Sateria and the Night Raiders

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Romance / Mystery
Kayresia A. Bass
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In the beginning, it was hard for Sateria to get used to the idea. She didn’t grow up on the streets, but for her, life was normal. She was working at the Grand Lux Café near Lake Michigan as a waitress. A very popular and extremely busy restaurant, so as far as Sateria was concerned, she didn’t want for anything. Tips were good, and she was able to pay all of her bills.

Then one day, he walked in. The hostess in the restaurant recognized him instantly and sat him ahead of everyone else. Some of them had been waiting for a long time. He flashed his million dollar smile at the waiting customers, and they stared and watched as he was seated before them.

Aurelius Johnathan Gianopoulos Jr. walked through the dining room. Something about him, a magnetic vibe perhaps, made people stop eating and just watch him. Tall, handsome, with intense green eyes that seemed to possess you when he glanced at you. Fit without being overly muscle bound, and dark hair that was well groomed and free from any product. He was attractive and well dressed; his presence almost commanded the attention he always got in public.

However, not everyone knew who he was. Though not a celebrity, he was very wealthy. Seated at Sateria’s station, that particular day she was in no mood to deal with impolite customers. Johnny, as his friends knew him, had no intention to be impolite, but the connection between Sateria and Johnny was hard to miss.

She stepped to his table, not in the best of moods, but still able to deal with her hungry customers.

“Hello, and welcome to Grand Lux Café. I’m Sateria. What can I get for you today?”

Johnny smiled at her, admiring her well fit body and politeness. “Hello, Sateria,” he smiled hungrily.

Seeing the look he gave other waitresses so many times before, she gave him her best fake smile and asked, “What can I do for you today sir?”

Johnny could not believe that she didn’t know who he was. It seemed as if she didn’t even care who he was, and to him, that was not acceptable. However, he glanced at his menu, already knowing what he wanted, and said, “Well, I’ll take the filet minion wrapped in bacon, medium. Baked potato and green beans on the side.”

Sateria looked at her watch. It couldn’t be that late. What he ordered was on the dinner menu. Realizing it was only two in the afternoon, she smiled. “Sir, we are not serving dinner yet. Might I suggest you order something else?”

Her boss, Charlotte, hardly missed a thing when it came down to this customer. She witnessed Sateria’s actions and quietly walked to her table. “Sateria, can I see you for a minute?”

Sateria rolled her eyes, and gasped in front of everyone who was watching. She followed her boss to the wait station.

“What is it now?” Sateria asked.

“Do you know who that is?” Her boss questioned.

“Yeah, some rich asshole who is being just that. An ass.” Sateria answered.

Her boss gazed at her only for a minute before she answered, “No. That is our benefactor. Our bread and butter. Mr. Gianopoulos owns this restaurant, so he gets what he wants when he asks for it. I shouldn’t expect for you to know that since you have only been with us a short time, but please, don’t piss him off and just get him what he asks for.”

“Charlotte, please,” Sateria said huffing. “We are in the middle of the lunch rush. I don’t give a damn. He is messing with my tips.” Sateria turned to walk away.

“Be mindful of the hand that feeds you girl,” Charlotte said coldly, Sateria felt the cold chill that came from Charlotte a half a room away. Sateria stopped in her tracks and turned to Charlotte to acknowledge her words. “He may be an ass, but without him, without this place, you have no job, and neither do twenty others.”

Sateria smirked. “Yeah, right.” She headed back to her awaiting table. She approached and took a deep breath in order to regain her composure.

“I’m sorry. What is it that you wanted again?”

Johnny smiled at his waitress. “I want what I asked for,” he gazed at her name tag on her breast, “Sateria.”

Sateria smiled, almost hating him. “As you wish, sir.” It seemed as if she had heard Charlotte after all.

Johnny grinned, lusting after the woman who stood before him.

She was looking forward to seeing him. He promised to take her out on the town to celebrate his latest acquisition. Sateria thought a new property was his reason, but Johnny was celebrating getting away with his largest haul to date. “Meet me at my office and we’ll go from there,” he said. Sateria grinned and agreed.

His favorite color was red. She went to her closet to find his favorite dress. As she thumbed through her clothes, she couldn’t find it. Ugh, she thought. I took it to the cleaners. Sateria looked at her watch. Six o’clock. Closed. She shrugged and decided on a different red dress. The one she chose was meant more for a company Christmas party than a night on the town with her man. But it was red and she knew her man would love her in it even if it didn’t show the most skin.

She showered and wrapped a towel around her moist body and went to her underwear drawer. She pulled out her matching lacy red set, the one with the little black bows in the right places. As she put on her underwear, she smiled coyly, thinking about how much she really loved Johnny. She would’ve never thought in a million years that she would have become a kept woman, but she was enjoying herself.

He kept her in fine clothes and jewelry. Her Michigan Avenue condo decorated to her taste, all paid for by her precious Johnny. She didn’t have to work, she didn’t have to cook. All she had to do was be there for him when he wanted to see her.

She smiled thinking of how he made her feel every time he touched her. Sateria examined her dress. Unless I am half naked, he will not be happy. She pulled the red cocktail dress from her closet and put it on. Ah, oh well. She said and left her apartment.

Looking rather good, in her own mind, she stepped from her place in her red dress. Almost skipping to her destination, she was happy. Johnny asked her to join him in his office. Johnny wanted to be alone. She loved him at this point and nothing would keep her from that. Stepping off the ‘L’, she looked around to see if anyone was watching. There were three men who stood in the station and stopped talking when they saw her. She turned, winked, and kept walking. Hmm, she thought. Perhaps this dress isn’t so bad after all.

Ten minutes later she made her way to his office. Before she knocked, she pulled a compact from her purse for a quick check of her make up. She deposited the compact back in her purse, satisfied her makeup was perfect. She straightened out her dress and knocked on the door. All was quiet. She knocked again. She knew what time she was supposed to be there. Johnny was not one who appreciated tardiness. She looked at her watch. She was on time. She knocked again. Still no answer.

She put her hand on the knob and proceeded to open the door. She didn’t want to intrude just in case he had some important meeting going on, so she opened it to a crack. She immediately noticed that it was dark in his office.

She pushed the door open wider. “Johnny?” She said quietly. In the back of her head she was thinking that he was going to jump out and surprise her. His office was unusually warm. She knew Johnny kept his office at a crisp sixty-eight degrees at all times. Something about Mediterranean blood is what he always told her when she complained about the coolness in his office. Hmm. AC must be broken, she thought stepping inside his office. She closed the door behind her and immediately noticed that his office window directly behind his desk was broken out.

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