Sateria and the Night Raiders

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Chapter Ten

“Sateria, come on. Just let me see it,” Apollo begged.

His voice once again smoothing over her like butter, she stood her ground. She shook her head violently. “No. Johnny told me to keep a secret and I intend too.”

Her green eyes were full of sadness, Apollo wanted to hold her and tell her that it was okay. He couldn’t do that. That was not the purpose of his visit. “So you want to know if he really was a thief. One of the only people that could verify that for you is looking you in the face, and you won’t let me look at the video. That makes no sense.”

“It makes perfect sense. I don’t trust you.”

“Bullshit. You came to me when you had no one else to turn to. You are a babe that is sitting on so much cash; you have no idea what to do with it, or how to handle it. You came to me, needing help. I didn’t come to you. So just let me see the damned video, and we can move forward.”

Still wanting to fight Apollo, thinking he could have easily killed her love, for some reason unknown to her, she submitted. Perhaps it was the force and desperation in his voice that made her agree. “Okay, fine. But do me a favor and keep what he says quiet.”

“You got it.”

The video was simple, yet complicated. As Apollo watched, he suddenly got angry at his friend. How in the hell did he expect a common waitress to accomplish this?

“Okay. I believe you. When did he record this?” Apollo asked, expecting Sateria to know.

“Hell, I don’t know.”

“Can I borrow it?”



“No. Why do you want it anyway? You got what you came for. Please leave my house.”

Apollo sighed. “Sateria, look. I need to borrow this video so the rest of my partners can see it. We are trying to figure out when Johnny made this, and maybe it will lead to some clues as to who killed him.”

Surprised that he said it, her eyes widened. “You’re looking for Johnny’s killer?”

“Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well the cops haven’t found out anything yet.”

“The cops don’t have the resources I have.”

“I see.”

There was an awkward silence between them for a moment, and Apollo had an idea. “How about this? Since you don’t want to let me borrow the video, why don’t you bring it down to my office, and we can all watch it together. Deal?”

“Um, I don’t know, Mr. Leonard. Johnny didn’t want anyone to see it.”

Knowing she was desperate for answers, Apollo fed her. “Trust me. It’s okay. Bring the video down to my office, and I promise after we let the others see it, you will learn the truth about Johnny.”


“I promise,” he said, really not knowing how the others were going to take her coming into their lives, but he had to try.

Sateria nodded her head in desperation. “Okay. When?”

He was surprised. “Tonight after we close. Can you do that?”

Sateria nodded again. “Sure.”

Apollo reached into his wallet and handed Sateria a business card. “When you get to the building, call me. I’ll have to let you in.”


“See you sometime after six.” Apollo walked out of the door.

Sateria looked at the business card she held in her hand, and read it. Apollo Leonard, VP of Sales & Marketing, AJG Realtors. He didn’t seem like the kind of man who would kill his own friend in cold blood, but she didn’t know him. Sateria decided to go and meet his team.

Apollo arrived back in the office and reported to his team what to expect that night. They needed to keep on their masks until Apollo was sure Sateria could be trusted. How he was gonna prove what, he didn’t know? Beautiful with amazing legs, he didn’t want to believe she killed Johnny, but there was still a huge chance that she did.

At eight o’clock sharp, Apollo’s phone rang. It was a number he didn’t recognize, he answered. “Hello?”

“Mr. Leonard? This is Sateria. I’m here.”

Apollo turned on his monitor to the front of the building, and saw it was Sateria. “Okay. Go to the left of the revolving doors. There is a door with key-card access. See it?”

Unaware that he could see her, Sateria moved in front of the door. “Yes.”

“When I say go, pull on the door.”


Apollo pushed the button to release the security lock. “Go.”

Sateria pulled on the door and went inside. “I’m in.”

“Okay. I have unlocked the elevators so you can come up to the twentieth floor. When you get off of the elevator, to your left are a set of glass doors, and on the right, there is a large heavy wooden door. Knock on the wooden door, and I will let you in.”


Apollo moved from his office to the door. Less than a minute later, he heard her knock. He opened the door with a smile. “Welcome. Do you have the DVD?” Sateria nodded. “Good. Come on back.”

He lead her to conference room one. The larger of the two on the floor. When she stepped through the door, the others in the room stood.

“Sateria, you remember my partners. On the left is Jayden Johns. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The two ladies on there right are Pheonix Smith, Executive Vice President of sales, and her sister, Troya. Troya is our Vice President and Chief Information Officer.”

