Blood Bound(SAMPLE)

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Chapter 2 : Hotel Chaos

There were five Cardinal Alphas on this continent, each over centuries-old and known to be one of the most powerful beings still alive on this earth. These five Alphas happened to rule rather large expanses of land across the states and other Alphas weaker than them.

They were the head honcho.

The Alpha of Alphas.

And Maya had her eye on a certain Cardinal Alpha to implement in her plans for the blood ritual. She had never met the Cardinal Alpha herself, but she had heard plenty of him from rumors and stories in the past.

They called him the Southern Lord.

The Cardinal Alpha Xavier Thaeos.

He was said to be more beast than man.







That was just to name a few things said to be associated with him.

He was said to kill with or without reason. And any who stood in his way lost their lives beneath his majestic feet, with no remains for burial or closure.

They said no one was worthy to stand by him. Even his true mate was terrified of the Cardinal Alpha himself, and that was why she never showed up all of these years. Or perhaps, he had killed her himself because he didn’t want anything tying him down, especially a weak female.

She was told that almost all of the people he ruled feared him like the plague. They even told bedtime stories about Alpha Xavier Thaeos to scare their children—young or old—from doing bad things. And it worked.

Xavier Thaeos was what nightmares were made of.

He was a living nightmare come to life. Having lived over one thousand years, he ruled after he killed his own blood father and brothers with his bare hands—claws.

What was there not to like about him?

In fact, he sounded like just the man she was looking for.

One of the best candidates if she had to say so herself.

Who else could do the job as well as Alpha Xavier Thaeos?

A rather malicious smirk colored Maya’s lips. She straightened the black vest of her staff uniform and carefully tucked a loose strand of hair back into place.

Her pretty red hair was no longer visible. Instead, in its place was an inky black color that shimmered under the yellow lighting of the dark hotel hallway that she currently walked. It was meticulously formed into a neat and sleek bun usually seen on the female staff in this hotel.

The short heels that she wore clicked with every step of her feet upon the marble floors, resounding inside of the seemingly empty halls.

Maya tipped her head up and walked straight to the elevator stationed at the far end. Then, she hit the button once and waited.

Although her face was completely calm and her lips were pulled into a decent smile of some sorts, she was extremely anxious on the inside. Maya had planned everything down to the specific details before taking action, because she disliked failure.

She was not a person to walk muddle-headed into a situation without back up plans. If it didn’t work out, she wanted a detailed and easy escape, no matter how minimal that chance was. But her success ratio was currently only at thirty percent, and that was already because she added luck to the equation.

This was the only plan where she didn’t know what the outcome would be, the only time that she was so irrational as to walk herself to the door of death like this.

Although Maya knew that her powers were nothing next to this big bad Alpha, that didn’t stop her from trying. Because his blood and power were worth the struggle.

Even Everette had said that she was walking to her own death, suggesting a small funeral in preparation for her if the dove couldn’t retrieve enough remains for burial. Maya had laughed it off and continued with the ludicrous plan. She wasn’t one to back down from a challenge, especially when everyone thought her insane. Because Maya liked proving people wrong, it was in her blood and she enjoyed it immensely.

After acquiring the Alpha’s whereabouts, she precariously took on the form of a female staff member and prepped down to perfection before she dared to walk down these halls. Although she had cast a small spell around herself, Maya kept the black magic down to the minimum, knowing that Xavier Thaeos wasn’t a reigning Cardinal Lord for nothing.

His superior nose would pick out her scent before she could even take a breath, and he could break her neck just as easy the next. She didn’t want to throw him a bone before she could complete her dastardly plans.

Suddenly, the elevator made a dinging noise before it opened to reveal its empty confines. Maya immediately stepped inside, pushed the button for the doors to close, and hit floor thirty-nine.

Not even the boring music could calm her nerves.

As the elevator went up, she stood stalk still, concentrating on the auras close to her.

Nine... Ten... Twelve... Fourteen... Twenty... Twenty-five... Thirty...

