When Riot Causes Romance

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Chapter Six: Targeting the Spot

“You’ve been pestering me for weeks. Haven’t you had enough?!” Jane sighed as she entered their house with Mark right behind her.

“I can never have enough of you, sweetheart.” He winked flirtatiously.

“Don’t you have more important things to do?!” She just rolled her eyes.

“Aww.” He pouted. “Why’s my charms not affecting you at all?! Am I really losing my edge?! This I so disheartening.”

“Like perhaps focusing more on the semi-finals preparation?!” Continued Jane, as if he didn’t say anything. “Mike’s been so pissy lately because of the pressure…I can’t believe you’re this carefree. I really feel sorry for SLI’s Debater’s club.”

“Mike is Mike. I am me.” He grinned. “I have my ways to things. Plus, that dude had always been serious. He needs to have fun sometimes. But you can’t come with him when he does…cause I’ll be jealous.”

“Shut up! You think I care?!” She growled, facing him and pointing an angry finger at him. “It’s because of you that everyone’s following and bugging me all day. Each one of them thinks I have turned soft because I let someone like you around me; each one of them really thinks that we’re going out, even how many times I deny it!”

“It’s because we have chemistry, sweetheart. And they can see that. You should too as soon as possible.” Mark said sweetly as he took her hand to his and bringing it to his lips. But before it could touch, Jane took her hands roughly and purposely hitting his chin. Hard.

“Aw, Jane. That was uncalled for!”

“Mom, why is he here again?!” Jane whined as she entered the kitchen and found her mom busy with making dinner.

“Why, Janie dear, you’re the one who let him in.” Her mom said cheekily.

“You’re so cruel, sweetheart. You still hadn’t forgiven me, huh?!” He pouted as he entered the kitchen too, and casually went to the ref to have a glass of water. “You didn’t agree to go on a date with me ever since too.”

“Oh, shut up! You big liar!” Was the very angry reply. “And quit being so familiar with my house. If it were just me, I would never welcome you in!”

“You say that every time, but you always let him in anyway.” Was the cheeky comment. Jane just bit her lip and blushed. Something that Mark found so cute. “Now quite bothering me, I’m still not done with dinner. You and Mark go to the living room and play.”

“Play?! What are we, kids?!” Another shrieking reply.

“Yes, yes. Now go. Take her for me, Mark.” Smiled Jane’s mom meaningfully at him.

“Gotcha.” Mark said gaily, grabbing Jane’s hand and pulling her towards the living room.

“Let go!” Jane said angrily, as she jerked her hand free. “I can walk on my own.”

“When will you stop being so difficult, Jy-Jy?! Don’t you feel sorry for me?!” Mark sighed sadly, following her.

“No, I don’t. You’re welcome to leave anytime if can’t stand it anymore.” She said nonchalantly.

“That’s cold, sweetheart. But don’t worry; I know that deep inside, you really love me.”

“You wish.” She rolled her eyes at him.

Jane head straight for the television to turn it on and grabbed the remote.

“Doraemon?! Really?!” Asked Mark incredulously. “Aren’t you too old for that?!”

“You are never too old to enjoy something you like.” She mumbled absentmindedly, too engrossed to the TV to take Mark’s words to heart. The latter just blinked at her words but then frowned when he realized that it looked like she won’t be paying any attention to him anytime soon.

Mark suddenly took the remote from Jane’s hand and turned off the television. “Hey, let’s do something else. This is boring.” He said with a yawn.

“Wha- The nerve! Doreamon is not boring!” Was the indignant response.

“Tsk. I don’t see what’s so great about that stupid robot.”

“How dare you insult him!”

Pak. A pillow was thrown. Of which was easily evaded.


“How about we just play a game. Your mom did say we play, right?!”

“I don’t care what mom says. She’s just being like that because as far as she’s concerned, you’re my–”

“Boyfriend. Yes, I really like the sound of that.” He smiled at her genuinely; since as far as he’s concerned, that’s how he really feels. Which he perfectly knew does not mean good news.

A lot of girls hit on him all the time; even the rumors about him and Jane didn’t affect the girls. What can he do, that’s just how good looking and charismatic he is. But none of those girls affect him like the way Jane does; even though she’s the only one who can resists his advances. Perhaps that’s exactly the reason why though. She’s different; doing things that he’s not used to; it’s like she had him wrapped around her fingers without even meaning to.

