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For The Love of A Wolf

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My name is Lynette Devereaux. I’m originally from New Orleans. I’m a no-nonsense half witch/half werewolf. My father is Alpha Massimo Devereaux.. a pure blood. My mother is Collette Fremont. She is my father’s true mate..but she is a witch…therefore making her unacceptable to him. He found her, mated her and left her. All in one night. I’ve never met him…I plan on never meeting him.. his brother Andre’..he’s more a father to me than my own. Andre’ taught me how to be a wolf. And he taught me to take no shit from anyone! I have been trained to fight since I could walk. And I’m mouthy and sassy….and incredibly sarcastic . But nobody’s perfect..right!? We are moving. To Tennessee. This should be fun…and that is sarcasm! Wish me luck!

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 Tennessee and the New School

Colette and Lynette arrived in Morristown, Tennessee at 4 this morning. And they have to meet the alpha of BlueRidge pack at 9. Lynette knows the Alpha’s name is Paul Richardson. His mate is Luna Lydia and they have two sons…Damien and Liam.

The girls are finally falling into bed at 5… It’s going to be a long day! Lynette rolled over and opened one eye…she thinks “fuck! Curtains are a must today! That sun is right at eye level!” She jumps out of bed and her bare feet hit the ice cold tile….and she’s squealing….running to the shower to get warmed up. She’s out and slipping..well..wiggling..into black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck long sleeve. Grabs a blue and black plaid flannel to complete the look. Braids her hair..boots on..and downstairs for a cup of the nectar of life…coffee!! Her mom is dressed and ready to go..so they head out. Lynette types in the address for the pack house and turns the radio on. They laugh and sing to Taylor Swift and Lynette is dancing in the seat. They pull into the lot in front of the pack house and Lynette lets out a low whistle. She says “they must be loaded” and her mom shakes her head and smirks at her saying “you’re going to behave, right?” And Lynette replies “I’m gonna try” and smiles great big.

A pretty young woman leads them to the alpha’s office and at the knock, they hear “Come” from inside. They both step inside and the Alpha steps up to shake their hands. He smiled and said “I’m Alpha Paul Richardson.. I read your files and want you to know, Colette, you’re very welcome here..and very needed. Our healer died last year when we had a wolf go feral , after losing his mate. I was grateful when I read your qualifications. You will find, we are a friendly, family oriented pack. So, all I need from you is your sworn oath….and we can get you set up with your clinic schedule.. Colette stepped forward and swore her allegiance..and she stepped back for Lynette to get sworn in. Once that was taken care of…the Alpha asked “Colette….a word?” And Lynette was left to her own devices for a moment.. which isn’t always a good thing.. She wanders down the stairs, just basically snooping. She smelled coffee and was letting her nose lead the way…as she rounded a corner, she bumped into a wall…and landed flat on her ass…except the wall laughed and had a hand that reached out to her..she let him help her up. He said…”sorry about that..I didn’t see you “ and she narrowed her eyes at him and said “Is that a short joke?” And he replied “What? No. I meant I really didn’t see you” She laughed and said “Relax Bro… I was kidding.. I’m not ashamed of my height…I’m nearly 5’3.. “ and they both laugh.. He holds his hand out again and says “Liam” and she retorts “Ahhh the second born! I’m Lynette…the New Girl” He asks “You’ve joined the pack?” And she walks away from him to find them coffee. She pours a cup and doctors it up the way she likes it..then says.. “Mmhmmm. Yep! Joined the pack! Wanna be my friend?” He busts out laughing and says “ Not shy, are ya?” She smiles at him..shaking her head..saying “I find it to be a waste of time..I just say what’s on my mind and let the chips fall where they may!” And he responds with “Then, it would be my pleasure..” and another voice cuts in asking “What’s your pleasure?” But before Liam can answer, a girl walks up and hangs off the second guy…the girl looks Lynette up and down…and apparently deciding Lynette wasn’t worthy of her time, turns her back on her and says “Baby…I need to go to the mall.” He looks at her and shrugs and says “okay” and that’s it. Lynette looks at Liam, who shrugs. So..in her inimitable fashion, Lynette reaches her hand out to new guy and smiles “Hi…I’m Lynette..my friend here forgot his manners so I thought I’d step in and help him out” Liam protests “Hey! I didn’t forget my manners.. I was waiting “ Lynette laughs “Bro..it’s okay… you forgot..I fixed it…no problem” and Liam smirks “So..I see how this friendship is gonna go” and Lynette giggles.. then she turns to the other guy and raises her eyebrow…waiting…..she glances at Liam and back at the other guy and finally Liam understands.. “This is my brother, Damien… his…girlfriend..for want of a better word, Christine” Lynette nods and smiles “Hello future alpha! Nice to meet you…. Now I must find my mom and blow this popsicle stand! Later, y’all!”

