Tyson Towers

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A hot steamy romance with a twist of thrills! This book is sure to leave you aching for more overtime the Naughty Drawer is open! Samantha, young, attractive, strong headed want to get to the top in life, but the only way to reach it is to go through Mr. Tyson. Mr. Tyson is sexy, powerful, and enjoys Samantha a little too much, perhaps when he discovers her naughty Drawer he wants to discover more of Samantha. Samantha comes face to face with harder situations to deal with. Can she land the ideal job Mr. Tyson is offering? But for Mr. Tyson, he is offering more than just a job, Does Samantha win the heart of the most powerful man and her dream job?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

There I was staring up at the highest building and the most prestige company in Minneapolis. Tyson Towers. This building holds my future, newly graduated with a master degree from Harvard University, I’m finally back at home to take over the world or so I thought. Tyson Towers had a position open in their Publications floor for chief editor with national and international clients. I was made for this position. I came from a very small town in Northern Minnesota. Glenson township, population 120. With that said, everyone knew everyone and everything that was happening. So, when my mother died, I was at the age of 12, everyone became very concerned with helping my father. To me it was more devastating to see the empathy and pity they threw upon my father and I but they are like my family and we love them dearly. My father, a loving man but had no clue how to raise a 12years old especially one that just lost her mother. My father grew up as a farmer had no college background but seemed to land a very respectful job in Malice. Mom and dad met here in Glenson and grew up together. Married after dad came back from the army and had me. The only daughter, a quiet child I was but I knew how to get everything I wanted. What I wanted most was to get out of this small town and become larger, a somebody that made a difference. Not that I hated it here, not at all. This was my home and I loved everything and everyone in it. I had plenty of friends and boyfriends but not much experience in the field of romance, or love. I had a talent for speaking many different languages and telling people what they want to hear but in the end getting what I want also.

So here I stood nervous like you have no idea, because working at Tyson Towers meant you had to deal and speak with Mr. Tyson. He was a powerful man, young just 8 years my age, a bachelor who got exactly what he desired, commanded, and he would own it. That personality doesn’t work with me since I like to get what I want. Mr. Tyson was gorgeous, I only saw in pictures which can be deceiving, but not with Mr. Joe Tyson. Everyone knows he is a tall, dark, handsome, brilliant man. However, I have heard that he speaks as if everyone is less intelligent and not as worthy, this I heard was only if you didn’t do your job to his expectations and in the conference room. Therefore, imagine how I feel knowing I need to go sit in a board room with the highest people of the firm which also includes Mr. Tyson. Here I go to the board room. First step, make it into the building go to elevators and press the fifth-floor button. Tyson’s Publication, huge sign right when the elevator doors open. EEK! Off the elevator, I stop for a moment one hand gripping the handle of my briefcase in fact I would call it strangulation of the handle. My other hand is clammy; I rub it down my black pencil skirt. My outfit is sure to look professional if not more. White blouse under a black suit coat, black stockings (always wear stockings with garter and clips) feel more in control for some reason, let’s not forget my 3 inch heels also black. Now thinking about it, I sound like I’m entering my own funeral. After taking a moment to breathe and smooth myself out, or better yet talk myself into doing this. I walk up to the front desk beautiful redhead greets me with respect and kindness almost as if seeking approval. It must be her first day she also looks a bit scattered and frustrated.

“Hello, I’m miss Kaffery, Samantha Kaffery. I am here to meet with the board.” I say semi-nervous, semi-confident to her. She stops with the shuffling of the papers and looks up,

“Yes, hello Miss Kaffery. They are ready for you in the conference room. Right this way.”

She speaks a few words to the other receptionist whom just rolls hers eyes and pretends not to notice me. She must have had her job for a long time here, she is more professional at her desk but her personal skills need help.

“Hi, I’m Heidi I just started if you couldn’t tell.” (didn’t I call that.) “One thing I need to learn is that you keep your nose and business to yourself.” Ok. (note to self).

Heidi stops in front of the door turns to me raises her eyebrows and says, “Good Luck!”
I smile and tell her thanks. I do the sign of the cross and grab the long silver handle push in and as I do, I look up to see all eyes are on me. The room walls are all grey, an oval table sits in the middle of the room, six chairs on each side of the table and one chair at each end of the table, at the far end of the room on the back wall is a screen for presentations. All six chairs are filled with board members and the far end table at the head of the table is also filled, with Mr. Tyson, my eyes immediately settle on him.

Christ! He is sexy. I believe my mouth just dropped open and I begin to lick my lips. Finally, someone in the room coughs and that brought me to break the stare.

“Good morning.” I greet everyone but in return I just get head shakes or nods, however, Mr. Tyson is the only one to crack a smile, gorgeous smile.

“Please sit Miss Kaffery, we have been expecting you. I am Mr. Chambers the VP of this company.”

Mr. Chambers is an older man late forties, handsome well kept, he has the salt n Pepper hair going on suits him well and brings out the blue in his eyes.

“We understand you are interested in the taking on a very challenging position. Please explain it to us your criteria.”

“Thank you sir. I have a master’s degree in interpersonal communications and a double major in business. I graduated with high honors and I work well with others. I manage to speak six different languages fluently and take control in what I believe in. I know I’m the perfect person for this job, I am not married or tied down to anything here that would get in the way of me to travel if that may happen.”

I cannot seem to even look towards Mr. Tyson, I feel his stare so heavy on me already that the room is getting hot too hot. Mr. Tyson holds his hand up for me to stop talking. I’m nervous, what does this mean, he doesn’t like me. He stands.

“Because I am in desperate need for someone at this position now, and no one else has applied.” What a bastard what the hell does he mean, desperate need. “I will offer you this position as a trial, if you don’t live up to my expectations of what I am asking you will be withheld from the position. Understand?”

I am so confused. Did he just offer me the job or did he just insult me?
 “Miss Kaffery?” I shake back to reality.

“Yes, sir. I will handle this job to your satisfaction, you will not regret it.” OMG! Did I just say that! This is so not me.

“Very well,” he adds “I have another meeting to attend.” And he is gone.

Wearing a stunning black pinstripe suit he exits the room. I feel excited yet, disappointed. The room is left cold and not another word is spoken except from one small voice from the end, a lady in a red pencil skirt suit, middle age in forties I would guess, with beautiful long brunette hair says “Welcome to the firm.”

I quickly add, “Thank you” and the meeting is over everyone is gone and back to their day.

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