Sateria and the Night Raiders

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Chapter Eight

Johnny and his team had returned from their largest haul to date. They had managed to torch a few buildings and killed minimal people, but they were still a team. Sateria remained a secret in his world, though he was a constant figure in hers.

Kyra adored him. She was happy for Sateria for more reasons than one. The first being that simply, her friend she’d known since college was finally happy. The second, she got to benefit from that. Kyra and Sateria still enjoyed their shopping trips and at least once a month, Sateria would treat her friend to a gorgeous outfit, totally free of charge.

When he returned from his trip, Sateria knew Johnny accomplished something important. She had no idea that he had just made off with twenty million dollars in diamonds and other gems. Her only knowledge to his joviality was he bought a property he had been eyeing for a while. She was more than happy to help him celebrate.

“The red one.” Johnny said blatantly over the phone.

Sateria grinned, knowing the dress he was talking about, but thanks to him she had many red dresses.

“Which one is that again?” She asked, just wanting to hear him say it.

“You know. The one I picked out. Not that you will be in it long.”

“Okay, babe. I’ll be there soon.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“Oh, and could you do me a favor?”

“What’s that?”

“Turn your air down. It’s always so cold in your office.”

Johnny sat in his chair with the phone to his ear. “No chance. My Mediterranean blood can’t take anything above sixty-eight. Sorry babe, you just have to deal with it.”

“You just want to see my nipples.”

Johnny chuckled. “Maybe. But seriously, hurry.”

“Be there soon.”

“On time. You know how I hate to wait.”

“I’m getting in the shower now.”

“See you soon.”

There was a minute of silence on the phone, and Johnny took the opportunity to get the last word. “Sateria?”


“Just wanted you to know, I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“See you at seven.”

Johnny hung up the phone, glad that he was going to spend some uninterrupted time with his girl. Beautiful and obedient. Hmm, Johnny thought. Not obedient, respectful. Yes, he thought. That is a better word.

He poured himself a brandy and thought of how easily he was going to get her out of the dress he asked her to wear. He liked his women to wear short dresses, red ones in particular.

He thought of his gorgeous woman in the short, strapless cocktail dress, with the four inch toeless red heels and he got an erection before she even arrived. He couldn’t wait.

Depending on how well he could control himself, he planned on taking her to dinner, and look into her beautiful green eyes most of the night. Then taking her back to his place where they would make love anytime and in any room he pleased.

Plan B, if he could not control himself when he laid eyes on her, he would take her on his desk with the blinds open and lights on, making sure that anyone who happened to be working late, could witness his love for her, then take her to dinner. Johnny smiled thinking it was going to be plan B.

He got up and poured himself another drink, quickly growing impatient, he sat in his high back chair, sipped his drink, and waited. He was not aware, that he wouldn’t get a chance to see his woman in that spectacular dress. Johnny G was going to die long before he saw her.

His killer stood on the roof of the building across the street, dressed in all black. A high powered, military sniper rifle in hand, waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. Johnny was quite fidgety and wouldn’t sit still long enough for the expert marksman to get off a shot.

Finally, he sat still, and the gunman pulled the trigger.

The glass behind Johnny’s chair shattered as the bullet entered. Not knowing the bullet was coming there was no time to move. Johnny slumped over on his desk with a bullet in the back of his head. His last word that entered his mind. Damn!

Johnny’s killer satisfied, smiled.

Damn. He was only supposed to turn the air down, not off. Sateria thought entering Johnny’s office.

The room was dark and quiet. She waited on Johnny to jump out and surprise her and after a minute, and he didn’t. She felt the humidity in the room and immediately knew something was wrong. She looked toward his window, and smelled Lake Michigan coming in his window.

How could that be? He was twenty stories up. “Johnny?”

There was no answer. Sateria took a step closer to his desk wondering if he was really there. Perhaps he had played a joke on her. If he was in his office, she hoped he was in the rest room.

Something in her said, ‘turn on the light.’ She moved back to the outer wall and flipped the switch. When she did, she wished she hadn’t. There was her precious Johnny face down on his desk in a pool of blood. Her heart began to beat a mile a minute. Mouth hung open to scream, yet nothing came out. Pain of loss, suddenly welled up inside her.

The glass directly behind his high backed leather chair shattered. For some reason, Brad was the first thing that entered her mind. He left me. Her mother was the next person she thought of. She died. She stared at her handsome Johnny face down on his desk and shook her head. No. He can’t be gone. Lord please let me have the strength to save him. I can’t lose anyone else.