The numbers increased until her final stop came, and the doors immediately opened after a few seconds delay.

This was where Xavier Thaeos was currently residing during his stay in the region.

Maya hesitated.

She froze in her spot as her heart beat like a war drum.

The risk was too high. If she failed today, there was no chance that she could walk out of here alive.

Absolutely none.

Maya gritted her jaw, thinking of the bigger picture and what victory could actually mean in a way to abate the nerves and fear of failure.

The metal doors were starting to close because she stalled too long, but, before they could, she pushed them apart and stepped out into the dimmed halls.

There was only one room on this level, yet the hallway seemed exceedingly long. Long to the point that she thought that it would never end. And at the end of the long hallway stood large oak doors, immaculate and imposing.

Yet the guards were nowhere to be seen, as expected.

Everette had done a flawless job, as always, in distracting the guards, leaving an opening for her to quickly get what she needed and leave. Of course, that included Alpha Xavier Thaeos in the mix.

Maya took one step forward and was forced five steps back. She could feel his aura and power surround her like a second skin, defensively constricting her body like an anaconda would its prey. Just from the might and strength of his aura, she could already tell how powerful the man was and couldn’t contain the excitement that threatened to tear through her calm facade.

She had never met anyone who could push her back with just the might of their aura. It was downright impossible, but he had managed to do so.

And Maya was extremely excited to strip him of his powers for her own use, to choke him with his own strength once they became hers.

Just from the sole act of defense from him, she was sure that she was already halfway to victory.

The poison had done its job.

At that one realization, all the nervousness and anxiety shed away in a moment’s notice. And although she knew that this was a sure win, Maya still kept her defenses up.

She confidently strutted to the door, broke the lock with a simple spell and put her hands on the knob. The golden knob twisted rather easily under her cold palms.

With a deft push, the heavy doors opened to reveal an immaculate setting inside of the hotel suite.

It was a rather luxurious room. The spacious living room had a big TV screen, comfortable couches, a couple of fancy lamps, and a carved coffee table. There was a large bed draped with black silk upon the bedding to the left and a bathroom to the side of it.

But where the hell was Xavier Thaeos?

The entire room was empty of life.

His aura completely disappeared from all around her just seconds before she entered the room.

Had she miscalculated?

Maya’s eyes widened at the sudden thought, and the panic quickly settled in. She pulled a bottle from her skirt pocket and prepared for the worst. But she barely had the chance to turn around when a set of big hands encircled her neck and lifted her off of her feet.

He made no noise when he moved.

Maya immediately swung her arms up, aiming the bottle into his face and spraying several times in his direction. But his reflexes were ten times faster than her own, almost like a blur when he deflected the liquid with his forearms.

Immediately, the flesh started rotting away as the concentrated silver ate his skin at a rapid rate.

The dark sorceress barely managed to free herself when he backhanded her straight across the face, as if he had not been affected by her meager attempts to wound him.

Maya slammed against the television and into the wall, almost ten yards away, with a loud thud before rolling to the ground. She held onto her stomach. And blood dripped down the corner of her mouth when her teeth bit into her cheek from the force of his backhand.

Her jaw had completely unhinged, and she barely had time to recuperate when he blurred to where she was. The fearsome Alpha lifted her up by her shirt until her feet left the ground and dangled rather pathetically underneath her. The fabric of her shirt seemed to squeak under the pressure, and she could hear the sharp crack of her left heel hitting the marble floor when it fell off of her foot.

Maya didn’t have any strength to struggle or fight after that. His aura completely choked her off, it was to the point that she couldn’t move at all. Even her dark concealment had shattered like glass all around her.

Gradually, locks of inky hair shimmered into vibrant red and curled around her chin and cheeks, sticking to the maroon substance dripping off of her face.

His powers moved all around her, manipulating the air until it made her completely motionless.

Maya deemed that it was one of the most painful things that she had ever felt.

