Sateria and the Night Raiders

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Chapter Twenty - Nine

He arrived at the hospital with two dozen roses in his arms grinning the whole time. He’d received a phone call letting him know his woman was ready to come home. She wasn’t 100 percent, but close enough.

Sateria had her own surprise. She waited to see what her man had planned for her before she sprung it on him.

Grinning in the wheelchair, she approached. Giving her the flowers, she appreciated the gesture.

“You ready babe?”

“Take me home.”

Apollo didn’t allow her to walk and wheeled her to the car. He opened the door, picked her up, and gently placed her in the passenger seat. So happy to be leaving the hospital, she allowed him to do whatever he wanted. On the way home, Apollo would look at her say something and grin, and she only replied with a gentle nod.

Carrying her all the way to her penthouse, he was happy to have her back home. As gently as he could, he made love to her, and she didn’t object. Happy to keep her secret for a little while longer, she basked in the glow of her man’s love.

The following morning, Sateria woke and immediately went to the kitchen. She made her man a breakfast reminiscent to the one she first cooked for him. Knowing that the outcome of this breakfast would be different.

Dancing around the kitchen as much as her injury would let her, she wore the shirt he had on the previous day. She continued to make his eggs just the way he liked them. As she danced, Apollo rolled over in bed smelling both the coffee and bacon coming from the kitchen. He rose and looked for a shirt.

Grinning, remembering when he first made love to her, he knew exactly where his shirt was. Going to the kitchen, there she was. This time with her ear buds in her ears jamming to some unknown tune. Apollo grabbed her and kissed her.

“Good morning, babe.” He grinned widely.

Pulling the music from her ears she smiled back. “Good morning.”

Breakfast on the table they enjoyed each other. The collection was due to arrive sometime that day. And when it did, both of them had a surprise for one another.

The squawk box seemed to scream at them disturbing their most enjoyable breakfast.

“Certainly, send it up,” Sateria said.

She moved across the room and sat in Apollo’s lap. “Babe, I have to tell you something.”

“No, me first.”

“Hurry, our fortune will be up any moment.”

Apollo looked at her seriously. “I believe that I have loved you from the very first moment I laid eyes on you. I fought it for as long as I could and well, I gave in. You are much more than I could have ever dreamed you would be. Not only are you beautiful, kind and considerate, you are also clever, and somewhat ruthless. Basically you are an extension of Kalista and Johnny. Through you, I will always have them with me if you want me to.”

Sateria tipped her head. “I don’t understand.”

“I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Sateria Murphy, will you marry me?”

Her eyes grew wide at her surprise, and she smiled widely at his request.

“Well?” Apollo asked.

Her teeth came through her smile as she replied. “Yes.”

Apollo also happy, hugged her and asked, “So, what is your surprise?”

“Well let me say that I also struggled with my feelings about you. But I’m so happy we found each other. I’m also happy to say that perhaps in a little while we are gonna have some company in the house.”

Apollo was also confused. “What?”

“We are gonna have a baby.”

He beamed. “A baby!”

“Yes babe, a baby.”

Squeezing her tightly, he was ecstatic. She would never know how much he really loved her. She would never know how much he desired her from the start. She would never know what he went through to get her.


Johnny’s killer stood on the rooftop of an adjacent building. Looking through the 300mm scope, they had the perfect view of what was going on in Johnny’s office. Not knowing if Johnny was going to be there, they waited. With awesome luck, the office light came on, and Johnny strolled in casually. They smiled. He was alone. Doing what he always did when he came into his office after hours; they watched as he strolled over to his mini bar and poured a drink. Johnny sat down and picked up the phone. Not wanting to take the shot while he was on the phone, they waited. The phone call was short. They watched as he hung up the phone, and began having second thoughts.

If they did this, the gravy train would suddenly come to an end. If they shot Johnny, questions would come up later, but in reality, they didn’t care. Johnny G was going to die before he killed them.

Johnny sat still in his chair for a second, the opportunity rose. His killer pulled the trigger, and within a matter of seconds, Johnny was dead.

Determined to take his friend out so that he could be happy after so long, Jayden prepared himself both mentally and physically to do the job he set out to do. Knowing that Johnny had rented an office strictly to keep his new girlfriend out of his business as much as possible, Jayden decided to keep a watch on that office. Perhaps Johnny would show up alone and he would get his chance. Armed and ready to go he made his way to the building that was across the street from Johnny’s office. Not as secure as the building across the street, he easily made his way to the roof of the building. When he opened the door to the roof, he got the surprise of his life. There was someone else there. A small person with a huge weapon in their hands.

So engrossed in the thrill of the kill, they didn’t hear the rooftop door open. They turned around and were also surprised.

Troya gasped in shock to see someone else on the roof with her. She raised her weapon and pointed it at the very large frame that appeared. Something was familiar about this man. “Jayden?” She put her weapon down.

“What are you doing here?”

Troya smirked. “The same as you I would assume. If you came to kill him, you’re too late.”
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