Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 7: G is for Gorilla

I stared at the cat a bit more before I looked at Reed who was narrowing his eyes at it, “What are you doing?” I asked. Charlie hopped off strutting towards me and twisting himself around my legs, it also felt like he was pushing me towards the other cat.

Like he expected me to fight it or something.

’I’m thinking, if they fight, it’ll be a cat fight,”

I paused, what?

His green eyes smiled at me and I looked away back at the white cat, I mean it was so cute...and looked so delicate. Sure Charlie wasn’t liking the company of another female cat, but at least it wasn’t male.

Well I hoped it wasn’t male. It’s anatomy compared to Charlie was different, which meant it wasn’t a male, or it could just be a very feminine looking male cat I guess.

If it was two males, I had to kick it out.

Then there would be a war

“Now you can have kittens,”

“Charlie is de-sexed,” I said walking over towards the couch, Charlie hissed at me as I moved and I sent him a look.

The last thing I needed was kittens everywhere.

s I stopped a good distance away and sat on the ground between the couch and the coffee table.

I pushed my hand out, the cat opened its eyes staring at me. Could I afford to have another cat, Charlie was really expensive to take care of. I mean there was my bank account which I hadn’t touched, but that was for a reason.

I didn’t want to use their money. I frowned, maybe the cat will disappear. I mean someone has to own this beautiful snow like cat.

It moved towards me and I heard a meow from the other side of the room.

Charlie was clawing at the ground, I think someone was just a bit jealous.

I ignored Charlie, he got jealous of everything, even my blanket when he couldn’t snuggle up with me. The other cat took a step towards me before pouncing off the couch and scaring me when it landed on the coffee table.

“Great,” I now had paw prints all over the glass.

“At least I got you a pretty cat,” I jumped forgetting he was still in my ho-apartment and looked behind me to see him standing a bit too close to where I was sitting. His eyes were narrowed as he peered at the cat, a glass in one hand and the bottle hanging loosely in the other hand.

“That’s my wine, don’t drink it all,”

He looked at the glass and then at me offering me it. Eww, like I wanted to drink his germs, gross.

But then the other glass was so far away, like, across the room and I was on the ground, I sighed and reached for it then changed my mind and grabbed the bottle.

“I don’t share cooties,” I lied, not that I cared, hell I even shared it with strangers on the occasion but not with this creep. I took a swig from the bottle holding my breathe, god I didn’t even like wine so why was I drinking this?

He sat down, his long legs struggling to find a comfortable position and then ended up sliding them beneath the coffee table and they nearly reached the other side.

“Don’t judge my socks,”

“Not judging,” but I really was judging the mis-matched socks. So it wasn’t just girls who had mis matched socks? I mean sure his was black and blue, that wasn’t too obvious but it was still funny.

“I can feel you judging,” he said grabbing the tip of the bottle, while I was still holding onto it, and then bending it so it filled his glass. I slightly moved my hand lower, just in case I had to touch that grubby skin of his.

“I’m hungry,” he muttered after a few minutes of us sitting in silence, which weirdly wasn’t...weird. It was slightly normal. Wait, normal no?

Why did it feel like I was just sitting with someone I knew for a long time, casually taking sips of this disgusting liquid, just because it was somewhat drinkable.

“I am too,”

My lasanga, diet lasagna was still sitting in the oven, was it too cold?

“Let’s order Pizza,” he said taking out his phone and my face heated up, pizza, oh god.

“Do you want a pizza?” he asked looking at me with a raised eyebrow the same time my phone buzzed. Oh lord.

I took out my phone, “I’ll order,” I said. He shrugged putting his phone back in, his arm brushing my side and I shifted a bit away, I was sure he brushed more my sticking out fat that was in rolls.

God why the hell were some girls so perfect, not even any fat butting out their sides and then there was me, the most dis-proportionate mother-effer you can find.

I shrugged it off looking at my message.

What am I doing? Well...

Have someone over, are you at work?

The reply was immediate I didn’t even have time to put my phone away.

Yes, on break. Who’s over? A friend?

“What flavour do you want?”

He shrugged, “I’m not too fussy, pepperoni?” he asked and I gave him a look. What?

“What? You can choose whatever,”

“No no, I like pepperoni,” in fact that was my favourite pizza. A bit spicy, a but tangy and just a bit delicious.

Not really? Can I order through you? Pepperoni. Do you need my address again?

His reply was immediate, again, does he just sit there on his break or something?

Yep I’ll pass it on, it’s on the database dw.

I nodded. “Done,” and placed my phone screen down on the carpet and sighed, “Wait you ordered?”

“I know someone that works there,” I replied leaning back into the couch, the white cat had moved somewhat closer and Charlie had moved somewhat further away glaring at me. I could feel the cat’s eyes, I guess this is what they meant when they said that you can feel a cat’s eyes through slash look into your soul.

Charlie sure was.

“You get it,”

“No you get it,” I whined, my voice a bit too high, probably because I drank half the bottle myself on an empty stomach, I could feel it, I was floating on air.

That was because I am an air princess.

I snickered.

“Your house, you get it,”

The knock on the door came again. I shook my head.

“You wanted pizza, you get it,”

He sighed. Both of us, in our own comfortable spot, my head throw back onto the sofa and eyes closed, I guess we both didn’t want to move.

“Urgh, just get it,” I grumbled.


