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Chapter 2: Trouble

Summer Gray

A million thoughts ran in my head when the door of the giant mansion opened. I had absolutely no trouble finding the giant house since it was the only giant two story mansion seen in a three mile radius.

It had white paneled balconies with a presidential appearance to it. The mansion took up an entire street corner and it was a beautiful sight to behold.

But I did not, in all my life, expect Aiden Black to be the one to open that door for me.

I had applied for a job in that house weeks ago when my family underwent a terrible financial crisis, but nothing seemed to add up.

The school badass was certainly not the first person I pictured to open that door.

I’d expected some snobby billionaires to hold that door open and immediately kick me out when they saw me.

And behind him stood a mini him. A conceited, demanding little six year old that he would probably corrupt and she’d end up like him.

“I need you to wash my dolly.” She whined again, staring at me like I was scum off the streets. She crossed her little arms and glared at me.

“Or you could let me wash you.” Aiden whispered in my ear, he was standing dangerously close, I felt my cheeks heat up, my breath hitched.

“Of course, where’s your,” I cleared my throat, “dolly.”

“Upstairs maid!” The little brat said. Like brother like sister. I laughed at my thought. If I ignored Aiden, maybe he would leave me alone.

“You know we could do a whole lot upstairs.” Aiden smirked. Ignore him. Ignore him.

I turned to face him as he gave me a challenging look.

“Well Mr. Black.” I said politely, my mom always told me to kill assholes with kindness, or something like that.

“I should probably go wash up your sister’s dolly.” I smiled politely at the annoying arrogant boy standing in front of me, “and in case you were wondering, I have a boyfriend.”

“Hurry up maid!” Mini Aiden yelled, crossing her arms and glaring at me.

“Look kid,” I began.

“It’s your majesty to you missy.” She frowned. I heard Aiden stifling a laugh behind me.

Already five minutes into the job and they’ve already made my life a living hell.

“Okay, your majesty.” I said, hearing Aiden’s full on laughter party behind me. “Can you please shut up?” I turned around to glare at him, instantly I couldn’t help but smile at his laughing self. He seemed so genuine like this.

“Attention on me!” The little girl whined, “now go wash dolly! She hasn’t taken a bath in a week!”

“Okay kid,” annoyed, I said.

“It’s your majesty!” She whined again, stomping her little feet up the stairs as I followed.

Aiden placed his hand on my waist. I turned to glare at him, missing the next step of the stairs. I began falling backwards until he grabbed my butt and pulled me back into the stairs.

“What part of I have a boyfriend do you not understand?” I pursed my lips as we reached the top of the stairs.

“What part of I just saved your life do you not understand?” He countered.

“I wouldn’t have died from falling down the stairs.” I said as he stared at me sharply.

“Want to try and see?” He smirked devilishly, pulling me off the floor.

“No! No! Stop! Please Aiden put me down!” I panicked, fear striking my every feature. I had a huge fear of heights.

“Put her down! She has to wash dolly!” For once throughout this first day of work, I was actually thankful the little brat was there. Aiden is unpredictable, or so I’ve heard.

“Okay Amy, and what will she do after she washes dolly?”

“Your majesty!” She yelled giggling, this time directing it at her brother.

“Amy.” He gave her a dangerous look that scared the living crap out of me.

“Okay Ace,” She politely said, pulling out her dolly from under the bathroom sink.

“Ace huh?” I said, my feet landing onto safety again.

“Nobody calls me that.” He quickly said. It must be a family thing, something that bothered him.

“Hmm. That’s new, I like it Ace.”

“Look here maid, we don’t pay you to talk all day, here’s dolly, wash her and dry her and give her to me before it’s four thirty.” The little brat said huffing away into a giant room, leaving the door open a bit. I glanced at the pink inside her room. Spoiled rich kids.

I stepped into the bathroom, I can’t believe them, these rich spoiled people who have time to wash their own dolls but instead get maids to do it for them.

“Don’t miss me too much, I’m going to be back by eleven. If you’re not still here, then Amy here will have to fire you since she did the same with Paula.”

“I won’t, I mean, I can’t, I still haven’t started on my homework yet Ace.” I said abruptly.

“Should’ve brought your stuff here then. I need you to wash the dishes and clean the windows, I’ll let you off the hook today.”

“And where will you be going?”

“My strip club.” He winked, walking into his room and leaving me alone to wash a silly doll. I placed soap in its hair and began washing it all out. How the hell do you even dry a doll?

My eyes spotted a hair dryer, that’s how.

I plugged in the machine and turned it on ad hit air began blowing onto the plastic doll. I zoned out for a couple seconds until I felt something hot sting my hand. I looked at the melted plastic. Holy hell, her majesty is going to kill me for melting her doll.

Aiden Black

I grimaced at the naked women in front of me. None of them had the same messy hair as Summer or the loud annoying mouth.

“Hey Aiden, you promised?” One of the strippers said, pushing me up against a wall and pressing her lips on mine. I wouldn’t let her take control and in one swift movement spun her to where she’d be facing the wall. A sexy gasp escaped her lips making me want more. I pulled off the little material she had on and dragged her into one of the many rooms, watching as a large group of men walked in. Business was doing well tonight.

I threw off the bedsheets, not knowing if they’d been cleaned and threw the prostitute onto the bed.

I grinned widely as she moaned at my very touch. I smiled widely, grabbing a condom from one of the drawers and putting it on. I smiled at the girl as I pounded against her. Round 5.

I stood up, putting my clothes back on and checking the time on my watch.

It was only ten but a small voice in my head told me I’d better head home now, I had a sense that summer had created as big problem and everything in me was telling me to go home.

I walked down the street and hopped onto my motorcycle, thoughts of smoking flew into my mind but disappeared just as quickly. I promised her majesty that I wouldn’t and I’m a man of my word.

Thoughts of my house being on fire or Amy getting hurt crossed my mind. I felt like I’d just left my home to a homicidal idiot. Call me crazy but Summer didn’t seem to have any kind of enthusiasm toward her new job, or maybe it was because she was working for me.

Bad scenarios kept getting worse as I approached my unburnt, normal looking mansion.

I parked my motorcycle, hopping off and running to the front door.

I heard screams.

This can not be good.

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