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Unwanted Kindness

Chapter 4: Unwanted Kindness

“I want you to fire her!” Amy barged into my room, proclaiming. Her little arms still wrapped around her disfigured dolly with dried tears on her face.

“Give her a chance Aimes, it’s only been one day. “I sat up in bed stretching.

“But she burned dolly in one day. If you give her two days she’s going to burn down the house and then the whole wide world.” Amy exaggerated, a worried grin on her cute face as she sat beside me.

“I wish you could stay home with me every day. I don’t want to be stuck with the witch.” She whispered the last part adorably as she hopped off my bed and left dolly on the floor.

I promised I’d buy her a new one today and Aiden Black always keeps his promises.

Summer Gray

I watched Ryder from a distance, this is the guy I was hoping to marry someday, was he cheating? He couldn’t be. He wouldn’t be, he fought for me yesterday in the bathroom against idiotic Aiden, meaning he’d gotten jealous over nothing. Aiden was just trying to get into my head, and congratulations he did.

I watched him speak to the girls around him, each girl clinging to his every word. He was quite perfect, and I trust him. I’m not willing to throw away our two perfect years all because of a dumb rumor by Aiden Black. I mean who even believes him, Aiden’s always messing around with any girl. And I was just another one to add to his list.

I took a deep breath and began walking to the breakfast tables. There was nothing to worry about.

“Hey babe.” Ryder smiled, kissing my cheek softly as he pulled me onto his lap, “Sleep well?”

“Not at all,” I yawned, a dreamy smile on my face as I stared into his amazing blue-green eyes.

“So who lives in that mansion on Blackberry lane?”

“Nobody important.” I said, a bit too quickly.

“I bet it’s some old lady or something who was too lazy to move out.” Ryder laughed. In that moment I felt extremely uncomfortable sitting on his lap.

“Ryder, can I ask you something?”

“Anything babe.” He grinned just as the bell rang signaling the start of our school day.

“I’ll ask later.” I stood up as he pecked my lips and we split paths to our next classes.

I had history first. I hate history. And the history teacher. I sat in Mrs. Glue’s class silently staring at the words on the posters she’d put up.

“Taxation without representation, 1776. Can anyone tell me what happened that year and what that phrase means?” She asked, staring at us in silence.

I knew the answer, I just didn’t feel like talking.

“The British taxed the American colonies after the French and Indian war, who fought in this war?” She took a short pause then called on me, “Summer.”

“The British fought the French and it was called the French and Indian war because it was from the colonist perspective since they were fighting against the french, while most called it the seven years war in England even though it lasted nine years.”

“Very well Summer, looks like you did your reading. Speaking of which, your homework tonight is to read pages 556-576 in your textbook. I would like to see notes tomorrow.”

Everyone groaned as I sat quietly in my seat, thoughts of Ryder with other women leaking through my mind. He wouldn’t. I hate you Aiden Black for making me think this about my boyfriend.

After my first five classes were over I walked to the lunch table to go talk to Ryder. Somehow I felt uncertain today, strange.

“Classy.” Aiden’s annoying voice popped up behind me.

“Excuse me? Don’t you have some girl to make out with or something.”

“I put her on hold.” He gave me a half smile. I rolled my eyes.

“What do you want Aiden?”

“I’ve made it very clear that I want you, clumsy.” He smirked as I gave him a disgusted look. “Can’t wait to see you tonight.” He winked, walking past me whispering that last part, tingles ran down my entire body feeling my heart beat faster.

I watched him grab some random girl and corner her, pressing his lips on hers.

“What was up with that?” Ryder walked up to me, placing his arm on my shoulder and pulling me to him.


“So what was it you wanted to ask me?” Now I knew Aiden was just trying to get to me.

“It was nothing.” I smiled, walking into the cafeteria.

Aiden Black

“Can’t wait to see you tonight.” I whispered pushing past Summer.

I glanced at her cheeks turning red and began walking up to kiss some random blonde.

“Aiden what’re you doing?” She asked as I pulled away a bit to stare into amazing green eyes.

“Maddie? You go here?” The prostitute that I had oh so happily fucked last night went to this school. How hadn’t I noticed before.

“Yeah,” She smiled, “Listen I can’t come to work tonight, there’s a party at my lake house this friday so if you wanted to come, be my guest but I’m preparing early.” She giggled as I pushed against her, a small gasp escaped her lips.

“Mr. Black, must I remind you this is a school, do your business elsewhere.” A teacher said, grabbing my backpack and pulling me back.

“What? You want a turn too?” I winked, hearing Maddie laugh.

“Aiden Black. Just because your parents are big sponsors of our school does not mean we won’t send you off to detention.”

“Listen here, with a snap of my finger I could have you fired so I suggest you play nice.” I said sharply staring at the fear-filled eyes of the teacher. Nobody has the right to tell me what to do, nobody has any authority over me.