“Even Mike said the exact same thing.” Jane said under her breath angrily. Sometimes, guys think they’re being mature by being totally immature. “Boys.”

Mark heard everything though, and although he does think that she has a point, what she said about someone saying what he said just didn’t settle right with him. Without any warning, Mark suddenly pinned Jane down the couch she was at.

“W-What the-! What are you doing?!” Jane cried, and tried to free her hands that Mark held not oh-so-gently above her head.

“You’ve been really close to Mike, haven’t you?! It makes me really jealous.” Mark leaned towards Jane, with such serious eyes she had never seen him have before, making her anxious – though she can’t let him know that.

“Y-Yeah, right. Why will you be j-jealous?! Did you really think I believe your pathetic antics?!” That’s what she said, with a straight face. “I know what you’re doing. But I’ll tell you, again and again, you can’t get any disadvantages from me. Don’t underestimate me just because I’m a girl. Not every girl gets charmed by you, stupid!”

“Tell me. You know that Mike’s in love with you, right?!” He said it as if he didn’t hear Jane talk back, leaning closer and closer, face more serious than ever. Jane didn’t say anything but, the unspoken response he got is enough.

“Do you feel the same?! About Mike?!”

“What is it to you?! Don’t meddle with my life!” She glared. “And let me go!”

Jane struggled more, but to no avail. Mark only held her harder and looked at her colder that, for the first time ever since they met, he gave her goose bumps.

“L-Let me go! Now! Or I’ll scream!” Panic was obvious in her voice now. “Boyfriend or not, mom will really kick you o–!”

The rant was answered with an unexpected fierce kiss, her first kiss, their first kiss, and the kiss that changed the relationship they had. Completely.

Jane wasn’t able to do anything as Mark kissed her; she was so stunned that she just doesn’t know what to do, how to react. At first it seemed like it was just a smack, but then Mark started to devour her lips like some deprived playboy that he is.

The goose bumps she had earlier intensified and she felt so funny inside, like she’s being electrocuted though it didn’t felt that bad.

“I see. So that’s how it is.” Mark said, when he finally stopped and slowly got away from her, taking Jane’s unresponsive behavior to the kiss as an answer. “I’m sorry for bothering you these past few weeks.”

Mark stood up, and without a word or another glance at Jane, left the room and the house. “My first kiss…by my first…” She murmured, slowly and cautiously touching her lips, feeling as if it’s been burnt and blankly staring at the door Mark just went through.

“Jane. Mark. Dinner’s ready. Huh?! Where’s Mark, Jane?! Jane?! What happened to you?!” Said Jane’s mother when she entered the living room a few minutes later and saw Jane still in a daze. “Dear, what’s wrong?! Why do you have that look in your face?!” Jane didn’t answer, nor move. “Hmmm…if I didn’t know you better, I’d say you just had your first kiss.” Her mom suddenly giggled like a school girl. “But that’s impossible, right?!”

Her words brought Jy-Jy back to reality; she felt her face fire up. “I-I-I-I…I’ll eat dinner later, mom. I-I-I’ll be in my room.” And she ran off upstairs.

“Whoah!” She blinked at her daughter’s retreating back, confusion written all-over her face. “What really happened here?!”

Meanwhile, a certain someone somewhere was trying to walk whilst balancing the boxes and paper bags in her hands. She can’t even see the way she was going.

“Those girls are really so mean…dumping all the shopping to me.” She sighed heavily, and then suddenly…blag!

“What the– !”

“Aw! Aw! Aw!” She said, as she tried to soothe her butt. “What are you doing?!” She frowned at the culprit. “Huh?! Is that you, Mark?!”

“Teacher?!” Mark looked so surprised at the person he accidentally bumped into after he left Jane’s house and mindlessly just walked around the neighborhood.

“Geez. What are you doing?! Didn’t you see I was already having trouble with all these?!” She looked around her in dismay. “I hope nothing’s broken.”

“I’m so sorry, teacher.” He said apologetically as he helped her stand up and get back all her parcels. “What’s all these for anyway?! And why are you carrying it all by yourself?! You never change, teacher.” He shook his head.

“W-What do you mean by that?!” She pouted at him while trying to fight off her blushing. “And why are you still calling me ‘teacher’?! It’s been almost six years since I tutored you.”

“Oh?! So would you have preferred I call you Aunt Mika?!” He raised a brow at her mischievously. “Well, you’re going to really be my aunt soon anyway, so I gue– ”

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” She put her hands in front of her, he face turning even redder. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Uncle Yuu finally proposed to you, right?!” He grinned at her knowingly. “Finally, after all these years. Hey, don’t tell me all these are for the wedding preparations?!” Mark gestured to the bags and boxes.