Sateria gave them her waitress smile. “Nice to see you all again.”

They all smiled, nodded, and sat. Apollo started their informal meeting.

“Sateria, please have a seat.” Sateria sat in the closest chair. “I just want you to know that all of us in this room are aiming toward the same goal. We want to find Johnny’s killer. What we want to know is if you are willing to join us.”

Sateria looked around the room at the faces she’d only seen once before. Should she trust them? She wasn’t sure, but at that moment, she didn’t have a choice. “Certainly,” she said quietly. “The cops haven’t turned up anything.”

Apollo smiled gently. “And as I have previously told you, they don’t have the resources that I do. So if you don’t mind giving me the DVD, I’ll get it started.”

Sateria reached into her bag and handed Apollo the DVD. He put it in the player, and all of them watched it in its entirety. When it was over, the same initial thought that entered Apollo’s mind, crept into the mind of the others. How did Johnny expect Sateria, a waitress, to take over a multibillion dollar operation with no experience at all?

Jayden, never able to keep his mouth shut for long, asked the first question. “So, Sateria, do you have any idea when Johnny made this DVD? I mean it was obviously the same day that he made the other, he was wearing the same clothes.”

Sateria shook her head. “I have no idea.”

“Why would he wait to tell you this? I mean if he loved you like he said, he should have shared this with you a long time ago.” Pheonix added.

“I don’t know. You heard him, and I believe him.”

“Man it sucks trying to get answers from a dead man.” Apollo shook his head. “Maybe we’re going about this the wrong way. Sateria, before you met us at Johnny’s funeral, were you aware that Jayden and I were Johnny’s partners?”


“Johnny knew how to keep a good secret,” Jayden said.

Apollo nodded. “Yes, he did.” He got up from his chair and began pacing the room. “Sateria, I really don’t want this to sound like an interrogation, and it’s really not. Truth is, you are a stranger to us, and now we are certain that we are strangers to you. We were aware at one point Johnny found a new girlfriend. He said he was gonna let us meet her, and well obviously we didn’t. Can you tell us about your relationship with Johnny? And I’m only asking cause I wanna know if he was as close to you as your inheritance suggests.”

“So, what are you asking, Mr. Leonard?”

His jealousies lead him to ask, “Did you love him?”

“Of course. Do you think I would’ve been so protective of his dying wish if I didn’t love him? Why in the hell would you ask me some stupid shit like that?”

His level of jealousy rose by just a hair, but he couldn’t let it show. “Back down girl. We are trying to establish a bit of trust here, that’s all.”

“I didn’t kill Johnny, if that’s what you think. I’m here to find out who killed him as well. For all I know it could have been one of you.”

“One of us?” Apollo broke into loud laughter. “No fucking way. Johnny was a genius. He kept our pockets full of cash.”

Sateria had her answer. Apollo slipped, and just as Sateria caught him, he caught himself.

“So, Johnny really was a thief.”

No longer able to hide it, Apollo replied, “Yes, and so are we. Just as Johnny said, the real estate company is a real company and a front to who we really are.”

“And I will add that from this point forward, if you utter one word of our discussion to anyone, you will die.” Jayden added.

Sateria’s heart skipped. Jayden didn’t seem too friendly. “Fine. I just want the truth.”

“Before you get that, we want to know about your relationship with Johnny. He didn’t tell us anything and right now, I’m sure I can speak for all of us, we are feeling a bit betrayed.” Those were Apollo’s words alone. He was the one who felt betrayed. It took all he had not to pull her close to him and demand an answer. He looked into her beautiful green eyes and pretended not to care.

Sateria sat in silence for a moment and thought of all the special moments she spent with Johnny.

“You were there when we first met. I didn’t like him at first. But he was persistent...”

Sateria didn’t leave out a single detail. She told them everything she could remember. It felt good being able to talk about him to people he was close to. Through her words, Johnny’s friends learned things about him they never knew. It explained a lot about his sudden and long absences, and his sometimes odd behavior. Apollo knew it long before Johnny died that he was really in love, and it was changing him.

When Sateria was finished talking, there was a heavy hush in the room. Each of them remembering their friend in different ways. Apollo’s trust in Sateria rose a bit more.

“Wow, I had no idea.” Pheonix said.

