When Riot Causes Romance

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Chapter Seven: Rioting the Root

“Jy-Jy, will you tell me already what happened?! Because I know something really happened.” Karen pouted at her best friend, as she followed her around their favorite shoes store.

“What makes you say that?!” Jane asked passively, evading yet again Karen’s inquisitions.

It was Sunday, the only day in the week that the girls freely spend for themselves alone; to relax and not think about school…or boys. But Jane, for the first time in years, can’t help thinking about a boy; about The Mark.

It had been three days since the incident with Mark. He hadn’t gone to their house the following day, nor pestered her to invite him on their weekly excursion this morning like he used to for the passed weeks. Her phone that was usually bombarded will text messages and missed calls from him, did not receive a single text or call. As much as she hated to admit it herself, she missed him and his silence bothered her. The more she thought of the matter though, the more she gets frustrated.

“Your mom.”


“Come on, Jy-Jy. I’m your best friend.” Karen grabbed her shoulders to face her and look her straight in the eyes. “You can tell me anything.”

Jane looked at her best friend’s eyes too, mirroring the sincerity she has. Of course she knows that she can tell Karen everything. Even though Karen can be really annoying and childish sometimes, she’s the only friend she has that she knows she can always depend on; that will understand and stay by her side, even if everyone turned their backs on her. Except her mom of course.

And she was already about to tell her everything, when the conversation of two girls in the neighboring rack caught their attention.

“Like I said, Mark finally got rid of that DESI witch, like he usually does with the other girls. She’s not really special like everybody thinks. Never was and never will.”

“I don’t think so. Mark was dating her for over a month; and we all know Mark’s One Week-One Girl Policy. Not to mention the fact that, he usually already has a girl to date right after his break-up. But now, Mark doesn’t. He’s not even flirting back to the girls that usually hang out with him.”

“Your point being?!”

“Casie, there must really be something about her for Mark to act like this. I’m really not used to him being grumpy like that. It’s so not him.”

“Whos’ side are you really on anyway?!” Casie sounded so annoyed. “Did you forget how she’s a DESI student?! Our school’s mortal enemies?! Plus, I’m sure that even if she’s from that school, she isn’t pretty or smart. I bet she’s always having a lot of trouble during their tests.”

Karen felt Jane shook in anger as they continued to listen to the two. She panicked when Jane tried to free herself from her hold, and probably confront the two.

“Calm down, Jy-Jy.” Karen whispered to her best friend. “They’re not worth it. Let it go.” They still hadn’t seen the faces of the SLI b*tches, but she knew Karen had already played in her head the different ways to strangle them.

“Mark was probably only compromised to be with her anyway. You’ll see, next week, Mark will get back to his usual self. Finally freed from that assuming pathetic witch.” Added Casie’s voice.

That was the last straw though; Jane freed herself from Karen’s vice-grip hold and head straight to the SLI students’ directions looking so angry that she got them really surprised.

“Jane!” Karen exclaimed in an attempt to stop her, but it was already too late.

“There are three things I hate the most.” Jane begun; her eyes intensely blazing in anger that the two unconsciously took a step back. “First, losing to anyone on anything; second, womanizers; and third, people who think that they have the right to judge others they don’t even really know.”

“Wha– ! W-Who are you?!” Casie demanded, trying to match Jane’s offensive voice but failing miserably.

“I’m the f*cking DESI witch you were talking about earlier. The Mark’s girlfriend that you’re obviously so jealous with.” The emphases that Jane put to the word girlfriend almost made Karen laugh out loud, even though she should be worried on what Jane might still do to the two, who now both turned pale at her best friend’s words.

“W-Who– ! W-We– !” Casie’s voice shook, and started sweating profusely; while her friend shrunk back. Too scared to say anything anymore.

“Not so chatty now are we?!” Karen cut in, smiling smugly at them. “Cat got your tongue?! Come on, Jy-Jy. I told you they’re not worth it.”

Karen grabbed her friend’s hand and pushed her towards the exit. Everyone in the shop was already looking at their way; she has to get Jane out before she could do more that might get them banned from the shop. This isn’t the first time that Jane lost her temper, caused a serious ruckus and got banned. Karen doesn’t want a repeat, especially since she really liked the shoes sold there.

They were already about to exit the shop when Casie got her voice back.

“D-Don’t get on high horses, b*tch, just because he broke up with you later than he usually does.” Her voice still shook, but she persevered. “Whatever you say, you and Mark are so over! He got tired of you and you’re so over!”

Jane wanted to get back to her, but Karen already pushed her out of the shop, putting as much distance as her strength could allow her while dragging her resisting friend.

“Let it go, Jy-Jy. You said it yourself, they’re jealous. Don’t go done to their level.” Karen shook her head. “This is so not like you.”

“But they’re so– ! Augh!” Jane suddenly screamed so loud in frustration, making her the center of attention yet again. But it also calmed down her nerves.

“You’re okay now?!” Karen asked after a couple of minutes. Her best friend nodded. “Now tell me what really happened between you and Mark last week.” She looked at Jane seriously. “It’s starting to really get on my nerves, Jy-Jy. Just so you know.”

“I was going to tell you…”

“Well?!” She raised a brow.

“Can we do it while having an ice cream, please?!” Jane sighed.

“I was just about to suggest that.” Karen grinned at her friend and dragged her to the nearest ice cream parlor.

