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Aiden Black is a manipulative rich snob with the desire to deflower every woman on earth. That is until he meets Summer Gray, who wants to avoid him, but really needs the money so she works for him. Aiden Black runs a secret strip club by night and plays the role of the school bad boy by day. His charm and looks gets him whatever girl he wants while rich parents, always being out of town, allow him to spend their money how he likes. Until he meets Summer Gray, an uptight, play by the rules kind of girl with the personality of a bulldozer. She earns the job of being his house maid, and instantly Aiden tries to make a move on her. Too bad Summer's got a boyfriend. Join in their love-hate relationship, a heartwarming, tear-jerker! Is Aiden Black really the bad boy he wants you think he is? Is he willing to take off the mask on his heart? Copyright 2015 *This story will take a short time to read* "I don't have to be a mind reader to know that you want me. I can see it in your eyes." "Well then you should get your eyes checked, because I think you might be blind."

Romance / Drama
Veronica Soliman
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Veronica Soliman


Seven Years Ago

Summer Gray

The short boy with the electric blue eyes stood on stage carefully searching the crowd.

The play had halted to an end when he abruptly threw a table off the stage declaring that Romeo never liked tables anyway. The dark auditorium seemed to rage with a light that was Aiden Black.

Everyone had thought this was cute that perfect 10 year old Aiden Black was acting up. He was the school’s stars student, and the star of the play this year.

The bright light shone on him as he stood in the center of the stage, an angry snarl to his otherwise adorable character.

I thought he was pretty cute, and so did all the other girls in my grade. But it was Savanah Bronson who got to play the role of Juliet and everyone was expecting them to kiss. On the mouth.

Mrs. Monica, our fifth grade teacher, was known for making the best school productions ever. Everyone looked forward to it, knowing she’d outdo herself each year.

I sat beside my mom on the uncomfortable plastic chairs of the school watching as Mrs. Monica walked on stage to talk to the perfect little boy.

He looked frustrated and upset.

“My parents aren’t here.” He announced loudly, his voice echoed in the auditorium. I knew what that felt like since my dad was always away covering the next best story in remote locations. This week he was in England for his news report.

Mrs. Monica looked at him with sympathetic eyes.

“The show must go on Aiden.” She smiled, urging him to continue. A sudden discomfort told me I needed to use the restroom. Although it was extremely entertaining to stare at Aiden all day, I had to take a little break.

“Mom I have to use the bathroom.” I said. She smiled at me with kind eyes, nodding.

“Go ahead.” I smiled rushing out as fast as my little ten year old legs would allow.

I was a foot away from the bathroom, feeling like I’d explode if I didn’t go when I saw the back door to the stage open and out came a furious looking Aiden Black. I stared at him, he was every little girl’s dream, kind, smart, and handsome.

I stared at him in admiration as he turned his blue gaze to me. I felt my ten year old heart rate rising, he’d never looked at me before. Butterflies erupted in my belly, and I felt like I’d just pee my pants.

“Are you okay?” I asked, walking up to him shyly. I’d been wanting to talk to him for ages, now may have been my only chance. He was always surrounded by his friends and many, many girls.

“I’m fine.” He took a seat on the ground beside the stage door. I walked up to him, this felt so natural.

“Okay.” I smiled at him, taking a seat beside him on the floor, “I know how you feel.” I added after a long silence. “My dad didn’t come today either.” I said, turning face him. He was staring at his shoes, he turned his cute face to me, his eyes locking with mine.

He makes everyone feel like this. I told myself, trying to make nothing of the new emotions exploding inside me.

“Nah, I don’t know why I thought they’d come this time.” He said, then seemed to shake the thought away, “I’m Aiden.” He introduced himself.

As if I didn’t know who he was.

“I’m Summer.” I smiled, “I think you should go back to the show, you were doing really good!” I encouraged.

He stood up, a warm smile on his face as began walking away and back into the auditorium.

I rushed into the bathroom, a wide smile on my face. Aiden Black had just talked to me!

I did my business in the bathroom and walked back into the auditorium.

“Sweety, what took so long, you almost had me worried.” Mom whispered as Mrs. Monica announced that the show was about to continue.

“Nothing.” I smiled, wider than I ever have before.

Aiden walked on stage, his eyes meeting mine for a slight second as he recited the lines. Everyone applauded loudly when he kissed Savannah Bronson, a.k.a Juliet. I felt a ting of jealousy that only lasted for a second, hoping their kiss meant nothing.

When the show was over, everyone was walking up to Aiden with amazing compliments while I watched from the distance.

Mom took my little hands and led us out. We walked to the car and drove away.

It’s sad to say that I’d never talked to Aiden again until my senior year of high school.

And the sweet little boy, worried about his parents watching his play, seemed to die away.

Aiden Black was no longer that perfect shining star, but more like a star that burst and became something awful. He isolated himself and spent his time doing things that should not be named.

It wasn’t hard to see that all these years had hardened him. We’d never talked once, but most importantly how much he’d changed, for the worse that is.

Aiden Black seemed to have flipped a switch in his mind, being a victim of circumstance had taken a great toll on him.

He was bad now, rotten to the core, putting it simply, he’d now be number one on Santa’s Naughty list.

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