Sateria and the Night Raiders

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Chapter Twenty - Three

Apollo walked through the glass doors of AJG Realtors late the following afternoon. Still loving and missing the comfort of an office he was resident to for so many years, he stopped at the receptionist desk.

“Hello, Donna.”

“Oh, Mr. Leonard. How are you?”

Apollo smiled. “You know, I haven’t worked here in months. How about we go with Apollo from now on?”

Donna blushed. “I don’t know if I could. I think you’ll always be Mr. Leonard to me.”

Apollo grinned. “Okay. Is Miss Murphy in?”

“Yes sir. She’s not with anyone at the moment. Would you like me to announce you?” Donna very well aware of their relationship by now left it up to Apollo to decide.

Apollo shook his head. “Nah. Thanks Donna. I’ll just go on back.”

“It was good to see you, Mr. Leonard.”

“You too, Donna.”

Apollo left the reception area and went to Sateria’s office. He stepped inside the door and closed it behind him. Without words, he moved to her desk, pulled her up from her chair and kissed her deeply.

Sateria smiled. “You keep doing that, and I’m just gonna have to do you right here.”

A sensual smile played at the corner of his mouth. “You get more beautiful every time I see you. Sorry sweetie. Couldn’t help it. So have you called about Brad yet?”

“Home Sales Group sold Venus the house. Brad is in Wisconsin now. I have his address and everything.”

“Good job, babe.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“For now, wait. I wanna know what you want to do. Should we tell the team the collection is a fake?”

Sateria pulled away from his grasp. “You really want to say something, don’t you? I thought you wanted to keep this our little secret.”

“It’s only fair. I mean, Johnny has been gone for over a year now. I think they should know what he was up too. But I will leave it up to you.”

“I agree with you. Let’s tell them. They worked hard to collect it, and I appreciate what the others have gone through.”

“Are you sure? I mean you’re not just saying this because I think it’s the right thing to do, are you?”

She chuckled, “Apollo Leonard, you are a huge influence in my life, but I do have a mind of my own.”

“I think I know that better than anyone.”

“I know you do.”

“You have any lunch plans?”

Sateria went to her computer and checked her calendar. “Oh, sorry sweets, Mark, and I are meeting with a new ad agency today. Nothing big, or so he says. He wants to make us better known in the industry so in the future, commercial businesses will come to us when they want to buy or sell.”


Sateria nodded. “Yes, Mark Redler. You remember. The one you told me to promote.”

Instantly jealous, Apollo replied, “So how’s he working out anyway? Groped your ass lately?”

Sateria laughed. “No. But you would like to think that he has. No worries, babe. He’s just as respectful as you said he would be. He’s almost as smart as you, but he’s lacking your killer instinct.”

“Well I couldn’t teach him all of my secrets. He’s almost my equal,” Apollo stopped and thought about how much he missed his work. “Or at least he was.”

Seeing the pain in his eyes, Sateria rose from her desk and looked into Apollo’s eyes. “Hey. You can come back anytime you want. No one has been in your office. It’s the same as the day you left.”

“I would like to come back babe, but we can’t-”

Sateria put a finger over his lips. “Shhh. We’ve moved past that now. I’m the boss, and shit if we want to do it in my office, quietly, we can. If you want to come back babe, the door is open.”

“I’ll think about it.


“But first let’s take care of the real matter at hand.”

“Okay. So a dinner party? Drinks? Sitting around shooting the shit? What?”


Sateria nodded. “Drinks it is. When?”

“This weekend.”

“And you promise that we are going to tell the team the truth.”

“No need to lie to them. I mean I had my doubts earlier, but I don’t really think any of them would’ve done this to me,” Apollo lied.

Sateria nodded. “Okay. Friday night?”

“Why Friday?”

Sateria grinned. “You introduced me to your parents, and that in itself has me hot for you. Friday night after everyone leaves, I have plans for us. Don’t plan on leaving the house until Monday morning, mister.”

“Oh boy!” Apollo grinned.

“I love you, Apollo.”

“I love you too, Sateria. Don’t die on me.”

“I don’t plan on it.”

Apollo kissed his woman and went home. Sateria sat back down at her computer and sent an email to three in the office.