Sateria bravely moved towards her love and shook his shoulder. Her eyes knew he would not answer her, but her heart could not let go of the fact that he might.

Futile words escaped her mouth. “Babe, wake up.”

She continued to shake him on the shoulder, and the tears of pain began to flow. The man she loved was dead, and there wasn’t anything she could do about it.

She fell to the floor next to him and cried. In her brief moment on the floor, she went through many stages. Pain was the first. Not knowing what she was going to do without the love of her life, she felt sorry for herself.

Despair was the next. Her new life that she’d struggled to be comfortable with over the last year, was gone within an instant. She hadn’t worked in months and didn’t know if she could again right away, if she could ever again. She realized at that point Johnny had spoiled her. She rubbed her face and pulled her cell phone out of her purse. She hesitated before she called the police. She suddenly felt a new emotion. Anger.

Sateria was angry for several reasons. Angry she let Johnny in her already depressed life. How dare he come in and make her happier than she’d ever been. Angry that he was perfect. She felt something with Johnny she never did with Brad.

Finally, sadness entered her heart. It was then she knew her love for him was real, and they would never make love again. She would miss his gentle toothy grin when she told him how much he meant to her. She would miss him reaching into his wallet and handing her a large sum of money so she could go shopping. But most of all she would miss his friendship.

In her hour of sadness she finally realized what the difference was between Brad and Johnny. Johnny was passionate and loved to laugh. He was reckless and took live by the horns. He didn’t care what people thought of him which made him even more spontaneous than the next man.

In truth, this is what she really loved about him. Her anger suddenly returned, and her tears dried. She was determined to avenge her love. She didn’t know how, or when, but she was going to do it.

First she had to bury him. Sateria took a deep breath and called 911.

She was on time for his funeral as he would have wanted her to be. A short red, very revealing dress, his favorite, hugged her body as she walked down the main isle to take her seat on the first pew. For a few minutes she sat alone. Moments later, four others joined her on the very same pew.

The one who sat next to her was a tall good looking man. Sateria looked at him and thought she may have seen him somewhere before, though she couldn’t remember where. She also noticed his extreme good looks. She was not attracted to him in the least, though most women were. She also noticed that he was in his early to mid thirties and equally upset.

There was another man who seemed to be almost emotionless. Also very good-looking, but as far as she was concerned, no one compared to her Johnny. The two women who followed were equally attractive, but Sateria paid no mind. One of the women allowed tears to quietly stream down her face. The other who looked almost like the other next to her, watched the others who sat next to her, and tried to see what she should be feeling.

They must be related. She wasn’t close to Johnny.

Sateria glared at the people who sat next to her only for a minute, and turned away. Determined not to cry, she waited for the ceremony to begin. As she did, the front pew full, the pews behind her began to fill. She didn’t look back to see who was coming in, but she heard the people and voices behind her. Hysterical cries came from a woman behind her, but it was not a cry she recognized. Listening closer, Sateria swore she heard Brad’s voice. Shock wouldn’t let her turn around to see. She waited to see if she recognized his voice for sure. The man comforted the woman screaming in pain, and it wasn’t until she heard a familiar phrase that she was certain it was Brad.

What is he doing here? She thought. He didn’t know Johnny. But how was she to know for sure? Sateria suddenly realized that she didn’t know any of Johnny’s close friends. She didn’t turn around so Brad could see her face. She didn’t want him to know it was her who sat in the front row mourning someone lost.

When the funeral ended, it was time for everyone to say their last goodbyes. Thinking he might die a horrible and disfiguring death one day, Johnny wanted a closed casket ceremony. Knowing how handsome he’d been in real life, he wanted everyone who knew him to remember him that way. Only one wouldn’t. She’d seen the horrific hole in the back of his head, and knew she’d never forget it.

Sateria rose and walked over to the casket. She stood for a moment remembering the last time they were together. She allowed a tear to slowly roll down her cheek, leaned in, kissed the casket, ran her hand slowly across the top, and walked down the isle. As she did, all eyes were on her. She glanced at the pew behind her and the people in it. Her eyes met Brad’s, and he was obviously surprised. He opened his mouth to speak and she held up her hand. She had nothing to say to him, and didn’t want to answer any of his questions. Sateria walked down the isle, and out of the door. She wanted to run, but she had to stay and listen to people she barely knew, offer condolences.