“Open your eyes, bitch.” His voice was extremely gruff, sinfully deep and darkly macabre to her ears.

But how did he expect her to open her eyes when his aura was choking her to death?

She wanted to tell him that she couldn’t even move a finger but stopped short of choking the defiant words out. In her mind, she realized that she needed to buy time and play submissive until she could use her ace card.

With that thought, Maya forced every bit of strength into her eyelids. When she finally opened them to stare him in the eye, or what she thought was his eye, since her vision had long gone blurry, her head spun uncontrollably. And some type of electric shock danced upon the surface of her skin where his hands touched, to which she quickly shrugged off from the pain.

But it was an instant reaction from him. His body immediately became rigid. And the force of his hands and aura lightened as soon as her eyes opened to stare into his own.

Maya was quick to use this opening.

She willed the dark poison up her throat before blowing the black powder into his face, managing to bypass his aura to completely cover him from head to shoulders.

He jerked strongly, and his grip slackened when his bulky body stumbled back several steps.

Maya’s body came crashing painfully onto the marble floor and stilled on the cold surface. She could hear his harsh intake of breath, then a loud thunderous thud when he keeled over before her.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Maya’s blood was roaring in her ears and dark maroon dripped down her mouth in rivulets. With blurry vision, she finally managed to get to her feet. The stance was slightly crooked from the missing heel, but, at the moment, she didn’t care too much.

She succeeded.

A wide smirk tipped the corners of her mouth in a rather malicious and chilling way. Adrenaline was pumping briskly through her veins, manipulating a blush onto her pale cheeks from the thrill of beating him.

Maya couldn’t help the grin of satisfaction on her lips. She slowly swiped off the blood collecting on her chin and limped over to his fallen form. Her entire body was as tense as a spring, since she was still wary of him. She didn’t want to get caught unawares again, because that had costed her dearly. Anyone could tell after taking one look at her face.

Maya collected her fallen heel and easily slipped her foot back into the shoe, all the while glancing down her nose at the fallen Alpha.

The black powder was matted onto his face and hair, covering his true features like a charcoal mask. Maya swept her hand across and cleaned off the poison with her magic, leaving his regal features unveiled to her mocking gaze.

So, this was what the lethal and dangerous Cardinal Alpha looked like.

Maya’s eyes lidded.

The first thing that she noted was a tall nose bridge that was perfectly shaped, long dark eyelashes, and a head of messy brown-blonde hair.

He had a golden glow to his beautifully tanned skin and high cheekbones that made him look every bit noble and superior. Even his lips looked perfect with how full and firm they were.

The man was handsome, far more handsome than she thought for a monster that everyone feared. In fact, this was probably what she thought that a God would look like. But, unfortunately, monsters had beautiful outer skin to effortlessly fool those around them.

Maya frowned.

She would like to think she was smarter than that.

The dark sorceress kicked him twice in the leg to make sure that he was subdued before she threw a dark spell over him and herself.

It didn’t take but ten seconds for the spell to completely camouflage his true features. His masculine traits were replaced with feminine ones until he became a tall woman with short brown hair and healthy tanned skin.

As for Maya, her previous physical features changed from a hotel staff into a young, nerdy girl with thick glasses and a mouthful of braces, dressed in faded jeans and a grey t-shirt.

Using her magic, she lifted the Alpha’s bulky body and settled him over her shoulders, letting his head fall back against her neck.

Maya could feel his every breath pillow against the skin peeking from her shirt. It bothered her slightly, tickling her skin, but she didn’t remove him in her rush to quickly leave the hotel. And because of her haste, she failed to notice the slight quirk on the, seemingly “unconscious,” Alpha’s full lips.

If only she had seen that sinful smirk on his handsome face, she would have, possibly, decided otherwise in the usage of this particular Cardinal Alpha.

If only.




A/N : Look at that, Maya actually succeeded in acquiring an Alpha for her plans. I wonder if he’ll be very cooperative... Don’t forget to heart and follow :D

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