Hey, you are invited to my house Friday night. Apollo and I have something we need to talk to you about. Please join us for drinks. I promise I won’t keep you long, so come on by. Bring a guest if you like.


Jayden read the message and wondered what she wanted to talk about. He hopped it wasn’t about another store hit. He was tired of those.

Pheonix read the message and was happy she could invite Max if she wanted too. Not that she would. Max had no idea that she did illegal things after work.

Troya read the message and wondered when she was going to get the share she was promised. She was tired of hiding her secret marriage from her sister and was ready to tell her.

All replied to the message with a yes as expected.

Friday night, they sat in Sateria’s great room sipping on wine and sharing in small talk about various things. Jayden was getting restless, because he really wanted to know what they were going to talk to them about. He hoped it wasn’t a wedding.

“So what did you want to talk to us about?” Jayden asked.

Apollo looked at Sateria and she nodded, giving him the go ahead. “Well, about a week ago, Sateria got a letter from Johnny.”

“A letter from Johnny?” Troya asked, surprised.

Sateria nodded. “Seems he wrote it around the time he recorded his will.”

“So how is it that you’re getting this letter a year after his death?” Jayden asked.

“I wondered that as well. I can only assume Benton had it, and was instructed to mail it at some time.”

“What did the letter say?” Pheonix asked.

“It was about the collection.”

His curiosity suddenly piqued, Jayden asked, “What about it?”

Unable to tell him, Sateria looked to Apollo. Apollo replied, “Johnny so freely put the collection on display because well…it wasn’t real.”

Jayden immediately stood up in a huff. “What the fuck are you talking about, Apollo?”

“Just what I said. Johnny hid the real collection. Believe me Jayden; I’m just as surprised as you are.”

“You’re mighty calm about this, Apollo. I don’t believe you. Where’s the letter?”

“I already had my angry outburst when Sateria showed me this letter. Believe me; I was just as shocked as you are now.” Expecting Jayden to fly off the handle, Apollo had the letter in the drawer of the end table. He reached in and handed it to him.

Jayden took the handwritten letter and read it in its entirety. Jayden’s temper flared. Not only was he angry that he’d gone through so much trouble to steal it from Apollo, he was certain that Brad was also aware the collection was a fake.

“Unreal,” he said handing the letter to Troya.

As she read it, she knew that she was going to have to stick around a little longer. She too had gone out of her way to get her hands on just half of Johnny’s collection.

Troya handed the letter to Pheonix. “I can’t believe he didn’t trust us,” Troya said.

Pheonix finished reading the letter. “So have you gone to Olney to check it out?”

Apollo nodded. “Yeah we have.”

“Well did you find it?”

“It took a little digging, but we did.”

Relieved, Pheonix said, “Well that’s good. Even though he says he didn’t trust us, at least we know he could tell the truth every now and then.”

Jayden was so angry his head was about to pop. He had to get out of there. “So is that it? That’s all you wanted to tell us?”

“Yeah that’s really all.”

“Okay fine. I’m sorry but I have to go. My woman is waiting on me.”

“You have a woman?” Apollo asked tipping his head sideways.

“I do. Is that so surprising?”

Apollo nodded. “Well yeah, since we had no idea.”

“Well, if Johnny can keep huge secrets, why can’t we? I’ll see you all at work on Monday.”

They watched Jayden walk out of the great room and they heard the front door close. Apollo looked at Sateria without words, wondering why Jayden left in such a hurry, though he certainly had an idea. He decided to keep it to himself.

There was an uncomfortable hush on the room so Sateria asked, “So are you leaving so soon? I mean we still have two bottles of wine left.”

“I can hang out for a while,” Pheonix said.

“Me too,” Troya chimed.

Sateria smiled. “Oh good!”

They continued to talk about various things for the next thirty minutes when Troya got a text message. It was from Jayden.

I’m on my way to Olney right now. I’ll be back with the collection tonight, and both of us can get out of here as soon as tomorrow. I hope you’re ready.

“Who was that?” Apollo asked.

“Nate,” Troya lied with a deceiving grin.

“So how’s that going by the way?”

“He’s a good man. Still a little bit of a slob, but I’m working on that. He wants me to come over, so I’m gonna go.”

“He was welcome to stop by with you. Why didn’t you invite him?” Sateria asked.

