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Chapter 3: Secrets

Summer Gray

I glared at the little monster as she began screaming once again over her dismantled doll.

“You ruined dolly!” She shouted after she saw it in front of her bedroom door. I hid in the kitchen, trying to avoid her for the next few hours.

I had washed the dishes and cleaned the windows, which were a lot in this giant house.

“Listen calm down Amy.” I said, trying to Shush her before the neighbors heard. She’d found me in the balcony, wiping down the glass.

“YOUR MAJESTY!” She shouted, throwing her precious dolly across the room. I hate children.

“Ok listen your majesty, I’ll buy you another dolly, look I’m really sorry. ” The small six year old had tears streaming down her bratty little face.

“But that one mommy and daddy gave me to.” She wiped her tears, looking at me.

“I’m so sorry Amy, I truly. . .” I began but she cut me off.

“Your majesty!” She screeched again as I felt a dark presence enter the room.

“Glad to see you’re still here. ” Aiden winked casually as he walked up to his little sister, “What happened Aimes, why are you crying?” He got down on one knee.

I believe this is a side of Aiden Black he prefers to hide from the world and I had no intention of making him out to be a good guy.

My phone buzzed. A text from Ryder.

Hey babe, how’s your first day of work?

I smiled, Ryder was the perfect boyfriend, so affectionate and caring. He had a smile that could make me happy even on my worst days.

“Ok Aimes, tomorrow I’ll make sure Summer and me buy you a new dolly.” I heard him say. Excuse me, did he just say both of us, together? I was not going to buy a silly doll for his bratty little sister with him.

“Summer and I.” I corrected, staring at my phone screen.

Awful without you being here. I texted back.

“Okay. Fine, but you can’t wash my new doll.” Amy screeched, grabbing the disfigured dolly and hugging it tightly as she made her way up the stairs.

“First day on the job and you burn her doll, talk about great customer service.” Aiden smirked.

“I should probably get going. Now that you’re here.” I said.

“Not so fast.” He reached for my wrist. “I need you to make my bed.” He grinned cheekily.

“Me in the same room with you? Alone? In your dreams.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to cut your salary in half then.”

“Aiden! You can’t do that. ”

“Actually Princess,” he took a step forward, “I can.” He whispered, his face too close for comfort. His breath fanning my face. I felt my heart rate increase, stuck in his eyes.

My phone buzzed again.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow babe. Good night. Ryder texted.

“He’s cheating on you.” Aiden said casually, after reading my text, and walked away.

“No he’s not, if he was I would know. And why don’t you keep your nose on your face and out of my business.”

“Just saying.” He smirked, putting his hands up in defense.

“No he isn’t. What the hell makes you say that?!” I said frustrated. “It’s probably another one of your sick jokes to try to get into my pants. Well it’s not working because Ryder and I. We’re like Romeo and Juliet without the death and I trust him, we’ve been dating for. . .” I began, realizing that was the worst analogy ever to be made.

“Woah there. I don’t need a life story princess, make my bed and you can leave.” He chuckled. Laughing at my annoyance.

“It is true, though. have you two had sex yet?” He asked that uncomfortable question so casually. He asked it like he was asking what my favorite color was.

"That is none of your business.” I huffed, baffled as I turned away.

“It’ll bet you haven’t,” he chuckled snobbily. I hate this boy and his family, “so since he can’t let loose on you, Ryder, your so called boyfriend, let’s loose on other women, if you catch my drift.”

“No. I do not catch your drift you hooligan. And I assume you’re just saying this to get in my head you inconceivable little asshole.”

“Ouch, that’s no way to talk to your boss. And I’m just telling you the truth, getting in your head is just a bonus.” He smirked, taking another step closer.

I backed up. “Look I’ll make your bed if you stay down here and wait.”

“Who’s to say you won’t steal anything?” He winked.

“Why the hell would I? You know what. You’re the single handedly most immature and annoying guy I have ever met.” I began but couldn’t say anything else as I realized how close we’d gotten. He was beautiful close up, his blue eyes holding untold secrets.