“It seems none of us did,” Apollo said instantly jealous of Johnny. “Okay. Now, I will give you the truth. Johnny was a thief. The ultimate thief. Absolutely brilliant. Many times he sent us to retrieve jewels for the collection you now own.” Apollo glanced at Sateria’s right hand and grinned widely. He recognized the ring from one of their heists. “Nice ring.” Sateria looked down at her hand, and Apollo continued. “All of us in this room were a part of his many ideas. We stole and robbed for him, just to get a hefty payday. It’s obvious that he wanted you to take over when he died. Though I, myself will never understand it. There it is. You now have an answer to one of your many questions. Johnny was not an honest man as he led you to believe, and neither are we.”

Apollo sat down in his chair. The rest of them prepared to kill her; they sat and waited on Sateria’s response.

Sateria took her time and thought of her next question. She sighed heavily and said, “Well, that explains a lot. When he left town, he was going to do what exactly?”

“It depends,” Apollo replied. “A lot of his business trips were legit. It was just when all of us left town is when something was up.”

“Hmm.” Sateria was feeling bold. She sat in a room full of thieves who where ready to kill her at the drop of a hat, and against her better judgment, she asked the question. “And none of you killed him?”

Shocked and appalled, all mouths fell agape. At that point she was certain that one of them betrayed their leader, but who was it? She didn’t know. A new found strength came from nowhere. Determined to find out who killed her love, she looked to those who could help. “Mr. Leonard, will you help me?”

“Help you do what?”

“Teach me. Help me learn all I can to lead you. I don’t want Johnny’s wish to die. I want to help find his killer. I can’t do that if I’m on the outside looking in.”

Apollo looked around the room. Three faces told him that he shouldn’t agree immediately. They had to be able to trust her first. “Well, we can. Let’s start with three simple things.”


“You can call us by our first names. Last names are way too formal for what we do. Second, before we let you in on anything, you have to promise to learn the legitimate business first. Real Estate we know. We can teach you that. The restaurant, well we can hire someone to help you with that, because none of us have a clue. Last, promise us that you will be loyal. Loyal means no one knows what we do, and I do mean no one. One mention of AJG tied to anything illegal, we will know it was you who let it slip. Got it?”


“I hope so. Now, go on home. When you’re ready to get started, give me a call.”

Sateria stood and began to walk out of the door. She remembered Apollo still possessed her DVD.

“Oh, can I get the DVD back?”

Disappointed that she remembered, Apollo replied, “Oh, sorry. Sure,” he said removing it from the player.

“Thank you, Apollo. I’ll be in touch.”

Apollo nodded, and Sateria left the room with many questions on her mind. Some of the questions were about the people who were so close to Johnny, but mostly about Johnny himself. She went back to her penthouse, and decided to make some changes in her life. The first thing was to hire an interior decorator. Though the penthouse beautifully decorated, Sateria thought that it was about time she made the penthouse truly hers. Blue, she thought.

After Sateria left the conference room, they all sat in silence, each one in their own thoughts about the meeting that just concluded. Jayden suddenly couldn’t hold back anymore, and his temper got just a bit out of control.

“Apollo, what the fuck is wrong with you?” He yelled. “You can’t possibly be serious on letting that woman in our business! She has no clue on how to do anything! For all we know, the only thing she’s good at is waiting tables!”

The Smith sisters decided that though they agreed with Jayden, they would stay out of the fight.

Apollo stared at his friend for a moment. “We’re gonna get to know her first. At least I am. Though I trust her more now than I did before, there is still a piece of me that says she killed Johnny.”

“And how much of a piece is that?” Jayden sneered.

“Twenty-five percent.”

Jayden glared hard at Apollo. “Apollo, she killed him. Everything she’s doing now is a front. Our best friend is dead because a gold digging bitch wanted what he had.”

Apollo shook his head. “We can’t prove that until we can verify the exact date that he recorded his message. And even then, that will be just a start. For all we know, he recorded her private message six months ago. That would have given Johnny time to tell her. If he did, then she may be guilty of what you are accusing her of.

“Every recorded DVD and CD has an invisible time stamp on it. If I can wriggle it out of her hands long enough to analyze it, then well we’ll know for sure. But for now we go with Johnny’s dying wish. He wanted Sateria to lead us, and well, we’ll help her to a point.”

“A point? What the hell does that mean?” Pheonix asked, no longer able to keep quiet.

“A point is we teach her the legitimate. We can’t go to jail if she remains clueless, right?”

