Blood Bound(SAMPLE)

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A/N on Ebook

Hi :)

Since everyone was asking about the eBook, I decided to write a post about it so you guys can know. I only wrote the note in the last chapter for those who had already pre-ordered the book on Google Play and was sent a faulty version.

Before you guys go and scramble to buy the book, just know that I am still posting the rest of the chapters on Wattpad and Inkitt.

There are 5-6 chapters left, depending on if you are reading on Inkitt or Wattpad. I plan to post the rest of it by the end of this week.

But anyone who wants to buy a copy of the ebook can do so via Google Play and Barnes & Noble Nook. You can read it immediately after purchasing it. If you buy books from Google Play, there was a coupon sent out for $2 by Google. You can use it on the book and make it cheaper.

As for Amazon, the book is on pre-order and will be available on the 20th of April, 2020, meaning you won’t get the ebook until then.

All links for the book are on my website or you can search for Blood Bound by Tay T. on the book stores.

If you plan to get the book on Google Play and Barnes & Noble Nook, get it by the end of today. Tomorrow it will be taken down to relaunch because I messed up when editing on Google Play and sent out the book early. :D That’s just how much of a klutz I am.

Anyway, I didn’t do this to make anyone feel obligated to purchase the book to finish it. I never do that and it’s not my intention to. I care about you guys too much to do that to you.

And for those who love the book and support it, thank you so so very much!! I am very very grateful for your support and your love!

I hope this clarifies things a little.

Once again, thank you!

Stay safe,


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