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Chapter 5: Deal

Aiden Black

“I’m sleeping at Ryder’s tonight.” Summer said, stepping into my house with Amy’s new doll in her hand.

“You can’t.” I quickly said, staring at the gray clouds above us.

“And why can’t I sleep at my boyfriend’s house?”

“Well frankly, I don’t think you’ll get much sleep done.” I smirked.

“And I’d get sleep here?”

“Depends.” I smirked as she bit her lip.

“Is this my new dolly? ” Amy asked, skipping down the stairs, her eyes landing on the box that Summer was holding.

“Yes Amy, it’s for you.” Summer smiled, trying to be nice to my little sister.

“Listen here missy, what did we say about calling me Amy?” She snatched the doll from Summer’s hands, “and quit flirting with my brother!” She added, walking back up stairs. She glared at my little sister, I smirked. If only she would flirt with me, it would make life a whole lot easier.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Summer said, walking toward the door, which was only a few feet away. I rushed behind her, grabbing her hand.

“Summer wait!” I pushed her against the wall as she glared at me. Never have I ever wanted to kiss someone more than this moment. She stared at me wide eyed.

“What?” She said, trying to push me off her as I tightened my grip on her hands, which I had so easily pinned to the wall. “Ouch Aiden!”

“If only you’d say that in bed.” I winked, her glare made me laugh.

“In your dreams.” She said, I felt my heart rate rising staring into her pools of chocolate eyes.

“I’ve extended your shift. For the next three days, it’s a requirement for you to stay here.” I said, trying to do anything to keep her here.

“Don’t you have some strip club to head off to?” She pulled away from my grasp, backing away a bit.

“Change of plans. Sleep well tonight because tomorrow you’re going to be preparing for my parents visit.”

“Why should I have to stay here, what am I supposed to tell Ryder?” She exclaimed. I loved seeing her mad.

“Tell him you’ve found someone better.” I winked. It was almost midnight, we’d spent over five hours bickering at the mall over which doll to get and arguing over a load of random stuff. I’d missed my chance to go to the club anyway.

Summer Gray

I clicked on the handsome picture of Ryder King in my contacts and pressed call. The phone kept ringing and sent me right to voice mail.

“Hey its Ryder, leave me a message and I’ll call you back later.” I hung up. Maybe the third time’s the charm. I was really starting to get worried. I called again.

“Hey!” A breathless Ryder answered.

“Hey Ry, I was calling to say that I can’t come over tonight, you had me worried is everything alright?”

“Yeah. . .um . . .I was just going for a jog.” I heard him say, “well alright then, see you tomorrow and I’m going to have to cancel our study session tomorrow night, we’re going out of town. ” He said, having trouble catching his breath.

I nodded, feeling dumb that he can’t actually see me. Tomorrow was Friday and we usually never actually studied at our study sessions, at least not the books anyway.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll see you at school tomorrow. Bye.”

“Bye babe.” He hung up.

“Where’s the guest room?” I asked Aiden as he came into the living room with two clear drinks in his hand.

“The one next to mine, I’ll show you after you have a drink, you must be tired from all that losing.” He smirked.

“Losing what?” I asked, taking the cups out of his hand.

“All these arguments,” he took a sip from his cup.

“Summer Gray never loses,” I smiled as he took a seat beside me.

“Yup, Summer doesn’t need help either.” He added, a half smile on his face. I placed the drink on my lips and took a sip.

“Alcohol? I never thought you’d stoop so low, what since I won’t have sex with you when I’m sober you decided to get me drunk first and take advantage of me?” I exaggerated.

This boy would be the end of me, every time he was around I could feel the blood boil inside me. I furrowed my eyebrows angrily, glaring at him.

“Summer, I think you need to loosen up.” He said as I stood up, placing my drink on the table.

Aiden checked his phone, he cringed for a bit then looked at me.

“I’ve got to go.” He said.

“Have fun sowing your oats with the remaining female population.” I said, staring at my phone.

“What makes you think I’m going to do that?”

“What else would you do?” I laughed, looking up at his intensely vehement blue eyes.

“Good point.” He gave me a half smile.

“But you know what, I’m canceling. I can go a day without sex, easy.” He sat back down beside me, a bit too close.

“Okay then Mr. Aiden Black, how about you and I make a deal, no sexual innuendos, no sex, no thinking about sex, or anything to do with sex for the next three day. Winner gets 50 dollars.” I smirked.

“Fifty dollars is nothing. How about if I win, you’ll let me kiss you, and if I lose, I’ll give you five hundred dollars, either way it’s a win-win for you.”

“Only because I know you’re going to lose, deal.” I smirked, holding out my hand for him to shake.

