When Riot Causes Romance

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Chapter Two: Ending the Riot

Her eyebrow jerked up. It’s a habit she’s not even aware of herself that she does whenever she’s so pissed.

A few meters away from where she stood, two sophomore high school students were smacking at each other. She knew the first one since they go to the same school but, the second one she doesn’t; although she knew that he’s from SLI high. Some students from DESI and SLI high, all males, were watching them.

Just watching them.

Which pissed her even more.

Thus, without any thought of what her actions may cause, she dumped her books on the ground and walked to the duo. Everyone that were present looked at her like she’s mental, but didn’t do anything to stop her, and her classmates knew better than to get in her way when she’s pissed. And she really looked pissed. The two sophomores though, didn’t notice her coming until she pulled them away from each other and simultaneously slapped their faces. It immediately sent them in a daze.

“Idiots!!!” She snapped at them angrily, the two just looked at her, still in a daze. “Everyone knew that the two of you were at fault! Why on earth are you still at it?!”

It’s been weeks since the riots between the DESI and SLI high begun, caused by the two sophomores who accidentally, or not, crashed into each other’s bicycles. Since then, attacks from SLI to DESI high students, and vice versa, have been regular. The fact that both schools were known for having a rich history of rivalry didn’t help the matter at all. Not to mention the fact that both of them are YDC members of their respective schools.

“Who the hell are you?!” Said a male voice coming to their direction.

“A concerned schoolmate…” She said dully, facing and letting him see that she’s a DESI high student. The male looked particularly at her red necktie, indicating that she’s a…

“…senior, huh?!” He mused.

“You’re a senior too, right?!” She snapped at him. “And you tolerate the harassments of your schoolmates to ours?!”

“There are reasons…”

“Really?! Enlighten me. I can’t think of any, rather than your pride of finally defeating DESI on something!”

“You really think we’re that desperate?!”

“That’s what it looked to me.”

They gave each other a glare.

“Apologize.” She suddenly said to the DESI sophomore.

He looked like he doesn’t really want to, but knowing her temper, he had no choice. This particular senior of his is very infamous, not for being a bad girl who violates school rules or any of the sorts though. In fact, she’s one of the model students; loved by her teachers, respected by her schoolmates.

The thing is, she’s infamous for her temper. She can be really merciless to the people who pissed her off. She’s the kind of girl who always gets what she wants whatever is the way, whatever is the cause; and someone you would never want to mess with if you want to have peaceful days. Normally though, she looked like your average high school girl.

“I-I’m sorry for crashing my bike to yours. I-It was my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going. I wasn’t careful.” The DESI sophomore said regretfully, making the SLI senior and sophomore gape at him.

“There! Our side already apologized. You finally won!” She snapped coupled with a clap. “Now, if a single DESIan gets harassed again, expect the consequences.” She grabbed her sophomore schoolmate by his yellow necktie and turned to leave.

“What are you going to do?!” Called the SLI senior. “Finally reporting to your school officials?!” He said in a mocked voice.

“Did you really think that DESIans are all brains?!” She raised an eyebrow. “We’re no cowards.” She hissed, and with that went to the other DESIans present in the area.

The SLI student looked at her retreating back with a smile. It won’t be the last time that they’ll be seeing each other. He’ll make sure of that.

“I thought we told you to come with Dave and finally settle this nonsense!” She snapped at her classmates. “Why on earth were you just standing here, and watch him get beaten?! You’re supposed to be looking after him, and you call yourself his seniors?! Are you out of your mind?!”

“Ah, well…Jane…you see…”

“And you!” She snapped again at Dave. “Why on earth did you fight back?! This is supposed to be a peace-making meeting!!!”

“I-It’s because…uh…”

“Did that SLI brat cut your tongue or what?!”

“Y-You said it yourself, ‘We’re no cowards’.” Answered the boy.

The female senior just looked at him, smiled, and then patted his head. “You’re right. But is that really not cowardice?! I wonder.” She turned to her classmates and other schoolmates again and glared at them heatly. “Finish this up immediately, or you’ll really get it at school.”

Jane then left them to get her books, while laughing on her own like crazy and went home. Not really caring if the students she’ll leave might get to another brawl or something.

“It would’ve ended right if she didn’t get involved.” Dave frowned. “And is she a mental?! I swear she could’ve choked someone to death in anger moments ago.”

“Can’t blame her, she’s a girl. She won’t understand us.” Explained one of the seniors. “And I thought you got used to her mood swings by now, she’s the moodiest person you’ll meet at DESI.”

The two groups of students gather at the center of the empty lot, the SLIans led by the guy Jane argued with earlier and the DESIans by the guy who tried to reason with her. And instead of glaring or hitting, the two did some sort of a private hand shake.

“Sorry about earlier, Mark.” Said the senior DESIan.

“Everything’s settled, Mike.” The said SLIan replied. “No need to worry about it. I can see that you can’t deal with her either.”

“Yeah. Sort of. She always manages to get her point defended, on all arguments she gets herself into. If you know what I mean.”

“I know. I just got a taste of it myself.”

“Don’t worry about it anymore, Luke.” Mike said to the uneasy SLI sophomore. “She’s just really pissed on the fact that we had to offer the peace first. She really hates losing.”

“It’s just that…I think I offended her in some way.” Said Luke.

“Well, you could just apologize to her later. I bet that’ll surprise her.” Luke just smiled weakly at Mike’s words.

