When Riot Causes Romance

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Chapter Ten: Knowing the Truth

“You won’t believe what the students were saying at school earlier.” Allan said to his wife the moment he entered the house. His eyes were sparkling in excitement. “Ja– ”

“Jane and Mark are officially going out.” Maria interrupted, as she helped her husband take off his coat.

“Wha–! How’d you know?!” He frowned at her, maybe it was all-over SLI high too?!

“Jane told me.”

“Jane?! As in DESI’s Jane?!”

“Yeah. She called me yesterday morning to tell me that they are now official.” She hanged the coat on the coat stand by the door, and took her husband’s bag and folders from him.

“Wai–! What?!” He exclaimed unbelievingly. “Since when were you and Jane in that kind of relationship?!”

“About a year now.”

“Wha–! Why am I not aware of this?!” He demanded indignantly, Maria could almost see him pouting and it made her giggle.

“You never asked.” She smiled mischievously. “Oh, come on, honey. Don’t be ridiculous. What’s wrong with me being friendly with your students?!”

“I just felt betrayed.” He frowned. “I thought there were no secrets between us.”

“It was necessary.” She shrugged.

“Necessary for what?! What do you mean?!”

“It all started about a year ago.” She begun, heading to the kitchen after she had put away his things in their room. Her husband followed her around like a dog. “She came here one weekend, looking for you; saying something about wanting to ask you for an advice about some personal matter. But you weren’t here, I think you were out doing some shopping or something. I told her that she could wait for you if she wants. But then she looked at me, and then mumbled something about maybe it’s better to ask me instead of you.”

Allan raised a brow in question.

“It’s a girl thing, okay?!” She shook her head at him.

“I didn’t say anything.” He grinned. His wife has her cute side too, even though she can be really serious outside their home.

“Anyway, she told me that she thinks she likes someone from my school.”

“From SLI?! Really?!” Well, that’s a shocker.

“Yup. And she asked me if she really should go for it, or just forget about it. After all, DESI and SLI had been in rivalry for years. She’s afraid that she just might not get anywhere, and may just embarrass DESI or something, in the process.” Maria stopped talking after that, as she continued to prepare and cook their dinner.

“So…So what did you tell her?!” Allan swallowed in anticipation.

“I told her about us.” She smiled widely at him.

“U-Us?!” He swallowed again. “W-What do you mean ‘us’?! As in ‘us’ in high school ‘us’?!”

“Yeah. ‘Us’ in high school ‘us’.” She giggled.

“W-What?! Really?! For real?!” He looked panicked now, and even started sweating a bit. “Jane knows about our high school days?!”

“Yup. I told her everything, about me liking the nerdy you; and you being so awkward and all for having someone like me to show an interest in the first place.” Maria grinned at her husband, knowing that he is now thinking of the memories that he’s always so embarrassed to remember. “I told her that you had the nerve to give me my first heartbreak by turning me down; which eventually became the reason why our Alma maters got into a more serious rivalry with each other.”

“Oh, God!” He covered his face with his hands, turning redder by the second.

“And of course, I also told her that you realized your stupidity after graduation, and followed me around in college; that eventually got us here.”

“I can’t possibly look at her in the eyes now. This is so embarrassing.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” She laughed heartily. “If you didn’t realize that she knows everything after all these time, then perhaps she doesn’t want you to know. I remember her face the minute I told her everything. She had this ‘Coach Allan can’t be the same person you’re talking about’ expression on her face. Maybe she doesn’t want to ruin the image she had of you all these years, that’s why she chose to just forget about it. I think you should worry more if Karen was the one who found out. She won’t leave you alone.”

“True...” Allan stopped talking when he suddenly realized something. “Wait…don’t tell me the one that Jane liked from SLI is…” Maria just smiled at him meaningfully. “Wha–! I can’t believe this! After all these time?! But…but why is she– ”

“I was the one who told her to act like she doesn’t care.” She smiled proudly. “It’s called strategy.”

“Strategy?!” He raised a brow at her amusedly.

“It’s a startegy I thought of to help her get the man of her dreams.”

“No kidding.” He shook his head at her, while still smiling amusedly.

“I’m serious.” She pouted at him. “Listen to this, remember that incident about a month ago between two SLI and DESI sophomore?!”

“No way!” His eyes widened in her words. “You caused that?!”

“I may have done something to lead it to that.” She grinned. “There was actually a third party in there. You see, David and a girl named Hikari were regulars at Andres’ Ramen shop, it seemed that they’re neighbors and childhood friends. Luke is too, along with some of his friends from SLI. As you know, my brother’s shop is one of the few places in town that students from different schools can come freely, without worrying any tension from other schools.

“When I help out at the shop on my free time, I sometimes notice Hikari looking at Luke’s way and then blushing afterwards. Of course this didn’t escape David, who turned out to have deeper feelings for his childhood friend. When I realized that, all I had to do is hint that Hikari could possibly really like Luke…and viola! David developed hate for Luke, whom the latter returned; getting pissed off on the fact that David hates him for no reason.”

“That’s really cruel, Marry. And you call yourself a teacher.” He shook his head at her unbelievingly. “I feel sorry for those kids.”

“Hey! I did it to help ‘your’ student.” She defended indignantly. “Plus, it turned out great in the end.”

“You ruined David and his friend’s relationship. How could that be great?!”

“You see, Hikari did indeed got mad at David for assaulting Luke; but David admitted to her that he only did it because he was jealous. Turns out that the girl was actually in love with her friend all these time, and was just afraid of ruining their friendship so she didn’t say anything. And Jane did manage to reconcile the two brats.” She smiled at him smugly.

“How did you know all these?!” Allan asked amusedly. His wife can be really childish at times.

“David and Hikari told me afterwards. I have great relationship with my costumers, you know.” She made a victory sign with her middle and forefinger, while smiling proudly. “As for Jane and Mark. I was coaching her all these time, ever since that incident at the grocery store. She was always calling me, asking for an advice; updating me about her progress with Mark. She was so different from the Jane that always wore a poker face, and so hard to approach.”

“Much like you.” Maria rolled her eyes at her husband’s words.

“Anyway, everything turned out great for everybody. And this rivalry between the two schools subsided, like you had always hoped for all these years. You should thank me for it.” She raised a brow at him.

“Alright. Alright. I get it.” He walked towards her and hugged her from the back. “I’m so glad I married you.”

“You should be. I’m one of a kind.” She grinned.

“How about we leave dinner for now, and try to make a future Jane or future Mark upstairs?! Hmm?!”

“You’re not comparing yourself to Mark, are you?!” Maria giggled.

“Hey, I’m as good-looking as Mark is in our high school years.”

“Honey, you were a nerd in our high school years. You wore thick rounded eyeglasses and stumbled a lot in your words when I’m around.” She reminded him.

“Well, that nerd did make SLI’s elite fall for him hard, right?!” He kissed the side of her head affectionately. “The nerd is so glad he felt the same too. It calmed down the riot in his chest that he’d been having since the moment he first saw her.”

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