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Chapter 6: Rekindled

Aiden Black

“Alright that’s enough.” I practically tackled her to the ground as she began giggling, it took everything in me to control myself but in the end I did.

“The fun was just getting started.” She giggled, avoiding eye contact.

“If you’re trying to provoke me, just know once I start, I don’t stop.” I whispered dangerously. She rolled away from under me, leaving me in push-up position, staring at the beige carpet below me.

A knock on my door sent my heart jolting. They couldn’t be here, not this early.

Summer gave me an unsure look as I stood up and walked to answer the door. It was strange how I’d known Summer since we were kids and never once did I go after her until she just so happened to be my maid.

“Hey cutie.” A girl that I didn’t recognize said.

“Hi? Can I help you?” I raised a eyebrow, she was wearing a bra and a skirt in the freezing weather we had outside. How stupid would you have to be to wear that?

“Yeah, you kind of left your boxers at my house last month, I wanted to return them.” She giggled. Normally I would’ve jumped at morning sex, but not today. Today it felt strange seeing her here. I wanted her to leave.

“Um. . . I’m kind of busy right now, and you can keep them.” I mentally told her to go away but obviously she can’t read minds, I’m not even sure she could read the alphabet.

“Oh alright, I’ll be back later sexy,” She awkwardly tried to pose but instead looked really weird. These were the kinds of easy girls I went after?

“Bye.” I mouthed, waving at her.

“It’s great that you take your work home Aiden, now I really have to get to school, I’m already late.” That stung, that she thought so lowly of me, but I hadn’t really shown her a reason to think otherwise.

“School doesn’t start for another thirty minutes, how early do you usually get there?”

“Well, you don’t need to drive me, I appreciate the ride but you don’t have to stop your, ” she paused, clearing her throat, “work.”

“Summer, is that your way of saying you’re jealous?” I smirked she glared at me for a few seconds, “I don’t hear a no.” I chuckled as she stormed out.

“You just don’t get it do you? How could you when everything comes so easily.”

“What am I not getting?” I furrowed my brows, never in my life had I met a girl so freaking complicated.

“How the heck am I supposed to tell Ryder all of this? That I work for you, that we slept in the same bed, that instead of spending the next two days with him, I’m spending them with you. And when we show up to school together, that’ll just have the whole school starting. So forgive me if I’m coming off as rude right now, but I think it would be best for both of us if you would have just let me sleep in my car and go to school by myself.” She rambled nervously.

“Don’t.” The word flew out of my mouth like a breath of fresh air. She hadn’t realized how close I’d gotten until she felt my lips on her cheek. Her body seemed to freeze in place, her breathing became shallow as my heart rate beat on it’s maximum speed.

I pulled back as she stared into my ocean blue eyes, “You’re lucky I missed.” I whispered. Her eyes seemed to go insane as she inhaled quickly and sharply glared at me.

“How the hell could you do this to me? Are you just trying to piss Ryder off because when he finds out, and believe me, he will find out, you’ll just remember that you ruined my first love!” She screamed at me, stepping away furiously.

“Your first love? Really? Because I can promise you one hundred times that your ‘first love’ is having sex with other women, something you clearly aren’t giving him, so he’s finding it elsewhere! Princess.” I spat out the last word as she silently stared at me.

My words sliced through her, I could feel it creating a heavy tension in the air.

“You know what Aiden, your reputation precedes you, you fucking womanizing asshole!” She shouted, sitting in her car, biting back tears as she started the engine and backed out of the drive way. Freely allowing tears to flow as she drove aimlessly around town.

I think she may have started her period today because her emotions have been all over the place. As soon as she disappeared down the street, I made up my mind that I had to go find her. I felt like I had screwed everything up, and I owed it to her to make it up to her.

I hopped on my motorcycle, she’d probably be at school. When I couldn’t find her ratty old car anywhere in the parking lot, I felt my heart sink. Where the hell could she have gone?

I didn’t know her too well, but I knew she’d probably be hungry so I drove to the nearest food place. Nothing.

I glared as my phone buzzed, hopefully a message from her, only, I didn’t have her number.

Party 2nite! 7262 Lake drive. C u there

I read the message from Maddie. I instantly knew there’d be a lot of people there. That lake house was giant and isolated from society by the twenty miles that led up to it which were forest.

She’ll probably come on her own. No need to stress over this Aiden, keep your cool, calm, and collected figure.

I angrily drove back home. I’d been driving for an hour and she was nowhere in sight. My bike was almost out of gas. I hopped off and grabbed my Bentley out of the garage to continue my search for Summer.

I drove full speed down Blackberry Lane and into town, my heart calmed when I found her broken down car parked in the middle of nowhere. I parked behind her just as I got a call from Dad.

“Son, our flight has been delayed to tomorrow. There’s going to be a storm tonight here, it might reach all the way to you. Sorry for the delay. See you tomorrow. I have to go now.” Dad said, ending the call before I could get a word in. Typical.

I walked out of my car and knocked on her window.

She looked at me through the tinted glass, my heart fell at the pain I saw in her eyes. Some may say I’m heartless, but I’m like the beast from beauty and the beast, only I can play both roles.

As soon as her eyes met mine, she looked away. I tapped on her window again. I watched her wipe her eyes, rolling down the window.

