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Two Worlds

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Stephan isn't ready for the responsibility of being a pack leader neither is he ready to meet his mate. "There will be a time when you will realize why the moon goddess gives us mates" She said while smiling at the picture. It wasn't her regular creepy smile meaning she is being truthful....... With a pack to handle, a mate who he isn't ready to meet and battles he isn't ready to face. Stephan just might not be the one to take up the challenge or is he?

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Stephan’s P.O.V

“You should be excited, your coronation is in four days time” My mother said as she parade the kitchen in search of what to eat or probably cook. I was not even faze about the fact that am going to take over the affairs of the pack from my father. I didn’t want to think about it yet, it scares the shit out of me.

“And maybe you will be able to find her” She said as she pour herself a cup of juice while facing me.

I am going to turn eighteen in four days time and if am lucky enough, I might find my mate, everyone talk about how thrilling it is to find one’s mate but I am not ready to do that yet. I want to explore and find myself before thinking about settling down with someone I barely know.

“You look as if the thought of that disgust you” She said while handing me a glass of orange juice.

“Disgust is a strong word. I just feel like am not yet ready” I explain and she smiles, “The probability of you finding her is fifty percent and even if you do find her, you guys can set things on your own pace” She said and I groan.

“I will see you later ma” I said while giving her a kiss as I grab my car keys not wanting to drag the matter for too long.

My coronation in order to become alpha of the pack is in four days time meaning the responsibility of the pack will be mine. Putting a pack of over two to three thousand people in order seems like a problem not to even mention trying to make sure there are no attacks or rogue problems. I wonder how my dad has been managing for this long.

The weight of the pack definitely took a toll on my parents relationship due to the fact that everyone expects him to always be there for the pack, to solve every problem since he is the leader which always end up with my parents never having time for themselves. My mother never complains but I know it hurts her to see that her mate is never around, always on trips and meetings. The only time my father is available is whenever there is pack training which happens twice a week.

I parked my car in front of the restaurant where the boys and I are to meet and took a few minutes to calm myself before stepping out and make my way over to our usual spot.

“Will you at least fix your facial expression?, you look depressed” James said as I take a seat beside him.

“He looks more constipated with that look. Shouldn’t you be over the moon with the whatever coronation you guys call it?” Phillip asks as he pass me a drink.

Phillip is human while James is a warlock. Phillip found out about supernatural beings when he accidentally wander into our territory during summer vacation, I am still confused about why dad decided to let him go even with the probability that he could end up ranting to people about it. How James and I end up meeting is a crazy story for another time.

“It isn’t as exciting as James make it out to be” I said while trying to change the topic.

“Sorry for making it seem like it is something big” James said sarcastically while taking a sip of his drink. “You are going to turn eighteen by then”.

“Is something else happening by then?” Phillip asks in confusion before James mutters the word mate for him to understand.

“Ah, the soulmate problem. Then correct me if am wrong but as this dude explain the theory behind that, you should be going crazy about the fact that you are going to meet your soulmate. That is the person you are to spend your entire life with, something I can never imagine myself doing” He said as he stares at me for an explanation.

“What are you guys ranting about?” Amelia asks as she sits down beside me before taking a large bit out of burger.

“Coronation stuffs” James explains as she props her head against the table.

“As much as I would love to talk about that. I am in a much more bigger trouble” She say making all our attention turn towards her for an explanation. “Joshua got arrested again”.

“Shit” Phillip curse as we all stood up making our way to whatever police station it is again.

“Hi, we are here for Joshua Banks” Phillip said as soon as we got the station.

“Are you his guardian?” The man asks and he nods before he pointed over to where he is. We got where his statement is being taken.

“Seriously Josh, that’s how many times this month?” James say looking really pissed as he examine him for any major bruise before turning to talk to the officer in charge.

“The victim isn’t pressing any charges but I would if you would sit him down and talk sense into him. The next time he comes here, he is going to be sleeping in the cell, that I can assure you” The officer explain before clearing him.

We were about leaving the station when a lady ran in making my world stop. My wolf immediately started to want out which is weird.

“Are you okay?” James asked and I gave him a nod before we left…

The prologue is done guys, this is a first for me and i am open to reading your comments on how you think the character should evolve more.

This is going to be a fun ride so make sure to vote and leave comments.


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