A couple of days later.

“It’s been a week since Mark last came to school.” Wondered one DESI student. “And Jane is acting moodier each day.”

“My cousin from SLI said that Mark’s been really grumpy these days too.” Sighed another one sadly.

“I hope it’s just because of the championship tomorrow.”

“You’re right. I don’t really like SLI students, especially after that stunt they pulled to us last month; but Mark and Jane are just so good together, that I don’t care about it anymore.”

“Their Romeo and Juliet-like love story’s just so exciting!”

“Exactly! I even thought once that they could be the bridge for our schools to finally settle our resentments once and for all.”

“You said it. Mark seemed to be really serious with Jane and not just dating her to spy or something; plus Jane is not the type to let herself get fooled by a player, even if it’s The Mark.”

“But you know how old habits die hard. What if Mark was tempted?! And Jane caught him on the act?! What if because of that, that she broke up with him?!”

“Or what if Mark got tired of Jane constantly denying their relationship?! After all, never once did she admit it. And he broke up with her?!”

The two stared at each other in dread.

“Let’s just hope that it’s just because of the championship pressure, and after tomorrow everything will go back to normal.”

“Agreed. I just can’t take it if such a pure relationship like theirs will be cut short by such silliness.”

“Mark and Jane’s LQ seemed to be the talk of town.” Karen shook her head, as she walked past the two gossiping girls. “And those two keeping to themselves what happened to them doesn’t help the rumors.”


“You really are getting on my nerves, Genould.” Growled the gal. “Didn’t you hear what I just said?! They kept to themselves what happened to them. Jane didn’t tell me anything! She didn’t even tell me that they were dating in the first place! So piss off!!!”

“It must really be his fault. I told him not to play with her feelings…I thought he really changed for her. That bastard.” Mike murmured angrily.

Karen worriedly watched her cousin stomped away. “This is not looking good.” She said to herself.

“Was that your cousin, Kar?!” Jane asked curiously, after seeing him walk from her best friend in such a foul mood.

“Oh, Jane!” Karen grabbed her best friend anxiously. “You know how Mike’s been ever since Mark stopped coming to school, right?!”

“Um, yeah?! He’s been asking you if I told you anything?!”

“And of course, I lied every time.” Karen said solemnly. “But! Oh Jane, I think he snapped some nerves.”

“What do you mean?!”

“Something big is about to happen. I just know it.” Karen admitted worriedly.

Jane sighed. Well, she dug her own grave. This wouldn’t have come to this if she had stopped it from the start; but what can she do?! What’s done is done; she can’t change anything from the past. But she can do something with the future. That’s exactly the reason why she made this bet with destiny in the first place.

“Karen, just make sure Mike stayed home after school today, okay?! We don’t want another riot between DESI and SLI, at least not until the championship is over.”

“I know what you mean. I won’t let him do anything stupid.”

“And I’ll make sure he won’t get into trouble if he did.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Karen glared at her best friend. “I won’t let you do anything stupid either.”

“Kar, it’s my fault if something happens between those two.”

“No, it’s not. You’re just a girl in love. So, shut up!”

“Um…Excuse me…”

“Dave?! What is it?!” Jane responded immediately, eager to escape her conversation with Karen.

“Uh…yeah…I…uh…have something to tell you.” Dave said, uneasily.

“You’re more docile than the last time we met. What is it?!” Jane grinned.

“I’ll go ahead. I still have to find my idiot of a cousin.”

“Um…It’s about your cousin actually…”


Little did Jade know, it was already too late to stop the clash between the two schools; because not long after the conversation with Dave, Mike together with Mark, with a significant number of students from their respective schools, gathered on an empty lot a couple of blocks away from their schools.

The DESI high and the SLI high have long known distaste for each other. They may have been trying to be civil for the past few weeks, but the indifferences are still there. And with how things turned out for the past days, it added fuel to the fire.

The clash was expected a long time ago, if it weren’t for the interference of Mike and Mark; however, if they are the ones who want it, there’s no reason for it to be stopped.

“You really piss me off, Mark.” Growled Mike angrily. At his back, the students of DESI high, ready to pounce at his signal.

“The feeling’s mutual, Mike.” Was Mark’s cold reply, standing in front of his SLI schoolmates. As prepared as the former group.

“Hah! You have the nerve to be?! After what you did to her?! I even warned you, Mark.”

“I don’t think a coward like you has the right to say anything.”

“Tsk! Enough talk! Let’s get done with this!”

And so the riot between SLI high and DESI high begun, yet again; and just like how it was on the previous ones, it was ugly.

Punches, kicks and curses were thrown everywhere; and in each passing moment, someone drops, too exhausted to move, until only two remained.

“You never changed, Mark. You’re still as self-centered as you were.” A right uppercut.

“The h*ll I am! And you’re as insensitive as you were.” A kick to the abdomen.

“The world doesn’t revolve around you assh*le!” A kick aimed for the head, but was immediately blocked and countered with a punch aimed for the face.

“Right back at you, assh*le!”

These two seemed to forget everything, except the hate they had for each other. They didn’t even notice that they were the only ones left standing, nor did they notice the arrival of a girl with her pair of shoes in hand; that is, until it hit them square in their faces.

“THAT’S ENOUGH, YOU BRAINLESS SWINES!!!” Shouted Jane angrily.

A demanding whistle from the neighborhood police made Jane’s intervention complete.

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