“I did. He was busy. Now he’s not. I’ll talk to you all later.”

“Troya wait,” Pheonix said. “I’ll walk out with you. Good night ya’ll.”

Sateria smiled. “Good night.”

“See you later,” Apollo said glad to see them leaving. He was ready for his own surprise.

When the door closed, Sateria immediately straddled Apollo. “Oooh you are so in trouble, mister.”

“Can it wait for a second babe? I have to tell you something. And I want you to trust me on this, okay?”

“Okay, what is it?”

“After we saw Venus, I went down to Olney and moved the collection.”

“You did? Why?”

“When you decided that you were going to reveal Johnny’s secret to our friends, I had to move it.”

“So where is it?”

“It should be in New York by now. My brother has it. And just in case you are wondering, he thinks it’s a birthday present for you that I had to hide from you. So he won’t open the box.”

“But we can trust our friends, right?”

“We’ll see babe. Now, I’m thinking you were about to violate me with my permission?”

Sateria grinned widely and grabbed his crotch.

“Hey, go easy on that if you want me to use it.”

Sateria laughed and gave him a deep passionate kiss.

“Wait here,” she whispered leaving him almost breathless.

“Aw babe, don’t leave,” Apollo said.

“Just wait here. I’ll only be a minute,” smiling seductively, leaving the room.

While she was out of the room, he laid back and closed his eyes, allowing his mind to drift back to the events of the evening. He didn’t want to tell Sateria, but he honestly did believe one of his own friends robbed him. Up until that night, he wasn’t sure which. Now he was sure. He was going to keep it to himself, for a while longer.

When he went to Olney to get the collection, he made sure he sealed the concrete slab back into place. It would be easily discovered. He decided that in a couple days he would go and investigate. If the stone was removed, and not replaced, he decided he would go back to work so he could keep an eye on Sateria. He wouldn’t let her put him on payroll; he would go back in as a consultant so he would have the freedom he needed to move in and out of the office. That would make Sateria happy, and he would feel a lot better to be close to her.

Lying back relaxing, he suddenly smelled a familiar and favorite fragrance. Calvin Klein’s Eternity for women subtly filled the room. Apollo opened his eyes to find Sateria standing in front of him, in a new black silk robe, hair fluffed up, and barefoot.

His eyes grew wide, and his mouth stood agape. He quickly forgot about which one of his friends robbed him. In front of him was a more pressing matter. Sateria smiled sensually, walked over to the stereo, and changed the music. Soft contemporary jazz now played in the background. She turned and slowly walked back towards the couch. When she reached him she stopped in front of him.

Waiting for what was to come next, he only smiled. She hesitated only for a minute, then undid her robe and dropped it to the floor. Underneath, she revealed her brand new black and tan, flyaway baby doll with matching thong. Apollo did all he could do to keep his mouth from dropping to the floor.

“Wow,” he said, holding his arms out for her to come to him.

“You like?” She asked, once again straddling him.

“Oh yes,” was all he could say before he kissed her.

She unbuttoned his shirt as they kissed, exposing his slightly hairy muscular chest loaded with wavy black hair. Chest exposed, she immediately broke off the kiss and began to kiss him on the chest. Making sure she played close attention to his nipples, she licked and sucked on them until they were rock hard. That wasn’t the only thing that was hard. Reaching down between his legs, she began to stroke his stem. Apollo lay back as his gorgeous woman explored his body.

Unzipping his pants, she examined his manhood held back tight by his boxer briefs. She crawled out of his lap and kneeled between his legs. She pulled his briefs down to free his erection. She grabbed it and gently stroked it. Apollo moaned.

Then it happened. Something she hadn’t done to anyone else but Johnny. She placed his manhood in her mouth.

Shocked, Apollo pushed her away. “Babe, what are you doing?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. It’s just that you’ve not wanted to have oral sex.”

Sateria grinned. “You introduced me to your parents, remember? I told you that I’m really hot for you now. So hush and let me pleasure you for a change.”

He grinned, laid his head back, and allowed her to do what she wanted.

Hours later Jayden pulled into the driveway at Sateria’s country house. Using the key Johnny gave him; he went in the door and immediately went to the basement. He looked around just as Apollo and Sateria did, when he noticed the rubber seal around a clean concrete slab. Jayden grinned.

