Too Fat For Love (Completed)

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Chapter 8: H is for Humongous

“I think there is something pounding in my head,” I groaned leaning over the desk. Jenny barely spared me a look as she started setting something up.

“Like something is swimming in my stomach,” I tried opening my eyes but all I got was bright light that made me want to throw up.

“Why, did you eat something?” she asked running around the room. I felt bad, I really did, I should be helping her but it took all of my energy to simply rock up. And my outfit screamed that, a bright yellow top and a polka dot skirt, I looked worse than I felt, which was a lot.

Today was just not my day.

“No,” I groaned, hell I couldn’t even remember anything. “All I know is that someone is walking inside of me,” and I wanted to throw up.

“It’s not Johnny Walker, because he doesn’t make wine,” a new voice joked and the strong smell of coffee made me lift my head up ignoring the nausea as a cup was pushed in front of me. I looked at the Styrofoam cup, my eyes following up a white shirt to amused eyes looking at me.

I bet he wouldn’t look so amused if I stained his damn shirt with coffee, hot coffee at that. And now that slightly made me feel better, but just a tiny weeny bit.

“Do you like, have no life or something?” I asked irritated as I took the cup placing it against my cheek, the warmth making me feel a bit better.

“What?” he asked taking a sip of his own cup and handing another to Jenny.

“Like don’t you have a job,” I mean he was around here every day, if I had wagged that much when I used to work back in the day, I was surely going to be fired.

“Violet!” hissed Jenny from opposite me glaring at me, no doubt for the lack of my manners and I brushed it off. Reed simply sat down making himself at home, which I didn’t like one bit.

“So, do you have the paper Reed gave to you?”

“What paper?” I asked taking a sip from my coffee surprised at it, was this a flat white?

At least I approved of his coffee taste. Both Jenny and Reed looked at me and I halted, “What?” I asked confused.

Jenny looked at Reed, “I thought you were going to drop it off on the way to your house,”

Reed looked at me, narrowing his eyes at me, “I did drop it over, I came over last night,”

I scoffed before laughing, “Right, I would have remembered if you came over last night,” I rolled my eyes, besides he had no idea where I even lived, and I liked it that way.

Jenny and Reed both exchanged looks before they looked at me making me feel a bit intimidated.

“Yes I did,”


“Yes Violet, I even brought you a cat,”

“I already have a cat,”

“You have two cats,”

“I think I would know if I had two cats,” I said raising an eyebrow.

“You’re hungover, you’ll remember later,”

“Sure I am,”

Reed was about to say something when Jenny just dropped the book she was holding, loudly on the table and I jumped in my seat, “God enough you two,” she narrowed her eyes. She pushed the bigger book at him and then passed me the folder.

“You, go and organize the baby shower, the couple will be over and I need you to finalize samples today, and you,” she said brushing her hair out of her face, her perfect hair of course, and looked Reed, “Finalize the cakes,”

I leaned over grabbing the folder, god, what a surprise, Jenny doing her work for once. I rolled my eyes grabbing the folder and walking back to my own office and sitting down. Well maybe I shouldn’t have been that mean, I mean he did bring me coffee.

But I would know if I had one cats or two, plus why would he come over my my house. And no I was not hungover, I was simply having headache and a bad day.

It was half way through organising the little gifts for people to take away when my office door was, rudely, yes rudely, slammed and I looked up the loud noise making my head throb.

I groaned, “Do you mind?” I looked up to see Reed walk in with a smile.

“Nope, no at all,” somehow I had the feeling he did that part on purpose, “What do you want?” I snapped.

Honestly did this guy not have a job to do or something.

“Nice top,” he nodded with amused eyes and I looked down groaning. I grabbed my jacket from the ground shrugging it on. I had grabbed the first thing I had found this morning which happened to be my too tight, too childish pink top with a yellow bear on it, also known as Winnie the pooh.

And suddenly with a man in the room, an annoying one at that, I felt self conscious re-positioning myself in the seat, turning my chair to the side and awkwardly leaning on the table, just so I looked skinnier, or I think I did.

Reed didn’t notice his hands busy playing with a paper weight on my desk, “What do you want?” I asked again louder.

“Huh?” he green eyes met mine and I was taken back by their colour once again, does he wear contacts?

Man why can’t I have eyes like that? At least then people would stare at my eyes and not the rest of me.