“No, they’re not! Seriously this kid!” She glared at him, and took the last paper bag from his hand. “The least you can do is help me get all these back to my apartment, come on.”

“Are you still living with those old hags?!” Mark asked as he took the boxes and followed her.

“Unfortunately.” She sighed heavily. “They have a fashion show coming and are all really busy, so as usual, I’ve become the errand runner.”

“Heh. And here I thought you’d move in with Uncle Yuu after you were engaged.”

“Augh! Shut it already!” She glared at him, the color in her face returning. “What’s wrong with you anyway?! Not seeing me even with all these?! From what I’ve been hearing, you’ve become someone who would flirt with anyone in skirt. Your normal self would probably help me and not bump into me.”

“First of all, you’re not wearing a skirt but jeans. Second, if you’ve managed to carry these all these way, you’ll probably still manage it on your own without any help. And third, sorry but, old hags aren’t my type.”

“Oi!” She shook her head. “Like Uncle, like nephew.”

“Neh, teacher, can I ask about and my Uncle?!”

“Huh?!” She looked at him confusedly.

“How come you…even after all these years…still stayed with Uncle Yuu?!”

“Wha– ! Why are you suddenly saying all that?!” She stopped walking and just looked at him incredulously. “Did you forget you were the reason why I even considered going out with him?!”

“Hey, I’m just asking. Don’t go all defensive on me.” He smirked; she just pouted at him and they started walking again. “I mean, Uncle Yuu is really stubborn, rude and sometimes keeps too many secrets for his own good; he doesn’t want to lose to anybody, even if it meant getting into a big trouble and…and…”


“And always puts on a strong façade, acting like nothing scares her...” She raised a brow at Mark. “Can nag like there’s no tom– ”

“Are we still talking about your Uncle, Mark?!” She grinned at him. “Or someone else?!”


“So…who’s ‘her’?!” Her grin grew wider when she saw him squirm. “I wonder if this is what they call having the Casanova finally finding his match. Your mom would love to hear about this.”

“Right.” He said, rolling his eyes.

“Well…I’m not sure how this ‘her’ is treating you, Mark; although, I get the feeling that she kinda reminds you of your Uncle.” Mika giggled.

“You have no idea.” He mumbled.

“You’re right, your Uncle can be really difficult. Sometimes, I can’t even tell what he’s thinking even after all these years that we’ve been together.” She smiled at the thought, and then shrugged. “And for the record, you’re not the first one to have asked me how I still managed to be with him. But just what I had said to them, the answer is very simple…”

“And what’s that?!”

“Because…I fell in love with him.”


“What?! You’re not going to tease me?!” Mika glanced at him curiously.

“How would you know that it’s really love?! That it’s really him?!”

“Hmmm. That’s a tough one.” She smiled, as if remembering someone saying something like that to her years ago. “Well, I just knew it.”

“How can you just know?!” He frowned.

“Your Uncle can be really difficult but, once you get to know him, he really isn’t that bad. Plus,” Mika gestured to him to come closer. “…you know how your Uncle is actually a ‘Tsundere’, right?!” She added in a whisper. And both of them shared a conspiring smile.

A comfortable silence followed, leaving them to their own thoughts; until Mark unconsciously sighed heavily.

“You know, if you just followed my advice of entering DESI High instead of SLI High six years ago, you wouldn’t even have this problem right now.”

“You’re ri– Wait, what?!” He asked, surprised that she even know that.

“Let’s just say I know that right people.” She grinned at him mysteriously. Mark just shook his head. His Uncle’s nosiness is rubbing on her. “Tell you what, Mark. When you think that you finally found the person worth fighting for, never let go. Even if that person is totally out of your league; don’t ever give up.”

“Is that…what you did?!”

“Believe it or not, it was your Uncle who did.” She grinned at him smugly. “If he gave up on me, we wouldn’t be here now. His stubbornness can be really scary, you know.”

“But having your best friend as the rival is still tough.”

“Ehhh. Are you sure he’s really a rival?!” Mark just raised a brow at her. “That rebellious brat was never a match to you to begin with.” He shook his head. Some things never change. “Neh, Mark. Make sure you’ll let us meet her as your girlfriend next time okay?!” She grinned, which Mark just returned with a shrug.

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