do you want? Why are you here? How did you know where I live?”

Was Reed a midnight rapist, oh god, where the hell was my phone. I eyed the wine bottle, well maybe that could act as a weapon.

His eyes flickered to where I was looking, “Sure I would love some wine,” he said walking towards the kitchen before I could stop him. He picked up the bottle, great my weapon was in his hand.

“Nice choice,” he said and I walked hesitantly towards him, yet keeping my distance.

“My mum chose it,” I said, there was no way I would willingly by wine, let alone why the hell was I even telling him this.

Maybe if I could get to the kitchen draw where the knife was at, I could stab him. Ha! Brilliant.

He walked over to the cupboard, like he knew the whole layout of the house and plucked himself a glass while I was glaring at him.

“You still haven’t told me why you are in my house at this time,” I said crossing my arm across my chest. This was the invasion of privacy that made me move out in the first place.

Sure he wasn’t my mum but at the same time who the hell was he thinking he could just wlatz into my place. Hell how did he even get my address?

I heard my phone go off somewhere making me jump, where the hell as my phone and thank the lord it wasn’t on silent.

“Oh, Jenny told me,”

That little piece of shit.

I was beyond furious, why the hell did she give him my address.


He pulled something out of his pocket placing it on the counter, “She wanted me to give you this,”

“And this couldn’t wait?!”

He shrugged and I sighed in fustration, just kick him out already, just look at him, standing in my kitchen, against my coutner, with my fine wine glass drinking like he lived here.

That little piece of, “Take your shoes off,” I snapped irritated he still had his stupid black busines shoes on. He raised an eyebrow but complied slipping them and moving them to the side, ew, who wore shoes int he house, especially when you had carpet as clean and cream as mine?

I looked at the paper, a list of colour themes, “This honestly could not wait till tomorrow morning?”

He shrugged leaning over, and I leaned back as he read the list, “Well she said it was urgent and I said I can drop it off since I drive by your place anyways,” his eyes looked around, “No photos?” he asked when he saw my bare walls.

The only thing on the wall was a red clock, which I was sure had the wrong tiem anyways.

“Piss off,” I muttered, “And get out,”

He flashed me a bright smile as I moved my tongue around in my mouth, why did it still feel burnt. I turned around ready to leave when his voice stopped me.

“You have a cats?”

“I have one,” I said irritated, I only have one cat yet this man was looking at me like I was some crazy cat lady, “You have two,”

“I think I would know how many cats I have Reed,” I replied shaking my head but when I heard a strangled screech, that wasn’t my Charlie I froze.

“What the hell was that?”

“A cat,”

I looked back at him to see him narrow his eyes at something and nodded towards my couch where in fact a white cat was laying down like it owned the place. While Charlie was on top of the TV cabinet, nearly blending in hissing at the feline.

“I think I just brought you a stray cat,”

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