She smiled as much as she could, because she didn’t want to seem rude, but in truth she was ready to leave and never see any of these people again. Her friends from the Grand were there to offer support. Those of them, who knew Johnny, knew how much Sateria loved him. They were aware she was going to have a hard time without him. They waited until the barrage of people stopped swarming around her before they came to offer hugs.

There were six people who stood in two different groups. One group contained two, and the other four. They all stood back, kept their distance, staring and waiting. Sometimes whispering things to each other, but none of them took their eyes off of her.

After they had gotten a good look at her, both Apollo and Jayden instantly recognized her.

“That’s the waitress from the Grand,” Jayden said to Apollo.

Apollo couldn’t believe it. It was really the woman he wanted for himself. Apollo nodded. “Yup it is. Johnny lied to us.”

“Do you really think this was the woman he was hiding from us all this time?” Pheonix asked.

Jayden smirked. “Of course it is. Seems he wanted to keep her a secret even after he told us we were going to get to meet her. I wonder why?”

“Well, now we’ll never know. Come on. Let’s go introduce ourselves.” Apollo, determined to meet the woman who held his best friends heart.

Meanwhile, Brad and Venus waited their turn to talk to her. Both of them extremely curious as to how she knew Johnny.

Venus took one look at the dress Sateria was wearing, and said, “She was his girlfriend.”

“How do you know that?” Brad asked.

“The dress. Johnny once bought me a similar one.”

Instantly irritated by Venus’ comment though he couldn’t understand why, Brad thought it was time for them to leave. “Come on Venus, let’s go.” Brad took her by the arm and pulled her away.

“What’s the matter? I thought you wanted to talk to her. I have a few questions I’d like to ask her myself.”

“I can tell you all you want to know about her. Come on,” Brad said continuing to pull her away from the church.

“And just how can you do that?”

Brad stopped at turned to Venus. “She was the very first real girlfriend I ever had. Now come on. We’ll talk when we get home.”

Brad managed to get Venus in the car and they drove away. Sateria stood around talking with her friends for a second when she noticed four very well dressed people walking toward her. Internally, she rolled her eyes. More people I don’t know coming to tell me how sorry they are for Johnny’s death. Okay girl, get the fake smile ready.

Apollo led the team across the small parking lot, and was the first to speak. “Hello, Miss Murphy. My name is Apollo Leonard. I was a very close friend of Johnny’s.”

Sateria smiled gently. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Leonard.” Sateria held out her hand for him to shake it.

Apollo shook her hand and noticed a huge diamond ring on her hand. Something from one of our heists no doubt. “These are my associates. Jayden Johns, Pheonix Smith, and her sister, Troya.”

Sateria took time out to shake all of their hands. Jayden didn’t take time to mince words. He wanted to know for sure if she was the woman he remembered. “Excuse me, but, don’t you work at the Grand Lux Café?”

Sateria nodded. “I did, why do you ask?”

Jayden looked at Apollo, and continued. “Don’t you remember us? We would come in sometimes with Johnny and eat lunch.”

Sateria glared at them. She thought back on all the times Johnny came in with other people. Then she remembered them from the first time she actually met Johnny. “Ah yes,” she replied pointing at Apollo and Jayden. “New York strip, medium rare, and T-bone well done.”

Apollo nodded. “Wow, that’s amazing.”

Sateria grinned. “Not so much. So enough about me. How did you all know Johnny?”

“We were business partners.”

She again looked at how well they were all dressed and thought they could be Johnny’s partners, as he was always so well dressed himself.

“For how long?” she asked. Curiosity was beginning to get the better of her. She was curious if one of these people could have killed her love.

“Pheonix and I have been with him the longest. Ten years. Jayden for seven and Troya joined us a little over a year ago.”

“I see,” she said. His deep velvety voice smoothed over her like butter, and this made her take notice of his good looks once again. However, she was not going to trust him so easily. He could be guilty of killing the man she loved. She brushed it off. She still had to put Johnny in the ground. Sateria then began to wonder why she never met these people. If they were so close to Johnny, she should have known who they were by now. “Well Mr. Leonard. It’s time for us to go to the gravesite. Will I see you all there?”

Apollo nodded. “Certainly.”

Sateria turned and walked away followed by her own friends. Apollo and the others watched her leave in the limo.

“So, is that it?” Jayden asked. “Are we done with her?”