“So, we just move about as if things are normal even though she knows?”

Apollo nodded. “Yup. She can’t incriminate us in anything if she has no hard evidence. So chill the hell out, all of you. I got this, just follow my lead.”

The following day, Sateria called Kyra for a lunch date. She hadn’t seen her friend in a week and wanted to know how things were going. They met at Spiaggia, both of them dressed to the nines at noon. They fit right in with the affluent lunch crowd, and Sateria got an earful.

“OMG! He was so fine! Sateria, I swear he undressed me with his eyes right on the dance floor.”

Sateria smiled. “And of course you let him.”

Kyra grinned. “You know it. Some of the best sex I’ve had in a while.”

“Whore.” Sateria laughed.

Kyra also giggled. “Hey, gotta spend this money somehow. Not that I gave him any money, I did buy him a few drinks.”

Sateria suddenly got serious. “Johnny said don’t flit it away, Kyra.”

Kyra smirked. “It’s a million dollars. You got the big prize. I think I should be able to do what I want. He isn’t here to tell me how to spend it.”

Sateria unexpectedly learned that she should have kept Johnny a secret after all. She allowed her closest friend in on her secret, his wealth, and she took advantage of it. Perhaps, maybe, Sateria shouldn’t have treated Kyra on shopping trips. Maybe she shouldn’t have offered to pay her cell phone bill. Perhaps Johnny’s wealth, she should have kept to herself, because what was about to happen, she really didn’t want to happen.

Sateria stood. “Kyra, maybe we shouldn’t see each other for a while.”

Kyra laughed. “What?”

Sateria shook her head. “You’ve let Johnny’s money change you. I will admit that I had something to do with that, but you will not, no, you can’t take advantage of him in death. He left you some money, so what. He left a lot of money to a lot of people. I expected you to be like me, and respect a man’s dying wish. I see I was wrong.”

“Sateria, what are you talking about? It’s just money.”

Her heart rate became more rapid, the angrier she got. “My man left you money and instructions on what to do. Disrespect him, you disrespect me. I’m going home.”

Kyra’s mouth fell open in surprise. “Sateria, come on, it’s just money.”

Sateria shook her head. “It’s clear that you don’t really understand what he meant to me. Money is just money. Johnny’s money is something else.”

She stormed out of the restaurant leaving behind minimal damage. What to do now? Her short list of people close to her, diminished by one. The only one. A new billionaire, no real friends left. She so desperately wanted to know how Johnny died, and there were only four others that could lead her to that. Sateria decided the moment she left that she was going solo. She would cut off the remainder of her friends, in order to protect them and try to find out who killed the man she loved. A huge price to pay, but she decided that it was worth it.

Two days later, she found herself in the offices of AJG Realtors. “Hello. I’m here to see Mr. Leonard.”

“Your name?” Donna asked, as if she didn’t already know.

“Sateria Murphy.”

Donna scoured the appointment book for all four partners. “Forgive me Miss Murphy. I don’t see you as having an appointment.”

Sateria stood before Donna wearing a beautiful black wool crepe pant suit that fit her to a tee. She seemed to be a different person since Donna saw her last. There was a new, visible arrogance about her. “If Mr. Leonard is here, he will see me at his first available moment. I promise.”

Donna looked up at the confident Sateria for a moment and saw that she was not leaving. “One moment.”

Sateria paced and waited on the confirmation she was sure to get. Moments later, Donna looked up from her computer.

“Mr. Leonard will be out in a moment.”

Sateria nodded. “Thank you.”

Apollo appeared in the lobby, grinning. His smile reminded Sateria of the Cheshire Cat. She’d seen that type of smile before on someone she was supposed to be close too. Don’t trust him, she thought.

“Ah, Miss Murphy. Good to see you again. Come. Let’s go in my office and discuss that property you were looking at.” Lust was in his eyes, and he hid it by not looking directly in her face. He wanted her, but he didn’t want her to see that he did.

Now aware that Apollo was good at keeping his after work activities a secret, she played along. “Gladly.”

They made it in his office and the real business began.

“So, are you here to tell me that you are ready?” he asked.

“I’ve ditched my closest friend for this. You’re damn right I’m ready.”

Apollo smiled. “Good. Tell me, Sateria. Do you have a college degree?”


Apollo was stunned. “Really? You don’t seem like you have the personality for that career field.”