I’m Aiden Black and I can do whatever or whoever the hell I want.

Summer Gray

I stood in front of the luxurious mansion that I dreaded having to enter for my second day.

“Let’s go buy a new dolly then?” I hopped in my place, adrenaline pumping through my veins, turning to face Aiden behind me. He had on a baby blue shirt that brought out his amazing eyes and well fitted dark jeans.

“How long have you been standing there?” I said, staring at his shirt.

“Long enough, come on princess, we’ve got to go get her majesty what she wants, check me out when we get there.” He smirked cockily, tilting his head to his motorcycle.

“Oh no. I was not checking you out and I am not sitting in that. We’re taking my car.”

“Well then princess, I guess we’ll have to wait until we compromise before we can go anywhere.” He placed a hand in his pocket, his baby blue eyes made time stand still. I glared at him silently in disbelief, at his cocky smirk for a couple seconds before my phone began buzzing wildly.

Mom was calling.

“Summer! I’ve just got a job meeting in New Jersey, I’m going to visit your dad as well. Go stay at Sara’s house tonight because I heard it’s apparently a law now to leave your kids alone by themselves.” Mom’s voice sounded rushed, “Damn it hurry up you stupid yellow car!”

“Mom! You can’t, not today, Sara moved away months ago mom don’t you remember, just leave a key under the carpet and I’ll be there in a few hours.” I looked over at Aiden’s amused face, jerk.

“Summer, I don’t think that’s possible because I’m already on highway 18. Look I’ll be home in three days, find a friend or make a friend or better yet call your aunt.”

“No way, I hate aunt Lucille and you know it. I’ll just sleep in my car then. Couldn’t you have told me earlier?” The anger boiled in my bones, frustration could be heard loud and clear in my voice.

“Summer I’m so sorry sweetheart, but I just found out twenty minutes ago and had no time to tell you. But I’m telling you now dear,” She said, I could hear the apology in her voice but couldn’t hold back the unexplainable anger that filled me.

“No mom you could have called me twenty minutes ago and I could’ve, you know what, enjoy your time at Jersey. Bye.” I ran my and through my hair tensely.

“Summer be rational. . .” She began, but I hung up. Where the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight, maybe I’ll just accidentally break a window in my house, but that would cost us too much to repair and I haven’t yet gotten my first paycheck so there would be absolutely no way to pay for a motel. I put my phone in my pocket, frustration eating me alive.

“You know Summer. . .” Aiden began but I held up my hand signaling for him to stop. I could hear another innuendo coming on.

“Fine, we’ll take your bike.” I began walking toward his motorcycle, biting my cheeks to prevent a tear from escaping.

My mom was going to be gone for three days and she felt it would be best to tell me twenty minutes after she left, she couldn’t have just slipped a key under the welcome rug. This frustrated me a lot.

“You can stay here if you want.” Aiden sat on the motorcycle, a strange look in his eyes as I stared at him.

“I don’t need your pity Ace. And what did I tell you about keeping your nose out of my business.” I said. He sat on his motorcycle, holding the helmet out for me. Truth is, I was afraid of motorcycles.

“Are you gonna sit?” He let out a short laugh, gesturing to the seat beside him.

“I’d rather not open my legs for you so how about we take my car. Or I’ll follow you in my car because I don’t need your help. And I could go buy Amy a doll on my own, thank you very much.” I said, walking to my car, truth is I just didn’t want him seeing me break down.

“Summer.” I heard footsteps behind me as his hand wrapped around my wrist, “here I forgot to give you your paycheck.” He held out fifty bucks. “Probably would be enough for a night at a motel.”

“Look Aiden. I can take care of myself.” I wasn’t supposed to get my paycheck until Friday, whatever kindness he was trying to show me was unwanted.

Aiden Black

“Doesn’t look like it.” I stared at her as she scrambled to unlock her car.

“Well listen Aiden, can we just go buy your sister a doll and talk about this later please?”

“Yeah so just hop on the bike and we get going.” I smirked, walking back to my motorcycle and holding my helmet out for her once again.

“Fine.” After her phone call with her mom, her annoyingly snarky self seemed to shrivel to a shell of a person who looked absolutely lost.

She sighed, walking to my motorcycle and sitting behind me, placing her arms around my waist.

“You know, if you wanted to open your legs for me ,” I smirked, “just do it.” Her cheeks turned into a million shades of red, slapping my back as I started the engine and began driving.

I recall our neighbors the Dicksons had a water slide so instead of taking the main road. I took the short cut.

“Aiden what are you doing?” She yelled as I began approaching the neighbors yard, her grip tightening.

“Teaching a bird how to fly.” I chuckled at my witty comment and accelerated into the water slide flying high up for a couple seconds as Summer annoyingly screamed in my ear.