“Oh,” he said dropping my paper-weight back, the thud making me wince, “Jenny wants you to come cake testing with me,”

I frowned, “What, no I’m busy, take her,” I said.

“She has to ring some client,” he said shrugging. More like she didn’t want to eat the cake and sent me so I could get fat, well fatter than what I was. I frowned, “No I am busy, why don’t you go by yourself hmm? You’re a big boy,”

“That I am,” he smirked leaning on my desk irritating me furthermore, I rolled my eyes going back to the file, right a pink bag with a little pink sock, I checked it off. What else needed to be in these gift pouches.

“Look, Reed, I’m really busy,” I said sighing, I didn’t have time to come with him. Plus it was cake testing, the bride and groom should be doing that, their wedding. I get that he was in charge but that was personal choice, unless they told him what they wanted.

Then there was no point of a testing anyway.

“No Jenny said something about her telling that someone would be there,”

I groaned closing the file, of course she did. I turned my chair around to face a smiling Reed and seeing he wouldn’t get up got up crossing my hands over my chest, bringing my jacket closer with that, “Fine, hurry up,”

He waved a hand motioning me to leave first and I narrowed my eyes at him. oh so now he was going to act like a gentleman.

Not to make a big fuss I stormed out of the building, not bothering to open the door for him and started walking, I was sure his long athletic legs would keep up with mine. A sudden hand grabbed me halting me and turning me around, a bit too fast my vision blurring.

“Where are you going?”

I paused seeing his chest in my face, too close, and stepped back pulling my hand back, “To the cake shop,”

Where else?

“Oh, I thought we could take my bike there,”

“But we can walk there, it’s not that far,” I said.

“Two minutes on my bike, come on,” he reached out and then stopped thinking better and pulled his and back, good.

“Bike?” I asked, did he just say bike. I was pretty sure my stomach would not handle that right now.

“Why, are you scared?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

Excuse me? Did he know who he was talking to. I ignored him, “Do you need hel-oh,”

I got on scooting to the back and motioning for him to get on, “Impressed,” He muttered quietly and got on, “You might want to hold on,”

I shrugged meeting his gaze in the reflection of his small side view mirrors, “I think I’ll be fine,” I said. I’ve been on many bikes before. I placed one palm flat on the gap between up and then the other reaching behind me and placing it there getting a good grip.

He shrugged and started the bike and sped off, I jerked a bit but it was quickly re-balanced. I kept my eyes on the scenery, well fast scenery that was making me nauseous and away from his eyes that kept looking at me in the mirrors.

Yes son, I hadn’t fallen off yet.

The bike finally came to a stop and I hopped off smoothly dusting my pants and watched as he took his helmet off, making his eyes even clearer that they weren’t shielded by the tint, “You been on a lot of bikes before?” he asked getting of swinging his leg over.

“Something like that,” I replied turning around as he locked his bike pocketing the keys.

“Does your boyfriend drive one or something?”

I looked over my shoulder as he walked, was he serious? Why so curious?

“Yeah,” I said, not mentioning it was ex boyfriend, but of course two letter wouldn’t do much difference.

“Must have been a shit boyfriend if you have to keep your distance on the bike,”

“Hmm?” I asked looking up from my phone.

“Nothing,” Reed opened the door cocking his head to the side motioning for me to get in. I replied to Jenny telling her we were here and looked inside the store, my nostrils immediately getting the sweet scent.

I saw Vanessa pop her head out behind the counter smiling, “Oh my lord it’s you,”

I waved awkwardly as Reed looked between us as she let out a shrill squeal dropping the cloth she was wiping the glass with and came around throwing her hands around me.

“Now young lady, how long has it been since you popper your head in here?”

Um...a while?

“The last time was you and Erek and I thought you both were getting married,” she threw her head back laughing, “But of course you both d-,”

Reed cleared his throat and I wasn’t sure if I was grate-ful or not. She stopped talking her attention being swamped by the somewhat attractive man beside me, I wouldn’t say he was really attractive, cause that would be being nice.

“oh.” “ooohh,“” she said and I rolled my eyes, “Sorry I am Vanessa, her best est friend from high school she has ignored,” I rolled my eyes pushing her towards the counter.

“Mr. Reed is here for wedding cakes for a wedding,” I said.

“Oh yeah su-oh, aw no,” she frowned.

“What?” Reed and I asked at the both times, “Did you run out of cakes or something?” I asked.

I was pretty damn sure Jenny told her we were coming.