“Just because you don’t know me doesn’t mean I can’t sell you a product you don’t want.”

Apollo’s grin showed a sign of comfort it shouldn’t have, and Sateria didn’t miss it. “And you have never thought about real estate?” he asked.


Apollo nodded. “Okay then. Let’s get started, shall we? How’s your schedule looking for the next few weeks?”

Sateria smirked. “Really? I just told you that I dumped all my friends.”

“Oh, sorry,” Apollo chuckled. “I forgot that quickly.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well to get your license is a long and grueling process that takes a lot of study. The state requires you to have several hours of pre-license education. And after you get your license there are still more hours of post-license education.”

“So what you’re saying is that I get to go back to school for a little while.”

“Are you up to that?”

“Sure. I loved school. It will be good for my brain to learn something new.”

“Excellent. If you need any help with anything as far as your coursework goes, just ask. I or any of the other partners can help.”

“Thank you. I’ll be sure to do that.”

The two sat in silence for a second, wondering about their future. Apollo was still determined to get to know Sateria as quickly as he could in order for her to fit in with the team, and possibly somewhere in his life.

“Sateria, if you have a marketing degree, how did you end up as a waitress?”

“Marketing jobs are extremely competitive. You should know this. You have a marketing degree yourself.”

“Well, this is true.”

“So after months of looking for work, I simply gave up. My friend Kyra was working at the Grand, and told me there was an opening for a waitress. With no job, anything sounded good, so I took it.”

“Would you like the chance to use your degree?”

“Of course I would.”

“Well, get your real estate license first, and maybe we will talking about letting you have Johnny’s office.”

Johnny’s office. Sateria now knew that the office he had her visit from time to time was not where he worked at all. He only rented a space in an effort to keep her hidden from his friends.

“Apollo, can I ask you something?”


“What was Johnny’s title?”

“He didn’t tell you that either?”

“No. I’m sure he would have, it just never came up. I mean I knew he was the boss, but his title never really mattered to me.”

“Aurelius Johnathan Gianopoulos had two. President of AJG Realtors, Inc, and Executive Director of Acquisitions, why?”

“Well, this may sound silly, but I just wanted something to gauge the size of his office.”

Apollo chuckled. “Would you like to see it?”

“Maybe when I get ready to leave. I have more stuff I would like to talk to you about.”

Apollo looked at his watch, not meaning to seem impatient. “I have a meeting in thirty minutes.”

“Okay, I won’t take up all of your time then. I just have a couple questions.”


“Do you think the rest of the partners will ever trust me?”

“If they want to honor Johnny’s wish they will. Jayden however will be the hardest to sway. He doesn’t trust very easily.”

“Jayden? Why is that?”

“Jayden has worked the hardest out of all of us to get were he is today. His young life has a lot to do with the man he is today. I mean, our teenage years tend to form all of us. Jayden grew up in the streets, and he hustled to earn some extra money to help his family. Lots of time on the streets will tend to keep you guarded. So he has a hard time trusting people up front.”

“Good to know. What about you?”

Apollo was surprised. “Me?” His heart began to beat all over again, and he knew why, but there was no way he could get involved with Sateria if she did indeed kill Johnny. He had to find that answer first. “I think I will.”

“Are there other people in the company besides your team and your receptionist?”

“Of course there are. AJG is a real company, and a very large one at that. Johnny managed to buy up most of the competition in town. As a matter of fact, you now own the very building you’re sitting in.”

“Wow.” The reality of her new found wealth started to sink in.

“Is there anything else?”

“There is, but since you have a meeting, perhaps you don’t have time to tell me.”

“Well at least ask the question.”

“What was Johnny like? I mean, around all of you. You know about the relationship we shared; now I’m curious about yours.”

Ready to cancel his meeting, because he really wanted to answer her question, he knew he couldn’t. “You’re right. I won’t have time to tell you. However, I will another day.” Apollo looked at his watch again. “Well, if you want to take a look at Johnny’s office, we better get going. First we have to get the key.”

Apollo stood, and motioned for Sateria to follow. He went to the front desk where Donna sat finishing up a call. She tapped the button on the side of her headset and looked up at Apollo.

“Did you need something sir?”

“The key to Mr. Gianopoulos’ office, please.” Donna glared at Sateria for a moment wondering who she really was. Her stare was of pure distrust. “Now, Donna.” Apollo commanded.