Apollo shook his head. “Not by a long shot.” He watched as the last of her beautiful legs entered the limo. I’ll be damned. How could I be so blind? Apollo thought. Suddenly, he was jealous of his dead close friend.

“What was Venus doing here?” Troya asked.

Apollo looked over his shoulder to find that Venus had left the parking lot. “Don’t know, but if I know Johnny, we’ll see her again, and very soon.”

Sateria watched as the love of her life was lowered into the ground. It was then she finally allowed herself to cry. Something about being put in the ground and covered up with soil felt permanent. He was never, ever coming back.

Two weeks later, Sateria received an official looking letter in the mail. It was from some attorney’s office informing she was one of the beneficiaries in Johnny’s will. Not really surprised, she read on. The letter informed her that she was to be present for the reading of Johnny’s will. Seriously? That only happens in movies. But the letter told her were to go, and what time to be there. Perhaps his murderer would be there. Not that she could do anything about it at the moment, but she was hoping that they did show.

She arrived on time to Johnny’s penthouse and went to his great room. It was strange being in his place without him there. There were still faint hints of his cologne in every room she walked through. Her heart began to beat hard as she tried to hold back tears. She was the first to arrive, so she sat and waited. She wondered who else was gonna show up.

Minutes later, Apollo and the rest of the team arrived next. Followed shortly by Venus, and one who Sateria didn’t expect. Kyra.

Kyra gave her old friend a hug.

“What are you doing here?” Sateria asked.

Kyra shrugged. “I don’t know. I just got this letter in the mail, so here I am.”

“Well, Johnny did adore you. It only seems right that he would leave you something.”

Kyra nodded.

Moments later, a well dressed man walked into the great room and introduced himself. “Hello everyone. Thank you for coming. My name is Benton Thompson, and I was Mr. Gianopoulos’ lawyer. You are all here today to witness the last will and testament of Mr. Gianopoulos.”

“Witness?” Venus asked.

Benton nodded. “Yes ma’am. It is just as I put in the letter that I sent. Mr. Gianopoulos recorded a video will for you to watch. He was adamant that his estate be taken care of by the right person. He came to my office almost every six months to re-record his will. Miss Murphy, after the viewing, there is also a private message he recorded for you.”

Her eyes grew wide in surprise. “A private message?”

“Yes. He made me leave the room when he was recording, so I have no idea what he said.”

Sateria nodded.

Benton turned on the television, and put the DVD in the player. Moments later Johnny in all his greatness appeared on the screen. There was a great gasp in the room as if looking at him after death took them a second to get used to.

In the video, Johnny was dressed only in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. His wavy dark hair, a mess, and his beautiful green eyes were intense, as if he meant business. Sateria’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at him on screen remembering his gentle touch.

“I didn’t even think he owned a pair of jeans,” Pheonix said aloud, and Johnny spoke his first words.

Hey guys. First let me apologize. My leaving you was not intentional. Whatever has happened to me wasn’t my fault. Well maybe a little of it was my fault, but I’m dead now, so it doesn’t matter.

The room was quiet as they all listened to him as if he were really in front of them. Johnny paused for a second to rub his face. He took a deep breath and continued. I gathered you all here so I could tell you about the last things I want you to do for me, and reward you for being so close to me at one time or another.

Venus my dear, I will start with you. I hope you came. You were with me as my woman for quite some time, and in the beginning, things were wonderful. You remember that right. I do. Beautiful, sexy, smart. Those were the things that attracted me to you. However, during our last year or so that we were together, you changed, and well, it is your own fault that I began to ignore you. Yes, you were right. I was ignoring you. I didn’t love you anymore and was ready for you to be out of my life. You left me first, and that pissed me off. No, I was not a happy man. Let me clarify. I was happy that you were gone, I just wasn’t happy about the way you left, and we will leave it at that. But because you were a part of my life for a time, I think you deserve a bit of my fortune. Just a bit. Venus, I leave you a thousand dollars. Don’t question the amount; just be happy it’s something.

Venus rolled her eyes and clicked her teeth. She was mortified. Johnny continued.

Next, the newest member of my team, Troya. Young and quite impressionable. Your sister has done good things with you as far as your training goes and I’m glad. There were times that I wanted to…well let’s just say I didn’t like you in the beginning, but you grew on me. Your reward for learning your lessons well is a particular sapphire necklace you admired. Benton has it with him now, and when we are finished here, he will give it to you. Keep it safe and wear it with pride. You earned it.

Troya grinned with delight. Johnny moved on.