Damien looks at Liam and asks “Who was that?” Liam shrugs “Lynette…you heard her” Damien sighs and says “Yes, Liam..I heard her…and now, I know her name..but Who is She?” Liam smirks and said “The new girl dad told the pack about last night “ Christine pipes up..”the witch? I thought witches can make themselves look beautiful or something. Why would she choose to look like that?” Damien looks down at her and asks “what is wrong with you?” and walked away from her. She looks at Liam and says “What did I do?” Liam laughs and tells her “you should probably scrub your face..you got a little green…right about….there.” as he waves his pointer finger in a circle around her face.

Lynette met her mom, as she was heading out the door. Colette smiles and asked what she got up to and had she met any other kids.. Lynette nodded, replying “I met the Alpha boys. Liam’s nice enough…didn’t really talk to the other one. He didn’t even shake my hand but that may have been because his girlfriend was there.. What did the Alpha want to chat about?”

Colette tensed a bit…took a deep breath and spoke “He asked why we chose to leave our home. So I told him our whole story. I didn’t want any surprises popping up on us later on.. Are you upset?” I smiled at her and leaned across the console and kissed her a dozen times and sang “The truth shall set us freeee” She laughs, shaking her head, saying “I love your crazy ass” and they both laughed…

They pulled up to the high school…Lynette sat looking out at the facade of the building. Her mom asks “what is it,baby? Are you nervous?” She turns to her mother and grins, saying “Absolutely not. I guess, I’m just missing my friends. And this is an adventure, right? I’m happy to be here with you. You’re my best friend, anyway! So, let’s get me registered and then find a diner for some coffee!” Colette laughed and called her a caffeinated kitty. Lynette rolled her eyes and replied “Puppy, Mom….Puppy “ And they walked into the school arm in arm.

After all the paperwork was taken care of, they took a tour of the school and stopped by Lynette’s locker to drop her books, they headed out to find Lynette’s coffee. There was a cute little diner, not even two blocks from the school..and Colette remarked how convenient it was and perhaps Lynette would prefer lunch there instead of school some days.

They had just taken a seat in a booth, by the window, when a girl about Lynette’s age asked to take their order. She was a little taller than Lynette….light brown hair, and brown eyes..cute girl. Lynette spied her name tag, and ordered “Dianna, I’ll have coffee with creamer on the side..and a slice of that heavenly smelling apple pie.” And smiled up at her. Colette ordered the same, and Dianna left to take care of it. She brought their orders to the table and turned to leave, but Lynette stopped her “I’m new in town…and starting school tomorrow, do you go to high school?” Dianna nodded…just watching her. Lynette smiled and asked “Do you think you might willingly show me around so I can get acclimated quicker? Please? I could use a friend!” Dianna looked a little shocked and mumbled “You want to be my friend? Are you sure?” Lynette laughed and said “Of course! Let’s exchange phone numbers…that way we can set a time to meet before classes start, yeah?” Dianna nodded…then smiled happily…saying “I don’t have many friends…and my best friend moved away last year. Maybe this is fate!” Lynette laughed again said “Sure..let’s go with that!!”

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Colette fixed dinner, with her daughter.. They sat and ate quietly. Afterwards, they were watching TV, and Colette said “I have to be at the hospital by 4 in the morning. You’ll be okay getting yourself off to school, yeah?” Lynette whined “Mooommm! I’m nearly 18…pretty sure I can operate the Keurig” and they both laughed!

Lynette headed to her room. Laying out her clothes for the morning,,,deciding on navy leggings and ankle boots with a navy/white/yellow blocked sweater dress that strikes her mid-thigh. Cute, she thought… She stood brushing her teeth, thinking she looks more like her mom..than her sperm donor…all but her eyes.. Ice blue eyes that seem to almost disappear in bright sunlight. That’s what she inherited from her donor..but her silky, sable hair..her high cheekbones..full lips. That’s her mom’s genes. Her height though.. that’s a conundrum. Colette is 5’8 and her father is 6’5 easy…so how did she stop at 5’3??? See? Conundrum! She checked the thermostat to make sure freezing cold feet didn’t happen again and climbed under the covers. She whispered “Dear Goddess…help us make this our forever home” and fell fast asleep dreaming of a black wolf and smelling coffee

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