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Chapter 1: Triumph

Seven years later.

Aiden Black

“Hey gorgeous.” I walked past one of my many strippers, slapping her butt with a wide smirk on my face.

She never seemed to mind, none of them ever did. They all seemed to enjoy having me around, who wouldn’t?

I grinned at the other girls, longing in their eyes as I looked at each and every one of their almost bare bodies.

“Aiden, join me?” One of them asked, she lay on the table, seductively eating a lollipop. I grinned climbing on top of her, placing butterfly kisses on her neck and stepping away. I didn’t feel like getting crazy just yet.

“Later sweetness.” I winked walking around to see how well business was doing tonight. I grinned evilly, watching several bachelors walk in and score with two of my best, Maddie and Clara.

I stepped out into the freezing cold weather, it was almost midnight.

Right about the time the police would show up. I pulled out a cigarette and placed my hand in my pant’s pocket, walking down the street to where I parked my motorcycle. The dark street was empty.

Police siren noises came closer as I stood in front of my motorcycle, putting the helmet on my messily tousled dark blonde hair. Right on time.

Good thing the girls knew to hide, some poor sucker would get caught and probably ruin his marriage for choosing this place to have his bachelor party. Good, marriage is overrated.

I smirked, stomping the cigarette flame to the ground and starting my engine. I placed my helmet over my head and began driving to my oversized mansion. My little sister would probably be asleep by now.

“Paula I’m home!” I shouted to nobody, my housemaid had probably already left by now to get home to her own family. She was going be fired soon anyway.

“Aiden, I’ve been waiting for you all night! I had another nightmare.” My little sister stood in front of the kitchen, staring at me with her big blue eyes. Her small six year old arms wiped her little eyes. I stared at her for a second. I never want my sister to end up with a guy like me. I thought to myself.

I was perfect in my own way, and she had to find someone who was nearly as perfect as me, in their own way.

“Amy, go back to bed, did you turn off your night light?” I calmly walked up to her as she wrapped her arms around my leg. When she forgets her night light, that’s usually about the time the nightmares happen.

“Tuck me in Aiden.” Her cute little voice said as I picked her up and began carrying her upstairs, “You smell bad, what did I say about smoking.” She commented, scolding me all at once.

“Okay Amy, I’ll stop, just for you.” I winked as she began giggling, having no intention of stopping. I covered her and plugged in her night light.

“Go to sleep Amy, you’ve got school tomorrow.” I kissed her cheek and walked out of her room. Leaving the door open a bit in case she needed more light.

“Good night, Aiden.” She shouted.

“Sleep tight Amy.” I walked across the hallway to my room, throwing off my favorite leather jacket. I reached for my phone. Messages from a bunch of numbers I didn’t know. Just my luck.

Hey Aiden, wanna hook up?

See you tomorrow cutie.

Doing anything tomorrow night?

Hey sexy

I looked at the messages and tossed my phone on my bed, shaking my head. I knew I was stunning and great at sex, but it was quite annoying the rate at which girls threw themselves at me.

I walked into the bathroom, brushing my teeth and taking a quick shower. I stared at my perfect mirror self, smirking.

I stepped out in my boxers and set my head on the pillow for a well earned rest. Phone aside, I didn’t need drama in my life.

Summer Gray

I unlocked the door to my house, sneaking in without my mom noticing. I quietly lurked around, checking to see if anyone was there.

“Summer Nicole Gray.” My mom’s angry voice sent waves of fear down my spine. Started, I jumped in place, bumping my head on the kitchen counter.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” I smiled nervously, hoping she wouldn’t ground me. Suddenly, all the house lights turned on and I felt like a deer caught in the headlights.

“What’s up is that you had me worried sick! Where have you been young lady?” She shook her head in disapproval.

“Obviously not here.” I laughed nervously, avoiding her eyes.

“And what are you wearing!” She announced, staring at my short shorts and tank top. It was freezing outside, but I’d left early to apply for jobs.

“Clothes, duh.” I nervously joked again, trying to sneak to the hallway and escape her demanding figure.

“Summer, listen here young lady.”

“Look mom, I’m tired, punish me in the morning.” I rolled my eyes walking into my room and shutting the door.

“You’re grounded young lady, and by morning, if you don’t change this attitude, it’ll be for more than just a week.” I heard mom’s angry voice against my door. I looked at my mirror self in frustration, pulling out my backpack and starting my homework.


A loud knock on my door startled me awake. I pulled my head off the desk, dried drool on my cheek. Gross.

I stood up, yawning as I walked to the bathroom to wash the sleep off my face. I quickly changed into jeans and and a crop top after a quick shower.

“I’m up!” I yelled, loud enough for mom to hear.

“Unlock this door right now young lady!” Mom said as I jogged to my bedroom door and unlocked it. She stepped in, glaring at me.

“I’ve got to get to school.” I said, putting all my homework into my bag and rushing past her.

“Summer!” She shouted, “go change, what are you wearing!” She yelled again.

“Later mom, love you.” I rushed out the door, completely ignoring her comment on my choice of clothing and hopped into my car. I had a job offer and I had to be at 7345 Blackberry lane today if I wanted it.

Aiden Black

“See you later Amy.” I hugged my little sister goodbye, placing my helmet on and hopping on my motorcycle.