Jayden. Almost as close to me as Apollo. I say that only because you haven’t been with me as long, and Apollo has a connection with me that you never did. I won’t speak on it, but you know what it is. Johnny took a deep breath, and continued. Look. I know your love for my vehicles. Not that you need them, I want you to have them. Do whatever you want with them. Sell them if you like. Well, maybe not the Maybach but the others, okay. I’m also leaving you two million dollars. I think you will be happy with that, don’t you?

Jayden also pleased with his inheritance was curious what Johnny was going to leave to everyone else.

Pheonix. My third in command behind Apollo. I wish I would have had the courage to tell you how special you are to me to your face. We were pretty close, you, and me. You have been like a sister to me. Making me laugh, and keeping my head on straight when no one else could. I appreciate that. And because of those things, I wasn’t sure what to leave you. I know of your love for my L.A. property on the beach, so it’s yours along with three million dollars. Take care of it, and if you decided to sell it, make sure they will take care of it.

Pheonix began to cry. She was going to miss Johnny. She had no idea at that point if she was going to continue with the rest of the team. She thought she might go live in L.A., and live in that beautiful beachfront property he spoke of.

Kyra. The little shit talking woman who I have only known for a short time. Though you may not have been aware of it, I cared for you for one reason. You kept Sateria’s head on straight. I wouldn’t have known that until I saw it with my own eyes. Keep it up. She’s gonna need you more now than ever. And you know exactly what I mean. For you, I leave Sateria’s condo and just a bit of change. A mil sound good? Now you can also quit working and live the life fantastic. Be smart about your inheritance. Don’t squander it away on clothes. Shit, you can’t possibly wear them all, and you can’t take them with you. Find someone to help you invest your new found money, so you can make more. But please, take care of my girl.

Kyra nodded as if Johnny could see her. Sateria sat and wondered where she was going to live since Johnny so easily pulled his birthday present away from her. She sat and waited on her name to be called. She hoped that he wasn’t going to put her on the street. Not that he would do that to her, but she couldn’t help wondering what she was going to get.

Apollo closed his eyes and waited to see if he was going to get the huge prize. After all, he had been with Johnny the longest.

Apollo. My goodness. Where do I start? Well, first let me start with a heart felt thank you. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for standing by me in the hard times. Thank you for being there when I needed you, no matter the hour. There is no need for me to say more. You already know how I feel about you, and have felt ever since we first met, and I will leave it at that. For you I leave the most lucrative of my restaurants. Table Fifty-two. Five million dollars and my penthouse in New York. I wish I could leave you more, but there is only so much to spread around. Enjoy my friend.

What? Apollo thought. He knew Johnny was worth billions. He was angry. Now he knew who was gonna benefit from his best friends generosity, and he didn’t like it. He felt an instant resentment for a woman he didn’t know, but was extremely attracted to, and this made his blood boil.

Johnny paused a long time. He knew what he was going to say was going to upset his friends but it couldn’t be helped. Sateria meant more to him than anyone else.

Sateria. Babe I’m sorry for leaving you. Though I am still alive while recording this, know that you have been the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. In all my years, I have never met a woman like you. I would have never known how special you were to me if I didn’t press. I love you. Did I say that to you recently? I hope I did. If I didn’t say it enough, I’m sorry, because God knows that it was you that I put above anyone and almost everything. I have never been so patient with a woman in my life. I still do not know the reason why I suddenly changed. My only explanation for it is I think you were my long awaited soul mate. With you I was free to be me. Just Johnny. No one knew the real me. You let me be free to be myself. So with that said, the rest goes to you. Everything. My penthouse here in Chicago, the remaining property, and it is a bunch. The rest of my money, and the remainder of my jewelry collection. I am so sorry we couldn’t share this in our later years. My plan was to marry you, liquidate everything, and move us to some secluded island so I could make love to you when the mood struck me, but we can’t do that now. So take all I have left and be the queen I already know you are. Command attention, and don’t be shy about it. People will learn to love you. I did.

Sateria’s closed her eyes in order to hold back the tears, but it didn’t work. They rolled down her face at a constant stream. The anger she felt the night she discovered him, she now turned on herself. Only if she hadn’t taken so long to get ready, her Johnny might still be alive. She opened her eyes to once again gaze in the intense green eyes of her love, and he continued.