“Summer.” I said before she could start yelling at me, “I’m really truly sorry. If you could find it in your heart to forgive me and put the past behind us, start fresh. Please Summer, you make me a better man.” I added that cheesy line just to see that silly smile on her blubbery face. “And you look terrible right now so I suggest I take you home and you can get an early start on the party tonight.”

“Aren’t your parents coming?” She asked, ignoring my entire heartfelt apology. I don’t think I had another one in me, those words only come out of my mouth once a year, twice at most.

“No, their flight got canceled, they’ll be here tomorrow though. You can clean up as much as much as you want, lucky for you, I’ll be home all day.”

“How is that lucky?” She laughed.

“Come on drive home?”

“Well my house is sort of locked at the moment.” She cheekily grinned.

“You know what I meant.” I winked, “by the way, nice to meet you, I’m. . .” I began but she shook her head.

“No?” I smirked. “Alright then.”

I walked back to my car, relief striking me as I felt a weight fall off and break free of my shoulders. I doubt she’s ever been to a real party either.

Summer Gray

“Hey mom!”

“Sweetheart. How is everything? Where are you staying?” Mom’s worried voice echoed in my head.

“It’s going alright, I’m staying at Aiden’s house.” I bit my lip, starting my car, heading to Aiden’s house.

“You mean the same Aiden you said you hated?”

“Let bygones be bygones.” I laughed as she laughed along. I missed my mom. She’d be home by Sunday morning at the latest.

“I certainly thought you’d be staying at Ryder’s.” She said.

“He’s going out of town this weekend so we couldn’t even have our study group.”

“Uh huh. Study group. I know you’re young people’s slang.” She laughed.

“Hey mom I’m going to have to hang up right now, I’m driving. ”

“Okay sweetheart, I love you!”

“Love you too mom.” She hung up seconds before I realized I forgot to ask her how everything was in New Jersey.

I drove behind Aiden’s black Bentley, and forgive me if this sounds strange, but that car was sexy. I didn’t know he actually liked driving cars.

I checked the gas bar on my car, four ticks away from being completely empty, I’d have to get gas later.

I parked in his driveway as he got out of his garage before it shut completely.

I smiled a bit. A party seemed refreshing. Something I needed after these long few days. It never occurred to me that I had known Aiden for about as long as I’d known Ryder and never once, until this year of course, did he try to hit on me. Was I just too ugly for him to hit on me then?

“So now that her majesty is at school, we have the whole house to ourselves.” He smirked cockily, implying something he knew I wouldn’t do.

“Aiden, you’ve got something in your hair.” I smiled as he began running his hands through his hair, messing up the perfect posture his hair was in.

“Did I get it?” He asked, staring at me curiously.

“Nope, here let me.” I lied, smiling deviously, hoping he didn’t see the look of mischief in my eye. I began ruffling his hair, smacking the side of his head lightly. I laughed like a maniac.

“Saw that.” He smirked, “you’re a terrible liar.” He laughed, placing his hands on my waist while my hands rested on his shoulders. Suddenly my knees locked, feeling as though someone had turned them into jello. I fell a bit, pushing my weight onto him as his arms tightened to pull me up.

“Sorry.” I whispered.

“I think you need to see a doctor.” He smirked, placing his arm behind my knee and lifting me up in one smooth swoop. “Because I can’t help but notice how many times you’ve fallen for me.”

“Aiden!“I laughed as he began walking up the stairs.

“The doctor knows what’s best. Looks like you my friend, “he tossed me into his bed, “have a serious case of Aidenitis.” He smirked cockily, lying down beside me.

“What’s the treatment doc?” I played along.

“Party!” He exclaimed. He looked so genuine, so real. If this is the real Aiden, and not the bad boy cover story, then I guess I liked him. As a friend of course, actually more like a really annoying acquaintance. “So get dressed, you’re letting loose tonight!” He chuckled, getting up and walking me to his older sister’s room.

“Pick whatever you like.” He smiled sweetly, walking away as butterflies took their round around my entire body.

I don’t even know what to wear to a party, if it’s at a lake-house, then I guess there will be swimming so instead of a swim suit I can wear a crop top and shorts.

His older sister, although I’ve never met her, had exquisitely pretty taste in clothing.

I found a cute top and wore some mid thigh shorts. I brought a hair band in case I accidentally fell into the lake.

I laid the clothes out on the bed, placing some cute sandals to match. I took off my sweater and reached for the crop top just as Aiden walked in.

“If you think you’re winning this bet, think again.” Aiden walked in, a hand over his eyes as he peeked through a gap between his fingers.

“Get out! Aiden I’m not even wearing a shirt!” I yelled pushing him out.

“I can see that and can I just say that. . .” He began but I cut him off before he said any more innuendos.

“Nope you can’t, bye Ace. ” I shut the door on his face, quickly changing before he could barge in again.


“Ready?” His signature smirk played on his lips as he made it no secret that he was checking me out.

“Perv.” I muttered.

“I was just relishing in memories of when my sister used to wear that.” He covered, total lie. I laughed slapping his arm lightly.

“Ouch.” He laughed, feigning hurt. I smiled, staring at his leather jacket and jeans.

“I’ll go on one condition or you can call off the entire deal we made.”

“And that is?”

“We take my car.” I grinned proudly as I saw disappointment overtake his entire face, he groaned.


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