“Yeah, that’s not how I seal my deals.” His eyes twinkled with mischief as he had the same annoying half smile on his face.

“Oh dear Aiden, losing from the very start.”

“Fine.” He sighed in defeat, shaking my hand, holding onto it for a second longer, I felt butterflies start to boil in my stomach. Tingles forming on my hand.

“So, show me to the guest room?”

“No.” He smirked, staring at me. I glared at him in disbelief, “We don’t have one, there’s only my room and Amy’s.” He added, “and I don’t think her majesty is going to allow for you in her bed.

“There’s no other rooms in this house?” I stared at him, this mansion must have been ten thousand square feet, there was no way there could only be two rooms.

“Well there’s the master room, off limits, and my older sister’s room, also off limits, and there’s a room for our future dog, off limits, and a room for our old maid but we’re saving that for her when she quits her new job and comes back. Which leaves my room, you’re free to sleep with me if you like.” He said the same mischief present in his eyes. Future dog, was he serious?

“Well,” I smirked unimpressed, “you’re really on a losing streak, I’ll sleep on the couch if that’s okay.”

“Well it’s not. Come on princess.” He grabbed my waist, tossing me over his shoulder.

“Aiden put me down!” I shouted, what is it with this guy and carrying me.

“Not until we get there.” His hand moved from my thigh up. I wanted to kick him but fear filled every inch of me. I looked down at his back, my eyes scanned the muscles until the landed on the ground. It was so far away, I felt like I was going to panic and die.

“Aiden I’m going to puke. I have a serious fear of heights please.” I felt like crying, I shut my eyes, feeling nauseous. I opened my eyes just as I had the breath knocked out of me. I bounced on the bed, a fearful tear streaming down my face.

“We’re here princess. What the hell? Why are you crying?” He furrowed his brows in confusion.

“I’m not.” I scooted up in the bed lying face first into the bed sheets. I felt the bed move, he must be sat on it.

“Maybe I should take you on a roller coaster some day.” He laughed, his hand rested on my back leaving tingles as he began drawing a meaningless pattern. It felt like I was getting a back massage.

“I’d puke on you.” I muttered, feeling a bit less light headed.

“Funny.” He said sarcastically, ” You know, I’ve never had a girl just hang out in my bed without doing anything?” He said as I turned to face him, he was sitting in the bed casually. He looked at me, his eyes scanning my face. He seemed to be opening up a bit to me, but I jokingly shut him down.

“That’s hard to believe,” I said sarcastically, “my eyes are up here.”

“So, what do you want to do? Because tonight I was going to hook up with a really hot redhead and you ruined it for me. You owe me.” His electric eyes pooled with a foreign emotion.

“No, no, no, you should go with your redhead, enjoy your time.” I suggested, sitting up and leaning on the pillows.

“Despite what you think of me Summer, I don’t give up that easily.”

“So if I were to suggest that you and I kiss right now?” I teased, regretting that I said it at all.

“I wouldn’t turn you down if you did.” He leaned over, his breath fanning my face as I felt a volcano erupt in my belly.

“Maybe I might just go sleep in my car.” I quickly hopped off the bed, making a wild run for it. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him, his lips inches from mine. He smirked at my sudden loss of words and tossed me back onto the bed, his swift movement spun me around to where he was lying above me.

“Is that a challenge Summer?” His eyes stared at me longingly as I felt it become harder to breath.

“You lose.” I smiled, “pay up. I win.”

“Fine,” he laughed, not making any move to get off of me, “I’ll pay up if you go with me, to Maddie’s party this Friday.”

“No way! Parties are bad! Get off of me.” I pushed his stomach, my heart fluttering feeling his rock hard abs.

“Aiden, I’m scared, can I sleep here tonight?” Amy stood at the door as Aiden immediately pushed himself off, “what were you doing with the maid?”

“Just uh, showing her my. . . nose hairs.” I stifled a laugh, standing up and getting off the bed.

“Amy I have a great idea, how about you sleep in here and I’ll sleep in your room?”

“No. I don’t want maid smell in my room, and it is your majesty, get it through your thick skull.” The little girl said.

I stood staring at the brat with the big mouth, my cheeks turned red in embarrassment. “Aiden I wanna see your nose hairs too!” She shouted.

I walked to the corner of the giant room. He had a separate bathroom which was probably giant and beside his giant bed was the back of two tan couches facing a giant 60 inch TV plastered on the wall. Below it was a game console with a giant cabinet surrounded with video games and a controller for four.

On top of the cabinet was a laptop and in the far corner was a walk-in closet and a desk beside it, he had another laptop on it. Beside me was his bedroom door and a few feet away was the white paneled balcony that I’d seen when I’d first got here.

