When Riot Causes Romance

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Chapter Eight: Answering the Query

“I can’t believe this really happened.” DESI high’s YDC coach looked like he’ll really cry in a second. “And of all people, the three of you?!”

“Jane had nothing to do with this, coach.” Mark and Mike looked at each other in astonishment, realizing that they just said it at the same time.

They were at the detention room of the local police station. The rest of the students who were in the riot were also detained on the other, larger room while their wounds are being treated and they are questioned; and seeing as the three seemed to be the core culprits, they were especially detained.

Jane just regarded the two indifferently as the coach coughed after the heavy silence that followed. “Jane?!”

“I am definitely in the middle of this, coach. I will take responsibility.” Jane said seriously, purposely ignoring Mark and Mike’s protests. “I understand that Mike was only acting on my behalf, and Mark had no choice but to retaliate. I’m sure there’s just a misunderstanding somewhere, and our schoolmates didn’t really mean to get involved.”

“Bullsh*t!” Mark suddenly shouted. Of which the SLI High’s YDC coach, who was also present, reacted with a stern look.

“Mind your language, young man.” Coach Maria glared at him, but Mark just ignored her.

“I did what I did because this bastard pissed me off!” Mark stood from his seat and pointed an accusing finger at Mike.

“The feeling’s mutual, assh*le!” Mike yelled and stood from his seat as well.

Mark and Mike immediately grabbed each other’s collar and started yelling behind Jane.

“Let’s finish this now!”

“You said it!”


Everyone in the room froze when Jane hit the table in front of her. She stood up and separated the two fiercely; she then bowed to the two coaches who were seated in the opposite side of the table. “Please, let me take full responsibility. I will accept all the consequences, just let the rest go. A lot of them were members of the debater’s club, and tomorrow’s event is really importa– ”

“Jane!” Again, the two protested in unison.

Coach Allan sighed. “It’s not solely in our hands, Jane. Like you said, there were members of our clubs in them and some are even participants for tomorrow’s Championship, especially these two.” He glared at them.

“But maybe there’s still something you could do?!” She looked at the two coaches hopefully. Conscience is really eating Jane, thinking that all of these are really her fault. And at some point, it is.

“We’ll see what we can do, Jane.” Coach Maria smiled at her encouragingly. “It’s our job after all. We’ll try to somehow put a good word in the board…if that’s even possible.”

A knock at the door came, after which a police officer appeared. “Excuse me, their release papers needed to be signed before they could go.”

“Uh, yes.” Coach Allan answered and stood up with Coach Maria. “You three stay here, and behave.” He looked particularly at the boys. “Jane, I’ll leave them to you.”

“Yes, Coach.”

Mike and Mark took their seats at the either side of Jane again, after the two Coaches left, looking everywhere but Jane and at each other.

“I can’t believe you two just had to do this childishness the day before the championship.” Jane started slowly. “Why did you even do it in the first place?!” She glared at the table in front of her.

“You just had to ask?!” Mark looked daggers at the glass window in his left.

“Yes I have to ask, because I don’t know!” She said in exasperation and glared at his direction.

“Then why don’t you just tell Mike the answer you gave me that night, and then maybe you’ll know.” He growled, still not looking at her.

Mike frowned at him, while Jane just blinked in surprise at his answer.

“So, it’s all about that.” Jane massaged her temple in an attempt to stop its aching. “You are such an idiot.”

“What?!” He snapped, finally turning and looking at her.

“I didn’t give you any answer that night!” She glared at him, as if he’s the most stupid guy she’d meet.

“Wha– You didn’t say anything! That’s answer enough.” He yelled.

“So, you said!” She yelled in return. “I know Mike likes me for a long time, but I only have platonic feelings for him and he already knows that, dammit!”

“Hey, I’m here you two.” Mike rolled his eyes in annoyance, starting to get really confused. What are they really talking about?!

“Then why didn’t you say anything that night?!” Mark demanded, taken aback by what she just said.

“I didn’t say anything because you surprised me!” She glared, but a tint of pink is obvious in her cheeks. “That was my first kiss!”

“What?!” Mike looked at them with wide eyes. “Don’t tell me the reason why you two stopped seeing each other is because you had your first kiss?! Are you stupid?! How long have you two been dating anyway?!”

“How many times do I have to say this before this gets through your thick head, Mike?!” Hissed Jane angrily. “I am not going out with this blockhead!”


“This idiot just spouted nonsense once and everybody believed him! Why doesn’t anybody believe me even how many times I denied it?!” She growled.

“Wha–! Dude, seriously?!” Mike stared at Mark unbelievingly, his friend just looked away. “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“You were the one who jumped to conclusions.” Mark said, defensively. “Plus…when I realized that you liked her…it…annoyed me.”

“What the hell, dude–! I didn’t know you were interested in me…”

“That’s not what I meant!” It was Mark’s turn to growl.

“You can still joke?!” She snapped at them, and grabbed the guys by their collars. “You’re both club presidents, and not just any but, YDC presidents! Not some delinquent gang leaders! Who do you think you are, pulling your schoolmates to street fights for personal reasons?! You’re both seniors for crying out loud! Act your age!!!”

Both of them just looked away in defeat.

“If our teams get disqualified for tomorrow’s championship, you’ll answer to me!” She glowered at them before pushing them back to their seats.

Unknown to them, there was someone who was listening to their conversation by the door that he cracked a bit.

“Hey, what are you doing there?!” A police officer asked the boy. “Are you an SLI student?! Your friends are in the other room.”