Well, now that my fortune has been shared with the folks I love the most, I guess it’s time for me to say goodbye. Believe me. I don’t want to. I am certain that my afterlife will not be pleasant. I want you all to remember me as I lived. However it is that I died; try not to think about it. Remember me as I was. I love all of you, and know that you wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. Goodbye, my friends.

The DVD faded to black. Benton stood in the silent room with a manila envelope in his hand and handed it to Troya. She opened the envelope and the necklace she personally stole from a previous museum hit they did was inside. She smiled.

“There will be paperwork to be done,” Benton said, “so I will send out letters with your appointment dates. Bring your own lawyers if you want. In fact I suggest it. I will see you all in a few weeks.”

That was everyone’s cue to leave. Sateria stood up and hugged Kyra, congratulating her on her new found wealth. Sateria sunk back onto the sofa still trying to wrap her head around how she was going to live without Johnny. When everyone was gone, Benton sat next to Sateria.

“Miss Murphy. I’ll be honest and say that I am well aware of what it is Mr. Gianopoulos is going to say to you in the next video you will see. However, I will respect my clients’ wishes and allow you to view it alone. What you are going to see may come as a surprise, but Mr. Gianopoulos expected that you would handle it with grace. Honor him by doing so. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Benton put the next DVD in the player, handed Sateria the remote and left the room. Alone now, she sat and waited. Afraid to hit the play button, she paused. What did he have to say? He already made her extremely wealthy. What else could he give her that he hadn’t already? Sateria sighed heavily and pushed play. The all business side of her Johnny appeared on the screen. This made her a bit nervous.

Babe, glad to see you could join me. This is a message only for you. No one else. Which means it is a secret. Do not talk about what I am about to tell you to anyone. I’m sad I didn’t have the courage to tell you this in person, but now it is important that you know about the things that I have left you.

The penthouse is just that. Somewhere for you to live, somewhere for you to remember me. The Grand is yours. I know it was special to you, and now you own it. Don’t go in and gloat. Give Charlotte the respect she deserves. The money is huge. A half a billion dollars. Yes, I said a billion. Buy some property with it. I know how you love to shop, so invest in the little man. Don’t flit your money away, pick some charities, and give some away. Actually, that is what I did on an annual basis. Continue to do this in my name. Benton has the names of the charities I gave to.

Suddenly his demeanor changed. A softer side of him emerged. A side she herself rarely saw.

But really. I didn’t make this separate video to tell you how to spend what I have left you. I made this to tell you about the part of me, you didn’t know. Babe. Though it may have seemed so, I was not an honest man. I was a thief. If you ever saw on the news about a particular museum robbery, more likely than not, it was me and my team who pulled the job. However, as recent as the past year, I became the victim of a robbery myself. The thief made off with my heart. Yes babe, you are the one. This is one of the reasons I did not tell you about me when I was alive. I was afraid you would leave me, and take my heart with you. I couldn’t allow that. Please don’t be angry with me. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t tell you. This way I knew you would be safe.

I gave you most of the money to give you all of the power. AJG, the real estate company is a real company, yet a front for who I really was. I want you to take over for me. Yeah, I know. You are probably sitting there shaking your head right now, thinking you have no clue how to do that, but by rights, all I was, is yours now. You are a smart woman and will figure it out.

Apollo is smart and I trust him with my life. Go to him first. He will teach you all you need to know. Do not disappoint me Sateria. Keep my legacy alive. Become me. Run my business for me. Both the legal and illegal. I trust that you can do that for me.

Lastly I wanted to say again, and many times over. I love you, never forget that. I gotta go babe. Know that while I walked the earth, I loved you more than anything or anyone else.

Moments later, Benton reentered the great room. “Miss Murphy, of all of Mr. Gianopoulos’ former friends, you and I have the most to handle. I am sure that you are still trying to process what he told you, but what you learned in the video was the truth. The man you knew was a real, true to life jewel thief. He trusted me to tell you if you didn’t seem to understand. Your secret is safe with me, so you don’t have to worry about it getting out. You are safe and I suggest you do as he asked.

“I will leave you now. I believe that I will not see you again for a month yet. All of the previous transactions are to take place before I handle you. Goodnight, Miss Murphy.”

Benton was gone. Sateria could not believe her fortune. The man she loved left her with just about everything he owned. It was bound to make others jealous. Especially his former team and his former girlfriend. Sateria had no idea what to do next. She went down to the bedroom, and lay down on the bed. She smelled Johnny’s cologne on the pillow, wishing he was there with her, and cried herself to sleep.
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