“You are such a gorilla,”

There was a silent pause and I opened my eyes, the lights blinding my face and I swore sitting up my head spinning.

“What?” He asked confused, the corners of his lip lifted up. Man was he wearing lipstick? Would it be weird if I touched it. I was sure he was wearing lipstick.

Are you gay?

But I didn’t ask that out loud.

“Fine, I’ll get it,” he said probably noticing he was much more sober than me. I was surprised the pizza deliverer was still even at the door. Man they must really want a tip.

“There’s money by the counter,” I said pointing, hoping it was in the right direction.

“Don’t be silly,” he said getting up.

Silly at what? I would like you to know that I was quite a smart child, always A plus’s, actually in my senior year I was sure I got more D’s and C’s but he didn’t need to know that.

I heard the door open, vaguely and sighed closing my eyes, man I just wanted to sleep, and eat, and drink, and sleep and never wake up.

“No here take this, keep the change,” I heard Reed before the door closed and I sighed opening one eye seeing his blur walk back with the pizza. Oh god it smelt so good.

I mean I did a few sit ups and crunches, I can indulge. Maybe I can do it in the morning tomorrow and the afternoon. Yes that’s what I’ll do.

A meow next to me brought my attention and I saw Charlie curl up beside me, when did he-oh right this cat liked it’s pizza.

Charlie still glared at the white haze on the counter top that was fast asleep but paid no attention, hell Charlie was crossing over my lap towards Reed as he sat back down.

“Do we need plates?” he asked.

I waved a hand, no way was I getting up to show him where the plates were. They were way to confusing to find in my small apartment that was...small.

I nearly died and went to pizza land when he opened the box, “Do they usually give you jalapenos with pepperoni?” he asked confused.

So was I, but hell jalapenos were the best. And when it mixed with the slightly tangy pepperoni, it was heaven, not to mention the warm cheese still melting in my mouth and soft base. Oh god, why isn’t pizza healthy?

I could never get tired of pizza. We bought ate in silence, and as much as I knew I shouldn’t be drinking this wine like water, I did anyways.

“I’m done,” I frowned looking into the bottle, I raised it to my eye looking inside, “Where’s it all gone?” I frowned dropping my half eaten pizza onto the clean flap of the box. I turned it upside down, not even a drop.

I heard something chuckle, I think it was a human. “You drank it all,”

“No I didn’t,” I squinted turning around my head already pounding. Why wasn’t there music, I wanted to dance.

“You drank it all,” I pointed out. Wait a minute, I knew this person, wait a minute, what the hell was he doing in my house?

“What the hell?” I screeched when something licked my finger, something slightly warm and prickly and I looked down to see something white.

“Oh my god, Charlie got old,” I said picking up the cat in my hands and turning it around. I heard a chuckle and my stomach flipped.

“No, that’s -,”

“Yea he did, look at all his white hair!” I frowned, “Oh my god Charlie is going to die!,”

I heard a sign as Reed got up, “I think it’s time you went to bed,” he said holding out a hand. I frowned at the hand, okay then.

I mean it was weird but if he wanted to shake the cat’s paw he could. I lifted Charlie’s now white paw to his and shook it. He shook his head leaning down and taking Charlie from me.

“No, Charlie is too young to be buried,” I snapped as he carried it in one hand effortlessly. He scratched behind the ears earning a purr from it, hey, only I could scratch Charlie behind the ear. He placed Charlie on the couch and for the first time I could see Charlie’s fur against the dark colour.

I guess old Charlie had a few plus point, I wouldn’t sit on him again.

I snickered.

Something grabbed my arm lifting me up and the room spun around, and so did my stomach. I think I’m going to be sick.

Sick, why was sick such a weird word.

“Where’s your room?”

I shrugged, “Where’s your room?” I asked stabbing a finger into his shoulder, wait, was he wearing a metal shirt or something. I frowned looking at my index finger, did I break it?

I felt myself being dragged and I dug my heels into the ground, “Hey, I don’t want to go,” I as having fun!

I mean whoever turned the disco lights on were amazing. I heard him mutter something, did no one tell him that only crazy people spoke to themsel-oh wait. Did that mean I was mental? I mean I always spoke to myself or my cat who never replied,

Gosh Charlie, reply much.

“Bed!” I yelled seeing my comfy red blankets and threw myself onto it, tripping over someones foot and nearly missing the mattress. Man, the last thing I needed was a broken nose or a missing tooth.

“Be careful,”

I waved a hand, I was always careful. Careful was like my name or something.

I closed my eyes letting myself be adjusted onto the bed, man bed, why were you so comfortable?

I love you too bed, you understand me.

“Sun is bright,” I said as I turned around as the blanket came up higher, I pointed at the ceiling.

Did the party already end? How was it morning already. Man I had too much to drink.

He bent down tucking the blanket under my chin, his face too close and his green eyes staring into me, his eyes were like Charlie’s, staring in my soul.

“Good night,”

“It’s morning,” I said confused, I mean the sun was up. He stood up walking to the door and I looked confused as something jumped onto the bed.

“Charlie! You’re black again,” I cried hugging the cat earning a hiss as I squashed his bones and the light went out.

Oh wait, was he black again or was it cause the light was off?

I groaned turning around, who cares?

I could hear my phone going off somewhere but the blankets were too comfortable to get up from.

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