“Uh…ahahahaha…of course. Looks like I got the wrong one.” He laughed awkwardly and hurriedly walked towards the room pointed to him.

“Kids these days.” The police officer just shook his head.

Later that night, Karen sat in front of computer, can’t concentrate from doing her homework. She can’t help herself from smiling every time she remembered the looks in Jane’s and her lover boys’ faces when she came down to the station to get them; not to mention the tension between Mark and Mike around her. Jane just shrugged when she raised a brow at her in question. She’ll be sure to pester her best friend the moment she gets the chance. She’ll leave her for now, since she’s obviously thinking about a lot of things at the moment.

Coach Allan told everyone from the club that after the stunt they pulled earlier, there’s definitely no championship that will happen tomorrow seeing as both participant schools are involved. And knowing Jane, she is blaming herself for it.

Karen was pulled out from her reverie by the ringing of her phone. “Rachel?!” She looked at it curiously and pressed the answer button. What could the freshman be calling her this late for?! “He– Huh?! What?! Calm down. I can’t understand a thing you’re saying. The school page’s forum?! Why?! Alright! Alright!”

Karen hanged up and then opened their school webpage in her computer like she was told, not at all expecting what she’ll see. Her eyes bulged when she read the title of the most popular thread.


“What the f*ck!” Exclaimed Karen, who isn’t sure if she’ll laugh or get angry at the thought.

’According to a reliable source, who accidentally heard, DESI high’s scary princess and the heads of DESI and SLI debate clubs were talking at the station earlier about the reason why Scary Jy-Jy and The Mark broke up. It turned out that The Mark was actually in love with our school’s enigmatic YDC leader, who apparently is his childhood friend, and only used Scary Jy-Jy to get to him when he found out that our leader is in love with the cold Scary Jy-Jy.

So this is the reason why they broke up, because Jane found out! And now we all know the reason why he is such a Casanova, because he is hiding the fact that he’s GAY. I have nothing against the third sex but, how heartless can he be doing that to Scary Jy-Jy?! Even if she’s not always nice, that’s still so mean!’

ZaToMae: WHAT!!!! ARE YOU REALLY SURE????!!!!!!!! IS THIS REALLY FOR REAL?????!!!!!!!!

G33_Lyka12: I can’t believe it!

Hayley1093: OMG!!!!!!

SexyLlama: Ghad! Hot guys these days are either taken or gay…why?!

AnnMLK: He’s so GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I’m so ashamed of myself for finding him hot! bleh!!!

HotJamey36: That’s so disgusting! HE is so disgusting!

Liam_Jose: What do you mean by ‘disgusting’?! What he did or the fact that his gay???!!!!!

HotJamey36: Both?!

Liam_Jose: FUCK YOU!!!

Rich_Rach: Come on guys, you can’t possibly believe this! I’m sure these are just rumors…

EricTheMeance: Seriously HAHAHAHA this is the stupidest thing! HAHAHAHA

AlAl@lAlA: Believe it, my dear. I also heard this from my sister who goes at SLI! She’s crying so loud as I’m typing this.


DerekDirect: This is not true.

HotJamey36: As if! You must be a faggot! Like you have the strength to do so!!! You’re just like that pretentious SLI fag.

RecaMecha: I feel sorry for Scary Jy-Jy. She must be so devastated.


Rich_Rach: It just seemed surreal…

MeAprilMae: Guys, mind the language we’re all DESI students here!

HotJamey36: As if I’d be jealous to someone like him.

WilliamSF19: Does anybody here know if YDC’s head is gay too?! That could be worst.

PrincessDelia55@: Like what MeAprilMae said, we’re all DESI students here. This is definitely just a rumor. We can’t just believe all these.

F3LadyLaila: Actually, this must be really true. If I were Scary Jy-Jy I’d want to beat them both up. I mean, I heard she really did beat them up earlier.

Karen stopped reading the comments; she’s starting to have a headache over it. If Jane finds out about this, she’d go haywire. Teenager imaginations are really scary. Although it did made her more curious than ever on what really happened between the three at the station. And she can’t wait to see how the said three will react when they find out about the rumors that have been circulating around them. Then again, with the more serious problems that they seem to be facing right now, they probably wouldn’t really care.

“What have you got yourself into, Jy-Jy?!”

Meanwhile, in a certain fast food chain downtown.

“What are we going to tell the higher ups?!” Coach Allan munched on his French fries, trying to get his mood back with his favorite junk food.

“Nothing.” Coach Maria answered as she wiped off the ketchup from her mouth.

“We can’t tell ‘nothing’ to them…” He frowned. “They would want to know what really happened back there.”

“Can you tell them that all of these happened because the most outstanding students from their schools had their emotions get the better of them?!” She asked stoically. Coach Allan just sighed and kept quiet. “I thought so. Those geezers don’t really care about what the students feel. All they think about is their school’s reputation that’s probably already hurting with everything that’s happened.”

“What are we going to tell them tomorrow then?! The kids will really get into trouble if we don’t put a good word.” He asked worriedly.

“Just convince those geezers. Let them give the punishment they deserve, but don’t let them get overboard. That’s what you’re good at anyway.”

“Augh! Those brats never really change. Still giving me headache after all these years.”

“They got it from you.” Was the cheeky comment.

“Wha–! I did not do what they did. Won’t even cross my mind.” He said indignantly.

“Maybe. But you did think as worse.” She smirked naughtily.

“I did it for you…” He mumbled while blushing.

“I know. And we wouldn’t be here now if you didn’t.” Coach Maria smiled at him genuinely.

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