I snuck out of the room rushing down the golden glass paneled hallway where the chandelier could be seen and the stairs could be clearly seen. I suddenly felt dizzy looking down at the first floor. I leaned over my vision blurring as I backed into the wall. The world seemed to spin wildly until it turned black.


My eyes fluttered open staring at the strange beige colored room. A familiar smell surrounded me as I reached to wipe my eyes.

I was about to get up when a strong arm tightened around my waist. Instantly, my heart rate rose as I felt his warm chest against my back.

We had slept in the same bed. Holy god. How would I tell Ryder about this, does this even count as a form of cheating? I mean we didn’t do anything, at least I don’t think we did.

“Aiden!” I said, trying to pull myself from his strong grasp.

“What do you want? Let me sleep.” He yawned, nuzzling his head on the crook of my neck. My breathing became shallow, I had to get out of here. Now.

“Aiden, I have school!” I exclaimed, considering kicking him where the sun doesn’t shine.

“Great. I’ll drive.” He released me as I ran before he could grab me again. I looked at him, he was freaking shirtless. I looked down at myself, good fully clothed, nothing happened.

“Um, you wouldn’t happen to have any clothes I could, you know, um. . .borrow for today?” I asked nervously, feeling like a beggar, “on second thought, I think what I’m wearing is fine.” I shook my head, embarrassed.

“Summer, you know it’s not bad to ask for a little help sometimes.”

“Coming from the guy I slept with. I don’t need your help.” I said as he stood up completely. He was wearing nothing but boxers, hanging low on his hips. “Wait that came out wrong.” I blushed, staring at his perfect abs.

“Like what you see?” He winked, walking toward his bathroom. I looked at him in disbelief.

“Second room on the left, pick whatever you want to wear.” I stared after him, the boxers hung low on his hips, I looked away, walking out of his room.

“Great, you’re here early. I need you to braid my hair, but wash your hands first. And I need you to drive me to school.” Amy really knew how to brighten my day. I faked a smile.

“Of course Am. . Your majesty.” I corrected.

“Good thing you’re getting the hang of it.” She smiled, Amy was actually really pretty for her age, if only her personality matched her looks. Same goes for her older brother. “Aiden told me to show you Stella’s room when you wake up, I’m picking out your clothes.” Amy had her new doll in her arms and a content smile on her face.

“Thanks your majesty.” I said, yawning as she led me into a giant room. The first thing that I noticed was how empty it seemed until Amy walked to a door and a bright light shined before my eyes. The closet was probably the size of Aiden’s entire room, filled to the brim with clothing. Amy walked past the rows of dresses and picked out black jeans and a cute salmon colored sweater.

“Wear that, and your sneakers,” Amy sneezed, “Hurry up I have fifteen minutes before school starts.” She said, walking out of the room as I quickly changed, leaving my hair messy and walked out. Aiden stood in front of the door, completely speechless. For once.

“Ready to go?” He regained his composure, a wide smirk on his playful face.

“I have to drive Amy to school.” I said, I couldn’t bring myself to look at his eyes. They say when you spend too much time with someone feelings start to develop. Not for me.

“We have a chauffeur for a reason Summer, come on, I’m driving.”

“Together?” I stared at him, my mouth wide open.

“You might want to close your mouth, flies might get in.”

“I’m not going to school with you.”

“And why not?” He crossed his arms, waiting to watch me squirm.

“Because Lucy hasn’t been driven for a while.” I said.

“You named your car Lucy.” He laughed.

“And I need to get to know my other boss, Amy, so I’m driving her to school.” I began walking down the hallway to the stairs, avoiding looking down, wouldn’t want a repeat of yesterday.

“No,” he reached for my hand, quickly pulling me to him, I gasped unintentionally at the sudden movement, “you’re not.”

I was helpless standing this close to him when I shouldn’t be, because I was supposed to go to school today and tell my boyfriend about all of this and watch him punch Aiden in his arrogant little nose, or big nose since he clearly won’t stay out of my business.

“By the way, your mom called after you passed out.”

“What’d she say.” I felt my breathing shallow, I could hear my heart pounding in my chest as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

“I’ll tell you if you let me drive you to school.” He winked, releasing my waist and grabbing my hand as we walked down the stairs. I felt like I was in a daze, a dream even. My heart was still beating wildly which made me have trouble getting any words out.

“Fine.” He gave me a victorious half grin as we walked down the stairs and into the garage. I looked around at the six cars parked in there. He had all this yet he chose to ride the motorcycle.

“Make your pick.” He smirked cockily.

“I’ll walk.” I waved him away as I tried to run out of there as fast as I could, maybe I could make it to my car and lock it before he could catch me.

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