Pulling the pocket knife from his pocket, he began working at the seal. Eventually loosening it enough to get a good grip, he pulled the seal from around the concrete slab. Jayden grinned with excitement. Gripping the slab with his fingers, he lifted it hoping to find a treasure underneath. His heart sank when all he found was an empty hole.

He suddenly became angry and dropped the slab, cracking it in two. That made him even angrier. “Fuck!”

Not wanting to take the time to repair it, he left it as it was, and stormed up the stairs. He got into his car and looked at his watch. It was way too late to make a phone call so he sent a text instead.

It’s not here. I’m certain that Apollo moved it. Since we all have keys to this house, I can say that he suspects all of us. See you Monday. Be careful what you do. He’s watching us.

Jayden got into his car and made his way back home. Tired from his drive, he lay down in his bed and thought of his next move. He was still short ten million dollars, and really wanted to figure out away to get his money back. He thought of two plans as he tossed and turned for the rest of the night.

Sateria wasn’t playing when she said Apollo wasn’t going to leave the house. That weekend, he was her sexual slave. He saw a side of her he’d never seen before. She was like a beast in bed. Apollo could hardly keep up. When she let him rest, she was up preparing a meal for him just so he would be ready for the next round.

By Sunday afternoon, Apollo was exhausted. Sateria seemed to have plenty of energy left, and he wondered where it came from. They woke up from a short nap. Sateria got up and went to the restroom. When she returned, she was ready for more.

She straddled him, grabbed his manhood, and put it in her mouth again. Apollo thought that it was time for him to take back some of his control.

“Turn around.”

She turned and put her sex in his face. They pleasured each other almost seeing who was going to fold first. Both of them determined to win, they didn’t finish making love until late that night. They were both out of breath, and extremely tired, though neither would admit it.

He rolled her over on her stomach, determined to win, and pulled her up to her knees. He entered her from behind. She was definitely going to lose. Apollo knew she was weak in this position. He started gently at first, gradually picking up the pace and rhythm, she screamed his name. Smiling, he continued until her passion rose. Her sex grabbed and pulled at his manhood until he couldn’t stand it.

The next morning, Apollo awoke to an empty bed and the shower running. Monday already? Damn!

Minutes later, Sateria emerged from the bathroom. Her wavy hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, and a towel wrapped around her body. Apollo watched as she came out of the bathroom, immediately going to her closet.

He smiled thinking of his weekend. “You are so beautiful.”

She stopped looking through her clothes, and made her way to the bed. She kissed him on the lips and said, “Thank you. I’m running late, babe. I have to get ready.”

“Do you have to go in?”

Happy that he enjoyed her planned weekend of love making, she replied, “Well sweets, we can’t stay in bed forever, though I would love too. I have a business to run.”

Apollo nodded. “I know. Hey, I have an interview today with Quest Realty.”

“Really? What time? Maybe we can meet up for lunch.”

“Ten. And I’m not sure about lunch.”

Putting her second earring on, she turned to him. “Why not?”

“Because I’m not sure I’m going to go to the interview.”

Sateria rolled her eyes and clicked her teeth. “Apollo, come on. You’ve been out of work for a long time. Not that you need to work, but it’s good for you. You have to go to that interview.”

Apollo sat up in bed and shook his head. “I have something else in mind. Miss Murphy, is it okay with you if I come back to work?”

Sateria beamed. “Yes! Please do!”

“I’m only coming back as a consultant, babe. That way you don’t have to pay me.”

“So when is your first day?”

“I’ll start tomorrow. Today I have things to do. Oh and babe, let this be a surprise. Don’t tell anyone I’m coming back, okay?”

“I won’t, but what are you going to do today?”

“The less you know right now, the safer you’ll be.”

Sateria rolled her eyes. “I thought I told you. I’m not a china doll. I won’t break, Apollo.”

“I know babe. I’ll tell you after I’m done. I promise.”

“Whatever it is you’re going to do, please be careful. I wanna see you tonight.”

“I’ll be back late, but I’ll be back. Come here.”

Sateria walked across the room, into Apollo’s arms. He pulled her close and held her tight. “I love you, Sateria.”

Apollo made his way to Ordway, and boarded a plane for Milwaukee. He was going to see Brad.
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