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Some people weren't meant to love. At least, that's the only explanation Rosegold Reed can give herself when every man she kisses seems to slowly drain of life. Navigating her way through the summer before college was hard enough, but discovering her own Black Widow physiology is a curse beyond her belief. Entangled in mystery, Rosegold seeks out help to discover who--or what--she is, and how she can stop. And as she falls in love with her best friend George, she realizes her uncontrollable extraction of life forces just might end his life.

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The kiss of a naiad can drain a soul; just as the song of a siren can kill a man.

Women of peril go by many names. In folktales and literature, many speculate on who these extractors really are— nymph, naiad, succubus, Huldra, Dementor, siren, goddess, or demon?

Lore describes them as dangerous. But perhaps they are like all other predators, fairly innocent, but painted as evil by their ability to harness and extract men’s life force.

For those women who exist today, history has made them recluses. As they evolved among the rhetoric of hate and fear, disgust and warning, they became the victims, hiding in the shadows. Blending into humanity. Intermingling, rebirthing, and coming of age into their curses. They are descendants of the darkness, trapped in a modern world.

This is the story of Rosegold Reed.

Her curse is far beyond the scope of her imagination.

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