“Oh, sorry sir.” Donna picked up her phone and dialed a series of numbers, then hung up the phone. Magically, a small hidden panel behind her opened up. Inside was a small grey money box. She put it on her desk and then went to the key box located beneath her desk. Inside was the key for the money box. Once opened, inside was a single electronic key. She handed the key to Apollo.

“Thank you.” Apollo turned and walked down the hall with Sateria in tow.

Sateria was curious about all of the security just for one man’s office. “Did Johnny have something he wanted to hide in his office?”

Apollo grinned. “Not really. He just didn’t want anyone in there when he wasn’t around.”


Apollo chuckled and continued to walk down the hall past more offices. Sateria assumed these belonged to other officers of the company. They reached the corner of the building, and there stood a large cherry wood door with a little pad above the knob. It resembled hotel room lock.

Apollo turned to her, grinned, and asked, “Ready?”

Sateria nodded and Apollo dropped the key in the lock and turned the knob. He stood back and allowed Sateria to go in first. Amazed, not only by the size of the office, but the décor. The colors were much like the colors in his bedroom at the penthouse.

She walked to the middle of the office, stood, and examined every little detail.

The floors were burnt orange and light brown marble with gold streaks flowing through them, polished to a high gloss. She turned to her right and saw a cream colored sofa with a mahogany base and legs. On top of the sofa were gold accent pillows. Across from it was the loveseat and chair with the same ornamentation. The coffee table was an oval Queen Ann made of the same wood on the sofa base, accented with a hunter green vase with light yellow artificial roses. Below this stunning ensemble was a carpet a hint darker than the fabric of the furniture. There was a small conference table able to sit six people just beyond the sofa, made of the same gorgeous wood.

To her left, sat Johnny’s desk. It was an open design with a very unique desktop. The top was made of glass, but raised an inch above the actual desktop. In front of it were two low backed chairs that matched the rest of the furniture in the room.

The ceiling was vaulted with recessed lighting. On the walls behind his desk were two shelves that housed various vases. On one of the shelves there were two picture frames. Sateria was curious who was in the pictures, but she had not finished taking in the room.

Between the two shelves was a perfectly hung painting of what looked like a golden meadow, framed in gold, accenting the room perfectly. She stepped to the windows and looked out. The skyline and the lake were visible. Johnny’s favorite view, she thought. When she turned around, there were more pictures. Four of them. All of them pictures of the building in which she stood from different angles within the Chicago skyline. Two of them panoramic. Sateria wondered what he paid to have them done.

She walked towards his desk and ran her hand across the back of his leather desk chair. She wanted to see who it was in the picture frames on the shelves.

The larger of the two frames was a black and white picture of Johnny and two elders. The man in the picture was an older version of Johnny himself. Same eyes, same smile, same thick hair, though there were obvious hints of gray in the older man’s hair. The woman in the picture had an ample bosom, sparkly eyes, and the same hint of gray in her hair. Sateria assumed they were his parents. It was a candid shot, all three of them showing off their beautiful teeth. The other picture was of a woman who looked a lot like Johnny. She had dark hair and the same sparkly green eyes. She was beautiful.

“Who is this?” Sateria asked.

“That was his sister. She died in a car accident a few years ago.” Apollo looked at his watch again. “Sateria, I have to get to my meeting.”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you. It’s just that…”

Suddenly realizing that he shouldn’t have come into Johnny’s office, he attempted to rush Sateria out. “You don’t have to say it. I miss him too.”

“Apollo, do you mind if I stay in here for a while?”

“I’m sorry, Sateria. You can’t.”

“I understand.”

“I mean, it’s just that I don’t allow anyone in here but Donna. She comes in to keep the dust off of everything, but she’s the only one I let in here alone. We are the only two who have the code to get to the key.”

Sateria nodded. “Well, I’ll let you get to your meeting. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” Sateria rushed past Apollo, down the hall and through the glass doors of the reception area faster than he could stop her. She did not want to let anyone see her cry. She had to get out of there before the waterworks came.

Once the elevator doors closed behind her, she did more than cry. She sobbed uncontrollably, as others on the elevator looked on. When the elevator got to the lobby level, she pushed past everyone in an effort to get out first. She had to get home. Something about being in Johnny’s office, learning something new about him was a bit overwhelming. When she arrived at her penthouse, she fell to the floor in sadness, wondering what else Johnny had not told her. She felt betrayed, yet she missed him with all she had.
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