We landed, the motorcycle still bouncing a bit until I began driving down the street.

I accelerated, reaching eighty miles per hour. I laughed as police sirens caught up with me, I killed the engine, parking on the sidewalk, pushing aside some annoyed strangers.

“Aiden Black, again, this is your tenth speeding ticket. Look if I catch you again, there will be more consequences than just another ticket.” The police officer said.

“Alright Brenda.” I could feel Summer tensing up behind me. Her arms shaking.

“Oh, who’s this lovely lady.” Brenda asked, gesturing to Summer.

“Nobody,” Summer said as I turned to look at her. She looked like someone shot her favorite puppy and she had to watch the whole thing.

“My girl.” I smirked.

“Never thought I’d see the day that Aiden Black would actually settle down and have himself a girl.” Brenda, the police officer, said in her southern accent.

“Actually, we’re not dating. ”

“Not yet, I was meaning to ask her tonight.” I winked at her Brenda gave us a smile and walked away.

“Actually I have a boyfriend.” She shouted making sure that Brenda heard her. I laughed, shaking my head.

It was almost five in the afternoon and if I wanted to hit the club tonight and score me some, I’d have to hurry along with this task. It seemed like everything I did with Summer lasted a month before we even thought of actually going to buy the doll.

I parked in front of the mall feeling Summer shiver behind me as the cool fall air blew past us.

“You cold?” I smirked waiting for her to say yes so I could tell her she should’ve brought a jacket.

“No.” Her teeth were chattering.

“Summer Gray doesn’t ever need help, you know something princess, you are not like other girls.” I opened the door and walked in, no need to be a gentleman. I stood inside waiting for her.

“And why is that? Because I don’t fall for your nasty innuendos and your obnoxious smile?” She said, crossing her cold arms and she stepped in after me.

“No I can’t put my finger on it.”

“You can’t put your finger on anything but others girl’s asses.”

“Jealous?” I smirked grabbing a shopping cart and placing it in front of her.

“What a gentlemen.” She muttered aloud, I placed my hand on the small of her back as she slapped it away.

“Excuse me,” I called for one of the staff as she turned her head to look at me, a hopeful glint in her eyes.

“Hi I’m Paige, how can I help you?” She walked closer to me, placing her fingers on my arm.

“Yeah my friend here wants to buy a doll, but now that I’ve seen you, I think I’ve found what we’ve been looking for.” I winked as she blushed, I have that effect on women.

“Right over her Mister?” The girl asked.

“Aiden, no mister.” I smiled showing her my pearly whites, hearing Summer scoff beside me.

“Here you are Aiden, if you need anything, just call me.” She pulled out a notepad and handed me her number, walking away. I stared after her, knowing she’d turn around and I’d be there looking. Right on time.

She turned around as I winked at her, she giggled. I smirked, turning to Summer.

“Why can’t you be more like her?” I laughed, looking at Summer who was busy searching the dolls.

“Because I don’t throw myself at hot guys, I mean, random. I don’t throw myself at random guys.” She said, correcting herself quickly.

“So you think I’m hot?” I grinned, enjoying her discomfort. She rolled her eyes. A half smile found its way on my handsome face.

“No I mean to say not, not hot.” She blushed, grabbing a random doll. We bickered for a while until she held a doll up in front of me, “how’s this one?”

“Her majesty will love it.” I smirked.

“Somehow I disagree.” She said, I could see the fear in her eyes. She was afraid of my freaking six year old sister. That’s rich!

We took the doll up to the cash register.

“That’ll be fifteen dollars.” The cashier said winking at me, she was probably fifty years old, but I mean, no age can resist the Aiden Black.

Summer reached for her back pocket, about to pull out the money when I quickly slid my credit card.

“I can pay for myself you know.” She furrowed her brows, staring at me trying to look angry as she pursed her lips when in truth she looked rather cute.

“Yeah, I’m sure you can, because Summer Gray doesn’t need my help.” I smirked. The cashier handed us the doll in a plastic bag. We walked out and into the parking lot.

“Exactly.” She smiled, handing me fifteen dollars.

“Summer!” I shouted in the middle of the parking lot as she turned her innocent eyes to me. “What the hell are you trying to pull here because I fucking don’t get it. You’re confusing the hell out of me, I don’t need your fifteen dollars. . .” I began but my phone began buzzing with crazy messages I’d rather not talk about.

Then it began ringing. My dad was calling, meaning something big had happened. Dad only ever called if he and mom were planning on coming home. Hopefully not in the next three days or it might raise questions about why Summer was staying with us, I will get her to stay with us, I’m not going to let her sleep in a motel room where someone can rape her.

Great. My phone buzzed louder, this time my mom calling.

Something huge must’ve happened. I held my phone up to my ears, my hand shaking in fear.

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