“See you at the championship then, let’s make sure we’ll give each other a hard stand.” Smirked Mark.

“You bet. We’re not leading our YD clubs for nothing, right?!” Answered Mike, and returned the gesture.

Meanwhile, on her way home, Jane met her best friend on the cake shop they usually hang out at.

“So, how did it go?!”

“The brats were at each other’s throats when I got there.” Jane rolled her eyes. “Your cousin and his classmates are oafs.”

“Hey, don’t forget that they’re your classmates too.” Laughed Karen and spooning the strawberry on her best friend’s Black Forest cake. “By the way, is SLI’s The Mark present earlier?!”

“Yeah, I think so.” She shrugged.

Karen raised a brow at the answer. “You ‘think so’?! Don’t you recognize him?! Come on Jy-Jy, you should’ve at least seen him once before! You know, at the championship match last year, he’s the last speaker for the SLI high.”

“I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“Augh! You’re impossible! How could you not pay attention to him, ‘at least’ to him! He’s so good-looking!”

It was Jane’s turn to raise a brow.

“So they said…”

“Karen, you know I don’t really look at people’s appearance…character is much more important. And base from what I’ve heard, he’s a womanizer.”

“So?! What if you’re the girl destined to change him.”

“Now where did I hear that…” Jane mumbled, but then turned to glare at her best friend when she realized something. “What are you getting at, woman?!”

“What?!” Karen answered innocently.

“Stop trying to be a matchmaker. You’re just wasting your time.”

“Hey! I’m just being concerned for my NBSB best friend.” She said, looking offended. “And I’m always pairing you with guys who’s really worth to be your match. You should thank me.”

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Augh! Jane, it’s almost our graduation day! Have some romance in your life, will you?!”

“Graduation is not until five months later. And I have people I love in my life, like you and my mom.”

“That’s not what I meant! Don’t you want to be happy?!”

“I don’t need a guy to be happy, Kar.” Jane answered boredly.

“Why are you so against having a boyfriend anyway?!” Karen whined and pouted at her best friend.

“I’m not against having a boyfriend, Kar. It’s just that, I still haven’t found the right guy.” She shook her head. “I don’t want to end up like my mom.”

“Woman, not all guys are womanizers.”

“I know.”

“Not all guys are like your dad.”

“I know.”

“And not all womanizers are like your dad.”

“I kn– What?!”

“What I’m saying is, give the lady killers a chance, Jy-Jy.” Karen grinned. “You’re known for being able to charm any guys. I’m sure their species is a piece of cake.” She added as she gestured for their cakes.

“You make me sound like I’m collecting guys.” Jane mused. “Didn’t you just say that I’m a NBSB?! Plus, we all know that those guys I ‘charmed’ were really just intimidated by me.” She smiled smugly.

“Hey ladies,” A guy approached their table and sat beside Karen without warning, another one with a whole cake of Chocolate Moist did the same beside Jane after he put the cake on the table. “care for some Moist cake?!”

Jane raised a brow at Karen who just shrugged.

“I’m Chester, and he’s Brandon.” Said the one who brought the cake, grinning widely.

“What are you doing?!” Asked Jane dully, while Karen is already eyeing the cake hungrily.

“When we saw this cake on the stand, we said to ourselves that ‘this is a cake that was baked to be eaten by DESI girls’, so we bought it for you.” Answered Brandon, winking at them.

Jane and Karen looked at each other, trying hard not to laugh at how lame that just sounded.

“That’s so nice of you…” Cooed Karen and smiled at them with mock appreciation. “…so, why are you still here?!” The boys smiled arrogantly.

“Huh?!” Both Chester and Brandon blinked at her words, not really understanding what she meant.

“You said that it should be eaten by us. So why are you still here?! Do you want us to pay you for it?!” Jane added.

“N-No. It’s just that, we thought we could chat while eating it together.” Stammered Brandon.

“Or you could just leave and let us have the cake ourselves.” Added Karen with a sweet smile plastered in her face.

That silenced them.

“You know, boys, the girls from our school are really particular with the guys we date.” Jane said, smiling at them sadly. “We don’t date anyone who just buys us cakes just because we go to DESI, especially if they’re from a no name school. We have standards you know.” She looked at Chester from head to foot and shook her head disappointingly. “Well?!”

Brandon and Chester slowly stood up and left their table. Not looking back at the girls.

“Scary Jy-Jy.”

“It’s been so long since someone called me that.” Chuckled Jane.

“Believe it or not, everyone calls you like that behind your back. Even the teachers.” Karen grinned.

“Well then, I live for the name.” She smirked.

“You know you just made them think that DESI girls are snobs and b*tches, right?!”

“Please, it’s not like the other schools really think otherwise.”

“You really think they thought we’re snob…” Karen asked incredulously. “…and b*tches?!”

Jane just shrugged.

“That’s just mean! I’m not a snob…or a b*tch! It’s not because we usually have the– ”

“So you said.” Smirked Jane. “Just shut up and eat, we still have to finish that project on Chem.”

“Do we really have to?! It’s not due ’til next week…” Karen pouted.

“Yeah, well, I’m going to be busy starting next week.”

“Huh?! For what?! You’re already done with your speech for the preliminary round.”

Jane didn’t answer, and instead just took a bite of her cake.

“What are you hiding, woman?!”

Karen’s best friend just smiled mysteriously at her.

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