“How can you say that when I have this effect on you? His breath fanned my face as my heart rate accelerated. I stepped away, trying to calm the blood racing to my cheeks.

“You’re a terrible human being.” I said walking up the stairs avoiding eye contact.

Aiden Black

A terrible human being. Her words really hit the spot as I walked behind her up the stairs staring at her ass.

“Stay out here.” She said, walking into my room. It was almost eleven by now and I wanted her to stay. Nobody had ever insulted me so much in one night. And I appreciated hearing the truth escape her lips. She walked in my room and seconds later I heard a loud thud.

“Summer?” I laughed walking into my room and seeing her lying face down on my carpet. She had tripped over my gray sweater that I had so carelessly tossed on the floor this morning.

“You jerk.” She announced, “help me up.”

“How about I join you while you’re down?” I winked as she gave me a disgusted look.

“You’re sick you know that.”

“I’ve been told, clumsy.” I smirked holding my hand out for her to grab. She hesitated to take hold of my hand but did anyway. I pulled her up with such force that it knocked us both back. She screamed, landing on me, knocking the breath out of me as I gave her my famous heart stopping half smile.

“I knew you’d fall for me.” I looked at her brown eyes as she rolled them, pushing herself off of me.

“Jerk.” She muttered, her cheeks aflame. She turned her attention to the messy bed sheets. She didn’t say anything but I knew exactly what she was thinking.

“No, I haven’t done anything but sleep this week.” I smirked.

“Thanks for the information but I wasn’t asking.”

“You were thinking it.” I crossed my arms as she turned toward me, she was practically drooling at the muscles of my arms.

“What are you? Some kind of mind reader? And no I wasn’t thinking that.” She said, turning back to the bed and removing the sheets.

“I don’t have to be a mind reader to know that you want me. I can see it in your eyes.”

“Well then you should get your eyes checked, because I think you might be blind.” She countered, replacing the pillow cases and folding the sweater I had on the bed neatly.

“Feisty, just how I like them.” I smirked as she began walking toward me with an arm full of month old bed sheets.

“I’m leaving.” She announced, pushing the sheets into my arms as she began jogging down the stairs.

“See you tomorrow clumsy.”

“Ace.” She muttered in acknowledgement, stepping out of my front door.

Summer Gray

I can’t stand that idiot. Getting into my head by telling me Ryder was cheating. Ryder King does not cheat, I know this for a fact, we’ve been dating for two years and not once has he pushed me for anything I wasn’t ready for.

I walked into my house, looking at mom’s worried face.

“I hate Aiden Black.” I announced. Exhausted, I put my head on the couch and fell asleep.

“Summer, sweetheart, you should probably go sleep in your room? It’s more comfortable. ” I heard mom’s calm voice say as she patted my arm.

“I’m sorry for being so mean to you mom. It’s just, ever since dad went to work in New Jersey I can’t concentrate on anything so I was looking for jobs yesterday and today was supposed to be my first day. I’m working as a maid for the annoying Aiden and Amy Black.” I yawned as mom hugged me.

“It’s alright sweetie. Just make sure school comes first.”

Shit. I forgot about my homework. A wave of panic surged through me.

Stupid Aiden and Amy’s dumb dolly.

I quietly walked up the stairs to begin working on my homework.

Aiden Black

I sat up in my newly made bed thanks to Summer Gray. I couldn’t get her annoyingly cute attitude out of my head, I may as well be going insane.

It was almost midnight, the police would be at Luzerne, my strip club, any minute now. I glared at the chandelier in my room before standing up and walking over to my balcony, a cigarette in hand.

You promised. Amy’s tiny voice played in my head. I threw the entire pack down, watching it fall before I started having second thoughts.

I knew I was pushing Summers buttons when I’d told her about Ryder cheating on her and it was absolutely true. I’d seen him with my own eyes.

Which I need to have checked, according to Summer.

I just had to find some way to prove to her that I wasn’t lying.

And I would find a way.

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