“Oh what? No no,” She said waving her hand around, “Come through,” she said giggling as she walked through.

I frowned walking behind her as Reed bent down to whisper, “Does she have ADHD or something,”

“Yeah, probably,” I said shaking my head, this wasn’t even her full self, I was sure Reed would be out the of the building saying his sister didn’t need a damn cake.

I sat down sighing as I watched Vanessa drill Reed about cake.

What size, what flavour.

He didn’t know.

I nearly rolled my eyes when he said “Just bring us samples,”

Vanessa was more than happy ordering her workers around telling them to cut a slice from every cake, I raised an eyebrow looking at Reed, was he really going to be able to eat that much cake.

Besides, the more cake you had the harder it was to choose, and annoying since they would all taste the same after a bit.

“Of course, we don’t have every flavour we do since we make them fresh every day,” Vanessa grabbed a chair pulling it to sit with us, “but there are the ones today. We even have an ice-cream cake because we had another client this morning,”

The first white chocolate with raspberry mousse filling with chocolate shards was placed in front of us and Vanessa thrusts two spoons at us, “Dig in,”

I looked at the spoon and the cake, man, why did she have to tempt me like this.

“I think you should try it, you’re the wedding person anyway,” I waved. Imagine the amount of calories in one bite, let alone all the cakes he was going to try.

“Come on, I need a second advice,” Reed took the spoon from her and gave it to me and I sighed taking it. I didn’t want to cause too much of an obvious fit that I didn’t want to eat the cake.

That would make me self conscious making it obvious about me not wanting to eat it for the calories, whilst that was true, I just wanted to appear like the confident person people thought I was.

“Ladies first,”

I rolled my eyes as Vanessa smiled looking at me, too happy of her invention and I took a small bit placing it in my mouth.

“Well?” Vanessa asked two bright eyes looking at me waiting for my reaction.

“It’s good, really good,” sinfully good, I was expecting cream when I saw the slice, but all I could taste was soft, smooth raspberry with the hardness of the cake which was still fluffy. God she was talented.

Reed agreed, “Damn,” he said as he took another bite.

The next cake came on, and then the one after that and it got to the point where I had to refuse, “I can’t really, I’m so fully,”

“Come on Violet, fit some more in you we need to fatten you up!”

I rolled my eyes at Vanessa, just let me not suck my stomach in and you’ll be telling me to “Let’s gym you up,”

It was getting hot in here and I wanted to take my jacket off, but my tight shirt gave me one too many problems.

I sighed leaning back as Reed continued taste testing, “Can I just order every cake,” He muttered placing his spoon down as Vanessa went to get the cake book where there were more cakes that she hadn’t made.

I shrugged, his wed-his sister’s wedding, “If you want to go broke, do it,”

I was leaning on the table resting my face on my arm as I watched her bring more samples, how the hell was he fitting all that away? Just thinking of another bite was making me sick.

Too. Much. Sugar.

“What’s your favourite cake?”

“Hmm?” I said looking up, nearly half asleep in the warmth here, it made me drowsy. He was flicking through the book and my eyes scanned the pages, how were they so pretty?

Too pretty to be eaten.

“Chocolate, strawberry, caram-,”

“I don’t have one,”

Reed raised an eyebrow at me leaning back in his chair, “How can you not have a favourite cake?”

“I like most of them I guess,” I hadn’t really thought about it and now that I was thinking about it I couldn’t remember what cakes I liked. Well there was this passion fruit cake I ate once, that was quite good, well the top half, the bottom half was just way too much cream.

I didn’t like cream, it tasted like a whole lot of nothing.

“Ready to order?” Reed nodded and I got up following them to the counter and taking out my phone seeing I had quite a few messaged. I opened them replying, the smile on my face completely vanished when I heard him order.

“Can you make a butter popcorn cake with ganache chocolate inside and popcorn flowers, popcorn glued together to look like flowers on the side and it needs to be three different levels.” I watched as she nodded writing them all down.

“Perfect, that can be done, we will make a small taste trier and contact you,”

I waited till we were outside before I spoke up, “Did you already know what type of cake you wanted?”

Reed looked at me, “Obviously,” I faltered in my walk and stared as he climbed onto his bike.

If he knew what cake he wanted, why did he waste my whole day making me taste try different types of cakes. And why did he make me eat all those unnecessary calories.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“I have something else to do, you go,” I said turning back to walk back to the office. At least work off the calroies he fed me through lies.

What a waste of a day.

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