“Now listen here buddy boy,” Amy’s cute six year old voice said as she watched me pull out my cigarette box, “What’d we say about smoking?” I laughed at her adorable voice.

“That it’s bad, sorry Amy. Here hide this from me.” I handed her the cigarette pack as she hugged me again. “Our new maid should be coming by today around four, make sure you welcome her.”

“What about you?′

“I’ll be home late tonight.”

“Aiden!” She whined, “you’re home late every night! Come early today. Please!” How could anyone resist a cute little six year old like her?

“Amy I have work.” I smiled at the thought of what I would be doing tonight at my strip club. I loved that place.

“Just one night! Please Ace?” Nobody ever called me Ace except for my older sister who was in college and wouldn’t dare to consider coming home.

“Fine, but just for you Amy.”

“Yay!” She squealed in excitement as I backed out of the driveway.

I drove the three miles to school parking beside the exit of the school as a girl I’d seen around before parked beside me. I hadn’t talked to her in years, for my own reasons.

I took off my helmet and killed the engine, waiting for her to get out. I might score another one tonight. Aside from my other twenty.

She stepped out of her car, grabbing her bag. She took two steps toward the school before I hollered after her.

“Hi,” I smirked, leaning on my motorcycle, she halted in her tracks. “I’m Aiden.” I gave her a half smile as she turned toward me.

“I’m unavailable.” She gave me a sassy smile before continuing her walk.

“Your loss.” I gave her a half smile when she glanced in my direction.

“Yeah, maybe.” She began walking faster as I sped up to catch up with her. “Don’t you have some other girl to mess with?” She remarked.

“Nope, I’m free for today.”

“Well great for you.” She said again. “Look Aiden, everyone knows what you want, and you’re not getting it from me, so I suggest you leave me alone.” She sassed. Damn, never met someone so sassy in all my life.

“I like a challenge.” I winked as she glared at me in disbelief. She continued to walk.

“You’re unbelievable.” She said, turning toward me.

“Actually I’m Aiden.” I smirked as she rolled her eyes, swaying her hips as she walked away.

Summer Gray

I wished he’d just wipe that annoying smirk off his face.

Everyone knew exactly what Aiden Black wanted, they knew he’d stop at nothing until he got it with his ultra rich family.

It’s not easy to deny a handsome face looking for trouble.

I walked to my locker, opening the silver lock. I placed my books in there as my boyfriend, Ryder King walked up behind me, placing a soft kiss in the crook of my neck.

“Hey babe,” he whispered as I pulled away.

“Not here Ry.” I smiled signaling to the restroom, he nodded as I shut my locker and walked behind him.

My eyes landed on the blue ones of Aiden Black as he winked at me and continued to make out with some random girl. He was very well known as the school’s heartless bad boy who goes through about as many girls a week as though he was eating a bag of chips. Fast.

I stepped into the boy’s bathroom following after Ryder, a sly grin appeared on his lips as he pulled me to him. He began placing small kisses on my neck.

“Not here, not now, come one Ryder it’s barely eight on a Monday morning.” I said as he began ravishing me, I jumped when the bathroom door opened. Not until marriage.

“Aw man, did I miss everything?” Aiden’s amused grin appeared at the door of the bathroom, “How about a replay, just for me.” He winked at me, leaning on the wall cooly.

“Get the hell out of here man.” Ryder’s voice filled with anger as he pushed me behind him.

“Relax man, I was just here to check on my girlfriend.” Aiden smirked as I glared at him in disbelief.

What. A. Jerk.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s an idiot.” I said as Ryder turned to face me. “Aiden doesn’t date.” I added, giving Aiden a mean look.

“Since when was Aiden Black the boyfriend type.” Ryder interjected, protectively holding me behind her.

“Since I met Summer Gray.” He winked at me as Ryder ran at him, fist aiming for Aiden’s face.

He ducked throwing a punch at Ryder. Ryder fell back, stepping on my foot as I held his arm.

“Stop!” I shouted, Aiden was just a bundle of bad lookin for trouble.

“And she was great under the hood, if you catch my drift.” Aiden winked casually throwing his arms up in the air and walking out of the bathroom, leaving Ryder with a bloody nose.

That total jerk makes me so mad.

Aiden Black

I sat on my couch waiting for the new maid to enter. I threw my soccer ball across the room, catching it and throwing it again in boredom.

“Aiden!” Amy hopped onto the couch beside me, just as the ball was bouncing back and about to hit her head, I caught it.

“My hero!” She giggled taking the ball from my hand and tossing it across the room.

The doorbell rang, Amy looked at me, expecting me to open the door.

“Our maid is here, it’s almost four!” Amy crossed her short legs. “Answer the door!”

“Why don’t you, your majesty.” I smirked as she gave me a look, “fine.”

“I like that, call me that.” She giggled, a wide grin on her sweet little face.

The doorbell rang again, I stood up and began my walk down the long hallway to the front door.

My eyes landed on a familiar figure as I held the door open.

“Well this is a nice surprise, Summer Gray?” I smirked, making it clear that I was checking her out.

“This is 7345 Blackberry lane right?” She began thinking out loud, she looked stressed,like she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Listen here missy, I need you to wash my dolly. And don’t forget to scrub her hair really well.” Amy’s cute voice commanded from behind me.

“Come on in, Summer Gray.” I smirked, an evil plan forming in my handsome head.

This would be fun.

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